Restoration extreme rusty abandoned 1931´s car truck

Extremely rusty and too damaged? Is it possible to restore or fix it? Another unique restoration old metal tin toy car. Watch the video and see how i dealt with this restoration. Some parts were missing, some were unrepairable and some parts fell apart in my hands! Enjoy the restoration!


  1. Sachin Muley

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    se não fosse gravado, eu não teria acreditado. pqp

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  4. Eitan Maximiliano Ramos Moreno

    Eitan Maximiliano Ramos MorenoHace un hora

    Alguien que me diga que le hace a los carros este señor,o de donde los saca,esque parecen reliquias

  5. Omar Moix Gonzalez

    Omar Moix GonzalezHace un hora

    Mi admiración y mis respetos. No se puede ser tan bueno!!!! -(desde Barranqueras ,Chaco-Argentina-)

  6. Jeff Rueco

    Jeff RuecoHace un hora

    I love the way he creat a new vision of that tiny car truck such a great innovation.

  7. Genildo Cardoso

    Genildo CardosoHace un hora

    Incredible job Man.

  8. Heather White

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    Wow! Impressive!!!

  9. Шамиль Машинист

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    Вот это понимаю ресторация!не то что другие кувалду взяли ржавуя и типа восстанавливают

  10. berkeleybernie

    berkeleybernieHace 2 horas

    Amazing. But...why? 😃 And, tbh, the sticker decals aren't up to the quality of the "resurrection." Wouldn't the original markings have been painted on?

  11. Claudimi Dionizio de Assis

    Claudimi Dionizio de AssisHace 2 horas

    Lembrei-me de quando o Senhor Jesus Cristo me resgatou e me restaurou! Glória a Deus!!!

  12. Drago Drone Matao-sp

    Drago Drone Matao-spHace 2 horas

    seriously bro you are very good, congratulations on the work.

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    Very good

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    you have to got 10.000,000 like

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    this guy just made a pile of dog shit into a functioning toy truck..... Amazing!

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    Wow!..Amazing Job..👍

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    Que chulada de restauración😁

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    This is worth the 15 minutes of my life

  22. Damian Benitez

    Damian BenitezHace 3 horas

    El techo quedó mal. Ya q se tomó tiempo lo podría hacer hecho mejor

  23. Whisper

    WhisperHace 3 horas

    Sometimes the thing you are restoring is just a idea because most of the parts eroded away

  24. Animais Selvagens do Pedro Têia

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  25. Alessandra Paliga Barbosa

    Alessandra Paliga BarbosaHace 28 minutos

    Ele sempre mostra o quanto ele gosta. Eu adoro assistir esses vídeos pois são bastante inspiradores, ele ama o que gosta é nítido. Eu compraria essa ambulância restaurada de 1931.

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    Старая машина выглядела лучше! Стала выглядеть как китайская 👎🏻

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    Fantástico 👋👋👋

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    It's Not true?

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    I can tell, someone like a good challenge.

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    Good video 👌

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    So hard working bro

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    Al ver el vídeo pienso en el niño que jugó con el hace varios miles de años

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    Look a toy made out of rust 😆

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    I am impressed with your incredible patience and accuracy.

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    Сам сжёг, сам типо починил

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    Потом на авито не бита не крашена😁👍

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    Золотые руки

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    Well done,never thought it was possible,to fix it

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    Супер лайк

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    How are you? please show your name and qualification?

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    Respect !

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    Me gusta lo que haces

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    This truck is absolutely gorgeous. Mad respect man 👏

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    Amazing bro

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    ok making the wheel was cool

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    ni lagi gile.. Baik lah bos.

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    It wanted just some cream for scratches

  55. Pets Outside: Efeitos do Abandono

    Pets Outside: Efeitos do AbandonoHace 10 horas

    Parabéns pelo trabalho....

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    Lav from india❤

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    Very amazing and professional. With love, I can say!

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    It's mcqueen friend

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    Impressive. Well done, Sir!

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    Great video, too bad the music kills it. Silence is golden in this case.

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    сначало непонял а потом как заорал

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    If you only have one wheel left, and you restore it, would it still be the same truck?

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    А где доширак?

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    Excellent 👍

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    Rick from Pawn Stars: Best I can do is 50 $.

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    Edo tensei no jutsu

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    Poor toy

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    Good job

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    Me encantan tus videos .


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    мастеру респект


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    можно было пролудить дыры..

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    Amazing talent. Super engineering. 🙂

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    I wish you didn't touch. You filled the memories on the shovel!

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    something will be valuable if held in creative hands

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    That music so annoying

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    Omg he is a angel bring to life again all those beautyful toys 🧸

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    Your video is great 💪

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    I loooove this Chanel how they teach to all of us to aprécciate the insignificant things


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    Para mi mejor se veía viejo era una obra de arte

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    come on! that's was near to impossible! A THOUSAND kudos!

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    Iraaa Navarrooo ,para limosina !!!

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    Espectacular, felicitaciones!!!

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    4:13 what tool is that?

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    Nice ✅✅

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    What is the raw material to make the velg?

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    Que epica restauración eres genial bro

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