rebirthing : Dancing with the Devil

“I’ve had a lot of lives - like my cat, I’m on my ninth life.”
Demi Lovato’s explosive documentary series comes to a close with revelations about her broken engagement, her return to the studio, and exploration of moderation sobriety as she attempts to let go of her past and moves ahead living her truth.

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Production Companies: OBB Pictures, SB Films
Director: Michael D. Ratner
Executive Producers: Michael D. Ratner, Scott Ratner, Scooter Braun, Allison Kaye, Scott Manson, Kfir Goldberg, Miranda Sherman, Andy Mininger

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  1. Samantha Rivera

    Samantha RiveraHace 56 minutos

    Uhh 🙄 idk how to feel about any of this lol I think she wants attention so badly poor thing

  2. Sr. Sigmaringa

    Sr. SigmaringaHace un hora

    Gratidão por ter a coragem de se abrir e expor abertamente sobre suas fragilidades e vulnerabilidades, você me inspira, sua força me inspira a ser forte e lutar contra meus vícios autodestrutivos também. Você é um anjo, é especial e uma pessoa e Artista que canta com a alma. Obrigado por existir e me inspirar com suas músicas e história. Deus te abençoe. 🌺😘❤️🙏⚛️

  3. Riley Olson

    Riley OlsonHace un hora

    Is there going to be a 5th episode?

  4. Danielle Gomes

    Danielle GomesHace un hora


  5. MɨҡɛʏքօօɦɮɛaʀJaċҡsօռ

    MɨҡɛʏքօօɦɮɛaʀJaċҡsօռHace un hora

    aside from it all, she is just stunning and her makeup looks wonderful.

  6. Estefani Moura

    Estefani MouraHace 2 horas

    I love this woman so much.

  7. Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce MissHace 2 horas

    I don't trust her. But I don't need to, and she doesn't need me to. She needs to trust herself.

  8. Delaney Polhamus

    Delaney PolhamusHace 2 horas

    I think this whole documentary is AMAZING! One of the strongest people I ever known! Very real and honest and I appreciate that the most. I will always love Demi! 💘 You got this!

  9. tara m

    tara mHace 2 horas

    “im a little too queer” me to girl

  10. Danielle Gower

    Danielle GowerHace 3 horas

    Is it just me or did Demi look like Glam and Gore after her haircut? She’s beautiful and this is so powerful. Her story is so powerful!

  11. Selina Mccorry

    Selina MccorryHace 3 horas

    Literally love this. And the hair absolutely gorgeous, your such a beautiful babe❤️❤️❤️

  12. hbh Tcr

    hbh TcrHace 3 horas

    I’m sorry but I wouldn’t be able to do this knowing she’s still drinking. Imagine she dies and you’re in this documentary being like “yeah she still drinks and I support her :)” I’m an addict, and moderation never works. Elton John won’t have blood on his hands.

  13. The Starling

    The StarlingHace 4 horas

    Keep going.

  14. Mairim Gabriela Useche Colmenares

    Mairim Gabriela Useche ColmenaresHace 5 horas

    Yo me siento tan identificada ya que viví por situaciones muy similares , también tuve problemas de adicción desde los 16 años, ya a las 18 había probado la gran mayoría de las drogas, y caí en la heroína y también tuve una sobredosis, no fue tan grave como a Demi pero tuve que decidir entrar en rehabilitación, y entiendo la parte que dice que es muy difícil dejarlas por completo, siempre hay tentación de consumir, ahora tengo 33 años y no pude dejar todo por completo pero solo fumo marihuana, ya casi ni bebo alcohol, y me puse como limite esa droga y me siento bien porque no tengo la necesidad de probar algo mas, aunque es casi imposible dejar de fumar marihuana diariamente, y se me hace difícil pero creo que al fumar esa droga que es mas suave evita que quiera irme por otra mas fuerte, porque abuse diariamente de la cocina, el crack, la heroína y hasta el lcd y el extasis y es algo con lo que se lucha para siempre, tuve que alejarme de muchas cosas para poder estar algo sobria...

  15. Alexandra cms

    Alexandra cmsHace 5 horas


  16. Beau33

    Beau33Hace 5 horas

    They broke up and now she came out about her sexuality

  17. Mel Tangs

    Mel TangsHace 5 horas

    When she showed that haircut I just smiled! She was GLOWING

  18. Roscoe McDonald

    Roscoe McDonaldHace 6 horas

    you need to find someone who truly loves you and you love him.

  19. mimi

    mimiHace 6 horas

    Elton John is the real one. Everyone else aroud her are yes men

  20. Nicole Santos

    Nicole SantosHace 6 horas

    Será que não vai ter mais episódio

  21. Briana Kazee

    Briana KazeeHace 7 horas

    I wonder if she should try cbd like smoking it

  22. Zoey Bright

    Zoey BrightHace 7 horas

    I absolutely love Elton John

  23. Sney’s Traveling

    Sney’s TravelingHace 9 horas

    I hope and pray she gets better cause she’s the most real person ever but I don’t support this moderation thing cause if you’re an addict you obviously don’t know your limits 🤷🏽‍♀️ but I get how hard it is cut all substances maybe she will stop this moderation

  24. Jackie Gigliotti

    Jackie GigliottiHace 9 horas

    I know how she feels .ive been there

  25. Brittney Droog

    Brittney DroogHace 9 horas

    Just a note to ESdos but it’s in VERY poor taste to show weight loss shake ads on a video that deals with ED recovery 🙃

  26. Bridget Smith

    Bridget SmithHace 10 horas

    shes dancing with the devil alright...

  27. Kendra Altadonna

    Kendra AltadonnaHace 10 horas


  28. Jury Ghaly

    Jury GhalyHace 10 horas

    I love Demi sm but the moderation thing is a big thing, its her choice after all and hopefully it works for her , but like no .. she danced with the devil once so now the devil knows damn well he can control her again, she did it once so she can do it again , the devil is very tricky , and i know it easier said than done but she will feel sm better if she just stops... And i would never want to lose demi ... But the moderation thing is a big no, one slip and she'll be in a hospital reliving her trauma because of this stupid slippery slope situation the devil put her in..

  29. 51o. Kysha

    51o. KyshaHace 10 horas

    Is the song dancing with the devils out?

  30. Taylar Ford

    Taylar FordHace 12 horas

    Dems can we smoke a blunt together and be friends?

  31. Clare Sherman

    Clare ShermanHace 12 horas

    The fact that she needs to drink and take drugs for “relief” is concerning.Relief from what?

  32. Bori Balint

    Bori BalintHace 12 horas

    What a disappointing message. Promoting that after an overdose it ‘doesn’t work for me’ to be sober. What you need are coping mechanisms, not another song, not another tattoo, not another hair cut to brush over the trauma. Inner work!! Cannot stress that enough. 😕✝️

  33. MargaridaM

    MargaridaMHace 12 horas

    No one around her seems to be really helping her... it’s so sad it actually hurts my soul. People need to confront her, to tell her the truths she doesn’t want to hear.

  34. MargaridaM

    MargaridaMHace 12 horas

    Moderation doesn’t work. Elton John was the only one who was capable of telling the true. I love Demi but she’s actually playing with fire. She will probably od again if she doesn’t STOP now...

  35. StealMyLook

    StealMyLookHace 13 horas

    Quite interesting that the important people she mentioned are all men 👀

  36. Gamze Korkutan

    Gamze KorkutanHace 13 horas

    Please german subtitles 🥺

  37. Aquarian Light

    Aquarian LightHace 13 horas

    People who have an addiction cant do balance! Elton John told it like it is. Everyone around her including Scooter Braun is an enabler

  38. Aquarian Light

    Aquarian LightHace 13 horas

    She is a mess, smh

  39. Tiago Genaro

    Tiago GenaroHace 13 horas

    Thank you So much for sharing this 💕

  40. spiritual saniii

    spiritual saniiiHace 14 horas


  41. Simply Raiding Your Fridge

    Simply Raiding Your FridgeHace 14 horas

    I've lost too many people to drugs and alcohol, I've almost lost myself. I've almost lost one of my closest friends. Idk why but it's very comforting that these people I grew up looking up too are all just lost kids too.

  42. Stephanie Biron

    Stephanie BironHace 14 horas

    “If I found a Demi Lovato I would want to lock her down to”.💕 “Recovery isn’t a one size fits all solution”.💕 “Life is fluid and I’m fluid and that’s all I know”.💕

  43. Simply Raiding Your Fridge

    Simply Raiding Your FridgeHace 14 horas

    I'm just so glad she's smoking weed now, as a recovering addict, weed is the only reason I haven't relapsed recently

  44. eli Dimitrova

    eli DimitrovaHace 14 horas

    Omg that smile melts my ❤... so contagious. Please contage us more often 🙏 U R amazing, girl

  45. Ari Rodriguez

    Ari RodriguezHace 15 horas

    I love you demi😍❤️🙏🏼

  46. Dreamer

    DreamerHace 17 horas

    Everything demi says she loves to do for herself and her struggles reminds me so much of me, we're very similar and people tell me I look like her, and I also sing and our rocker style is always similar

  47. Alisha saif

    Alisha saifHace 17 horas

    Her saying she’s “fluid” my heart sank this is low key like a foreshadow. :(

  48. Madison X

    Madison XHace 17 horas

    Her whole life just sounds complicated. From the stardom as a teen til now. I hope she pulls through tho

  49. Bruna Reivax

    Bruna ReivaxHace 18 horas

    You can almost say This is real This is she She's exactly where she's supposed to be now

  50. Aldora LaPlume

    Aldora LaPlumeHace 18 horas

    She needs to ditch em all. Take her sister and travel the world and live a simplistic life. Work on a farm, or whatever. This life is NOT for her. Actually, it's not for anyone authentic.

  51. Violetta: My Story

    Violetta: My StoryHace 19 horas

    13:07 & 16:08

  52. Megan Brewer

    Megan BrewerHace 19 horas

    This made me ridiculously angry We've just sold the idea that addicts in recovery can use to millions of people. I, as a recovering addict, and an addiction counselor for children, am appalled.

  53. Nicole Maxwell

    Nicole MaxwellHace 21 un hora

    I was also misdiagnosed with Bipolar but I was 14 at the time and I had no awareness to who I was or how I felt, I am now 26 and I have realized who I am and how I feel and that I am not bipolar but I have Borderline personality disorder and I 100% believe that is what Demi has. I hope she can be diagnosed correctly by someone who knows what they are doing and get the mental help she needs💜

  54. Leandro Centeno

    Leandro CentenoHace 21 un hora

    como puede ser que una mujer tan hermosa de corazon y pensamientos tenga que sufrir tantos altibajos? siempre pense que los famosos debian tener una perfecta vida pensando en que eran dioses de otro mundo a diferencia de nosotros pero lo que dijo Elton Jhon es muy cierto.. a fin de cuentas son humanos

  55. Bangtan Universe

    Bangtan UniverseHace 21 un hora

    I hope Demi can find self- love, so she doesn't need to rely on anyone else for healing and reassurance.


    SANCTUARYHace 21 un hora

    Thank you, Elton, for being honest and not trying bullshit the audience, like most of the other people in this documentary.

  57. Pink Hybrid Panda

    Pink Hybrid PandaHace 21 un hora

    Honestly I don’t see the Bipolar Disorder in her. What I truly see is someone struggling with undiagnosed Borderline Personality Disorder.

  58. Paulo Brito

    Paulo BritoHace 23 horas

    She is a junkie! She seems so empty and lost. 😭

  59. EmmaPooXP

    EmmaPooXPHace 23 horas

    No matter how you are now, past or even in the future, this illness will be a forever thing. Do not be scared of it, you are not alone. As long as you want to be sober, then you can only push yourself to wanting to be sober. Being a family member of an alcoholic was really hard to watch and try to help. But all you can do is support the decisions that they want for themselves. Demi, you seem like a very outgoing person and a strong woman to be able to fight through the thick and thin of things, but their is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

  60. Heather Hart

    Heather HartHace 23 horas

    I wish that everyone could focus more on how she is happy and free for once in her life rather than arguing over the steps she's taken to get here. Every word spoken here is brave and people are allowed to disagree, but let's be happy for her, just for a minute.

  61. melancícia

    melancíciaHace un día

    This video sounds like a huge 28 minutes fake promise. Moderation does work. What i'm not sure is about the way they are doing it

  62. melancícia

    melancíciaHace un día

    Like, time and trust, yeah, exactly what alcoholics always ask you

  63. B’Yanka McKenzie

    B’Yanka McKenzieHace un día

    Tht haircut was so cute 👏🏾 Demi looked adorable & powerful & renewed.

  64. gucci b

    gucci bHace un día

    Omg that laugh at the end though 😆

  65. S Taylor

    S TaylorHace un día

    I'm gonna have to agree with Elton John... I'm scared that Demi isn't sober even after almost dying a couple years ago. I can't say I trust her but we'll have to just wait and see :/

  66. Capri Spear

    Capri SpearHace un día

    At least she has money, not everyone who is addicted gets the chance to start over successfully

  67. Opowia_daczka Podcast

    Opowia_daczka PodcastHace un día


  68. Allison Mccormick

    Allison MccormickHace un día

    I am SO Proud of her for being honest and herself. Love you Demi 😘 stay strong

  69. Meisha Mom

    Meisha MomHace un día

    She is far from a role model model I would present to my kids about. Parents keep the kids away. She have nothing to offer but just a voice. just an entertainer! Nothing other than singing. People quit putting entertainers on a pedestals. It creates issues, drug addition, entitlement, elitist attitudes, talking down to people. They are nothing more than just people. Other people have serious problems that theses entertainers will never experience. Drug uses when you can’t handle something poor role model - geez - Self absorbed.

  70. Sabrina Foran

    Sabrina ForanHace un día

    Everyone in the comments should respectfully keep their opinions to themselves. This documentary was about healing. Let her heal!! Enough with the criticism.

  71. celed

    celedHace un día

    You can't solve an eating disorder with more restriction and more regulation. At its core, that is what an eating disorder is. You can't fix it by overmanaging your intake. It seems Demi found that out. And just as similarly, you can't solve addiction by using addictive substances. You cannot solve a disorder by using elements of that disorder.

  72. Lylyne C.

    Lylyne C.Hace un día

    These people are lying to her like wth is moderation ??? Lord, please watch over her !

  73. Oksana Shomalieva

    Oksana ShomalievaHace un día

    Psychotherapy helps. Deal with your inner war with yourself. Peace inside is the best thing.

  74. James Atkins

    James AtkinsHace un día

    This poor woamn still has huge issues. Her morals do not exist.

  75. Roi Aknin

    Roi AkninHace un día

    I'm really not sure about this moderation thing, but all I can do is trust her and hope for the best.

  76. naamia nadim

    naamia nadimHace un día

    Hey Demi!!!

  77. Jenifer Ball

    Jenifer BallHace un día

    I'm really disappointed that i keep getting a message telling me that the video requires payment to watch

  78. SrtaKim

    SrtaKimHace un día

    Só eu que achei a Demi (27:12) a cara da cantora gospel Daniela Araújo??

  79. Angeline Vivas

    Angeline VivasHace un día

    Just let her be guys, stop commenting things like “she shouldn’t drink blablabla” and I know what I am talking about, she needs to go through the moderation, I hope it works for her but why are you all saying bs ? Let her be

  80. Anjelika Tulalian

    Anjelika TulalianHace un día

    loving demi moree

  81. Courtney Smith

    Courtney SmithHace un día

    I am fighting addiction as well and I'm praying for you, I understand everything your going through and I believe in you

  82. The Bat Next Door

    The Bat Next DoorHace un día

    Weed has helped me manage my addictive nature and keep my life on track. I am eternally grateful for it. I’m proud of her for doing what she needs to do to get inner peace.

  83. Rosangela Barreto de Oliveira

    Rosangela Barreto de OliveiraHace un día

    Demi, sou do Brasil, e esse video no youtube chegou ate mim, e achei muito interessante sua sinceridade e amadurecimento em meio a tantas coisas que passou e passa. quero te oferecer se possivel minhas orações a Deus para que te fortaleça e que voce encontre em Cristo a paz para esse vazio que só voce conhece muito bem, Deus preencha sua vida de tal forma que não precisa de mais nada para ser totalmente completa, porque Cristo em sua vida é tudo. te amo e sou sua fã, estarei orando sempre , bjos

  84. Emily A

    Emily AHace un día

    Shes gonna end up having another relapse episode and end up doing another documentary trying to justify it. I wont be surprised

  85. Beau33

    Beau33Hace 5 horas

    That’s the entertainment industry. They subject themselves to all the horrors of the fame and want to profit from healing from it.

  86. Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hideHace un día

    temptations. That’s is how she is going to get better. Drinking and smoking weed won’t because she will always stay ‘in the past’

  87. J. Justin Zimmerman

    J. Justin ZimmermanHace un día

    This is amazing! Big , Rich, Young Americans with their focus upon themselves. Boogie On You Guys. JJZ...(°¿.°`)...`}°;:^^:;«((

  88. Candid Cam _

    Candid Cam _Hace un día

    A while ago my mom told me she heard Demi was still using and i thought no, she can’t possibly be after what happened. It scares me to hear she isn’t clean. I’ve never struggled with substances so I can’t say I understand the tremendous struggle but Elton said exactly what I was thinking. You can’t pretend and say you know your limits when you almost died. I just really hope I don’t see bad news concerning her.

  89. Audenim Oshea

    Audenim OsheaHace un día

    It's so lovely just seeing the support, love and understanding other celebs have for each other sometimes. That's great.

  90. Lisa B.

    Lisa B.Hace un día

    German Subtitles ?????????

  91. C Faz

    C FazHace un día

    I pray Demi finds a partner that can love her for her personality and not hate her for her condition. So many are defined by their diagnosis and not by their soul, it is so sad...everyone deserves to be loved selflessly and to have an opportunity to give that love in return. Love you Demi!


    STEPHANIEHace un día

    I don’t see demi living past 30

  93. Brit Lowkey

    Brit LowkeyHace un día

    She did it to herself

  94. GarynJanet

    GarynJanetHace un día

    I was expecting a super happy ending where she says she's gonna be sober forever. But I guess putting that expectation on her isn't fair. Just praying whatever direction she's taking with this works for her. 🙏🏾

  95. Natalie, don't

    Natalie, don'tHace un día

    Demi, we're with you ❤

  96. Tiff Q

    Tiff QHace un día

    This was powerful and I love how we can see her growth. Yes we will fall but just like Demi we can get back up if we have the chance. It's funny because I also went through a hard time back in 2020 and i suffered and cried but as the days passed I began to heal... one day I looked at myself in the mirror. I wanted to start new and just like Demi I wanted to change the way I looked so I chopped my hair off like her. I felt free. People can have opinions but in the end we should not live by others opinions but our own. Thank you Demi.

  97. Ashton Nikolayev

    Ashton NikolayevHace un día

    I struggle with my depression, anxiety, and eating disorder as well so that really hit home for me. She is loved so many. I hope she really does get better 💚💚 love you Demi

  98. Ana Carolina Benelli

    Ana Carolina BenelliHace un día


  99. Holla Daze

    Holla DazeHace un día

    The problem with moderation is 1 beer can easily turn into 24 beers, 10 shots, an 8 ball of coke, Xanax, and heroin for the comedown. 1 beer can literally trigger that. And any alcoholic or addict will tell you this. I hope it works for her, but I can almost certainly say it won't. Stick with just weed.

  100. sade mcintee

    sade mcinteeHace un día

    Damn I thought it was gonna be more episodes

  101. Meghan Helmich

    Meghan HelmichHace un día

    I was on generic vivitrol (naltrexone) when I got out of rehab for opiate addiction. I stayed on it for several years, but it was especially helpful in the beginning of my recovery because it prevented my cravings. And logically, it helped me reason with myself that anything I bought and took would be a total waste because I couldn't feel it.

  102. dan santos

    dan santosHace un día

    ai love uuu, from Brasil

  103. Nicole Simmons

    Nicole SimmonsHace un día

    Wow this is heart breaking because I really feel for her. But saying moderation its like a two sided coin. I hope she really comes to terms that she almost died a cat with 9 lives not a lot of ppl are lucky enough to survive