Rich Jail vs Broke Jail/ 17 Funny Situations

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The Biggest Miser in the World/ 23 Funny Situations:
Even prisons have their own laws and conditions of stay. Watch in our new video funny situations in a rich and broke jail.
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    @A life on drawing q

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    I love your vida

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    That was interesting Ig

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    There isn't anything called rich jail.

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    Hahahahaha you are the one who doesn’t love 💕 was my last

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    ☺️🤣😍😚pia che di wow quarantine te e ti yo di ko di wow che bella cosa che hai scritto che si sa di sì di na casa 🏠 di wow di na na mag e ti si vede na di na si è fatto male di na na di na te wow 😮 di ko iniiwan e poi è

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  16. sophia isabelle

    sophia isabelleHace 3 horas

    Oh, dear. I hope younger audiences won't end up thinking after watching this video that it's somehow okay to be in prison. Reality doesn't work out that way. I know it's all just a skit, but younger people would most likely be prone to such insights that may be concerning otherwise.

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    Apakah saia orang indo sendiri?🗿

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    I want daz to react to this

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    The sad thing is this is real. It's really happen in my country. Prisoners who has more money can "rent" a room for themself, buy luxury meal and got some facilities like bed, air conditioner, private cell phone, fridge and the worst thing a hooker. For people who said "just pay the officers so they can let you out" No, that's not how it's work. Paying the officers to get you out would be a "visible" crime. The officers will be a suspect and you will be a fugitive. So they "suggest" you to bribe the judge, so that your sentence becomes very light (like just a few month), then you use your money to buy all the facilities in the prison. You can pay the officers to guard you on vacation, and back again to prison like everything never happened.

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    And why does rich guy is better than the rest???

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    Great video, congrats.

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    I didnt know stuff this cringe was possible. I guess kids might like it though

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    I just wanna know how these prisoners get money in the prison

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    He couldve bauled himself out

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    This video has 10 mil views but the comments is 1.6k and also the comments dont have 100+ likes and people make different random comments means this video is botted Lmfao...

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    Where the money5:00

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    Why would a rich guy will go to jail when they can just pay them out?

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    0:55 Ah yes.. jail sweet home

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    Tar dulu ya aku pengen cuci piring dulu bay

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    If the rich thing happend to me I would probably forget I am in prison and commit crimes forever to get that luxury and gold stuff

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    Not how rich people in jail workd

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    wtf is this trash

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    you can't get a better cell just by paying the guard money, which is also illegal and known as bribing.

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    The reason why you're rich it's because you stole it

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    Can u do a rich police vs broke police please

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    If prison break was in a cardboard jail it would've been way easier to get out

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    This is so dumb because the rich person can bail him self out with all his money

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    This is just so dumn Are you trying to tell little kids that if they murder someone and then steal alot of money they will be in jail but in a nice and expective jail and that's what matters the most????!! It makes me so mad like i know this wasn't mant seriosly but little kids don't understand that. So please DO NOT make more of these videos cause you're teaching children that money is the only rhing that matters in life.

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    Thanks for 200 sus please make it 300😭♥️


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    Thanks for 200 sus please make it 300😭♥️


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    Thanks for 200 sus please make it 300😭♥️


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