Rescue Poor Dog Who Had His Legs Cut Off, Now He Is So Happy To Run Again

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It was raining heavily, the poor injured dog was lying on the side of the road. A few kind villagers brought umbrella to cover the rain and food for him. The dog's both legs were chopped off, one leg was rotten and swollen with maggots. He was so scared and nervous, the poor dog has lost all faith in humans. Why Are Human Beings So Cruel?, How the poor dog could endure such pain.
In order to save him, the doctors had to amputate his legs. We named him Shanxin, we had to approach Shanxin slowly in trying to build his trust again.
Shanxin did not give up. He so fought hard to save his life. Having two legs didn't slow him down at all.
Rescue Poor Dog Who Had His Legs Cut Off, Now He Is So Happy To Run Again
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    My question is. Why anyone is giving here hand down?

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    Pobrecito 😭😢 cuánta maldad puede tener un ser humano para hacerle un daño a un animalito tan inocente indefensos...

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    People are so cruel I don't know what happened to the poor thing but God bless those people in their ability to give him a decent life

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    Trying to connect with “ the chosen” series but have not been successful... are you still carting the series

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    Wish you could find the evil who did this and send them straight to where they belong. 😠 straight to 😈!

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    😭😭 Sad but more happy.Good job !!👏Congratulations.Hug from brasil.

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    Su acto de solidaridad hacia los animales es digna de admirar. Son sus héroes.

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    God gave us this PLANET to take care of it.... I cannot wait for HIS glorious return!! Bless those who love the world and everything on it.

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    Omg how cruel people can be.. I’m happy he is happy now God Bless all of you for saving him .

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    Thank you animal shelter. You are good people

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    I hope from the depth of my heart that whomever that saveg is My God never ever bless them in there life.

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    This is staged for views by sick bastards

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    This had me crying. Poor dog. How can someone do this to such a beautiful creature. So sad. Very grateful to the people who saved this poor soul. Thank you from Canada🙏😇

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    Very good

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    What are wrong with these people I don't understand why is so people so cool because this poore dog his legs cut what kind of person does that dog when or sheWhat are wrong with these people I don't understand why is so people so cool because this poore dog his legs cut what kind of person does that dog when What's the owner

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    With the STAGED Corona SCAM the governments all over the world are trying to eradicate our FREEDOM. If we don't FIGHT back we will end up as SLAVES

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    Благодарю вас за такое человеческое отношение к этому животному. Да поможет вам Бог!

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    Watching this almost brought tears to my eyes. Id love to find who did this, cut their legs off and watch them lying there screaming in pain. And say ..... See how it feels you #$¥%.