[SMTOWN] NCT DREAM, NCT 127, NCT U, WayV 무대 모음

뼛 속 까지 핑크색 피가 흐르는 나는... 에스엠타운 국민입니다..^^
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  1. 정성찬성찬

    정성찬성찬Hace un día

    엥시리만 37분이다 행복하다

  2. Yami Nava

    Yami NavaHace un día

    Alguien que responda mi duda porfis ¿Porque Jisung casi nunca baila?

  3. KWANi

    KWANiHace un día

    صمت تو اشوف هالشيي نسيت انه مسرب

  4. gghhhj ugi

    gghhhj ugiHace 15 días

    12:38 yuta voice 🔥🔥

  5. Felicia-Linelle-Adrian

    Felicia-Linelle-AdrianHace 29 días

    MARK'S "O mAh GaAAawD" Made me wheeze (5:07) or (5:08)

  6. Dy Dyana

    Dy DyanaHace un mes

    Anyone where can i rewatch nct beyond live? i'm new so i got confused :(

  7. 엔시티만보면기절하는여자

    엔시티만보면기절하는여자Hace un mes

    16:09 미쳤나봐......

  8. Nella Ljungh

    Nella LjunghHace un mes

    jaehyun looks so exhausted in the make a wish performance, i’m genuinely worried about how he was feeling that day. i am the opposite of disappointed or anything, if he wasn’t feeling well i wish he would’ve not performed at all. he looks especially tired at 30:13 when he gets up and 30:43 because he barely lifts his feet(again, not criticizing his performance, it’s just things i noticed while watching). i immediately noticed him lowering his head at 30:13 so for the rest of the song i kept checking on him and he really looks tired. it seems like all of them had a lot of work at that time and i think it’s amazing that taeyong rested because of his back, it‘a releaving to know they let him rest for most of the performances. and jisung too of course!

  9. mizan kun

    mizan kunHace un mes


  10. unknow 666

    unknow 666Hace un mes

    Why did Make a wish have jeno instead of taeyong?

  11. unknow 666

    unknow 666Hace un mes

    Wait a minute! Why is jisung didn't perform?

  12. unknow 666

    unknow 666Hace un mes

    @Ten's bestie uh honey😭😭😭

  13. Ten's bestie

    Ten's bestieHace un mes

    @unknow 666 he hurt his knee while practicing

  14. unknow 666

    unknow 666Hace un mes

    @Ten's bestie what's happened

  15. Ten's bestie

    Ten's bestieHace un mes

    he was injured that time

  16. 이해찬목소리너무달달해서초콜렛가게다망함

    이해찬목소리너무달달해서초콜렛가게다망함Hace un mes

    나재민 흑발 개오짐....

  17. sink

    sinkHace un mes

    Why are the camera angles of jisung parts are so funny to me?$*#*$&#(#* but fr he ate and wishing him a speedy recovery,!!!

  18. Ho Yoda

    Ho YodaHace un mes

    15:48 훠궈 있다란썅!

  19. Wina Lautner

    Wina LautnerHace un mes

    omg i wish Jeno fully performed taeyong's part during Make a Wish

  20. 나랑 세상을 밝혀보자 런쥔아

    나랑 세상을 밝혀보자 런쥔아Hace un mes

    해차니 안과 안경낀 사진을 접한 후로 자꾸 겹쳐보여요... 늦게 입덕해서 요새 새로 접한 것들이 많은데 감당이 안됩니다....

  21. Birdie Church

    Birdie ChurchHace un mes

    Is it just me or is Taeyong not dancing with the same happiness and passion he normally does I have watched this over and over again but I think something happened to Taeyong .This is only my opinion don't go to istg about this or twitter or any other social media platform but something is up and if he wants to tell us he will but if he doesn't i understand it is his business not ours. Taeyong just know we will always love you

  22. Birdie Church

    Birdie ChurchHace un mes

    Actually I think they all are in that mood

  23. Valeria Florez

    Valeria FlorezHace un mes

    0:16 i think i died.

  24. susi anty

    susi antyHace un mes

    Thanks u ❤️❤️❤️

  25. 이레몬

    이레몬Hace un mes

    이날 재민이 졸라 잘생겻네

  26. Lily

    LilyHace un mes

    Mis amores

  27. N Netter

    N NetterHace un mes

    เท่จนน้ำตาจะไหล 🥺

  28. Hevi Triayunna

    Hevi TriayunnaHace un mes

    I got shocked when found out JENO as TAEYONG

  29. Crystal und Stacy SSO

    Crystal und Stacy SSOHace un mes


  30. imcsk channel

    imcsk channelHace un mes

    Jungwoo just soo prettyyy

  31. mfmfsanxu

    mfmfsanxuHace un mes

    Their outfits in Kick it looks good. I love the design that their stylist came up with.

  32. G.A.T

    G.A.THace un mes

    oh where's nectar? T.T that stage is so hot TT.TT

  33. the_neoneon

    the_neoneonHace un mes

    no more more c, no more nz US JA Ya,

  34. Mila Saja

    Mila SajaHace un mes


  35. Francheska Leah

    Francheska LeahHace un mes

    Can I ask why jisung is not with them? Hehe

  36. Nur Oktaviana

    Nur OktavianaHace un mes

    knee injury

  37. sun nam

    sun namHace un mes

    did the mic really turn on? LOL

  38. Hanim Arif

    Hanim ArifHace un mes

    where jisung??

  39. ohh wow okay

    ohh wow okayHace un mes

    since no one gonna say it 5:03 jaemin’s woah🥵

  40. Fran Gorno

    Fran GornoHace un mes

    I love Taeyong's little adlibs during Mark's rap in Kick It. I hope he's taking a well-deserved and really long rest.

  41. Ziana Sari

    Ziana SariHace un mes

    Renjunieee moon taeil 😘😘🤩💚💚

  42. Amelia Russell

    Amelia RussellHace un mes

    11:40 stop tattoo

  43. 나재민니이목구비가내미래보다뚜렷하다

    나재민니이목구비가내미래보다뚜렷하다Hace un mes

    선샐님 감사합니다 감사해요 흐규

  44. wahyu antara

    wahyu antaraHace un mes

    TY 😭😭😭

  45. keyy

    keyyHace un mes

    27:18 왜 제노가 있니? , 태용은 어딨어? 이것은 이상합니다 ...

  46. keyy

    keyyHace un mes

    @김은혜 아 ..

  47. 김은혜

    김은혜Hace un mes

    태용 아팠잖아요..


    OH YOU ARE NANA ?Hace un mes

    didnt know it was their stage im listening to bc im doing my work at the same time, but thought to myself "why does it sound different from the mv version" 😂😂

  49. 뫄뫄

    뫄뫄Hace un mes

    0:42 그냥아름다움진짜어이없을정도로;

  50. mochi deceased

    mochi deceasedHace un mes

    36:28 haechan harmonizing with the back up track is king behaviour

  51. mochi deceased

    mochi deceasedHace un mes

    damn yuta looks gorjus

  52. mochi deceased

    mochi deceasedHace un mes

    this is hands down the best work it stage

  53. Reese Juranes

    Reese JuranesHace un mes


  54. 푸슝

    푸슝Hace un mes


  55. Coralie Neollier

    Coralie NeollierHace un mes

    They look tired.. :/

  56. Erica J

    Erica JHace un mes

    I get that Haechan works hard and I'm proud of and for him but people tend to forget that this was an SM concert and has a whole he had less stages than Mark and Ten... we all know SM aces are Mark and Taeyong.

  57. 방구석툥야•_

    방구석툥야•_Hace un mes

    스엠은 당장.. 넥타를 내놔라...😭

  58. Qeen

    QeenHace un mes

    Haechan with 6 stages is so amazing. Haechan visual haechan vocal and haechan dance. Love it!💗 But please give him rest😥

  59. Neena Sal

    Neena SalHace un mes

    seeing winwin having enough screentime and lines in WayV makes me happy. He deserves it.

  60. Rita Williams

    Rita WilliamsHace un mes

    wheres nectar

  61. 몸이우동이 되게써어

    몸이우동이 되게써어Hace un mes

    ㄹㅇ 영웅 도입부 이태용 얼굴로 찢었는데 아픈거 꾹 참는게 보여서 너무 맴찢ㅜㅠㅜㅠㅠㅜㅠ

  62. potato thingss

    potato thingssHace un mes

    Dang their vocals!!! I literally love WAYV's Vocals in ✨Turn Back Time✨

  63. Mikaela Valeros

    Mikaela ValerosHace un mes

    10:07 *I am addicted, so addicted to that adlib ooOOoH*

  64. Baylee Kaye

    Baylee KayeHace un mes

    taeyong looks terrible in kick it :( like, as in a lot of pain and a bad physical state. I hope he heals soon

  65. Umi Kalsum

    Umi KalsumHace un mes

    Gue nyari nectar wayv eh baru inget klo itu di konser nct bukan konser smtown wkwk😭

  66. 아이폰 말고 치타폰.

    아이폰 말고 치타폰.Hace un mes

    아 용 신나서 날아다니는 거 개웃기네


    AIRA PANOSOHace un mes

    WayV stage hits differently.

  68. 풀썬

    풀썬Hace un mes

    Ridin, dejavu, punch, kick it, from home, 90s love haechan was in 6 stages, most of all nct members. He is THAT ACE

  69. Екатерина Шмакова

    Екатерина ШмаковаHace un mes

    Спасибо, позже пересмотрю!

  70. Bethany H

    Bethany HHace un mes

    WayV really just is something special! If you stan NCT but don’t listen to WayV you’re really missing out!!!!

  71. 백승은

    백승은Hace un mes

    와 근데 정우 이번 영웅 출때 ㄹㅈㄷ였다 옷부터 머리까지 코로나 아니고 에셈 콘서트했으면 정우직캠 ㄹㅈㄷ찍었을듯

  72. ᄇᄌᄉᄀᄋᄋ

    ᄇᄌᄉᄀᄋᄋHace un mes

    33:24 나재민 월킷 보라색 수트 미쳤냐고 제발 수트컬러랑 핏 흑말 모든게 완볃해 일수 헤메코를 뿌셔버린 미모 하나도 안 부담스럽고 개예뻐

  73. cloudthesun

    cloudthesunHace un mes

    nectar 보러왔는데 없넹•_•

  74. 廣田メグホワイトチャン

    廣田メグホワイトチャンHace un mes


  75. Lee ji

    Lee jiHace un mes

    Wait!!!!! 😶 Where is taeyong??? Y is he not here???

  76. Zsanice Del Moro

    Zsanice Del MoroHace un mes

    Taeyong is disc lower back injury and collapsed... He is rest

  77. Anisong 1122

    Anisong 1122Hace un mes

    진짜 고마워😭💚💚💚

  78. 시즈니입니다만

    시즈니입니다만Hace un mes

    다시 한 번더 수고했어❤

  79. 시즈니입니다만

    시즈니입니다만Hace un mes

    오복잉 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ♥

  80. 시즈니입니다만

    시즈니입니다만Hace un mes

    23:42 문선생님아니신가??

  81. 시즈니입니다만

    시즈니입니다만Hace un mes

    펀치도 했었구나..못봤는뎅 걍 라이브를 못봤는데ㅠㅠ아쉽다

  82. 시즈니입니다만

    시즈니입니다만Hace un mes

    힘들었겠다.. 지성이 아쉬웠겠다 태용이도 무대 하나만 해서 아쉬웠겠다

  83. Shurho Solo

    Shurho SoloHace un mes

    Wayv was awesome 🔥

  84. sadiqa zia

    sadiqa ziaHace un mes

    Yo this year is again best for nctzens.. 😍💚👍💚

  85. althine

    althineHace un mes

    Mark: 4 stages Ten: 4 stages Jaemin: 4 stages Yuta: 4 stages Doyoung: 4 stages *Haechan: 6 stages*

  86. That weird multistan

    That weird multistanHace un mes

    mark had ones with super M and one with Beakhyun too

  87. onnie dinda

    onnie dindaHace un mes

    Lucas 7 stages with superm too

  88. Ten's bestie

    Ten's bestieHace un mes

    @Apple ten also 8 (riot stage with xiaojun)

  89. Kaixin Tey

    Kaixin TeyHace un mes

    haechan ace

  90. Dieta Resdiana

    Dieta ResdianaHace un mes

    my boy Mark working so hard

  91. althine

    althineHace un mes

    5:49 oh my god RENJUN can u NOT kjfhskdfjhsk

  92. onna no secret uta

    onna no secret utaHace un mes

    JENO LEE in MAW is something that I never thought I need but its prove me wrong! JENO LEE in sexehhh concept is a MUST!

  93. Nayla Nayla

    Nayla NaylaHace un mes


  94. cherryinfusion

    cherryinfusionHace un mes

    what is this?

  95. Vanilla kim

    Vanilla kimHace un mes


  96. May May

    May MayHace un mes

    why isn’t nectar here? Why isn’t Nectar here?! *WHY ISN’T NECTAR HERE?!!* 😭

  97. Olivia Mansen

    Olivia MansenHace 5 días

    @Kailey Hester Yeah and there was From Home, 90s' Love, Make A Wish, & Work It.

  98. Kailey Hester

    Kailey HesterHace un mes

    @Noor Syai'dah but dream got to do deja vu

  99. Noor Syai'dah

    Noor Syai'dahHace un mes

    Nectar is on Resonance concert, not on SMTOWN Concert :"(

  100. bibi

    bibiHace un mes


  101. HighwaytoNct

    HighwaytoNctHace 2 meses


  102. Raji's Style Venue

    Raji's Style VenueHace 2 meses

    Did Mark take over from Taeyong for "Punch"// It's different!

  103. 정말복

    정말복Hace 2 meses


  104. Doie's Unnie

    Doie's UnnieHace 2 meses

    27:41 where are you going Jeno..

  105. Sunny MAP

    Sunny MAPHace 2 meses

    Haechan muncul di hampir semua Jaga kesehatan yaaa my Ace

  106. R. maomettano dalila

    R. maomettano dalilaHace 2 meses

    20:42 handsome boys out and in ... it's satisfied

  107. I can show you the world

    I can show you the worldHace 2 meses

    Mark haechan ten👌🏻🙃 Great job

  108. I can show you the world

    I can show you the worldHace 2 meses

    i miss blue hair kun😭✨

  109. I can show you the world

    I can show you the worldHace 2 meses

    mark omg so iconic nct so best 👌🏻☺️

  110. JOY

    JOYHace 2 meses

    무대로 착장 좀...왜 저랬을까 진짜 멋진 컨셉으로 입혀주지 저 멋진 곡에!!!

  111. 나다

    나다Hace 2 meses

    아잠깐 메이크 어 위시 이제노가 체워줘서 너무 조와 ....

  112. Han Somie she

    Han Somie sheHace 2 meses

    do do won't

  113. Han Somie she

    Han Somie sheHace 2 meses

    maker 2

  114. Han Somie she

    Han Somie sheHace 2 meses

    it ok oppa 1

  115. Margaretta Simangunsong

    Margaretta SimangunsongHace 2 meses

    SM's technology is on another level

  116. rabi cheri

    rabi cheriHace 2 meses

    24:51〜 yuta ..😭💓Why are you so handsome?

  117. qomicura

    qomicuraHace 2 meses

    Xiaojun's manly voice is my favourite. 😍 He can sing high note so beautifully.❤ I Love WayV performance more. Kinda different, unique and perfect stages.- Wayzennie😉

  118. Bea Eri

    Bea EriHace 2 meses

    I'm still upset why Winwin is no longer in NCT127. But anyways, I'm glad he's with WayV now.