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Ep 972: Oden finally throws down with Kaido! Watch One Piece on Crunchyroll: got.cr/Watch-OP972
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  1. Crunchyroll Collection

    Crunchyroll CollectionHace 5 días

    Watch episode 972 here! got.cr/Watch-OP972

  2. Roon Taamiti

    Roon TaamitiHace 5 días

    @Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad tbh everyone has their own fav and choice every anime all good 👍 👌

  3. Roon Taamiti

    Roon TaamitiHace 5 días

    @Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad tbh i rather watch OP✅ than N ❌😂😂

  4. Shade Jackson

    Shade JacksonHace 5 días

    Lol pathetic crunchyroll I watched this 18 hours ago

  5. xsailor85

    xsailor85Hace 5 días

    It was awesome.🍿🍿🍿

  6. Kakashi Sensei

    Kakashi SenseiHace 5 días


  7. Nightwing

    NightwingHace 5 horas

    Dragon ball super needs to take notes on this god tier animation

  8. golden legend

    golden legendHace un hora

    look at jiren vs goku, look at broly movie,nah i think they know

  9. フᄃムJonShadow

    フᄃムJonShadowHace 6 horas

    I didn’t know Odin was strong like that. Like significantly Stronger than kaido.

  10. IzanagI -

    IzanagI -Hace 6 horas

    1:12 are we gonna ignore those screams? Omfgoooooood

  11. Housir死

    Housir死Hace 7 horas

    I totally can see zoro doing this soon

  12. No_ Excuses

    No_ ExcusesHace 7 horas

    *Still can't win against Goku*

  13. Justin Time

    Justin TimeHace 9 horas

    Is this real or just fan made stuff

  14. Jude G

    Jude GHace 10 horas

    This arc really gave us Kaido Vs Oden Oden Vs Whitebeard Whitebeard Vs Roger Whitebeard pirates vs Rogers Crew I am not disappointed

  15. Kareem Parchment

    Kareem ParchmentHace 11 horas

    The Rooftop fights at Onigashima are gonna go so crazy if Toei keeps animating fights like this!

  16. 8cee

    8ceeHace 13 horas

    Best Animation after a long long time, I really got an impression it was movie like, can't wait for the real fight :D

  17. ً

    ًHace 15 horas

    0:18...just put it in slow motion and see that perfect effect

  18. hadii yaaa

    hadii yaaaHace 15 horas

    This ark is The best amazing absolutely gold

  19. Yuhanna Muhammad

    Yuhanna MuhammadHace 15 horas

    Oh y’all stepped it up

  20. xavier pringle

    xavier pringleHace 15 horas


  21. Ibrahim ATJ

    Ibrahim ATJHace 16 horas

    What a nice video and seance show how Samurai Clutter interact with the story of one piece showing how the true Leader act and handle this mes , no way to go back .. the moment when enma aura explode was Epic to show how Oden was Ranked among these legendary characters as true leader who mange his force and power to protect his people like what the old man did in the Marine war

  22. Giacomo Asquini

    Giacomo AsquiniHace 16 horas

    Nice fan fiction

  23. Corrosive blast

    Corrosive blastHace 16 horas

    Oden literally too angry to die

  24. The weeb Man

    The weeb ManHace 16 horas

    A timemachine is created Women:hey lets go see our parents Men: whitebeard you need to go to wano

  25. Derek Dutra

    Derek DutraHace 17 horas

    Wano: the arc where everyone and their mother knows Geppou

  26. Nikos Dimitriadis

    Nikos DimitriadisHace 17 horas

    i want to see zoro fight him! And open his closed eye!!!!! Epic

  27. Kawamatsu El Kappa

    Kawamatsu El KappaHace 18 horas

    Oden has te soul of Koji Kabuto

  28. ReviewPirateUSARGH!

    ReviewPirateUSARGH!Hace 21 un hora

    Argh! KAIDO CHEATS! but yeah who expected a guy like kaido to play fair?

  29. Jawed BEN ASKAR 2NDE A

    Jawed BEN ASKAR 2NDE AHace 21 un hora

    Fun fact : since the flashback began, we all forget this anime main character is Luffy.

  30. AKuma 4z

    AKuma 4zHace 21 un hora

    "La espada que logró cortar a kaido"

  31. Wyver

    WyverHace 21 un hora


  32. Alstoyle

    AlstoyleHace 22 horas

    Dude I CANT WAIT for asura

  33. سعودي شنب

    سعودي شنبHace 23 horas

    Oden: One of the Four Emperors


    OBAMA PRISMHace un día

    Wow Luffy has a long way to go

  35. Moist Blue

    Moist BlueHace un día

    What episode is this?

  36. Zork 98

    Zork 98Hace un día

    Final proof that Kaido is not the strongest Yonko and Wb could have defeated Kaido.

  37. DarlingInTheFranxxx

    DarlingInTheFranxxxHace un día

    This scene make me crying in my Heart..

  38. Haris Bokhari

    Haris BokhariHace un día


  39. Username Error

    Username ErrorHace un día

    One piece is king

  40. Joon Beh

    Joon BehHace un día

    Who misses oden??? 😭😭😭😭

  41. tony i

    tony iHace un día


  42. Zander Branti

    Zander BrantiHace un día

    If only the cut was a Bit deeper.

  43. Stay Hydrated

    Stay HydratedHace un día

    goat goat goat goat

  44. Dmitri Miner

    Dmitri MinerHace un día

    I wonder if the WG ever tried to look for the guy that scarred kaido after a few of their failed execution attempts or just assumed it was whitebeard or one of the other emperors.

  45. Hector V

    Hector VHace un día

    I feel like his dragon is very weak. Oden tanked a fire blast.

  46. D l

    D lHace 9 horas

    Giannn only one attack power ,in durability it is strongest

  47. Giannn

    GiannnHace 10 horas

    Its kaido weakest form

  48. Spych0

    Spych0Hace un día

    Duuudududdudududududdude I cannot wait for the zoro moment

  49. Steven Nieves

    Steven NievesHace un día

    I don’t think people understand that kaido wasn’t as strong here as he is now fighting luffy. Not a take away from this fight at all but I definitely think that plays a role

  50. pema gyaltsen

    pema gyaltsenHace un día

    The more I watch it, the more I am able to understand about one piece.

  51. Lui Son

    Lui SonHace un día

    They hoed him

  52. José Martínez

    José MartínezHace un día

    I don't know how many times i've watched this clip, oden is the goat baby

  53. Sean Gallagher

    Sean GallagherHace un día

    What was the purple aura? Haki?

  54. xy

    xyHace un día

    that animation is amazing

  55. SWD D

    SWD DHace un día

    The stolen sound effects of Dragon Ball lol

  56. annoying Asshole

    annoying AssholeHace un día

    Idiots still don't realise they have the same sounds and studio since the 90s ? 🤣

  57. Joao Victor

    Joao VictorHace un día

    You can't stole your own thing, they're just reusing it

  58. SWD D

    SWD DHace un día

    @Markus s but still different anime

  59. Markus s

    Markus sHace un día

    @SWD D but still same studio

  60. SWD D

    SWD DHace un día

    @Markus s different anime

  61. meiniem

    meiniemHace un día

    If it wasn't a flash back i was sure that kaido will be defeated until witch appears.

  62. meiniem

    meiniemHace un día

    Kaido: So this is pain and scars...

  63. Priscilla Izuegbu

    Priscilla IzuegbuHace un día

    Anyone notice that luffy and Kaido have both x marks on there chest?

  64. ZePhAnIaHaCkEr ApPuDuRaIaM

    ZePhAnIaHaCkEr ApPuDuRaIaMHace un día

    Why am i looking at Oden’s legs 🦵

  65. Jonathan Hart

    Jonathan HartHace un día

    Hold the phone, was that DBZ ki blast sounds??

  66. C Taylor

    C TaylorHace un día

    Wish they kept the way he slashed him in the flashback when toki told zoro about him.

  67. C Taylor

    C TaylorHace un día

    @Markus s Oh. Oh that's right i forgot toki died in a castle fire.

  68. Markus s

    Markus sHace un día

    @C Taylor that was odens daughter hiyori who told zoro

  69. C Taylor

    C TaylorHace un día

    @Markus s his wife.

  70. Markus s

    Markus sHace un día





  72. Omri ben shushan

    Omri ben shushanHace un día

    this is just a small preview for whats coming after the flashback

  73. Gianluca Sighinolfi

    Gianluca SighinolfiHace un día

    BLOWN AWAY!!! Movie like realy epic animation!

  74. maujavier91

    maujavier91Hace un día

    movie level

  75. Indrid Cole

    Indrid ColeHace un día

    Kaido is stronger then oden i think

  76. Markus s

    Markus sHace un día

    @Yung Frendi i think that they were equal but now kaido is stronger

  77. Yung Frendi

    Yung FrendiHace un día

    i think he has more feats but oden wouldve made it a more difficult time for kaido

  78. Alex Athayde

    Alex AthaydeHace un día

    Show !

  79. jeremy roberts

    jeremy robertsHace un día

    Man how tf is Luffy going to defeat kaido. To me it just seems like there is far too much of a power gap between them. I really don’t see luffy winning in a 1v1, I think it’ll have to be a team effort to take him and his beast pirates down

  80. Errupt

    ErruptHace un día

    Just wait and don’t forget he got a large power boost

  81. DoubleTimePlays

    DoubleTimePlaysHace un día

    I’m on rp 300 something so I have no idea what’s going on lol

  82. Andron Hillhouse

    Andron HillhouseHace un día

    That Kaido scream....cinematic perfection💖💖

  83. Flyboybravo1

    Flyboybravo1Hace un día

    hearing Kaido screaming in pain gives me goosebumps everytime.


    IIIAHMIIIHace 2 días

    So Kaido is actually not that tuff. Im now thinking luffy will have a chance.

  85. D l

    D lHace un día

    The GOAT Rammus where are people getting this myth from ? His dragon scales is it what gives him his durability ,it may not be the best form for close quarters combat but it is easily the most durable form dragon hide> human skin

  86. The GOAT Rammus

    The GOAT RammusHace un día

    kaido's dragon form is his weakest form. He has 2 other forms that are stronger.

  87. Errupt

    ErruptHace un día

    Well don’t underestimate oden

  88. Mr Endeavor

    Mr EndeavorHace 2 días

    I wish i was in one piece and not bnha Shootoooooo

  89. Timothy Smith

    Timothy SmithHace 2 días

    I just hope zorro uses odens move to finish off kaido with enma

  90. Markus s

    Markus sHace un día


  91. lll Tchongo lll

    lll Tchongo lllHace 2 días

    Wano animation is so exaggerated

  92. Kenneth Karani

    Kenneth KaraniHace 2 días

    Disgraceful from the beast pirates but still think Kaido would have won, although would probably taken a few days to get a winnner. Oden just scarred Kaido and he kept moving like nothing happened, Kaido built different.


    MARZOSIRUSHace 2 días

    Kaido is a loser. Any Kaido fanboys have no excuse anymore.

  94. dark beltre

    dark beltreHace 2 días

    oden nitoryu

  95. Cesar Vilca

    Cesar VilcaHace 2 días


  96. Johnny Brown

    Johnny BrownHace 2 días

    Proof that Zoro still has a ways to go , unparalleled strength and focus.

  97. Anthony

    AnthonyHace 2 días

    Well kaido is definitely stronger now

  98. Manny Eto

    Manny EtoHace 2 días

    Bro, I thought all this time that Oden lost fair and square to Kaido. Turns out he would have won if that ugly old woman wouldn't have tricked him!😡

  99. NotTheWheel

    NotTheWheelHace 2 días

    D R A M A T I C F I N I S H

  100. Conner Simon

    Conner SimonHace 2 días

    Oda should’ve let him shine more rip oden 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  101. Mane

    ManeHace 2 días


  102. {‽Lúcifer Morningstar‽}

    {‽Lúcifer Morningstar‽}Hace 2 días

    Togen totsuka !!!!!!!!!

  103. MUDAYT

    MUDAYTHace 2 días

    🔥 oden is a god ,i mean the storyline within rach execution of one Piece so far is amazing.

  104. Monkey D Luffy

    Monkey D LuffyHace 2 días

    0:55 pandaman lol

  105. LUXK 701

    LUXK 701Hace 2 días

    he creeps me out

  106. Andrew Wiater

    Andrew WiaterHace 2 días

    Oden was cheated

  107. Dbz Lover

    Dbz LoverHace 2 días

    Damn it's moments like these that make me a proud Op fan

  108. Sivaslı

    SivaslıHace 2 días


  109. alienzq

    alienzqHace 2 días

    Is that how kaido got his scar?

  110. ashton minch

    ashton minchHace 2 días


  111. Teusin fdskkkj

    Teusin fdskkkjHace 2 días

    A animação desse ep foi a melhor de One Piece até agora slk

  112. Jimay Osman

    Jimay OsmanHace 2 días

    I wish they never show us the past and luffy fought kaido the past is soooooo long

  113. Madarinha

    MadarinhaHace 2 días

    is oden the new zoro student ?

  114. eleodoro de la fuente

    eleodoro de la fuenteHace 2 días


  115. Mehdi Benz

    Mehdi BenzHace 2 días

    This vidéo looks like zoro vs miwaks

  116. Zakaria Oub

    Zakaria OubHace 2 días

    Mihawk vs oden 😨😨

  117. Zakaria Oub

    Zakaria OubHace 2 días

    @eleodoro de la fuente i know just imagine how much that fight will be glorious

  118. eleodoro de la fuente

    eleodoro de la fuenteHace 2 días

    Oden dead

  119. Honey Bunny

    Honey BunnyHace 2 días


  120. izmir jera

    izmir jeraHace 2 días

    Out of context but i cant wait to see The real power of dragon ( revolution army) his haki abilities

  121. nccchicko

    nccchickoHace 2 días

    Damn how did he loose

  122. LUXK 701

    LUXK 701Hace 2 días

    well an old lady pretended to be his son so oden went to save him and kaido hit him in the head knock him out

  123. NEOS 543

    NEOS 543Hace 2 días

    thats just one comander in whitebeards crew, goes to show that Primebeard and roger were star levels above the yonko

  124. The GOAT Rammus

    The GOAT RammusHace un día

    nah kaido would have bodied oden in his hybrid form or base form. dragon form is his weakest by far

  125. Errupt

    ErruptHace un día

    Kaido most likely would have won if he went into hybrid form

  126. annoying Asshole

    annoying AssholeHace 2 días

    You do realise this isn't prime kaido

  127. denis menace

    denis menaceHace 2 días

    Toei Really Isn't Holding Back With The Animation. WANO has The Most Beautifully Choreographed, Coordinated, Animated Fight Sequences I Have Ever Seen. Can't Wait For Onigashima.

  128. AGT007

    AGT007Hace 2 días

    Yall telling the Boro breath knocked him back and he double jumped to cut kaido

  129. AGT007

    AGT007Hace 2 días

    You know how hard it is to maneuver in geta sandals? This man can do it all

  130. AGT007

    AGT007Hace 2 días

    The goat what if protagonist fr

  131. Teshy Sema

    Teshy SemaHace 2 días

    Ah man, I really wanna get back into one piece but I stopped like 3 years ago after marineford arc 😔 it's so much to catch up on

  132. Isaiah S. Lewis

    Isaiah S. LewisHace 2 días

    Animation has been so crisp 👌🏾

  133. Ryuu

    RyuuHace 2 días

    WTH! They didn't give Oden justice in the anime, Kaido didn't even get up or change form in the mango after Oden's attack, plus he was terrified when Odin tried charging him to finish him. smh

  134. Roberto Mendoza

    Roberto MendozaHace 2 días

    Ppl are saying zoro may be the one with the final attack on kaido

  135. Roberto Mendoza

    Roberto MendozaHace 2 días

    @Andy Chumpe oden just wasn't stong enough

  136. Andy Chumpe

    Andy ChumpeHace 2 días

    kaido remained standing after the attack