Rudy Giuliani Claims Trump's DOJ Searched His iCloud Account in 2019: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at Rudy Giuliani claiming that the FBI raids of his home and office are part of a Biden administration conspiracy to target him.
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Rudy Giuliani Claims Trump's DOJ Searched His iCloud Account in 2019: A Closer Look - Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


  1. Vincent Sansalone

    Vincent SansaloneHace 24 minutos

    I thought he was in Jail // maybe soon 😂

  2. Bradley Neher

    Bradley NeherHace 34 minutos

    Wally! Wooooooo!

  3. Jesusisking

    JesusiskingHace un hora

    Repent Jesus is coming soon!

  4. Reptilian Apple Salesman

    Reptilian Apple SalesmanHace un hora

    0:20 - Is it just me or does Ghouliani look just like Dr. Evil?

  5. Joe-Biden-Peeedo in-Chief

    Joe-Biden-Peeedo in-ChiefHace 5 horas

    Meyers the maggot Semite...YAWWWWNNNN

  6. Real Face

    Real FaceHace 5 horas

    The fascist left in action. Watch closely as they are defame and eliminate all thinking and people who are not kosher.👹

  7. faircompetition1

    faircompetition1Hace 6 horas

    So Rudy told the Feds all the evidence was on his phone on national TV ? Wow .

  8. JB

    JBHace 6 horas

    Dems dragging out the debunked bogus Russian PP hoax again. Pathetic! Deep state doesn't have anything else so drag out Hillary's bought and paid for Russian PP hoax.

  9. Joost Adorf

    Joost AdorfHace 7 horas

    Guiliani: 'New York was the first capital of the United States'. Was it? Not if you count July 4th 1776 as the start of the USA and most do. Yes, if you say 'with Congress under the Constitution' and that was March 4, 1789. So, is he right or not?

  10. yasio bolo

    yasio boloHace 8 horas

    “If you remember and for your mental health I sincerely hope that you don’t”. Absolutely brilliant.

  11. Michael Macillicutti

    Michael MacillicuttiHace 11 horas

    Finally I found all the brainwashed idiots. Hi everyone who gets their political opinions from celebrities. Good job.


    AMERICA FIRSTHace 14 horas

    Poor Rudy don't you feel sorry?

  13. David Morales

    David MoralesHace 15 horas

    Looks like a Russian collusion hoax again, by the dam Dem's!

  14. Burke of Mellow Park

    Burke of Mellow ParkHace 15 horas

    Just funny crazy stuff

  15. yasio bolo

    yasio boloHace 8 horas

  16. pokerfred68

    pokerfred68Hace 15 horas

    Carson is rolling over in his grave listening to these late night hosts be political. These are not news programs, interview people, tell a few jokes, and go home. Talentless hacks.

  17. Warren Scott

    Warren ScottHace 16 horas

    you realy would any good as .a comedian cos you . ..are not verey funny

  18. michellejean11

    michellejean11Hace 16 horas

    The trump crime cartel always accuses the legal actions of the legal authorities are political harassment, the deep state and various other insane conspiracy fantasies. Funny there was no big Rudy reveal, but at least he kept his hands out of his pants.

  19. Ally Bailey

    Ally BaileyHace 16 horas

    Im only here for Seths impression of Guiliiani. Hope I wont be dissapointed. Edit: I wasn't. Thanks for the laugh!

  20. Free World2021

    Free World2021Hace 17 horas

    Juliani is like Ivanka with her book talking about female success not hers. Her book was directed to trash from library.

  21. Mike Damon

    Mike DamonHace 17 horas

    STOP the Vince Vaughn impression. It’s worse that the sea hag bit.

  22. Thu Bay

    Thu BayHace 18 horas

    next Trump attacks Rudy, then Rudy attacks trump, birds of same feather talk the same language

  23. M John Granzow

    M John GranzowHace 18 horas

    way to strike while the iron is ice cold. lmfao

  24. Peter Brough

    Peter BroughHace 18 horas

    Reading up on 'Trial by Combat', Rudy?

  25. Kevin Owens

    Kevin OwensHace 19 horas

    People of America, as you pack up and leave your burned out, destroyed, lawless Democrat run cities, please leave your blue votes behind. Do not bring your blue vote with you. Let those blue votes die with those dying cities.

  26. Tom Vana

    Tom VanaHace 19 horas

    Can’t wait for the day you liberals realize they’re just using you till they no longer have a use for you. But I doubt you’ll ever get it.

  27. Peter Brough

    Peter BroughHace 18 horas

    Yeah. We know Trump is a grifter. Once he gets our money we'll be of no use to him.

  28. Silvermane777

    Silvermane777Hace 20 horas

    Seth has the best Rudy impression ever 😂

  29. M V

    M VHace 20 horas

    Rudy, you are a stupid man. Sure Rudy, sure!🤣😘🤭

  30. Daniel McLaughlin

    Daniel McLaughlinHace 21 un hora

  31. Chris Buttonshaw

    Chris ButtonshawHace 21 un hora

    SOUNDS LIKE a scam artist?

  32. John Glass

    John GlassHace 21 un hora

    Brilliant skit! Thanks for the laughter!

  33. Jeffrey Leech

    Jeffrey LeechHace 21 un hora

    When Covid is tamped down, Seth needs to do one show a week without an audience.

  34. Debbie Gross

    Debbie GrossHace 21 un hora

    Your impersonation of the pillow moron is perfect! Absolutely perfect!

  35. efs 1066

    efs 1066Hace 22 horas

    OT but ... spouse laughs out loud every time he accidentally re-sees "my doink fell off" (thanks for that)

  36. Bentriverrusher

    BentriverrusherHace 22 horas

    They will never convict Giuliani. That shrewd devil has been setting up a diminished mental capacity defence for years and it is ironclad.

  37. John Brazier

    John BrazierHace 22 horas

    Rudi doesn't know that you can't prove a negative? And privilege does not attach to client-lawyer communications if they are in the furtherance of a crime.

  38. Samantha Michael

    Samantha MichaelHace un día

    Seth looks absolutely amazing in this outfit... lord have mercy

  39. Burr Anderson

    Burr AndersonHace un día


  40. Anissa Mercado

    Anissa MercadoHace un día


  41. Anissa Mercado

    Anissa MercadoHace un día

    Trump implemented #COMPANYVERSUSID AND RUDY KNEW. #GAMBINO WAS KILLED BY TRUMP I BELIEVE TO MAKE ME SHUT UP AND SO TRUMP COULD PROCEED.... #Vector #mariepakzad #vectorcontrol #NOMOSQUITOFISH #JONATHANPEKAR #ucsd #usmcBCItehnorape i said #Ewwwww to #Trumpcoffeetime 1991 and HE STALKED ME AT GIANT GOLF CO. I WAS HIT ON THE HEAD W A GOLF CLUB VERY SUSPICIOUSLY WHILE TRUMPS GOLF CADDY ON SITE. 2001. #cultivatingcovid ... #jameswassetup #jamesanissa💋 #jamesfranco🎬 #Isabelpakzadandassociates #isabellaweichenberger #isabelpakzadkillscats i said "#WakeUp" first. THEY DIDNT LIKE THAT. #NONWO

  42. BroGrab

    BroGrabHace un día

    Coming fall 2021, “My Meeting with Andre.”

  43. BroGrab

    BroGrabHace un día

    Hahahaha, the pause on Weehawken was funny enough. Very good Rudy impression-you’ve taken a vow of comedy.

  44. - Stiegosaurus -

    - Stiegosaurus -Hace un día

    This show is just not funny anymore.

  45. Dennis Leon

    Dennis LeonHace un día

    Rudy offered the FBI Hunter Biden's hard drives but they refused.

  46. Sarah Jarvis

    Sarah JarvisHace un día

    Ha ha caught using your own and big Ds own excuse. How many times on tape have we heard you and your ex boss say “ don’t recall, don’t remember” someone should do a count just for the record,

  47. Suzana Valenca

    Suzana ValencaHace un día

    "the room where it took place" 🤣🤣🤣

  48. AIintel Intel

    AIintel IntelHace un día

    of the negatives or corruption.. to find dirt on biden, giulliani went after hunter biden who made $50k month working for a ukrainian oil company. meanhile, giuliani paid one of his ex wives $42k alimony per month.

  49. What's Up In Space?

    What's Up In Space?Hace un día

    I prefer this show without a live audience now

  50. Lavender Lizzy

    Lavender LizzyHace un día

    Why are yall still talking about this fool and he's not even President anymore?! GTFOH I stopped watching this

  51. Thamr 12

    Thamr 12Hace un día

    I thought Biden is the corrent prisedent 🤷🏻‍♂️

  52. Thamr 12

    Thamr 12Hace un día

    Is trump still the president yet?🤷🏻‍♂️

  53. Yo BRO WTF?

    Yo BRO WTF?Hace un día


  54. Connor MacManus

    Connor MacManusHace un día

    First they came for the Communists ....And I did not speak out because I was not a Communist Then they came for the Jews ....And I did not speak out because I was not a Jew Then they came for me....And there was no one left to speak out for me

  55. ded toof

    ded toofHace un día

    Autoplay view. This is garbage.

  56. Marquesha Walker

    Marquesha WalkerHace un día

    I thought he called him Hunter!!!! Lmfao 😅😅😆😆😆

  57. edsnotgod

    edsnotgodHace un día

    Thank Allah Obama see searched Angelika Merkel's phone calls, it prevented Covid from sprouting on his watch

  58. Mark Verschell

    Mark VerschellHace un día

    “New York was the first Capital” Rudy, ya screwed up again... The list of Capitals from Chronological Table of the Capitals *First Continental Congress* September 5, 1774 to October 24, 1774: Philadelphia, Carpenter’s Hall *Second Continental Congress* May 10, 1775 to December 12, 1776: Philadelphia, State House December 20, 1776 to February 27, 1777: Baltimore, Henry Fite’s House March 4, 1777 to September 18, 1777: Philadelphia, State House September 27, 1777 (one day): Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Court House September 30, 1777 to June 27, 1778: York, Pennsylvania, Court House July 2, 1778 to March 1, 1781: Philadelphia, College Hall, then State House *Congress under the Articles of Confederation* March 1, 1781 to June 21, 1783: Philadelphia, State House June 30, 1783 to November 4, 1783: Princeton, New Jersey, “Prospect,” then Nassau Hall November 26, 1783 to August 19, 1784: Annapolis, Maryland, State House November 1, 1784 to December 24, 1784: Trenton, New Jersey, French Arms Tavern January 11, 1785 to Autumn 1788: New York, City Hall, then Fraunce's Tavern *Congress under the Constitution* March 4, 1789 to August 12, 1790: New York, Federal Hall December 6, 1790 to May 14, 1800: Philadelphia, Philadelphia County Building-Congress Hall November 17, 1800: Washington, U.S. Capitol I believes Federal Hall was originally a tavern.

  59. dCell

    dCellHace un día

    wally can rickroll anytime he wants

  60. Philly Eagle

    Philly EagleHace un día

    Only big thing this dude dropped was a turd

  61. Gloria Dias

    Gloria DiasHace un día


  62. Oneshot8242

    Oneshot8242Hace un día

    That Lindell impersonation was priceless.

  63. Vullnet Musaj

    Vullnet MusajHace un día

    successful people don't become that way overnight .most people you see as a glance-wealth, a great career, purpose-is the result of hard work and hustle over time. I pray that anyone who reads this will be successful in life..

  64. Fritz Moser

    Fritz MoserHace un día

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  65. Robin Pfeiffer

    Robin PfeifferHace un día

    I think this is the opportunity' for me to take a great step,

  66. Nicolás González

    Nicolás GonzálezHace un día

    The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago,and the second best time is now this is not the first time I hear people talking about this man called Pierre

  67. Mackenzie White

    Mackenzie WhiteHace un día

    Good investment are life savers.

  68. Gilberto Pacheco

    Gilberto PachecoHace un día

    The world is gradually moving out of the I work for my boss era,and people who choose to be entrepreneurs are highly securing a brighter future for themselves.

  69. holamoco17

    holamoco17Hace un día

    This was funny 😂👍

  70. Millennial Seeker

    Millennial SeekerHace un día

    Trump is a stone cold subversive republican't loser. Beware of fake news! America deserves better.

  71. leonard harris

    leonard harrisHace un día

    Biden sent the FBI to Rudy to see what evidence he had got on him and Hunter. Biden is a career liar and crook, 10% for the big guy remember that one. Go get them Rudy .

  72. Obsidikiss Necrozine

    Obsidikiss NecrozineHace 9 horas

    @leonard harris Former President Failure was an embarrassment. The country and the world is glad he's gone and is doing better since he was evicted. Rudy is going to jail. Only 74 million people voted for Former President Loser so don't know where you get 120 million. Democrats will win 2024 more easily than they won 2020. MAGA is irrelevant. You are dismissed.

  73. leonard harris

    leonard harrisHace 14 horas

    Obsidikiss ,I am so sorry to disappoint you but the president you are talking about was the greatest president in American history . Rudy is coming after the crooked Biden family. Oh there are still 120 million MAGA that would disagree with your irrelevant speech, they are still there ,they have never gone away. They are just waiting for 2024, the Democrats cannot rig the election. Antifa and BLM will fall before the MAGA.

  74. Obsidikiss Necrozine

    Obsidikiss NecrozineHace un día

    Rudy, Former President Failure and MAGA nation are history. You guys are irrelevant.

  75. Blake Barrett

    Blake BarrettHace un día

    You keep making the M*A*S*H references, I’ll keep liking and commenting. Keep it up.

  76. SMITTY

    SMITTYHace un día

    Rudy has breaking news ! For the last year,think his breaking news is broke. He got nuttin but more bull and lies his mind. But no prof. What a jackass

  77. Clayton the Chemist

    Clayton the ChemistHace un día

    Philadelphia was the nation's first capitol Giuliani , an M. Knight Shymalan movie even confirms it.

  78. Annie Jankovic

    Annie JankovicHace un día

    The MASH reference this time is so good

  79. Kaying Thao

    Kaying ThaoHace un día

    Hunter 😅

  80. Kaying Thao

    Kaying ThaoHace un día

    Luara Ingram , keeping a straight face while Rudy holds up his phone.😂

  81. Gdoghog

    GdoghogHace un día

    I wonder if the teams of fbi agents are just like are you done with those notes yet i need them for my case too

  82. Jonathon

    JonathonHace un día

    Poor New York. Most of your goverment officials are idiots or crooks, but you're still kicking.

  83. sylvester quast

    sylvester quastHace un día

    I remember when meyers was not an insufferable condescending egomaniac

  84. Carole Jones

    Carole JonesHace un día

    He is sure a crazy loon

  85. Robert Haskell

    Robert HaskellHace un día

    I wonder if anyone is actually rooting for Rudy or hoping he doesn't face consequences for his crazy pursuits. I there anyone who doesn't think he deserves to be punished?

  86. Girlgamssilver

    GirlgamssilverHace un día

    New york was the first colony to run for the hills when it came to voting "Revolution"

  87. Ningnong4u

    Ningnong4uHace un día

    We are seeing what true coward he really is. He knows he’s going to spend the rest of his golden years behind bars and he shaking with fear. There’s nothing that he can do or say that will save his ass and he knows it.

  88. Joseph Croteau

    Joseph CroteauHace un día

    "You're the one butt dialing reporters, only using the top press strip" With those gross ass bottom teeth.... I'm dead 😐😒

  89. Beth Schiemer

    Beth SchiemerHace un día

    To quote Hamilton (Lin Manuel)...”Everything’s legal in New Jersey.”

  90. Smokey Mafia

    Smokey MafiaHace un día

    Amazing nobody seems to have the sack to bring up the HUNTER NIDEN LAPTOP and the free money he got from the Ukraine... what a shame all these late night shows are so biased towards a administration that reads que cards .

  91. CdnAnonAwoke

    CdnAnonAwokeHace un día

    Hunter Biden's hard drive seth. Laugh track your way to the gallows

  92. CdnAnonAwoke

    CdnAnonAwokeHace un día

  93. Eric Johnson

    Eric JohnsonHace un día

    Sorry, Rap Hamilton references leave me cold...

  94. Pontiac Soviro

    Pontiac SoviroHace un día

    He's just a Country Lawyer.

  95. Mr Curly

    Mr CurlyHace un día

    Did he say "he was going to break something really big...."? Pretty sure he did one of those in court a while back.

  96. Todays News

    Todays NewsHace un día

    Pjs mask

  97. Mrpositivevibes Grow

    Mrpositivevibes GrowHace un día

    This is toxic

  98. Philip Forrest

    Philip ForrestHace un día

    I hope Giuliani goes to general population after sentencing.

  99. pupsteam

    pupsteamHace un día

    Lol Philadelphia was the first Capitol haha

  100. Shelton Bradshaw

    Shelton BradshawHace un día

    NOT funny, not true, not talented

  101. kgonepostl

    kgonepostlHace un día

    Drain the swamp. Lock-him-up!!

  102. Alexander Lee

    Alexander LeeHace un día

    Trump is History, Toxic Political History, America is About the Future.

  103. Traci Mize

    Traci MizeHace un día

    ACTUALLY, the one they need to raid....would be nancy polosi's husband.

  104. Billy Cloudy

    Billy CloudyHace un día

    Hey here’s something I never understood why Donny need a personal attorney... no other sitting potus has ever had one!! I just find that very shady... but we are talking about Don the con-mobster!!😁

  105. flying potatoes

    flying potatoesHace un día

    I see the zombie army is STILL focusing on Trump because they're afraid to look at the Satanic ways of biden

  106. pbruc brooks

    pbruc brooksHace un día

    If the Trump world characters heard half of what they were saying and just maybe thought about it, they'd probably have a STROKE! They just Love being complete Jerks.

  107. Tim Jester

    Tim JesterHace un día

    Who's this Seth guy?

  108. Jack Butler

    Jack ButlerHace un día

    bonnie bonnie bonnie...

  109. Traci Mize

    Traci MizeHace un día

    Rudy ...dropping a major bombshell - no doubt.

  110. Traci Mize

    Traci MizeHace un día

    BLA...BLA...BLA...just more trash: And yet, everyone wonders WHY Rudy's house was invaded. Its the same o, same o, tricks; ….they get close to Exposing the truth - and (they) FREAK OUT, trying to throw in more monkey wrenches. NOTICE THE PATTERN; its everything (them) still trying to bully those who honor the truth (FOR GOD AND NATION)...through their worn out tactics of false smears. ...the next step being, making a mountain out of a dirt clod. Common - this isn't anything new. I say - LET what they intended for Rudy - BELONG FULLY TO them. who had 13 phones smashed...and why? who (tried) to scrub their computer? who took the collected money for the Haiti earthquake victims and used it for their daughters wedding? who, who, who...tried to be the madam president on Newsweek...and still FAILED? And yet Rudy did what? their own crooked politics BELONGS TO them. [...and to the innocent - MAY GOD HIMSELF Bless/BLESS their Works of Righteousness, THAT HONOR HIM.] SET BEFORE THE HEAVENLY FATHER IN HONOR OF HIS WILL SOVEREIGN - CHRIST JESUS IS THE KING AND HE IS THE LORD...even to HIS enemies being FULLY reaped.