The Full Story of Lucas & Eliott [SKAM France]

Songs: - I love you by Riopy
- Run to you by Lea Michele / Cover by Mark White
tv show: Skam France
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  1. Sofia 소피아

    Sofia 소피아Hace 3 meses

    For those who are asking, this is season 3 of SKAM FRANCE, and it's a remake of a norwegian series. You can watch it in different langueges on 'francetv slash' on youtube:

  2. isaac

    isaacHace 8 días

    @It's Me Mary yes! i’ve watched the original show but this one is really different. i likes this season out of the original the best and you definitely don’t have to watch season one or two to understand it. at first you might have trouble with names but you should be fine !

  3. Girlytude !!!!!

    Girlytude !!!!!Hace 22 días

    @Lolo Réel thanks a lot 😇

  4. Lolo Réel

    Lolo RéelHace 23 días

    @Girlytude !!!!! Skam

  5. Girlytude !!!!!

    Girlytude !!!!!Hace 26 días

    Can u tell me Norwegian series name ???

  6. Girlytude !!!!!

    Girlytude !!!!!Hace 26 días

    @It's Me Mary yes u can

  7. Wap Feq

    Wap FeqHace 6 horas

    I love this movie.


    ISSAC A VIDALHace 14 horas

    Cada vez que quiero llorar, vengo a ver este vídeo.

  9. Easton Plays

    Easton PlaysHace un día

    I already watched the OG series "Isak and Even". I aint homo but their chem is originally new. Isak is good looking and Even is pretty boy. Now this, IDK but Skam France stand among the rest of Skam remakes and even a bit of the original. I mean bipolarism is similar to me, "Lucas and Elliot" is definitely a good tho. I'm not sure if I'm straight either.

  10. Hailey Goncalves

    Hailey GoncalvesHace un día

    C'est en français et il y a que des commentaires anglais 😭 on son passé les français 😅

  11. تيك توك عرب

    تيك توك عربHace un día

    No, for racism.

  12. Brisa sandra

    Brisa sandraHace un día

    Alguien de Latinoamérica aquí?? O en el 2020,esto es lo más hermoso que he visto de mi vida😍♥️😍♥️

  13. Mr. R

    Mr. RHace un día

    Title of the movie please???

  14. Amy101 _Dolphin

    Amy101 _DolphinHace un día

    Ngl, this ship is literally the most underrated, that’s just my opinion though 💁‍♀️

  15. Derek Williams

    Derek WilliamsHace un día


  16. welliam Luwang

    welliam LuwangHace 2 días

    Can someone please share me the link where I can watch this series full

  17. quickvue

    quickvueHace 2 días

    who is singing this song?

  18. Emma Jeon Marcury

    Emma Jeon MarcuryHace 2 días

    Most beautiful thing of the world💕

  19. Gay Gay

    Gay GayHace 3 días

    I hope you support me, I opened a new channel

  20. Ed St

    Ed StHace 3 días

    Donos demais 😍

  21. Param Drall

    Param DrallHace 3 días

    Now i want to learn french.... 🐥

  22. Noora Tan

    Noora TanHace 3 días

    I love their friendship in real life. And I love their relationship on skamfrance.

  23. Patrick Kobes

    Patrick KobesHace 4 días

    I love the music that begins around 5:50 where did you get that ???

  24. Lakshmi Moorthy

    Lakshmi MoorthyHace 4 días

    I AM JEALOUS!!!! there relationship is so pure and beautiful

  25. Bhuvana

    BhuvanaHace 4 días

    Hey there!💗 I made an edit for Cris and Joana (Skam España), it would mean a lot if you could please check it out?☺️

  26. Joel Aaron

    Joel AaronHace 4 días

    I hate the word "gay " ,,bullshit ,,wat is this ?? Love is love ,there's no partiality in love in between genders ,,all are same in front of god ,i won't say gay ,,its simply same gender love thats it ,i too same gender lover ,in my home they fully supporting me ,,its major gift from god ,,but unfortunately I doesn't hav partner still 😊

  27. Nerd0!

    Nerd0!Hace 5 días

    I am not crying, I am not crying...

  28. Syefa Hafia ghassani

    Syefa Hafia ghassaniHace 5 días

    👇👇👇 Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.?? みゃあこさん!ฅ( ̳• ·̫ • ̳ฅ)ニャン ライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもんね(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやらかしたのもドキドキでした!今後は気を付けないとねu👍

  29. İlke Adak

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  30. GD's art collection

    GD's art collectionHace 5 días

    Can you tell me the name of actors

  31. Mia Milz

    Mia MilzHace 4 días

    Axel auriant and maxence Danet-fauvel

  32. Yang Yang IN THE BUILDING

    Yang Yang IN THE BUILDINGHace 5 días


  33. Alcaide John

    Alcaide JohnHace 6 días

    7:30 My favorite line is "If you hear someone using religion to justify their hate, don't listen to them, because it's a lie. Hate doesn't come from religion it comes from fear." Y'all I can't help myself but cry. It was like one of the best advise I have ever seen in a gay themed show like this.

  34. Ines Cardoso

    Ines CardosoHace 6 días

    I Love you so infinitily♾♾♾LUCAS&ELIOTT♾♾♾

  35. rodel lacquio

    rodel lacquioHace 6 días

    This is such a good story.

  36. Jeudi Cortorreal

    Jeudi CortorrealHace 7 días

    where can you watch this show?

  37. Mia Milz

    Mia MilzHace 4 días

    On ESdos

  38. Canal da Padilha

    Canal da PadilhaHace 8 días

    Eu amo mto esses dois meudeus, a cena da festa acaba cmg, eles beijando as minas e se olhando aaaaaaa

  39. Celinea Harris

    Celinea HarrisHace 8 días

    I'm in love with how much they love each other ❤️

  40. 28andee

    28andeeHace 8 días

    "Hate doesn't come from religion. It comes from fear."

  41. Hareem Abdul Rauf

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  42. Hareem Abdul Rauf

    Hareem Abdul RaufHace 9 días


  43. Kristina Kostova

    Kristina KostovaHace 9 días

    no im not crying, not at all...

  44. Nafisa Moon

    Nafisa MoonHace 9 días

    Is this series or what someone please tell me the name of this series

  45. ksi3zniczka lif3

    ksi3zniczka lif3Hace 9 días

    z jakiego to filmu\serialu?

  46. Daphnée Dufour-Hamelin

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  47. samuel Washington

    samuel WashingtonHace 10 días

    eu amo o conceito de que todos os skam's são iguais, só mudando algumas coisinhas e mesmo assim eu assisto como se fossem serie completamente diferentes. a propósito, hi from brazil.

  48. Slothus #2

    Slothus #2Hace 10 días

    as a bi guy, this is the dream

  49. Joshua I. Colube Sanchez

    Joshua I. Colube SanchezHace 10 días

    Alguien podría decirme cómo se llama la serie? Y dónde poder verla?

  50. kookiebear

    kookiebearHace 10 días

    Skam france temporada 3 y la puedes ver en Dailymotion.

  51. Skylar Baldwin

    Skylar BaldwinHace 10 días

    Where can I watch this

  52. Mia Milz

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    BritneyHace 11 días

    that was beautiful

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    Lekhanh DanhHace 11 días

    Yang milih allah like 40000 ya.

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  56. Nobuhle Xolile

    Nobuhle XolileHace 12 días

    I love it so much

  57. ellen mamad

    ellen mamadHace 12 días

    I really love this story, it's Soo heartbreaking 😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️

  58. Andrea Melendez

    Andrea MelendezHace 12 días

    Where can I watch the show?

  59. Mia Milz

    Mia MilzHace 4 días


  60. Taemi Kim

    Taemi KimHace 13 días

    Disculpen la ignorancia, como se llama la serie? O película?

  61. Estefanía Sánchez

    Estefanía SánchezHace 14 días

    Elliot se me figura en ciertos ángulos a Alonso Villalpando de CD9 🥺❤️😍

  62. Cami Alvarez

    Cami AlvarezHace 15 días


  63. Cami Alvarez

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  64. Progga Roy

    Progga RoyHace 15 días

    Boy, Was that *beautiful*. Seriously , I just think they just capture the essence of life. I wouldn't ever understand people who stand against the MOST sacred element one could ever ask for. You just keep coming back, yeah maybe after some time after all you two been through. * JUST LIVE IT MINUTE BY MINUTE*

  65. mia

    miaHace 15 días

    what is the name of the series?

  66. Nelisa Gonzales

    Nelisa GonzalesHace 9 días

    Its a series. Skam france season 3.

  67. 마틴Martin

    마틴MartinHace 13 días

    Wait I found it it’s called Skam France/Belgique

  68. 마틴Martin

    마틴MartinHace 13 días

    Wait it’s a show??????

  69. Erik Araujo

    Erik AraujoHace 15 días

    Qual é o nome desse filme/série?

  70. Erik Araujo

    Erik AraujoHace 15 días

    what is the name of this series / movie?

  71. 마틴Martin

    마틴MartinHace 13 días

    @Erik Araujo np 🤗

  72. Erik Araujo

    Erik AraujoHace 13 días


  73. 마틴Martin

    마틴MartinHace 13 días

    Skam France/Belgique

  74. ahgase 4 got7

    ahgase 4 got7Hace 15 días

    This is the only non Asian bl that I have watched

  75. Blackpinklover

    BlackpinkloverHace 15 días


  76. Blackpinklover

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  77. Mar Agusan

    Mar AgusanHace 15 días

    title of that music please 12:00

  78. hwagay sobi

    hwagay sobiHace 16 días

    11M!!! omg

  79. Harry Palit

    Harry PalitHace 16 días

    I can see every shade of love in this drama


    LGBTIQA INFINITYHace 16 días


  81. Steven Williams

    Steven WilliamsHace 16 días

    Hello ,, I'm from California 40 yrs old single gay,, are you ????,.

  82. val au Canada

    val au CanadaHace 17 días

    Where does the first scene in the video come from? (00:01)

  83. Mia Milz

    Mia MilzHace 4 días

    From the Trailer from Skam france Season 3

  84. Park Ana

    Park AnaHace 17 días

    I hate perfect relationship n love.. like who the hell wants to b perfect.. it's so boring.. It's good to b crazy, to b weird, have different choices, have a difficult love story.. Coz imperfections are beautiful ❤️ So this love story is beyond perfection for me.. ❤️

  85. leticia lubrino

    leticia lubrinoHace 18 días

    Know sees who similar there story is with Isaak’s and Even’s

  86. Nelisa Gonzales

    Nelisa GonzalesHace 9 días

    They are isak and even in french..

  87. Niamh I Sullivan

    Niamh I SullivanHace 10 días

    You do know that's because it's a remake right. It's like a French version of it.

  88. ALittlePyscho

    ALittlePyschoHace 18 días

    I love them, Haven't seen the show yet but I've just been through so many emotions watching this almost 13 minute video. Like wow, so many emotions. So many pauses to process what I felt in certain scenes. Love them, adorable and they make my heart so warm :)

  89. Jhessel Tormis

    Jhessel TormisHace 18 días

    ;Maybe he's pasexual :it's bisexual ;pansexual and bisexual they both like 2 genders Lmao im dead

  90. BrownEyes

    BrownEyesHace 19 días

    Are they end up together? I mean in the series? Happy ending ? I hopeee 🙏🏻

  91. Crystalynn SH1-RK

    Crystalynn SH1-RKHace 17 días

    You should watch. Its amazing

  92. Crystalynn SH1-RK

    Crystalynn SH1-RKHace 17 días

    Yes they are

  93. Jeremías Villatoro

    Jeremías VillatoroHace 20 días

    We need this Skam France series on NETFLIX. Who agrees with me?

  94. Hi I'm Covid

    Hi I'm CovidHace 21 un día

    Why am I not able to distinguish them?😟

  95. Adinda Kayla

    Adinda KaylaHace 22 días

    I really miss them🥺😭🖤

  96. Bj ay

    Bj ayHace 22 días

    Is skam france a movie or a series?

  97. Bj ay

    Bj ayHace 20 días


  98. Charlotte Cherasse

    Charlotte CherasseHace 20 días

    Serie ;)

  99. em mad

    em madHace 22 días

    alr imma say it- SKAM OG, France and WTFock just hit different.

  100. Bibi Brincando

    Bibi BrincandoHace 22 días

    hi i wanted to know if this is a short, a movie, a series if any of these please tell me the name

  101. 01. Aashi Kaura

    01. Aashi KauraHace 23 días

    Can anyone pls tell me where can i watch from season 1 ???? Please ❤️❤️

  102. johana Fernández

    johana FernándezHace 23 días

    Como se llama la serie?

  103. Malika Pradnya Hapsari

    Malika Pradnya HapsariHace 23 días

    hol up, why am i thinking elliott look similar to yang jeongin from straykidz? hahahshajajjajjjjsjsj

  104. Dieynaba Traore

    Dieynaba TraoreHace 24 días

    Sais magnifique les histoire d'amour 💝

  105. Queen Boateng

    Queen BoatengHace 24 días

    Title please

  106. Mia Milz

    Mia MilzHace 4 días

    Skam france Season 3 on ESdos

  107. Katherine Light

    Katherine LightHace 24 días

    That feeling when you see a person, but he doesn't see you 🤧

  108. Girlytude !!!!!

    Girlytude !!!!!Hace 25 días

    It is a graet series 💞 it makes me laugh cry and my emotions high it teaches me about friendship love and behaviour towards fellows i feel lucky i have watched it never have i seen such a beautiful story thank u so much for everything 💞💞💞💞💞💞

  109. Girlytude !!!!!

    Girlytude !!!!!Hace 25 días

    This is my fav bl series 💞💞

  110. Girlytude !!!!!

    Girlytude !!!!!Hace 25 días

    I have seen all epi but idk why there is not available the intro seen when Elliot comes i mean 1st day of elliot and here it shows 🤔🤔🤔why

  111. Crystalynn SH1-RK

    Crystalynn SH1-RKHace 17 días

    You can search it on youtube

  112. Crystalynn SH1-RK

    Crystalynn SH1-RKHace 17 días

    It's in season 3 trailer

  113. :T

    :THace 25 días

    Gay love stories just hit different then hetero. Fight me

  114. Jonathan Jansen

    Jonathan JansenHace 25 días

    Omg I loved this

  115. Hebi kitsune

    Hebi kitsuneHace 25 días

    Les français vous êtes où ?👌🏻

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    Charlotte CherasseHace 20 días

    On est lààà 🇨🇵

  117. Shreya Rebeiro

    Shreya RebeiroHace 26 días

    *minute par minute* is the line that got stuck in my head since i saw this

  118. #Fuzzy. Chubs

    #Fuzzy. ChubsHace 26 días

    Idk bout y'all, but every lines made the story even stronger

  119. Marco Ricaforte

    Marco RicaforteHace 26 días

    I feel bad for Chloe but lowkey kinda hate her for interrupting Eliott and Lucas hahahs

  120. Maia K

    Maia KHace 27 días

    La phrase « j’ai pas besoin de gens tares dans ma vie » m’as absolument brisé le cœur psk je savais déjà pour la maladie de Elliott 😢💔

  121. Vl Pari

    Vl PariHace 27 días

    9:51 what is the song name

  122. Wathsala Sajeewani

    Wathsala SajeewaniHace 27 días

    What is the movie name?

  123. xiiao hao

    xiiao haoHace 27 días

    So this is one of the parallel universe that Isak and Even were talking about.

  124. Krishna Raval

    Krishna RavalHace 27 días

    This is so beautiful!

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    Teo Vallet SánchezHace 27 días

    Edward Cullen and Troye Sivan

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    Am I late? Just landed 😁☺️.. I love Lucas.... 💕👍

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    Isak e Even,Lucas e Eliot