Real Madrid - Olympiacos Piraeus Highlights | Turkish Airlines EuroLeague, RS Round 33

Real Madrid never trailed as it used the last home game of the regular season to improve its playoff chances and down already-eliminated Olympiacos Piraeus 72-63 on Friday night in the Spanish capital. Real holds 19-13 record going into the regular season finale, while Olympiacos drops to 15-18 with one game to go.

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About One Team
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  1. Seyyal Kiraze

    Seyyal KirazeHace 9 días

    In my opinion, the Turkish and Greek teams should urgently exit the Euroleague and move to Fiba. Unfortunately, the Euroleague continues under Spanish and Russian hegemony.😤

  2. Ahmet Tamer

    Ahmet TamerHace 9 días

    Euroleague you are a disgrace organization. Shame on you. Although THY is the your main sponsor, you have been cutting Fenerbahçe and Anadolu Efes for years with these bad referees. That's enough. Soon many teams will leave this organization and you will be left alone with the Spanish and Russian teams.

  3. Mrrealist Yes

    Mrrealist YesHace 9 días

    I dont know whats happening with the greek teams this year they are falling apart is there a financial issues or something No enthusiasm random players no energy or rush when attacking

  4. FM PEL

    FM PELHace 9 días

    *now are worse

  5. FM PEL

    FM PELHace 9 días

    Olympiakos has Spanoulis and Printezis retiring, players that were top but know are worse and not easy to be replaced whereas Panathinaikos has an "experimental" plus economic year so to say because the president left the team...he is still the main owner but doesn't not involve that much anymore, we hope Olympiakos make the right changes next year and PAO adds someone good next to Hezonja, Nedovic, Papapetrou and Papagiannis

  6. Good Life

    Good LifeHace 9 días

    Spanish and Turkish teams best in EuroLeague 🇹🇷🇪🇸💪🏼💪🏼

  7. Γιωργος Αραβιδης

    Γιωργος ΑραβιδηςHace 9 días

    Πουτσα για το γαύρο? Πρωτότυπο

  8. Deniz Kaplan

    Deniz KaplanHace 9 días

    Hahaha, Spain has 12 euroleagues 🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🏆😘

  9. Deniz Kaplan

    Deniz KaplanHace 9 días

    @Harry Houdini cry cry more))

  10. Harry Houdini

    Harry HoudiniHace 9 días

    From Franco's junta

  11. Dimitris Blachouras

    Dimitris BlachourasHace 9 días

    Orgullo Vikingo + Gate 13

  12. kuzzungurt

    kuzzungurtHace 9 días

    Bye bye olümpiyakos

  13. kostas magik

    kostas magikHace 9 días

    Μαρτζωκα μπινε χαφιέ παλιολακε

  14. Αγαμεμνων Γλεντζες

    Αγαμεμνων ΓλεντζεςHace 9 días

    This is a pipe!!!!

  15. Nikolay Boshnakov

    Nikolay BoshnakovHace 9 días

    Vezenkov with another great performance! Huge support from Bulgaria!

  16. Javi Castro

    Javi CastroHace 10 días

    El Gabi Deck está cargando al Madrid en los últimos partidos!!!

  17. adem Durduran

    adem DurduranHace 10 días

    Campion anadolu efes 😁😁😁😁💪💪💪💪

  18. ΧΑΡΗΣ 7

    ΧΑΡΗΣ 7Hace 10 días

    Αγγελοπουλοι βαλτε λεφτα το καλοκαιρι κι πλαισιωστε σωστα τον Σλουκα κι τον Βεζενκοφ αλλιως θα συνεχιστει το ιδιο παραμυθι εδω κι 3 χρονια αν δεν μπορειτε αποχωρηστε κι δωστε την ομαδα σε καποιον που μπορει

  19. Падающий Метеорит

    Падающий МетеоритHace 10 días

    Real congrats!

  20. Yasin Aksoy

    Yasin AksoyHace 10 días

    My favorite anadolu efes

  21. İsa Nalbant

    İsa NalbantHace 10 días

    Oly is such a bad team

  22. Renata Jasinska

    Renata JasinskaHace 10 días

    Congrats Madrid let s go.

  23. William Thomas

    William ThomasHace 10 días

    Punish flopping please

  24. Cecily Bradford

    Cecily BradfordHace 10 días



    OLYMPILAGOS 13Hace 10 días

    Well done Real from a Pana fan

  26. steve7 ante geia

    steve7 ante geiaHace 9 días

    Lagoudako patwneis

  27. We Wuz Irlyrilians and shiiit

    We Wuz Irlyrilians and shiiitHace 10 días

    Hello from capital of Greece, Constantinople

  28. Volkan Bulut

    Volkan BulutHace 8 días

    @Патриот России the low person decided who I am. lol

  29. Патриот России

    Патриот РоссииHace 8 días

    @Volkan Bulut I understand it's a shame when someone somewhere considers you a second-class person!

  30. Volkan Bulut

    Volkan BulutHace 8 días

    @Патриот России low human.

  31. İsa Nalbant

    İsa NalbantHace 9 días

    @Патриот России Nope when we look at the georgia ukraine middle asia you can see Russian racism , fascism . Attacker , rude , selfish , uncouth govermenth .

  32. Патриот России

    Патриот РоссииHace 9 días

    @İsa Nalbant that we are Mongolians asians😏

  33. We Wuz Irlyrilians and shiiit

    We Wuz Irlyrilians and shiiitHace 10 días

    Ρούντι παραιτήσου να μην βλέπουμε την καμπούρα σου

  34. 김도영

    김도영Hace 10 días

    my favourite team in EuroLeague!!! Hala Madrid

  35. Emrah Uguztemur

    Emrah UguztemurHace 9 días

    @Seyyal Kiraze vallaha öyle. Ama bu sene Efes hakem falan dinlemez parçalar herkesi. Fenerim yapar diyebilseydim keşke ama bu sene o sene değil .

  36. Seyyal Kiraze

    Seyyal KirazeHace 9 días

    @Emrah Uguztemur çamurluktan besleniyor bütün İspanyol takımları..midem bulanıyor

  37. Emrah Uguztemur

    Emrah UguztemurHace 9 días

    Real has 0% chance this year in Euroleague

  38. ihsan dogramaci

    ihsan dogramaciHace 10 días

    Congratulations Real Madrid from Turkish Republic of Western Thrace (Komotini-Gümülcine and Xanthi-İskeçe)

  39. Good Life

    Good LifeHace 8 días

    @We Wuz Irlyrilians and shiiit Greece will give back all the territories which its has not won with war. There are many like western Thrace

  40. We Wuz Irlyrilians and shiiit

    We Wuz Irlyrilians and shiiitHace 8 días

    @Good Life and then you will wake up again

  41. Good Life

    Good LifeHace 9 días

    @We Wuz Irlyrilians and shiiit after every rain sunshine will come

  42. We Wuz Irlyrilians and shiiit

    We Wuz Irlyrilians and shiiitHace 9 días

    @Good Life but then you woke up and it was raining

  43. Good Life

    Good LifeHace 9 días

    Soon there will be freedom in western Thrace 🇹🇷🧿🇹🇷🧿🇹🇷🧿🇹🇷🧿🇹🇷

  44. Oriol Carol

    Oriol CarolHace 10 días

    This comentator is cringe, always does R. Madrid matches. He sounds like a Tavares fanboy lol

  45. KAGM

    KAGMHace 10 días

    He is fine, special voice for commenting the highlights.

  46. Rebanal

    RebanalHace 10 días

    Joe Arlauckas, doesn't ring you a bell?

  47. Anıl Uner

    Anıl UnerHace 10 días

    Welldone My Lovely Team Real Madrid, great win and Hala Madrid!!! I love Real Madrid so much against Barcelona in La liga and Spanish Basketball League.

  48. Kostas Rammos

    Kostas RammosHace 10 días

    Barcelona is better this year both in La Liga and Euroleague

  49. KAGM

    KAGMHace 10 días