The first RC event of 2020, JETI Model airshow highlights.

Huge thanks to our friends at Jeti and Modeller Club Nesvačily for the hospitality and for the great event.
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  1. Ramy RC

    Ramy RCHace 7 meses

    Great pilots and awesome event, I hope you guys liked it! Stay tuned for the G6 Part 4 next Friday 😉

  2. 空难新闻报道频道 大师哥

    空难新闻报道频道 大师哥Hace 2 meses


  3. Juna Wardi

    Juna WardiHace 2 meses

    Just Andre Ramy RC, I can credit the remote aircraft, I want to take one ... I really want to have one like mine

  4. Nazrul Arap

    Nazrul ArapHace 4 meses

    @Confused ff

  5. Mimi H

    Mimi HHace 6 meses

    Waw how Mach do you buy it I will buy it how Mach

  6. Malte Spielt

    Malte SpieltHace 6 meses

    For the ultimate project you should build a 747 or A380 :D or an antonov that can carry something in it

  7. playmangostin giu

    playmangostin giuHace 9 horas

    The second landing was absolutely perfect, I guess if you fly aligned with the runway for more meters you can land with the nose slightly upward as real a350 does, but of course this implies that the plane must come from farther than normal final turn

  8. Brak Vakhim

    Brak VakhimHace 2 días

    Do you love Cambodia?

  9. Gamer Assassin

    Gamer AssassinHace 4 días

    I net play the plane i,m in sarawak

  10. Tyrone Clarke

    Tyrone ClarkeHace 7 días

    Very nice plane. Hey sorry about the AIr New Zealand plane. Regards from Perth WA 🦘🇦🇺

  11. Sokka tube

    Sokka tubeHace 12 días

    Indonesia here

  12. Goldeneye

    GoldeneyeHace 14 días

    أنت إنسان مبدع .. أتمنى لك كل التوفيق ...

  13. Rc Build master

    Rc Build masterHace 14 días

    Best landing ever done by you , (Only judging from video sound ) are you reducing throttle at the turns after takeoff ? It is dangerous buddy , we need more power at turns than flying level. cheers

  14. Jonah Darius

    Jonah DariusHace 21 un día

    Can i buy the a350 somewhere?

  15. Jonah Darius

    Jonah DariusHace 21 un día

    From you?

  16. 아몬드 된장국

    아몬드 된장국Hace 25 días

    What a landings!

  17. Michael Glass

    Michael GlassHace 26 días

    To much music.....

  18. cole moore

    cole mooreHace 28 días

    the white pilatus porter was basically a helicopter lol

  19. Judejr Codilla

    Judejr CodillaHace un mes

    Smooth landing👍

  20. Meyxana Hökməli

    Meyxana HökməliHace un mes

    Nice video and Plane is kind of transport

  21. Macatrik 5

    Macatrik 5Hace un mes

    Czech republic?

  22. Lida Nasab

    Lida NasabHace un mes

    Hey you build nice planes fly them scale or at least if you can’t hire someone that can

  23. Dammer León

    Dammer LeónHace un mes

    That's really amazing how it works. Could you test it like a fighter jet or make a vertical takeoff? Is it possible? Good vibes mate!!

  24. Itcamera _15

    Itcamera _15Hace un mes

    Wait benešov is in czech :Dd

  25. Itcamera _15

    Itcamera _15Hace un mes


  26. FAN TA

    FAN TAHace un mes

    may bay a350 airbus

  27. Fardhan Iskandar

    Fardhan IskandarHace un mes

    Is this a plane, whether real or fake, why are there no buses or cars

  28. travoutudo

    travoutudoHace un mes

    But, please... pay atention to the bank angle during the turns. The typical airline drift duering them triggers a willingness to pull up the elevator or apply some more aileron, I know... but it's part of this unique flying pattern. Only model airline flyers know how it feels...

  29. travoutudo

    travoutudoHace un mes


  30. Wolf Animatronic

    Wolf AnimatronicHace un mes

    What's the speed to take off the Airbus A350 mini?? XD

  31. Makson

    MaksonHace un mes

    За Сталина )) Ахах

  32. Achmad Niezar

    Achmad NiezarHace un mes

    wow the plane is cool

  33. GoodKingMody

    GoodKingModyHace un mes

    Boeing should hire this guy, he can make their planes way better!

  34. Denis Setiawan

    Denis SetiawanHace un mes

    Bagus pesawatnya suara mesinnya persis kaya aslinya,kapan indonesia bisa bikin pesawat kaya gitu yah,salam dari indonesia🇲🇨

  35. Arifin 21

    Arifin 21Hace un mes


  36. Game Rider

    Game RiderHace un mes

    Tell me plzzz how u made jet engine to give thrust for this???

  37. Tusti Mulyani

    Tusti MulyaniHace un mes

    Salam dari indonesis

  38. Presiden Craft

    Presiden CraftHace un mes

    harga pesawatnya berapa

  39. Arifin 21

    Arifin 21Hace un mes


  40. Arifin 21

    Arifin 21Hace un mes


  41. Julio Munoz Jr

    Julio Munoz JrHace un mes

    Perfect landings! damn that A350 looks good :)

  42. Marisela Plascencia

    Marisela PlascenciaHace 2 meses

    Maximo. Nicolas

  43. Haidar boy

    Haidar boyHace 2 meses


  44. Scott Meyer

    Scott MeyerHace 2 meses

    how coo. what is the aircraft at 12:10. Interesting flying wing.

  45. nguyen Tienlun7

    nguyen Tienlun7Hace 2 meses

    Verry coll😍

  46. Febrian Maulana

    Febrian MaulanaHace 2 meses

    Tulis komentar publik

  47. Rizky 11_00_99

    Rizky 11_00_99Hace 2 meses


  48. hugsbosss

    hugsbosssHace 2 meses

    really cool

  49. Erzen Gaming

    Erzen GamingHace 2 meses

    Hi is indo

  50. RomanAliff

    RomanAliffHace 2 meses

    Please subtitle indonesian.. I'm not understand

  51. Galang Vivo

    Galang VivoHace 2 meses

    Knp harus jeti

  52. divhaa nii

    divhaa niiHace 2 meses

    WOW Amazing


    ETHAN THENHace 2 meses

    If you make those airplanes


    ETHAN THENHace 2 meses

    I have a question

  55. Brass Taxz

    Brass TaxzHace 2 meses

    Ramy you rock dude! PERFECT landings!!!!

  56. W.S. Enthusiast HD Tube

    W.S. Enthusiast HD TubeHace 2 meses

    Wow.. nice landing Airbus A350 👍👍👍

  57. amuree 07

    amuree 07Hace 2 meses

    keren landingnya

  58. Putri_ Molyna

    Putri_ MolynaHace 2 meses

    Mainan mahal

  59. Ryan Firmansyah

    Ryan FirmansyahHace 2 meses

    awesome,amazing, cool!!

  60. BoBoiBoy THE MOVIE

    BoBoiBoy THE MOVIEHace 2 meses

    like a big plane jirrrrrr

  61. Kong Twosticks

    Kong TwosticksHace 2 meses

    my first seen Butter Landing RC plane on grass runway. thank to Ramy and his good product. :D

  62. Juna Wardi

    Juna WardiHace 2 meses

    Brother Ramy I am your new supporter from Indonesia I ask for the names of the items on the remote plane that you use ... ask for the video that's so ... FROM MY JUNAWARDI

  63. Juna Wardi

    Juna WardiHace 2 meses

    I am your supporter ramy rc


    STORY OF E-WORLDHace 2 meses

    Such smooth landings!!!

  65. Sorocaba 2018

    Sorocaba 2018Hace 2 meses

    Bom dia. E muito Lindo 🤩

  66. Hyper Gaming

    Hyper GamingHace 2 meses

    Wow smooth landing superb

  67. LASM Gaming Blitz

    LASM Gaming BlitzHace 2 meses

    Smooth as Melted Butter, What a Landing !

  68. Noobrews

    NoobrewsHace 2 meses


  69. Amanul Imran

    Amanul ImranHace 3 meses

    Hi Brother. I hope you would read this comment. It's from a 14yrs old boy. I had seen many vedios which shows Rc model aircrafts. Aircrafts are my craze since Childhood. But I haven't got any one even to test. May be it is my unluckyness. But when saying truth it's because of the High Cost of the Aircrafts😔. I think you can help me. I hope you understood that😊!Consider that it is a request from your Brother😔. Please Bro... Waiting for your reply Brother.

  70. Elliot Wright Vaquero

    Elliot Wright VaqueroHace 3 meses

    Proper formation flight well done!

  71. tahir zaman

    tahir zamanHace 3 meses



    TEAM ALIEN XHace 3 meses

    The landing was awesome!!!

  73. Pontus Wendt

    Pontus WendtHace 3 meses


  74. Juna Wardi

    Juna WardiHace 3 meses

    Wao Kren good👍👍👍

  75. Shozt Vahora

    Shozt VahoraHace 3 meses

    Best landingg REMY RC❤❤


    ERPUBLIC OF GAMERSHace 3 meses

    Kaç para bunlar

  77. Markus Mueller

    Markus MuellerHace 3 meses

    Bitte deutsch!

  78. Robert Black

    Robert BlackHace 3 meses

    That landing was butter. Well done

  79. monibstar

    monibstarHace 3 meses



    aero-modelisme.comHace 3 meses

    Great video , great job Ramy 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  81. Oleksandr Lugovenko

    Oleksandr LugovenkoHace 3 meses

    Remi the best

  82. Johan Öhman

    Johan ÖhmanHace 4 meses

    You are still flying way to fast, both during the flight but mostly during the approach and landing, the nose should point upwards due to the deployed flaps, now you dive to the runway and have to kill the power and lift the nose, resulting in a landing using a lot of runway but the real drawback is it´s "scale" at all. Well the plane is looking awesome and very scale 👍

  83. Farel Valerian

    Farel ValerianHace 4 meses

    My frist time i got condom ads in youtube

  84. Rhys Erik Fabian

    Rhys Erik FabianHace 4 meses

    Ramy RC, can you repaint A350 into Philippine Airlines.

  85. Captain Tzuyu

    Captain TzuyuHace 4 meses

    Only ramy had the commercial airliner jet aircraft.

  86. FOUZIA vh

    FOUZIA vhHace 4 meses

    Perfect takeoff landing really was amazing 😉

  87. Creative

    CreativeHace 4 meses

    Registered and like for you My Friend. IT very beautiful

  88. Zaden ocelot SQUAD

    Zaden ocelot SQUADHace 4 meses

    I had seen the video where you crashed your 787. I couldn't comment on that video cuz it wouldn't let me but I'm sorry your plan is gone

  89. gilber L. laku

    gilber L. lakuHace 4 meses

    Ouwh i love 🥰that but, i dont have the RC plane😭

  90. Eim Rahim

    Eim RahimHace 4 meses

    Wish to buy it 😘

  91. iloveyou goodbye

    iloveyou goodbyeHace 4 meses

    I really love the first landing, the 2nd landing makes me nervouse. Lol's

  92. m hafidz r

    m hafidz rHace 4 meses


  93. Ed Ibekwe

    Ed IbekweHace 4 meses

    Really good landing Ramy. Well-done

  94. Frankenistine I M!

    Frankenistine I M!Hace 5 meses

    Everyone notice The XWB

  95. 呉蔚

    呉蔚Hace 5 meses


  96. ThunderCharlesYt

    ThunderCharlesYtHace 5 meses

    Real Life's A350: We can't make smooth landings cause our gear is tilted the wrong way. Ramy's a350: lol your the one that can't make smooth ones, Even if i got a tilted gear in the wrong way i still make smooth landings Real life's A350: 😐

  97. Alisha Field

    Alisha FieldHace 5 meses

    Definitely stick to the Airbus planes, just watched both your Boeing MAX8's crash videos, lol you went too real life by putting MCAS in hahaha

  98. Alisha Field

    Alisha FieldHace 5 meses

    Great flights and landings!! Could you please consider making the biggest RC A380 for you next build? It would be incredible.

  99. Shuvam Paul

    Shuvam PaulHace 5 meses

    Very nace aircraft Ramy and your a350 is very cool and nace two landings

  100. Harishkumar Dosala

    Harishkumar DosalaHace 5 meses

    Superb landing Airbus A350

  101. franklin putra

    franklin putraHace 5 meses

    shoould rebuild the b787 but with same way u make a350

  102. Mosfia Khatun

    Mosfia KhatunHace 5 meses


  103. Terry Jackson

    Terry JacksonHace 5 meses

    How big is the airfield and flying area here?

  104. RC Chaser

    RC ChaserHace 5 meses

    what type of camera are you using?

  105. Coffee Cat

    Coffee CatHace 5 meses

    Maaan this landing, i think this is a real a350

  106. Lero sandiman

    Lero sandimanHace 5 meses

    Perfect Landing

  107. Nova

    NovaHace 5 meses

    No one: Boomers when the plane doesn't spontaneously combust upon landing: 6:13