SuperM Reaction | SHINee ‘Don’t Call Me’ ☎❌ MV

SuperM Reaction | SHINee ‘Don’t Call Me’ ☎❌ MV
'Don't Call Me' MV​
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  1. bahar

    baharHace 15 horas

    i want to eat kai

  2. Eri

    EriHace 19 horas

    *Baekhyun say always* *Hip Hop Man, Come on Man*

  3. Nichole Ebert vlogs

    Nichole Ebert vlogsHace 21 un hora

    Hey superm I know that I am late to the party but can you guys react to taemins solo mv and taeyongs solo mv as well please and thank you 😊

  4. SoyNutsAndKale

    SoyNutsAndKaleHace 22 horas

    Lucas wondering why Minho looks exactly like him

  5. Afri Yanto

    Afri YantoHace 22 horas

    Never know Jongin had such crush on Minho. Even Taemin pointed that out loudly and Jongin admit it easily

  6. vQtiiV

    vQtiiVHace 22 horas

    please mark really said SWAG ar the beginning LMAOO

  7. کیـم پاراوم

    کیـم پاراومHace un día

    How many international are here Fans love Shinee? 👇

  8. Belinda Chhim

    Belinda ChhimHace un día

    Wheres the tv

  9. Dina Jilinovana

    Dina JilinovanaHace un día


  10. KAI EXO zkdlin chihiro.s

    KAI EXO zkdlin chihiro.sHace un día


  11. Dinanga Wishiya

    Dinanga WishiyaHace un día

    Watching back and realising their hairstyles are the same as the “How we DO” MV🧐😏

  12. Camille

    CamilleHace un día

    SuperM is really just a bunch of Shawols + Taemin.

  13. Vandes Kenn

    Vandes KennHace un día


  14. CatchYouLaterr

    CatchYouLaterrHace un día

    Imagine I'm sitting here watching this smiling and laughing like I understand only to realise I don't have the freaking subs on

  15. CHERRYTÆ 07

    CHERRYTÆ 07Hace un día

    so impressed

  16. Gabo and Nati in Australia

    Gabo and Nati in AustraliaHace un día

    Mark is me everytime I watch “Don’t Call Me MV”😂😂😂

  17. Kaae

    KaaeHace 2 días

    Imagine watching your idol's new MV together with your idol that now works together with you

  18. Perky Pie

    Perky PieHace 2 días

    Looking at the MV teaser for We Do this was around the time the shot the video😭

  19. via 9

    via 9Hace 2 días

    baekhyun ; shinee is back back back aaahhhh me : faint

  20. Dhia Zahra Dzulhafiz

    Dhia Zahra DzulhafizHace 2 días

    Everyone is proud of SHINee

  21. skrt

    skrtHace 2 días

    baekhyun PLEASE

  22. Jéssica

    JéssicaHace 2 días


  23. Red Blue

    Red BlueHace 3 días

    카이랑 태민이랑 은근 닮은건 나만 그런건가?

  24. Ірина Сорока

    Ірина СорокаHace 3 días

    Why in SuperM is no-one member of Suju?

  25. Zemira Vena

    Zemira VenaHace 3 días

    5:14 taeyong looks like a babyyyyy 🥺😂

  26. 이j

    이jHace 3 días

    태민아~태민이는 갠젹으로 샤이니 막내가 더 좋구만 ㅋㅋ

  27. Opus90 Z

    Opus90 ZHace 4 días


  28. 김다인

    김다인Hace 4 días

    나 이걸로 샤이니 뮤비 처음봄 ㅋㅋ 노래는 많이 들었는데

  29. Kong Keubok

    Kong KeubokHace 4 días

    Baekhyun Fake Makae ❤️

  30. Salsa herdiani

    Salsa herdianiHace 4 días

    do the bambi reaction 🥺

  31. Wong Wing Chi

    Wong Wing ChiHace 4 días

    0:04 what song?? did baekhyun sing?

  32. dch windyvb

    dch windyvbHace 3 días

    Why So Serious?

  33. Harerta Mohamed

    Harerta MohamedHace 5 días

    no one: Baekhyun: YAEH. YEAH..HIP HOP MAN YEAH YEAH! he is so cute!

  34. Mikki Tasso

    Mikki TassoHace 5 días

    LUCAS 🤩

  35. Dorothy Wong

    Dorothy WongHace 5 días

    So awesome to see Super M support SHINee & Taemin a lot!! It's cool to watch their comments & feel back abt SHINee's new single - Don't Call Me!

  36. Leia Richardson

    Leia RichardsonHace 5 días

    Onew voice is daebak

  37. Tataes with Kookies

    Tataes with KookiesHace 5 días

    Mark and ten 👁👄👁

  38. Ami L

    Ami LHace 6 días

    Pls str*am Bambi mv by Baekhyun!!!!Let's get 30m soon

  39. anakarolina freitas

    anakarolina freitasHace 6 días

    I loooooveeeee them so cuuuutieeees 😆😆😆😍😍😍💖💖💖


    KRYMINALHace 6 días

    So yall just letting them wear and yell "DURAG".. alr..

  41. aniicloe

    aniicloeHace 6 días

    Ikr 😭😭

  42. mta jnah

    mta jnahHace 6 días

    80% coment is KAI KAI KAI,but i'm LIKE lol

  43. rukawa11killua

    rukawa11killuaHace 6 días

    Awww I love this!! ❤️ Taemin looked so proud to show his new MV 💙 Baekhyun’s just being loud as always 😂 Lucas looks like a lil kid watching tv 😆 Kai’s being serious watching every detail of the MV 👀 Taeyeong getting hyped up but trying to keep it lowkey 🔥 Ten’s beautiful smile showing while watching the MV 🥰 Mark’s showing his true fangirling self and love for SHINEE 😂

  44. Na Jaemin

    Na JaeminHace 6 días

    Popular fact: Even if you put Baekhyun in the corner he will always be the center of attention😌

  45. Liss Byun

    Liss ByunHace 7 días

    Baekhyunee so energetic, loud and adorable as always.

  46. Liss Byun

    Liss ByunHace 7 días

    Kai is like a cute bear

  47. naila hikma

    naila hikmaHace 7 días

    Aku suka banget yaampun sampek liat 5 kali tetep masih suka

  48. Stay

    StayHace 7 días

    The fact that I smiled through out the whole Video

  49. Chilen Jere Angeli Balid

    Chilen Jere Angeli BalidHace 7 días

    welcome to another video of super m fanboying over shinee

  50. Alyanna Borromeo

    Alyanna BorromeoHace 7 días

    Baekhyun being the fake maknae for entire 6:08.

  51. เพ้นเลิฟ prombenz

    เพ้นเลิฟ prombenzHace 7 días


  52. aeries87

    aeries87Hace 7 días

    ...... KAI

  53. denisse chuco

    denisse chucoHace 8 días

    Baekhyun is so extra hahahaha I love him ❤

  54. denisse chuco

    denisse chucoHace 8 días

    His body.YES.

  55. Taehyung’s Bag

    Taehyung’s BagHace 8 días

    Okay so I’m really new to Exo and I came across SuperM, and I see Kai & Baekhyun there, why? Did Exo disband or something and they went to superm??

  56. Taehyung’s Bag

    Taehyung’s BagHace 7 días

    @Angela Col Ohh okay got it, thank you so much for explaining

  57. Angela Col

    Angela ColHace 7 días

    No EXO will never disband. They are on hiatus because some members are in the army. They will be active again when they finish with the military. Kai and Baekhyun are in a second group, too, SuperM, along with other artists from the same company. Baekhyun is enlisting in May, too, but Kai is younger and he will be having solo activities.Other EXO members, too. SuperM are releasing a single in a few days for an ad.

  58. bald kyungsoo

    bald kyungsooHace 8 días

    0:00 PLEASE !! THE NOISIEST GUY IS THE LEADER (like who would even believe that)

  59. Bunny Bee Hunny

    Bunny Bee HunnyHace 8 días

    Shout out to Kim Kai's designer

  60. alya maisarah

    alya maisarahHace 8 días

    do reaction to baekhyun bambi too ^^

  61. E B

    E BHace 8 días

    They should do this for Bambi MV as well

  62. Clover Blue

    Clover BlueHace 8 días

    I am *OFFICALLY* a fan of Mark now, because how openly he loves SHINee. He is my spirit animal. Mark if you ever read this, contact me because you and I are sharing one brain cell.😎

  63. witch is back

    witch is backHace 8 días

    honestly shinee never disappoints me i love all of what they do

  64. Ahlam Adam

    Ahlam AdamHace 8 días

    Can someone tell me why are they all from different groups and they all now super m why is that ???

  65. Crafts by Eshika

    Crafts by EshikaHace 9 días

    Just one thing is • • . . . . . . .. ..... . . . . . . . . . . . MISSING Jonghyun sooo much 😭😭

  66. Jyothika K S

    Jyothika K SHace 9 días


  67. Kathleen Cox

    Kathleen CoxHace 9 días

    Who was that singing at the start of the video? He had a nice voice. I'm new to K-Pop and I am just now getting to know SHINee and SuperM. :)

  68. daza order

    daza orderHace 6 días

    Baekhyun from exo. Check out his new song : Bambi

  69. Diane Clarisse

    Diane ClarisseHace 10 días

    Baekhyun being loud haha

  70. Sailor Moon

    Sailor MoonHace 10 días

    I love TEN hair style 😍 remind me of Taemin when he 1st debut with Shinee

  71. ꧁꧅ìꦧ꧀ꦖì꧅꧂

    ꧁꧅ìꦧ꧀ꦖì꧅꧂Hace 10 días

    أتوقع إني شفت حرف الـ و ورقم ٩ 🙃

  72. 신유성

    신유성Hace 10 días

    이태민 개멋져!! 하.. 정체성 혼란이다... 엔시티로 시작했는데 슈퍼엠에 태민에 샤이니까지... 내 마음이 무한확장되고 있네

  73. Ison Moh'ed

    Ison Moh'edHace 10 días

    Shinee’s back and super M got blank😹

  74. arisa

    arisaHace 11 días

    2:04 Ten reaction to Taemin's kick lol he was having war flashbacks from resonance mv

  75. Do ME

    Do MEHace 11 días

    Lucas you look like Indian 🤭. How many of you agree Agree👍 disagree comments .

  76. Maria Isabel

    Maria IsabelHace 11 días

    Baekhyun is so extra HAHAHAHHA

  77. lexsy pingol

    lexsy pingolHace 11 días

    Please Do a reaction video to Baekhyun Bambi!

  78. TB

    TBHace 11 días

    Ten is soo beautiful with his hair!!!>

  79. A.Rabiatul al adawiyah tenrianka

    A.Rabiatul al adawiyah tenriankaHace 11 días


  80. Josie Tran

    Josie TranHace 11 días

    *when Minho first appears* SuperM-OHHHHHHHHHHH *when OneW appears* SuperM- OHHHHHHHHHH *when Taemin appears* SuperM- OHHHHHHHHHH *when Key appears* SuperM- OHHHHHHHHHH Safe to say everyone is a Shawol

  81. sy c

    sy cHace 12 días

    수듑수듑 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 태민

  82. Shrushti Gupta

    Shrushti GuptaHace 12 días

    Come on man!!

  83. นิภาพร เชยนิ่ม

    นิภาพร เชยนิ่มHace 12 días

    2:35 Taemin Without Adlibs Wow Ot 6 Taemin Happy Like Hyojung 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  84. นิภาพร เชยนิ่ม

    นิภาพร เชยนิ่มHace 12 días

    I Think Baekhyun Hip Hop

  85. BillyBop

    BillyBopHace 12 días

    Baekhyun so hyper 😂😂

  86. Heather Lee

    Heather LeeHace 13 días

    아 태민이도 멋있다고 해돌라고요~~~~

  87. Sabrina Khansa N.

    Sabrina Khansa N.Hace 13 días

    I'm always waiting for the superm channel to have Indonesian subtitles:)))

  88. นิภาพร เชยนิ่ม

    นิภาพร เชยนิ่มHace 13 días


  89. Rena Kawasaki

    Rena KawasakiHace 13 días


  90. A Y

    A YHace 13 días

    How did I just realise now that mark said to ten that Minho reminds him of Johnny 🙉

  91. Dina Astria

    Dina AstriaHace 13 días

    Come on menn..wkwkw baekhyun... Slalu bgtu jadi slalu terngiang wkwkw

  92. shirmar ai ni

    shirmar ai niHace 13 días

    KAI ❤ Taemin

  93. Zikri Lazuardi

    Zikri LazuardiHace 13 días

    I like kai's outfit 😍

  94. Beatriz Maria

    Beatriz MariaHace 13 días

    React to Now United turn it up

  95. Beatriz Maria

    Beatriz MariaHace 13 días

    React to Now United turn it up

  96. Beatriz Maria

    Beatriz MariaHace 13 días

    React to Now United turn it up

  97. Beatriz Maria

    Beatriz MariaHace 13 días

    React to Now United turn it up

  98. Joanna Wykrota

    Joanna WykrotaHace 13 días

    I'd love to see how they reacted to behind the scenes video for "Don't call me" MV... 🙈 could be interesting 💙💙💙

  99. Edy Lorraine

    Edy LorraineHace 14 días

    Of course it’s baekhyun being the loudest in the beginning ☠️

  100. Marlinda

    MarlindaHace 14 días

    Taemin the king of bengek 😆😆😆

  101. vivinha it's me

    vivinha it's meHace 14 días

    i understand Super M whipped for MinHo parts. I am too.

  102. ash lynx is alive and thriving in japan

    ash lynx is alive and thriving in japanHace 14 días


  103. ash lynx is alive and thriving in japan

    ash lynx is alive and thriving in japanHace 14 días


  104. Missy A

    Missy AHace 14 días

    I love how they hype each other

  105. Sofia Sahagon

    Sofia SahagonHace 14 días

    not even 5 seconds in and baekhyun's already flexin' that voice 😭😭

  106. Hope San

    Hope SanHace 14 días