Race Highlights | 2021 Portuguese Grand Prix

Catch up with all the highs and lows of Portimao as the championship battle continued in Portugal!
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  1. Gayatri Behera

    Gayatri BeheraHace 3 horas

    teach me your ascent cannot understand language. on television sports channel . smile

  2. World Events

    World EventsHace 3 horas

    Lewis Hamilton is now Sir Lewis Hamilton. Just a reminder.. maybe when he gets older most people will begin to call him Sir, just like Sir Alex Furguson and a few others.

  3. Ваш Друг

    Ваш ДругHace 4 horas

    You will be surprised, but in the Creative Society, which is already being built around the world - races will be transferred to cars that will soar above the ground, there will be almost no accidents and constant pit stops will be unnecessary

  4. wane hite

    wane hiteHace 8 horas

    Lewis hamilton is unreal

  5. geane pinheiro leal

    geane pinheiro lealHace 11 horas


  6. Jessie Wink

    Jessie WinkHace 11 horas

    Love this car racing 🥰🥰..

  7. blanco polar

    blanco polarHace 13 horas


  8. Coletje

    ColetjeHace 13 horas

    I'm sorry but that one caster just made this so horrible to watch. He's not casting, he's screaming off the top of his lungs and it was just really bugging me.

  9. Heiko Belz

    Heiko BelzHace 17 horas

    Eigentlich können se doch mittlerweile echt dem dummen Hamilton jedesmal gleich den Weltmeisterpokal überreichen... Einfach nur noch für en Arsch dieser Sport...

  10. Yahya 018

    Yahya 018Hace 18 horas


  11. Przemysław Wielewski

    Przemysław WielewskiHace 18 horas

    Lewis świetna praca.SUPER.

  12. Synoa Plays

    Synoa PlaysHace 20 horas

    Mazepin fastest lap

  13. Bryan

    BryanHace 21 un hora

    How can anyone be slower than someone on hard when you’re running soft...

  14. Rob

    RobHace 23 horas

    Who is that little blonde chick who follows Lewis Hamilton around like a faithful puppy? Is she his trainer or something?

  15. Shiro Yasha

    Shiro YashaHace 23 horas

    i can see that with perez on that RB car they can finally pressure merc

  16. Rubensiño86 Chávez

    Rubensiño86 ChávezHace un día

    Hamilton campeón de nuevo👍

  17. Joseph Dungee

    Joseph DungeeHace un día

    5:49 Oh YEAH "The Hammer!"

  18. fdsjlaf

    fdsjlafHace un día

    Lewis banging his girl: Yes, Get in there lewis

  19. Human spectrum

    Human spectrumHace un día

    Highlights? Which highlights? I almost fell asleep because of this race

  20. Cj Earnest

    Cj EarnestHace un día


  21. huttio srreu

    huttio srreuHace un día

    It feels like max verstappen doesnt know whats track limits, almost every lap exceeds them. Also in the lap where bottas finishes his first pitstop

  22. Malc Paul

    Malc PaulHace un día

    This post should be reported under the trades description act. It says, "Race Highlights"! Formula yawn never fails to not impress.

  23. siyanda biyela

    siyanda biyelaHace un día

    I think sir Lewis Hamilton is showing us that he is in a different league from everyone else based on the last 2 races. In Italy he had a tiny crash incident, put the car into reverse got off the stone pit and still manage to finish 2. In Portugal bottas was slowing him down giving max a chance to attack him in 2nd place, overtook both bottas and max after that started pulling away until a huge gap was created. This shows his mental strength and talent. True champion👌

  24. SKYNETcz

    SKYNETczHace 8 horas

    But don't forget it's all about a pure luck that he's having. It's all about him being overtaken by Max, nobody cares that he returned him the favour and if so it's just because he's got a better car! And the fact Max crossed track limits on his last lap is also his fault. Also he's still just whining about the tires. Everything is always his fault let's not forget about it! :D Honestly... I'm getting sick of it. Especially how people cannot understand that this "luck" is one of a skills of a real champion - to bend the circumstances to his benefit... No... it's just always gonna be this "Lucky boy" for everyone. Quite sad.

  25. josimar rattia

    josimar rattiaHace un día

    Hamilton lucha solo contra sus rivals, incluyendo bottas

  26. bssni touir

    bssni touirHace un día

    I think the only person that is happy Mazepin has entered F1 is Lance Stroll, who is now no longer the most disliked driver in F1.

  27. rem !! ̊๑

    rem !! ̊๑Hace un día

    is this real or a video game?

  28. 가나

    가나Hace un día

    nice move

  29. Marcos Casado

    Marcos CasadoHace un día

    Bored race since 2014

  30. bssni touir

    bssni touirHace un día

    Alonso increíble

  31. amit shet

    amit shetHace un día

    I think after Perez the next successor for best of the rest deservingly goes to Norris

  32. Jenny Radcliffe

    Jenny RadcliffeHace un día

    ferrari engineering - ha ha

  33. Jenny Radcliffe

    Jenny RadcliffeHace un día

    sport is boring

  34. chding zuure

    chding zuureHace un día

    Is no one gonna mention Alonsos great race? P13 to P8, overtaking Danny Ric and Sainz on the way

  35. Simão Ribeiro

    Simão RibeiroHace un día

    I'm Portuguese

  36. Γιάννης Στάμος

    Γιάννης ΣτάμοςHace 2 días


  37. Make Mike

    Make MikeHace 2 días

    It feels like max verstappen doesnt know whats track limits, almost every lap exceeds them. Also in the lap where bottas finishes his first pitstop

  38. Emanuel

    EmanuelHace 2 días

    Max managed to lose a win, a pole position, and the fastest lap due to track limits this season. Am I the only one who feels that this track limits rules are really strange and artificial? (it would be a shame if these rules will affect the championship result)

  39. 大切な人を守って

    大切な人を守ってHace 2 días

    shut up,Kewpie haters. he is on meditation while driving,levelling up his F1 skills slowly but surely

  40. yuitr loing

    yuitr loingHace 2 días

    That move Lewis made on Valtteri was epic, definitely going to be in his highlight reels when he retires.

  41. Bob Boberson

    Bob BobersonHace 2 días


  42. You Don't Know Me

    You Don't Know MeHace 2 días

    Imagine verstapen in a Mercedes 👀 bye bye any competition

  43. klepetar

    klepetarHace 2 días

    correction.. verstappen DID have the pace to challenge mercedes.. bottas..not hamilton..

  44. yuitr loing

    yuitr loingHace 2 días

    Haha lewis is schumacher 3.0

  45. Cuidemos la naturaleza

    Cuidemos la naturalezaHace 2 días

    Alonso increíble

  46. fiker Channel

    fiker ChannelHace 2 días


  47. Rumen Arnaudov

    Rumen ArnaudovHace 2 días

    Lewis is and will stay the best of all time :)

  48. Paul Ob

    Paul ObHace 2 días

    Thank you too whoever reedited this ♥️

  49. eric walker

    eric walkerHace 2 días

    Now the other teams can say it was the car not the driver and team for the win.

  50. King_Cola

    King_ColaHace 2 días

    You can clearly see how much smaller Ham's rear wing is. Is that even legal?

  51. Rea Ian Cassidy

    Rea Ian CassidyHace 2 días

    Sour losers and haters doing all they can to stay relevant. You know better than the FIA, right ??

  52. scriptkidscrips

    scriptkidscripsHace 2 días

    who is the f1 2021 commentator?????

  53. scriptkidscrips

    scriptkidscripsHace un día


  54. misuyy fong

    misuyy fongHace 2 días

    its a mercedes day... its been mercedes day for the past several years, i stop watching a few years ago, gonna wait the next big rules change and see if its worth watching ag

  55. aeyleh twink

    aeyleh twinkHace 2 días

    Raikkonen brain shutdown? why he just hit the back of Gio without any reaction?

  56. abdinoorful

    abdinoorfulHace 2 días

    Lewis hamilition is a beast

  57. Joao Paulo Brito Marques

    Joao Paulo Brito MarquesHace 2 días

    29 seconds... ... ... ...

  58. rocketsfall

    rocketsfallHace 2 días

    At what point do you win so many races that you don't feel like being sprayed with champagne anymore

  59. marcelo martins

    marcelo martinsHace 2 días

    fantastic f1 track----portugal the best

  60. Jorge A.

    Jorge A.Hace 2 días

    It has the audience it deserves.

  61. szewei1985

    szewei1985Hace 2 días

    Haha lewis is schumacher 3.0

  62. Cristobal Tube

    Cristobal TubeHace 2 días

    And it´s lights out and away we go

  63. jason johnson

    jason johnsonHace 2 días

    F1 is putting people to sleep ..

  64. serdy ximi

    serdy ximiHace 2 días

    Now this merc and red bull battle is what we like to see

  65. Añez Matías

    Añez MatíasHace 2 días

    Vamos Hamilton!!!!!😎😎😎😎

  66. prof

    profHace 3 días

    coming from Netflix ✌️

  67. JT

    JTHace 3 días

    See all the Hamilton doubters have gone very quiet..

  68. Ricky Sutanto

    Ricky SutantoHace 3 días

    its a mercedes day... its been mercedes day for the past several years, i stop watching a few years ago, gonna wait the next big rules change and see if its worth watching again.

  69. Ricky Sutanto

    Ricky SutantoHace 2 días

    @Mr Denson i watched the highlight on youtube from time to time, i used to watch them live on television, not.blaming mercedes or hamilton, they ve done well, but its just not fun anymore.

  70. Mr Denson

    Mr DensonHace 2 días

    Yet, you are here commenting. What happens if Mercedes continues to dominate beyond 2022 ? MB’s dominance has been fair and natural. It’s up to the other teams to develop cars and drivers to compete. Even after the changes it will be up to every team to adapt and deliver. It’s as simple as that

  71. serdy ximi

    serdy ximiHace 2 días

    What race LH is such an amazing driver... Kudos to VB MV too

  72. Jose Lopez

    Jose LopezHace 3 días

    Hamilton is fire 🔥 its amazing watching him perform and my hat off too the rest of the drivers

  73. audi TiTee

    audi TiTeeHace 3 días


  74. Wollie Bolly

    Wollie BollyHace 3 días

    "to not challenge mercedes today" Bottas is still behind Verstappen.....

  75. ZX R-CADE

    ZX R-CADEHace 3 días

    This championship is far from over and I still believe that max will conquer this season The race is on

  76. Ryan Monroe

    Ryan MonroeHace 3 días

    Louis Hamilton cracked


    WEB lNFORMÁTICA 10Hace 3 días

    Without demagogies, today the set W-12 + # LH44 is a tuning only, a decent violin 'Guarnieri del Gesu', we have many promising pilots, Verstapen is a guy who pilots a lot. But as long as this marriage W-12 + # LH44 is in union it will be almost unbeatable, except in some eventual error of LH and very favorable track to RBR.

  78. Michael Gomez Diaz

    Michael Gomez DiazHace 3 días

    pulled 7 min highlight out this. HERO!

  79. N-1732-12 MIHIR H MENON

    N-1732-12 MIHIR H MENONHace 3 días

    Why do I feel F1 is biased towards British drivers other than Lewis Hamilton???

  80. calibrazxr750

    calibrazxr750Hace 2 días

    Because you are interpreting the information that you see in a way that suits your already preconceived idiosyncratic view of the facts. Quite simple really.

  81. ichwan Dana

    ichwan DanaHace 3 días

    At the end, lecrec still carrying ferrari alone

  82. misolou fout

    misolou foutHace 3 días

    1:35 Mazepins highlight of the day

  83. Blank

    BlankHace 3 días

    I bet Lewis is excited to finally have a challenge

  84. Eugenio Zavala

    Eugenio ZavalaHace 3 días

    BandLab: @dark_soulll 🔥💀 IG: @dark_soulll.e 🔥💀

  85. Chase Amundrud

    Chase AmundrudHace 3 días

    3:44 okay okay this is the exact same thing that happened at Bahrain with verstappen but Hamilton gets away with it okay

  86. calibrazxr750

    calibrazxr750Hace 2 días

    If you do not understand the rules, then you are going to look very foolish when you comment. Learn.....the......rules.

  87. Chase Amundrud

    Chase AmundrudHace 3 días

    @misolou fout oh can I see it is it in this video?

  88. misolou fout

    misolou foutHace 3 días

    Great job not showing Micks pass on Latifi

  89. Stanleyjay Giddings

    Stanleyjay GiddingsHace 3 días

    What race LH is such an amazing driver... Kudos to VB MV too

  90. Stanleyjay Giddings

    Stanleyjay GiddingsHace 3 días

    What race LH is such an amazing driver... Kudos to VB MV too

  91. Stanleyjay Giddings

    Stanleyjay GiddingsHace 3 días

    What race LH is such an amazing driver... Kudos to VB MV too

  92. Marco Martins

    Marco MartinsHace 3 días

    Another boring race, with the same result as usual.

  93. calibrazxr750

    calibrazxr750Hace 2 días

    One might also say, yet another race where nineteen other drivers were once again found wanting.

  94. Dan Doan

    Dan DoanHace 3 días

    I hope max wins the drivers championship

  95. resomony

    resomonyHace 3 días

    Gasly to control----"if you got more power give it to me". Just goes to show how much all the electronic schitt on the cars these days can be controlled by the engineers remotely while the car is out there racing. I can see the day when drivers in the car will be uneccessary and we'll be watching slot cars being completely controlled by someone sitting in front of a screen in a computer room somewhere.

  96. Audio Lunacy

    Audio LunacyHace 3 días

    I’ll be going back to NASCAR next year where anyone of the 10 top drivers can win. It has become obvious that Mercedes has some everyone else can’t have. George Russel proved it’s not the driver. Every week the same race.

  97. joe master

    joe masterHace 3 días

    Another wingman year ohhhh

  98. Jake Grover Jake Grover

    Jake Grover Jake GroverHace 3 días

    If you looked at lando closely he had all four wheels on the track so idk why checo was complaining

  99. josezandy

    josezandyHace 3 días

    Ngl was a boring race

  100. Kevin James

    Kevin JamesHace 3 días

    Sergio you are plan A +56laps.....

  101. Antonio Gomes

    Antonio GomesHace 3 días


  102. Antonio Gomes

    Antonio GomesHace 3 días

    Toinho pode

  103. tokenride04

    tokenride04Hace 3 días

    It was cool seeing the American owned team of Haas passing the American owned team of William

  104. tokenride04

    tokenride04Hace 3 días

    Great job not showing Micks pass on Latifi

  105. calibrazxr750

    calibrazxr750Hace 2 días

    Yes, let's see the driver in 18th pass the driver in 17th, because it was so pivotal to the overall outcome of the race.

  106. sakir simsek

    sakir simsekHace 3 días

    Serhan Acar daha iyi anlatıyor

  107. Bruno Santana de Alencar

    Bruno Santana de AlencarHace 3 días

    Russell is Checho's engineer

  108. Julian Rodríguez

    Julian RodríguezHace 3 días

    S.O.S They are killing us in Colombia

  109. Julian Rodríguez

    Julian RodríguezHace 3 días

    S.O.S They are killing us in Colombia

  110. laskin riubn

    laskin riubnHace 3 días

    Why is this guy yelling in a booth?

  111. Thebassist Noeve

    Thebassist NoeveHace 3 días

    They say Checo will use his medium tyres during the next Grand Prix

  112. Quran reader

    Quran readerHace 3 días


  113. DeviousKnuckles

    DeviousKnucklesHace 3 días

    Did anyone told you, that F1 had the best and most positive community on ESdos? I love to read your comments, it's so entertaining. Love from German 🇩🇪❤️

  114. realmiker

    realmikerHace 3 días

    Track limits

  115. calibrazxr750

    calibrazxr750Hace 2 días

    The rules for which are clearly something many F1 fans do not understand and have no interest in learning. You included apparently.

  116. Karl Benjamin Ray

    Karl Benjamin RayHace 3 días

    He overtook Valterri Bottas on lap 20 twice both races last year and this 😅

  117. Chris Brown

    Chris BrownHace 3 días

    Max suffers from the same problem that Vettel had, Lewis pressure. And the "faster car" arguments fall victim to Hammer's first two seasons. Embrace the pain.


    JACOB VIKIHace 3 días

    Crofy is done with saying Lewis Hamilton wins