The Eerie Vanishing Of The Flannan Isles Lighthouse Keepers

What happened to the three lighthouse keepers of Flannan Isles?
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    What would you do on a deserted island? What extra person would you bring?

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    shane which part of little women (the movie) did u start crying at this is important

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    Which rap song would you rather use against the water sprites, Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice or Fancy by Iggy Azalea?

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    whenever i need to do scottish accents i just always say it how i think shrek would say it and i think you guys should try it too!!

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    is it just me, or are they getting awkward, and awkward, and awkward 馃槵馃槵

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    I love that magic grass seems somewhat plausible to shane

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    Tripp鈥檚 suicide??

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    I can't hear Shane and not picture the professor anymore

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    yo Ryan hit the gym big time, he looks _thicc_

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    0:35-0:39 Shane is me confirmed

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    19:00 are those eyes

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    .Don鈥檛 Fear COVID-19 Directory of Doctors curing thousands of outpatients 鈥 fast.

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    Men turning into birds is giving me Krabat flashbacks and I don't like that one bit

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    Yubin PHace 35 minutos

    Don鈥榯 mean to sidetrack but I just watched Netflix鈥榮 Unsolved Mysteries volume 2, the Oslo Hotel Murder reminded me so much of the Isdal Woman!!!! Would love to hear your opinions on that

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    post mortem: i have a feeling the sheep and the magic grass had something to do with it lol or maybe the gatekeeper and that's why he didn't report anything

  23. Vietnamese Southern Belle

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    Plot twist: the men were a throuple and sailed off to the Bahamas

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    I wish these came out more often as ive rewatched them so many times but the quality is always worth the wait

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    Reminds me of the movie "The Lighthouse"

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    After this year lol same Shane!

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    they said 鈥渕agic grass鈥 and i giggled teheheh

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    I am scottish and I conclude that Shane's scottish voice was the best out of the two

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    "Bad luck to kill a seabird."

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    So you're saying lighthouse keepers are moths?

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    Love you guys.

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    I'm so hyped to finally have another "True Crime" season but this feels more like a Supernatural episode.

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    Love the fire!

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    No wonder this sounded so similar! I already heard this one on the podcast Supernatural. I thought it was deja vu

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    There was a movie done by Gerard Butler about some lighthouse thing Is that movie based on this?

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    Can someone explain to me why these two don鈥檛 have a podcast of all their unsolved videos

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    Shane's Scottish accent oddly reminds me of his Mothman impression

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    I missed this so much

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    The Boys have breathed life into me yet again... Thanks! Unsolved is life!

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    theory 2 is basically just the plot of The Lighthouse (2019)

  54. TheArtmaster67

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    Michael Seymour

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    I'm Scottish trust me on behalf of us all that's a very good try haha

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  57. Click here for quality memes

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    Guess who just got back today Them wild-eyed boys that had been away Haven't changed that much to say But man, I still think them cats are crazy They were askin' if you were around How you was, where you could be found Told 'em you were livin' downtown Drivin' all the old men crazy The boys are back in town (The boys are back in town) The boys are back in town (The boys are back in town again) You know that chick that used to dance a lot Every night she'd be on the floor, shakin' what she got When I say she was cool she was red hot I mean, she was steamin' And that time over at Johnny's place, Well, this chick got up and she slapped Johnny's face Man, we just fell about the place If that chick don't want to know, forget her The boys are back in town (The boys are back in town) The boys are back in town (The boys are back in town) The boys are back in town (The boys are back in town) The boys are back in town (The boys are back in town again) Spread the word around Guess who's back in town Just spread the word around Friday night they'll be dressed to kill Down at Dino's Bar 'n' Grill The drink will flow and the blood will spill And if the boys want to fight, you better let 'em That jukebox in the corner blastin' out my favorite song The nights are getting warmer, it won't be long Won't be long till the summer comes Now that the boys are here again The boys are back in town (The boys are back in town) The boys are back in town (The boys are back in town) The boys are back in town (The boys are back in town) Spread the word around The boys are back in town (The boys are back in town again) The boys are back in town again Been hangin' down at Dino's The boys are back in town again

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    You guys need to do more eerie unsolved lighthouse mysterious I love them

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    As one got yanked to sea from the shore, the other 2 were killed pulling him out. It happens alot. Like regularly.

  66. Cass

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    Are you guys sure this is a True Crime season because this feels more Supernatural

  67. Luke Brannigan

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    I鈥檓 Scottish 馃彺鬆仹鬆仮鬆伋鬆仯鬆伌鬆伩

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    Gabbi PhillipsHace 3 horas

    Did Ricky Goldsworth make an appearance at the end?!!!?!

  69. kate b

    kate bHace 3 horas

    for post mortem: honestly, I think the most plausible theory is some sort of mental breakdown. maybe something that affects people in groups? on the other hand, what if some deranged guy just landed on the island, picked them off one by one and left again?

  70. Grace Paisley

    Grace PaisleyHace 3 horas

    THE BOYS ARE BACK!!!! yo I missed yall so much

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    The 鈥渂uoy鈥 is pronounced 鈥渂oy鈥 but I shall now call them booiey forever!

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    They protecc , They Attacc but most importantly They have come bacc

  73. Hamakaze

    HamakazeHace 3 horas

    Ok so, I'm just gonna pitch in here and say that as someone who's lived and spent most of my life on Scottish islands and has worked with Ships and lighthouses frequently, waves that height and that powerful are not uncommon, I've personally seen lighthouses higher than the Flannan Isles light get hit by a wave. Waves of such a size often come with very little warning and are usually mixed in with more moderate waves. The idea of them being washed out to sea while working on the Jetty isn't too "out there" either, especially considering even in the Royal Navy most men couldn't swim in this time period and in more recent years people have been swept out to sea from far safer locations. The sea is dangerous and disappearances relating to it are not uncommon along the Scottish coasts.

  74. mnika voli

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    Love this.

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    Stopped watching after the constant interruption of these two nerds.

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    shane: AH LOOV THES ST脰REH ryan: you鈥檝e improved over the course of the episode me, a real life scottish person: 馃憗馃憚馃憗

  77. mnika voli

    mnika voliHace 3 horas

    This case sounds like the lighthouse movie with Robert Pattinson 馃

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    I bet they were in the eye of the storm during the last log

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    Its never a buzzfeed unsolved with out ryan and shane going into chaos and being chaotic or at least shane.

  80. Phoebe

    PhoebeHace 3 horas

    For Post Mortem: say they were lovers, would the one not on the island have known about it? do you think he didn't approve of it so that's why the ran away to jamaica?

  81. Phoebe

    PhoebeHace 3 horas

    Ryan: these three men disappeared and may have faced a painful death Shane: hears my fanfictions about how 3 Scotsmen became gay lovers and ran away to jamaica

  82. DolphinGirl285

    DolphinGirl285Hace 3 horas

    Was that Shane at 18:16???

  83. Emily N

    Emily NHace 3 horas

    #postmortem you guys should watch the lighthouse with Robert Pattinson. It seems like the case and the movie are some what relayed


    MAMADUCKHace 3 horas

    Love you guys, missed you!

  85. Andrew R

    Andrew RHace 3 horas

    My pick for an unsolved mystery is the Hinterkaifeck murders. You did a video on the unsolved case a few years ago, but it was only 5 minutes long. I think that would be a perfect case to re look at because it鈥檚 a weird case that I find to be very fascinating and a more in-depth video would be just swell indeed.

  86. Gaming 1.0

    Gaming 1.0Hace 3 horas

    you鈥檙e fond of me lobster

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    tasha nHace 3 horas

    how many spooky unsolved cases are there

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    i鈥檓 trying to watch this but the narrator has such a nasally sounding voice omg i can鈥檛

  89. admin access

    admin accessHace 3 horas

    Shane: makes a sheep f鈥檌ng joke Also Shane: *disgusted with himself face*

  90. Brilliantly Forged Books

    Brilliantly Forged BooksHace 3 horas

    You guys should do the story about the woman who was killed in Oslo in 1996. Similar to the Isdal woman, they are tying to figure out if she died by suicide or possible spy activity. Unsolved mysteries on Netflix did a story on it for Volume 2. Thought you'd find it interesting...maybe tie it to aliens?

  91. Watch Me Do

    Watch Me DoHace 3 horas

    POST MORTEM: Have there been any theorised sightings since the disappearance?

  92. Emily N

    Emily NHace 3 horas

    This case sounds like the lighthouse movie with Robert Pattinson 馃

  93. Jacqueline Santiago

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    Just the dose of serotonin I needed. Thanks鉂

  94. Aishling Disley

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    3:37 that is the face of death right there well done Shane

  95. Charlie Power

    Charlie PowerHace 4 horas

    No way did you pronounce buoy like that 馃槴馃槴

  96. Dawn Oldham

    Dawn OldhamHace 4 horas

    My vote is that a massive wave hit the three of them. Maybe something caused them to run outside quickly (leaving the coat behind for a quick trip outside)?

  97. Meghan

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    The curse of oak island!

  98. Charlie Power

    Charlie PowerHace 4 horas

    I've missed you hoooomansss

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    new season of unsolved has officially saved my 2020

  100. Deborah Box

    Deborah BoxHace 4 horas

    Following the wave theory, wouldn't the other islands that were close by see this wave or at least evidence on their own shores?

  101. Kit10s

    Kit10sHace 4 horas

    disappointing series opener, I would've expected something a little more interesting

  102. Addison Schalliol

    Addison SchalliolHace 4 horas

    You should go to Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana. It鈥檚 supposed to one of America鈥檚 most haunted sites!

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  104. Paul Vencill

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    Shane鈥檚 Scottish impression sounded like fat bastard from Austin Powers

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    I haven鈥檛 watched buzzfeed unsolved in like 8 months because I moved out and I鈥檓 afraid to watch it alone lmao

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    Some truly appalling scottish accents

  107. John Rodericks

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    Welcome back boys. I wish BuzzFeed would just give them the rights to this show.