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Performed by Red Velvet


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    @Jayceon Zaire Cool! Took roughly 20 mins but it reallyworked!

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    Dunno if anyone cares but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my friends Instagram account using Instapwn. You can find it by Googling for InstaPwn password hacker :)

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  5. Rudi Mansyur

    Rudi MansyurHace 9 horas

    Bad etitude haha!!!

  6. em joh

    em johHace un día

    They all are literally glowing in this video

  7. itsannalynb

    itsannalynbHace un día

    Joy in psycho outfit bdamn

  8. itsannalynb

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  9. Eyebrowstj - Multifandom4Life

    Eyebrowstj - Multifandom4LifeHace un día

    I miss seeing Wendy dancing so much and the girls all together that I had to come back to this one. It's so good seeing Wendy back, healthy, beautiful, and absolutely slaying the choreography and seeing all of the girls on stage together. I cannot wait for them to come back as OT5! Please support Wendy's solo debut! She did a fabulous job on her debut!

  10. Athena Mercado

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  11. mee iyla

    mee iylaHace 2 días


  12. holy parzival

    holy parzivalHace 3 días

    wendy looks amazinggg!

  13. Some unknown exotic bird.

    Some unknown exotic bird.Hace 3 días

    I started tearing up lol

  14. eseer

    eseerHace 4 días

    missing irene so much

  15. Aquia Jane

    Aquia JaneHace 4 días

    Seulgi is so pretty and badass.

  16. nayeonrim ningnnie

    nayeonrim ningnnieHace 5 días

    I'm watching this while feeling so excited for yeri's new drama

  17. smol choco

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  18. Diablo disc

    Diablo discHace 6 días

    7:31 triple kill! I just died thrice

  19. sweet candy

    sweet candyHace 6 días

    Yeri so stunning but sadly she's so underrated

  20. paramcas

    paramcasHace 7 días

    Just one thing: yeri looks fabulous.❤

  21. Bianca Fragoso

    Bianca FragosoHace 7 días

    I want a Red Velvet comeback!!!

  22. Jannel Alejandro

    Jannel AlejandroHace 8 días

    Huhu comeback please

  23. Javiera Constanza

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  24. Patrick Queen

    Patrick QueenHace 9 días

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 seeing them as 5 is happiness

  25. Bianca Fragoso

    Bianca FragosoHace 9 días

    Seulgi is so pretty

  26. Kai

    KaiHace 10 días

    The outfit, the performance and the stage presence!! gosh how can they be this perfect? I stan the right group 😍

  27. 박보틀

    박보틀Hace 11 días

    그래...한번에 정뚝떨하고 딱 떼기에는 너무 멋지고 아름다운 그룹이다...

  28. EXO - L

    EXO - LHace 11 días

    yeri so baddas!!!

  29. lyaa mkh.

    lyaa mkh.Hace 11 días

    i came to prepare myself before wolo today 😂💙

  30. Meena shukla

    Meena shuklaHace 12 días

    I think only blackpink songs are best but I was wrong red velvet songs are also good . 😊😊

  31. Olivia Gonzales C.

    Olivia Gonzales C.Hace 12 días

    Sulgi que hermosa voz tiene 😉

  32. SONG Burp

    SONG BurpHace 14 días

    are you here again or are you normal?

  33. Deep Dude

    Deep DudeHace 14 días

    Red velvet is a great candidate for a grammy if they persevere.

  34. Deep Dude

    Deep DudeHace 14 días

    Such a good music! They need more and more exposure througout this times

  35. Amethyst

    AmethystHace 14 días

    I miss red velvet so much

  36. husna nuurr

    husna nuurrHace 15 días

    Omg seulgii so prettyyy❤️

  37. Naruto Brawl Stars

    Naruto Brawl StarsHace 16 días

    My wish was that Wendy will be okay. It happened. Your amazing Wendy❤

  38. Chandra Rubin

    Chandra RubinHace 18 días

    I love Red Velvet Irene is my bias but Joy is my ultimate ultimate bias

  39. Aebi M

    Aebi MHace 19 días

    okayy why Yeri is so pretty in hereeee ❤️❤️❤️

  40. Reveluv World

    Reveluv WorldHace 21 un día

    Red Velvet forever 💗💛💙💚💜

  41. Ay Ay

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  42. Yome Ocideneb

    Yome OcidenebHace 22 días

    Supporting RV while waiting for their official comeback and wendy's solo 😘 It's March 26,2021 already 😭😭

  43. Navika A

    Navika AHace 22 días

    For people who's here missing RV : WENDY WILL DO SOLO DEBUT "LIKE WATER" IN 2021.04.05. 6PM KST !!! Pre order opened yesterday 2021.03.24 Let's support her!

  44. Julia Chan

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  45. Dylan Darke

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    CINDY GAMER_YTHace 26 días

    Omg....they came back with everything!! (≡^∇^≡)❤❤❤

  47. Nhi Lư

    Nhi LưHace 26 días

    Irene so beauty ❤️

  48. Dinie

    DinieHace 26 días

    i like them♡︎

  49. Stefanny González Cardona

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  50. 빛별

    빛별Hace 27 días

    한국인은 없는 거냐. 한국인 대표로 댓단다. 레벨을 사랑하는 한국인만 눌러라. 레벨 완전체 넘넘넘 보고싶당.

  51. Dave ک

    Dave کHace 27 días

    Red velvet i miss u

  52. Daxton Cringes

    Daxton CringesHace 27 días

    see how seulgi's checking on wendy during that One part of bad boy

  53. Twice Addictt

    Twice AddicttHace 22 días

    Time stamp please

  54. 01 / Aliya Nur Rachmah

    01 / Aliya Nur RachmahHace 27 días

    Still here until they comeback again as OT5 !!!!

  55. 카헬

    카헬Hace 28 días

    I just realized I’m missing them perform so much :c

  56. anne dla

    anne dlaHace 28 días

    the V formation with all the members & back-up dancers is so satisfying 😍😍😍 (& now i suddenly miss snsd)

  57. anne dla

    anne dlaHace 28 días

    i really need a Joy x Tiffany collab waaaaa 😍 baby x omma collab 😍😍😍

  58. chanel nami

    chanel namiHace 28 días

    my cake girls are so beautiful and im really happy wendy's back and i love her and all but why tf does she always get the tackiest outfit 😭 lol her skirt particularly like either be short or long don't be both this aint 2014 luv

  59. lopislly

    lopisllyHace 29 días

    Irene owned bad boy

  60. Sua Unniess

    Sua UnniessHace 29 días

    I cant take off my eyes from YERI

  61. María José Vilte

    María José VilteHace un mes

    wendy looks sooo good

  62. ii_strangerxxthings

    ii_strangerxxthingsHace un mes

    wendy ilysm 🥺

  63. 関澤良子

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  64. Clarissa Mae Borromeo

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  65. charisse mae

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  66. charisse mae

    charisse maeHace un mes

    There's just something in this day, Yeri look so pretty! That lips, ma'am!

  67. Grace B

    Grace BHace un mes

    I just got into Kpop but like all of them are so incredible in every aspect. And I am so happy to see Wendy back

  68. Nur Atirah

    Nur AtirahHace un mes

    i miss them so much, feel like going to cry anytime soon.. huhu my cake girls 😭

  69. Nr xhxhx

    Nr xhxhxHace un mes

    Irene so pretty 💖💖💖

  70. Twice Addictt

    Twice AddicttHace 22 días

    She is Original

  71. ii_strangerxxthings

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  72. Charlyn Querubin

    Charlyn QuerubinHace un mes

    I want red velvet more concert..we need to comeback again and again

  73. Dhea Putri Anggun

    Dhea Putri AnggunHace un mes

    Nah ini sygkuu

  74. Rashmi Magar

    Rashmi MagarHace un mes

    Just come after watching their first smtown concert Wooww look at them now😭❤

  75. Diablo disc

    Diablo discHace un mes

    This is how you style Yeri folks. Who ever the stylist is during that performance deserves a praise

  76. Syaki_K

    Syaki_KHace un mes

    I’ve been MIA from the kpop world for a bit I didn’t even know Wendy came backkkk 😭😭😭 so glad she’s recovered

  77. Patman Oksi

    Patman OksiHace un mes

    Seulhi outfit 🔥

  78. Dreams & Teddy Bears

    Dreams & Teddy BearsHace un mes

    I really love it when their hair is black.... if Wendy's was kept naturally too, this would even be more bomb!

  79. Seven Nefarious

    Seven NefariousHace un mes

    I just become a luvie last year and i watch all everything about them all their mv's, music shows, reality tv, guestings even the drama's they're in. And i feel like i missed so much for not stanning them, so when this was announced and i watched it live i literally cried even though it's just months since i get to know them. The 5 of them performing hits different to me. I can't imagine those who have been a luvie since. STAN RED VELVET

  80. Eyebrowstj - Multifandom4Life

    Eyebrowstj - Multifandom4LifeHace 15 días

    Welcome to the fandom! Our girls are truly amazing 💖💛💙💚💜

  81. Ji Hansol

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  83. ᄏkuwlkul

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  84. bakar dahoud

    bakar dahoudHace un mes

    Irene at 7:30 is the death of me. Bye.

  85. ii_strangerxxthings

    ii_strangerxxthingsHace un mes

    literally irene made me realise heterosexuality was my phase

  86. Maria Clara Passos

    Maria Clara PassosHace un mes


  87. Jusman 2020

    Jusman 2020Hace un mes

    Plisss..... Jangan like jempol kebawah kalo gak suka kalo kalian gak suka gak usah nonton

  88. GRAW ID

    GRAW IDHace un mes

    Finally at 2021, Red Velvet performance with 5 Member. They're so pretty ❤️ Wendy look so healthy

  89. 前田晃

    前田晃Hace un mes


  90. sweet candy

    sweet candyHace un mes

    yeri babe u look pretty everyday

  91. sweet candy

    sweet candyHace un mes


  92. lopislly

    lopisllyHace un mes

    irene is in double patty acting others have many more activities so once those are done we are prolly getting a comeback just be patient i know its been along time

  93. Amber Grossiey

    Amber GrossieyHace un mes

    08:39 gua denger nya nurul masih bau ketek

  94. frz3rbRnotaku1

    frz3rbRnotaku1Hace un mes

    Probably the closest I'll ever get to an actual concert T_T

  95. Twice Addictt

    Twice AddicttHace 22 días

    Lol same strict parent thingz

  96. Just Smile

    Just SmileHace un mes

    seulgi and wendy look so pretty, same with yeri

  97. 아하 라무アハラーム

    아하 라무アハラームHace un mes

    Irene the best ✨✨✨🤎🤎

  98. Md Raihan Ali Khan

    Md Raihan Ali KhanHace un mes

    Hey, now we'll be okay..... it's alright.....

  99. TaeTae's Kookie

    TaeTae's KookieHace un mes

    Let's forgive Irene. She already apologized and the stylist already forgave her. Don't make such a big deal out of it. I believe Irene will be a better person in 2021.

  100. Twice Addictt

    Twice AddicttHace 22 días

    @TaeTae's Kookie Btw i agree with ur comment so ye

  101. Twice Addictt

    Twice AddicttHace 22 días

    @TaeTae's Kookie Lol ik my comment wasn’t directed to u it was directed to the people who hate on her still

  102. TaeTae's Kookie

    TaeTae's KookieHace 22 días

    @Twice Addictt Chill and drink more herbal tea. I didn't say anything bad about Irene. I just hope Irene can learn after her mistakes. By the way, you know I can comment. whatever I want, right? ;)))) Cheers.

  103. TaeTae's Kookie

    TaeTae's KookieHace 22 días

    @Brandy Johnson Chill, I didn't say she isn't a good person before. It just means that Irene can be better and learn after her mistake. Read my comment carefully.

  104. Twice Addictt

    Twice AddicttHace un mes


  105. Keira Luv

    Keira LuvHace un mes

    Wendy looks so healthier and happier here ✨

  106. Siti Anisa

    Siti AnisaHace un mes


  107. Marie Toni

    Marie ToniHace un mes


  108. Amanda Mulligan

    Amanda MulliganHace un mes

    did they get a new stylist? their outfits all actually make sense, joys in a long enough outfit in which she’s comfortable, they all match, and FINALLY yeri has a outfit that flatters her beautiful body type they look so good wow

  109. Vivian Guido

    Vivian GuidoHace un mes

    if I was in the crowd I would have lost my shit when Wendy came up... Like damn girlie its good to have you back!

  110. nx

    nxHace un mes

    wtf yeri is so pretty all of them are gorgeous 😍

  111. twiceonce

    twiceonceHace un mes

    luvies must have been rly happy to see red velvet ot5 back on stage again, we all heard they've been through a lot, for me honestly I'll love them no matter what, 5 precious girls

  112. cc02

    cc02Hace un mes

    no matter how many times i watch this, i ALWAYS cry because its so surreal that WENDY IS BACK.

  113. Mew Gulf

    Mew GulfHace un mes

    Shit irene is so fucking pretty. Goddess 😍😍😍😍

  114. Twice Addictt

    Twice AddicttHace 22 días

    Ikr!She is original visual

  115. 정답

    정답Hace un mes

    웬디 대단하다 !!! 역시.....이겨낼줄 알았어...!!! 레드벨벳 ....세계최고의 걸그룹이 되기를.....

  116. Camila Reyes

    Camila ReyesHace un mes

    dammnnnn joy's legs omg, so beautiful