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  1. Alyssa Brijuega

    Alyssa BrijuegaHace 3 años

    I can watch Zoe do a timelapse all day.

  2. Sophie Deakin

    Sophie DeakinHace 3 años

    At the beginning of this vlog I was like, pfft it's too early for Christmas stuff. By the end I was researching which colours and decorations I want on my tree 😝

  3. MjauDuuude

    MjauDuuudeHace 3 años

    I have like 2/3 milk in my coffee and I need to warm the milk in the microwave 'cause otherwise it'll just be cold immediately

  4. Dana Sayyed

    Dana SayyedHace 3 años

    i wish you would sell your christmas collection here in the US seriously want like everything and i cant get it shipped from the UK

  5. Haylee Whitney

    Haylee WhitneyHace 3 años

    Can anyone tell me the song playing at 8:54? I wanna use it for one of my dance classes!

  6. Glenda Reviews

    Glenda ReviewsHace 3 años


  7. Candice Baker

    Candice BakerHace 3 años

    To get your coffee to stay fresh longer so that you can keep it past it's best before date, just stick the package in the freezer and only pull out the amount that you want to put in a container for like a week or something.

  8. Ellie Thorburn

    Ellie ThorburnHace 3 años

    What lip shade is that ? X

  9. Nandita Tiwari

    Nandita TiwariHace 3 años

    So cozy ❤

  10. Nicola Marleen

    Nicola MarleenHace 3 años

    Really love your long vlogs!! xx Nicki

  11. Remy Freeman

    Remy FreemanHace 3 años

    When Zoe has the same skeleton as you 😂😂

  12. Céline ARTUS

    Céline ARTUSHace 3 años

    Just a tip ! If you want to keep the flavor of you ground coffee keep it in a tin box in the fridge 😊

  13. Anna Ryckie

    Anna RyckieHace 3 años

    So excited for this time of the year!!

  14. Juli Dono

    Juli DonoHace 3 años

    Your skin is gorgeous, Zoe! Lots of love xxx

  15. JoJo Richards

    JoJo RichardsHace 3 años

    I love your Autumn videos :)

  16. Holly Walker

    Holly WalkerHace 3 años

    Where did she get the woodland garland from?

  17. Aob Xx

    Aob XxHace 3 años

    I cant believe you and alfie have been together for 5 years #zalfieforlife

  18. jolie

    jolieHace 3 años

    zoe can you pls make a skincare routine? your skin looks lovely!

  19. Meg R23

    Meg R23Hace 3 años

    The Zoe marmite 😂

  20. hannah

    hannahHace 3 años

    I enjoy your long vlogs sooo much! I love to make me some tea and snuggle up in a cozy jumper and a fuzzy blanket and just watch your vlogs!

  21. netabeauty

    netabeautyHace 3 años

    as zoe was talking about the coffees and said they go out of date i was drinking tea then checked when it goes out of date and it went out of date in February, great!

  22. Brianna Rogers

    Brianna RogersHace 3 años

    I love watching Zoe's vlogs especially when she talks about Christmas this early because I'm the same way. I love fall and Christmas and I started listening to Christmas music in June but I have no shame.

  23. ItsMidey

    ItsMideyHace 3 años

    aww i love Rhiannon Ashlee too

  24. Alice Morley

    Alice MorleyHace 3 años

    Please do a skincare routine as your skin is looking amazing and is glowing! Xx

  25. Abby Reynolds

    Abby ReynoldsHace 3 años

    So gooood!!!! ❤️😍

  26. Agnes Rusnáková

    Agnes RusnákováHace 3 años

    You are very natural in videos and I love it😍😍😍😘😘

  27. abigailmae

    abigailmaeHace 3 años

    Zoe's skin looks AMAZING

  28. Laura Sipos

    Laura SiposHace 3 años

    Your coffee might not be turning out so great because it is ground too fine. A french press needs a super coarse grind. Try using a pour over or something with a paper/cloth filter. Your coffee would taste much better! ^_^

  29. Shelley's Cup of tea

    Shelley's Cup of teaHace 3 años

    I'm so ready for Christmas 🎄

  30. Ruby Cooper

    Ruby CooperHace 3 años

    Your skin looks amazing at the moment what skin care products are you using ?? 💗💗💗💖💖💖

  31. elba rizanaj

    elba rizanajHace 3 años

    Her skin looks perfect 😍😍

  32. Evie Cole

    Evie ColeHace 3 años

    Hi Zoe I love your vlogs ❤️❤️❤️😘😘💩💩🦄🍫🦄

  33. penguingirlXX

    penguingirlXXHace 3 años

    my names rhiannon hahaha

  34. Semra

    SemraHace 3 años

    Zoe your skin looks soo gorgeous without makeup! which products do you use? could you please do a skincare routine:)

  35. georgie X

    georgie XHace 3 años

    Zoe's skin looks flawless atm 😍

  36. Niamh Young

    Niamh YoungHace 3 años

    I love a long zoella vlog❤❤

  37. penguingirlXX

    penguingirlXXHace 3 años


  38. Karro Jur

    Karro JurHace 3 años

    I saw some alpro "milk" in the fridge!! guess it was for poppy but still! Proud haha

  39. Ali blain

    Ali blainHace 3 años

    love the Autumn vlogs !!!!

  40. Alexandra Frade

    Alexandra FradeHace 3 años

    does everyone put milk on their scrambled eggs? that is so strange to me

  41. Jess W.

    Jess W.Hace 3 años

    When I do my makeup, I always listen to ur vlogs in the background 😂 love you Zoe

  42. lol same

    lol sameHace 3 años

    When Zoe said ‘I bright this sprig because it was cute’ she looked like she was contemplating whether she really needed a sprig or any of the stuff she brought😂

  43. totti-

    totti-Hace 3 años

    Sorry, but what are conkers?? Are they chestnuts??🌰🌰

  44. Niamh Young

    Niamh YoungHace 3 años

    I love a long zoella vlog❤❤

  45. Hannah JBM

    Hannah JBMHace 3 años

    A good tip for scrambled eggs is to add parsley and Parmesan into the eggs. Sounds weird ish but tastes amazing!! Ily xx

  46. Hannah Slattery

    Hannah SlatteryHace 3 años

    I always love your long vlogs

  47. Lucy Barker

    Lucy BarkerHace 3 años

    Love your dressing gown!!!

  48. Sara Martin

    Sara MartinHace 3 años

    Who else can't wait for vlogmas 2017?!?! 🙌🙋🙌🙋

  49. Evie Baker

    Evie BakerHace 3 años

    i would LOVE to have a bath at Zoe's house! i just can't achieve the same in my own house!

  50. fern keddie

    fern keddieHace 3 años

    Not to early for Christmas I have finished my Christmas gifts and need to buy loads stated June ish x

  51. Hannah Amy

    Hannah AmyHace 3 años

    Does anyone know what mascara she wears?

  52. Kim Goeler von Ravensburg

    Kim Goeler von RavensburgHace 3 años

    Happy 5-year-anniversary!! ❤️

  53. Arial Sweeney

    Arial SweeneyHace 3 años

    Can anyone tell me if Zoe's nails are acrylic gel or stick on

  54. The Kawaii Planet

    The Kawaii PlanetHace 3 años

    You’re spoiling us with these long Fall-vibe videos Zoe! 😍🎃🍁🍂✨

  55. kali courtney

    kali courtneyHace 3 años

    Who is excited for vlogmas 🎉🎉❄️❄️❄️❄️

  56. Bethany Turner

    Bethany TurnerHace 3 años

    ZOE YOU HIT 12,000,000 LIKE LAST WEEK !!!!!

  57. Anyanka

    AnyankaHace 3 años

    When your vlogs get really autumnal i get super excited for Halloween and Christmas!!!!

  58. Louise Muxworthy

    Louise MuxworthyHace 3 años

    Zoe always uploads at the right time! Just almost broke my foot, and then she uploads, now feel much better x

  59. char0613

    char0613Hace 3 años

    I love how fall your vlogs are! They're so cozy to watch 😋

  60. Madison Giacherio

    Madison GiacherioHace 3 años

    green purple and gold. Mardi Gras tree!!!

  61. sasha's world

    sasha's worldHace 3 años

    I love you Soooooooooooooooooooo much😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  62. Ruby Rhinoceros

    Ruby RhinocerosHace 3 años

    A 31 minute long video of autumn zoella made me want to cry

  63. Hatty

    HattyHace 3 años

    I’ve been excited for this video since your last vlog 😂❤️

  64. juliette murphy

    juliette murphyHace 3 años

    zoe, your skin has been looking AMAZING. Have you changed your skin routine?

  65. Lou Lou

    Lou LouHace 3 años

    It’s getting close to Xmas yippie Xx

  66. shelby paige

    shelby paigeHace 3 años

    your skin looking great

  67. Lily Hogben

    Lily HogbenHace 3 años

    Your skin looks amazing 💕💕💕💕💕💕

  68. BSmith

    BSmithHace 3 años

    You should def do a rly colorful tree, a neutral/ silver and gold tree, defff a red and gold, and omg I'm so excited!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️

  69. ains

    ainsHace 3 años

    love the vlog, but zoe your skin looks amazing!!!!!

  70. Alice Keeton

    Alice KeetonHace 3 años

    Anyone wanna sub to me for a shoutout?! 💖🦄💗💜💋🌸❤️💚🌍🙏🏻🐶😍❤️

  71. Natalie Harrison-Lim

    Natalie Harrison-LimHace 3 años

    I am SO excited for Zoe's Christmas vlogs. There the reason why I live.

  72. Beth Mclean

    Beth McleanHace 3 años

    Its not autumn without zoes autumn videos

  73. Faye Andre

    Faye AndreHace 3 años

    yes so happy she uploaded a vlog !!!xx

  74. Coralie Anne

    Coralie AnneHace 3 años

    I live for your vlogs! You definitely inspire me to vlog too, thank you x

  75. Hailey Matthews

    Hailey MatthewsHace 3 años


  76. Blossom xx

    Blossom xxHace 3 años

    I would come and tidy for you 😊

  77. Kaira

    KairaHace 3 años

    Narla makes me laugh so much 😂😂😂❤️

  78. Rosi Jimenez

    Rosi JimenezHace 3 años

    Im waiting for a Zark vlog😅💗

  79. Kelsey Dixon

    Kelsey DixonHace 3 años

    Hi, American here lol are conkers the same thing as buckeyes?

  80. Kaitlyn

    KaitlynHace 3 años

    Just a little tip with the coffee plunger, after you put the water in give it a quick stir and let it sit for 3 minutes with the lid on, and then plunge it down.:))

  81. UnicornSlaysAll

    UnicornSlaysAllHace 3 años

    EEEK!im literally jumping up and down I always get exited for her vlogs I hope she goes into a vlogging streek

  82. Amie H

    Amie HHace 3 años

    I can’t wait till vlogmas 2017🤣

  83. Noor Rishi

    Noor RishiHace 3 años

    your skin was glowing after that skin care routine

  84. Emily Eacott

    Emily EacottHace 3 años

    This has made my day a lot better as have had a day full of anxiety. This is the best thing to be watching xx

  85. Ena Vukić

    Ena VukićHace 3 años

    Can i just say, i know you struggle with spots (so do i), but your skin is on point at the moment! 🌸🌸💖

  86. Morgan Hubbard

    Morgan HubbardHace 3 años

    Your skin is looking lovely lately!!💓💓

  87. lola Smith

    lola SmithHace 3 años


  88. Laci Marie

    Laci MarieHace 3 años

    Early squad 😙😙😙😙

  89. RosieHeard

    RosieHeardHace 3 años

    Omggggg im your biggest fan I've been watching u since you had 1.k subs😱😘😚😎❤❤❤ love you zoe and keep you posivity up 👆👍

  90. Leanne W

    Leanne WHace 3 años

    I was a extra/background on liar and the school bits where filmed at my school 😊❤️

  91. jillian fraser

    jillian fraserHace 3 años

    What are conkers??😂

  92. Kimberly Jane Rogel

    Kimberly Jane RogelHace 3 años

    Am i the only one thinking, that her skin is looking good? 😍😍

  93. Keira G

    Keira GHace 3 años

    I'm doing homework on you and Mark because you inspire me to have a good friend xxxx❤️❤️❤️

  94. Thusi Ruban

    Thusi RubanHace 3 años

    Can you do an updated skincare routine. Your skin is looking amazing

  95. LivMarie

    LivMarieHace 3 años

    I can't wait until Christmas

  96. Kim Allison

    Kim AllisonHace 3 años

    I love watching your blogs so much zoe 🐼🐼

  97. Alia Mackay Alonso

    Alia Mackay AlonsoHace 3 años

    these long vlogs make me soo happy ! love from spain x

  98. Ines Lapaix

    Ines LapaixHace 3 años

    I remember when you first showed that turtle neck stone jumper last year! I wanted it so bad but I was always too late :(

  99. Well No!

    Well No!Hace 3 años

    Aww your vlogs always make me smile especially what even happens in my house I get screamed at for nothing and abused but your vlogs keep me going ♥️😓

  100. Maia Larsen

    Maia LarsenHace 3 años

    Is the "conker" thing a British thing? I have no idea what those are lol