this playlist will make you feel like a 19th century villain

You will always be fond of me.
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1 - 00:00 Swan Lake, Op.20, Act II - Pyotr Tchaikovsky
2 - 02:45 Danse Macabre - Camille Saint-Saës
3 - 09:55 Lacrimosa - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
4 - 13:03 Carnival of the Animals, Aquarium - Camille Saint-Saës
5 - 15:45 Valse Sentimentale - Pyotr Tchaikovsky
6 - 20:07 Dance of the Knights - Sergei Prokofiev
7 - 25:51 Coriolan Overture, Op. 62 - Ludwig van Beethoven
8 - 33:56 Devil's Trill Sonata - Giuseppe Tartini
9 - 50:25 Symphony No. 9, Mvmt 4 - Antonin Dvorak
10 - 01:01:35 Symphony No.7, Allegretto - Ludwig van Beethoven
11 - 01:10:21 The Nutcracker: Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy - Pyotr Tchaikovsky
12 - 01:13:00 Dies Irae - Giuseppe Verdi


  1. ultravclet

    ultravcletHace 2 meses

    The painting on the thumbnail is "Fallen Angel" by Alexandre Cabanel. The painting was created in 1868 and it's a Academicism Style.

  2. Jordan A

    Jordan AHace 7 horas

    Is it Lucifer. "Demon" to the sheep, the God that was, is, and forever will be, before the sheep. 1:03:58

  3. I draw hatty for clean purposes

    I draw hatty for clean purposesHace 10 horas

    That's anakin skywalker wdym

  4. CptToro08

    CptToro08Hace un día

    Lucifer is a ginger apparently

  5. Don Reed

    Don ReedHace 3 días

    It can also be viewed on the back of the rookie O.J. Simpson "bubble gum" card (I bet you didn't know that).

  6. Hirak Hirak

    Hirak HirakHace 3 días

    It's a painting!!

  7. Friendly Macey

    Friendly MaceyHace un hora

    My family is asleep but I have to vibe to Swan Lake on full volume.

  8. A T R O C I O U Sグール

    A T R O C I O U SグールHace 2 horas

    I feel like Griffith when I'm listening to this.

  9. NoRmAn KeNnY

    NoRmAn KeNnYHace 3 horas

    This actually really helps get my creative brain sauces flowing. Also makes me feel a bit gay but that might be bc I’m gay and not the music.

  10. Kahve Telvesi

    Kahve TelvesiHace 3 horas

    I love danse macabre

  11. Kahve Telvesi

    Kahve TelvesiHace 3 horas

    4 things which are everywhere 1)coronavirus 2)Justin y. 3)Ray Mak 4) jojo fans

  12. Coldcart cold

    Coldcart coldHace 3 horas

    I knew all this songs before, but as you hear so much music, it being put in lists like this is nice. One contribution: Dies irae, vivaldi. Revolutionary etude chopin.

  13. Capo Giovanna

    Capo GiovannaHace 3 horas

    Mozart was otherworldly

  14. zoxoo

    zoxooHace 5 horas

    I blamed this playlist after committing 12 murders. I'm a free man!

  15. PainByFaith

    PainByFaithHace 6 horas

    *slowly and elegantly shakes my bum bum and waltz in a imaginary ballroom*

  16. Rolan Bo

    Rolan BoHace 6 horas

    i'm dental hygienist and had a really annoying patient today, i played this playlist during their appointment. let's just say this playlist gave me *powers* to face them.

  17. LaMGrande420 MidwestMexicano

    LaMGrande420 MidwestMexicanoHace 7 horas

    Hell yeah man I already picture it me I just jacked the king for a little bag of gold but I also got some good dank from London and I got a bad one from the UK and we're on our way to America on a steamboat gondola straight passenger Atlantic stopping at the Bahamas with some of the finest rum grabbing a couple barrels grabbing some Caribbean Kush arriving in Delaware with me gold and a nice feast that the native americans will have prepared for me

  18. Zbigniew S

    Zbigniew SHace 7 horas

    When you are reading about Covid conspiracy... Nick Hudson and Sucharit Bhakdi, Karina Reiß this is the way.

  19. Daryl Thomas

    Daryl ThomasHace 8 horas

    Am i wrong or was swan lake used in harry potter, has that magical feel dunno why it is triggering memories of hogwarts

  20. Pamela Grace Atendido

    Pamela Grace AtendidoHace 9 horas

    The fact that people had created these classics shows the impeccable feat of human ingenuity.

  21. Dr Hoffmans Home of Audio Journeys

    Dr Hoffmans Home of Audio JourneysHace 9 horas

    Need advice.... Prokiev came on and I just lost it, killed an entire factory of workers and inevitably kickstarted an industrial revolution.

  22. Emmett Crowder

    Emmett CrowderHace 9 horas

    As I lay reluctantly in thy chambers... surrounded by the ones that thy love... I feel deep within that I... flatulently betrayed them... how could such vague evil come from thy loins?!?! And will I be forgiven in which that I don’t know... dAdDy cries my most loyal and precious child.. why has thou forsaken me?!?! Why have you bestow upon me the stench of despair while casting me deep within the bowels of hell

  23. dream keeper

    dream keeperHace 10 horas

    You can't search for this , it searches you.

  24. Andreea T

    Andreea THace 12 horas

    you know you watch figure skating when in mind names of skaters keep coming for each piece: Zagitova, Yuna kim, Anastasiia Tarakanova, Yuzuru, Trusova

  25. gavino gambino

    gavino gambinoHace 13 horas

    Me listening this during online school thinking about pressing the "Leave Call" button

  26. Southern Cannonball

    Southern CannonballHace 14 horas

    Lacrimosa gang where u at

  27. nebula -1146

    nebula -1146Hace 15 horas

    You thought it was just music but it was I. DIO ALL ALONG

  28. Mysterious 8575

    Mysterious 8575Hace 16 horas

    Playing this while reading The Tell-Tale Heart📖📖

  29. Mauricio Calderon Diaz

    Mauricio Calderon DiazHace 18 horas

    at 50:27 I was just ready to scream BABY SHARK DOO DO DOO DO!!! HAHA lol

  30. Yoonseo Lee

    Yoonseo LeeHace 18 horas

    my favourite part of this entire video is Pyotr F*CKING Tchaikovsky i love it

  31. sam bam

    sam bamHace 20 horas

    This world will be mine.

  32. Miguel Rovlich

    Miguel RovlichHace 20 horas

    tartini is from the 17th century

  33. Harper Marie

    Harper MarieHace 20 horas

    Swan lake made me think of Barbie 😂

  34. Lucero Belen Dejesús

    Lucero Belen DejesúsHace 21 un hora


  35. patoteto2

    patoteto2Hace 21 un hora

    Non of these songs speak villain to me......... I need my Scorpio ♏️ classical music vibes rn

  36. Dana Parodi

    Dana ParodiHace 22 horas

    thinking about how to destroy capitalism while I hear this and caress my cat

  37. Puro Camote

    Puro CamoteHace 22 horas

    Damm yes

  38. 》 Arrivederci 《

    》 Arrivederci 《Hace 22 horas

    20:07 Glory to Arstotzka!

  39. Patrick Ostermann-Healey

    Patrick Ostermann-HealeyHace 22 horas

    excuse me, Tchaikovsky's middle name is not in fact f*cking but rather "ilyich" his full name being Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and in his native russian Петр Ильич Чайковский (i think i russian not speak) edit this is a joke it's not meant as hate and danse macabre is really fun to play cuz you get to untune your e sting and it's always fun

  40. Shaw

    ShawHace 23 horas

    thank you very accurate

  41. Sour Cream

    Sour CreamHace un día

    Makes me feel so opulent, like I belong to an elite family.

  42. machinka

    machinkaHace un día

    Carmina burana would have fitted in (vibe-wise), eventhough it is not 19th century

  43. Prod. Costanzo

    Prod. CostanzoHace un día

    "You will always be fond of me" ahhhhh yes, yes i will be champ. Will always be proud of the finesse i unleashed on you. Goodbye.

  44. Chaosgamer 64

    Chaosgamer 64Hace un día

    And now fellow villains: Listen to "warriors of the world"

  45. Vanessa Bagnoli

    Vanessa BagnoliHace un día

    0:00 is literally the best one

  46. Matyniov

    MatyniovHace un día

    are you trying to make listening to classical music edgy

  47. Just A Dog

    Just A DogHace un día

    Dio thumbnail

  48. #maxim #Max

    #maxim #MaxHace un día

    😁 Pyotr "Fricking"Tchaikosky

  49. Swetang Sharma

    Swetang SharmaHace un día

    Me: Listening to this My Friends: Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look: He thinks too much: such men are dangerous

  50. Pedrim412

    Pedrim412Hace un día

    Uma pena este tipo de música estar morrendo, amo estudar ouvindo música clássica

  51. Jane Doe

    Jane DoeHace un día

    is this where all the bipolar kids go when they're in their manic high?

  52. wimpy whomper

    wimpy whomperHace un día

    13:08 i feel like ive heard this in a gumball episode somewhere

  53. WarmLavender

    WarmLavenderHace un día

    Very motivating for my homework

  54. The homeless cannoli Swanson

    The homeless cannoli SwansonHace un día

    I am a 19th century villain now

  55. WeirdlyGoodSalsa

    WeirdlyGoodSalsaHace un día

    Danse Macabre by Saint-Saens is my favorite piece by my favorite composer! Absolutely love the selection on this playlist!

  56. Sokato Kozume

    Sokato KozumeHace un día

    The 3rd is the fantom group 🛐

  57. Why r u here

    Why r u hereHace un día

    I looked ip devils trill sonata for meditation and now im geeting it again for cleansing!!

  58. SillierCrayon

    SillierCrayonHace un día

    Swan Lake Op. 20 , Act II kinda sounds like fancy Empire music.

  59. Miss Tulips

    Miss TulipsHace un día

    I'm in love 😩✨ made me feel like a whole queen

  60. Brian G.

    Brian G.Hace un día

    "My little toastboy."

  61. GiperbolLover

    GiperbolLoverHace un día

    I don't feel like Eugene Onegin :(

  62. Hentai Protagonist

    Hentai ProtagonistHace un día

    I guess Im the Hentai Antagonist now

  63. Savannah Pellot

    Savannah PellotHace un día

    As a kid I though classical music was horrifying but now it’s just straight up beauty

  64. Stal

    StalHace un día

    I searched, "Songs like Lacrimosa" and got what I wanted

  65. Pori

    PoriHace un día

    No Night On Bald Mountain? Not evil enough

  66. Tony Latin

    Tony LatinHace un día

    This music makes me try to conquer land

  67. Julius Polaris

    Julius PolarisHace 2 horas

    Like Serbia. Glory to Austria-Hungary

  68. Olympia Zeus

    Olympia ZeusHace un día

    Classmates : so, who is your favourite singr ? Ariana Grande ? Taylor Swift ? Bruno Mars ? Me& my bestie , listening to this : well , it's complicated ... you wouldn't understand ...

  69. 쭈나쭈나

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  70. asma ali

    asma aliHace un día


  71. claire

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  72. Noah Coronado

    Noah CoronadoHace un día

    How did typing buttercup remix take me here lol

  73. _sammy_the_weird_kid_

    _sammy_the_weird_kid_Hace un día

    Dang my mind feels much more peaceful if I didn’t hear this I would still have the urge to stab my sister 20 times thank you.

  74. Dale Trevors

    Dale TrevorsHace un día

    Elegant collection of beautiful pieces. Good execution of the video, too. However, I see no point in, nor do I understand the reasoning of, putting a vulgarism in the very beginning and near the ending, even if it's "censored". In my judgement that was a poor decision. The motif of a villain does not have to be associated with rudeness.

  75. Vrinda Sharma

    Vrinda SharmaHace un día

    as someone who truly hates classical music, you must be using black magic because I actually really like this 👏 also I'm a piano player who has been playing for nine years but I never liked it. And now I really wanna jump on it and learn how to play all of these songs so thank you very much for the inspiration

  76. Safari Joe

    Safari JoeHace un día

    If all hero’s slowly descend into villainy that means everyone gets a cool theme eventually

  77. Julzzz

    JulzzzHace 2 días

    I played 50:25 for a orchestra once and it was amazing

  78. isii

    isiiHace 2 días

    if you listen to this playlist while running it feels like you are going late to a ball at a royal palace in which u have a main character role.

  79. Kiara Carbajal

    Kiara CarbajalHace 2 días

    I love this!!! omg!!!

  80. CleanChamp

    CleanChampHace 2 días

    I used to have no purpose what so ever after carefully listen to that masterpiece Now I’m selling dreams

  81. G - U - T - Z

    G - U - T - ZHace 2 días

    before i wasnt able to complete math homework without checking the answers, now i am soon going to time travel and bring back the roman empire, forcibly make them all bow at my very feet to conquer the whole of italy and more.

  82. Julian Paige

    Julian PaigeHace 2 días

    Definitely should have added "Dancing Mad " from Final Fantasy 6. The organ in the symphony versions is killer.

  83. Daniel B

    Daniel BHace 2 días

    sorry but how is the nutcracker villain music, that is Christmas music

  84. lola is tired

    lola is tiredHace 2 días

    There’s nothing like seeing people talking about it a piece you played once. People finally appreciating it, I could tear up.

  85. lola is tired

    lola is tiredHace 2 días

    Classical Music has always been a part of me, something that has kept me going, many of these pieces on here have such a deep connection with me since I was young. That might make me nerdy, but it’s my life, something that allows me to be free.

  86. Ignacio Palma

    Ignacio PalmaHace 2 días

    fuck me, now i wanna rob a bank! BLOODY ESdos RECOM

  87. Asking Why is Free

    Asking Why is FreeHace 2 días

    this is one of the most beautiful thing I heard in my life. Thank God for music.

  88. 寺達めい

    寺達めいHace 2 días

    It's amazing how many views a good title will get you...

  89. BasicallyNothing

    BasicallyNothingHace 2 días

    Il listen to this in my sleep so i can commit genocide

  90. Kìllua Zoldyck

    Kìllua ZoldyckHace 2 días

    20:10 Zoldyck theme: ''Can i copy your homework?'' Dance of knights: ''yeah, just change it up a bit so it doesn't look obvious you copied''

  91. CatHoodieGirl 411

    CatHoodieGirl 411Hace 20 horas

    Me imagining Killing Ten Mafia Dons, mentally tormenting my siblings and marrying a Murderous Body Builder Clown to this song.

  92. GhostCell06 -_-

    GhostCell06 -_-Hace 2 días

    Am I the only one who just hears the phantom troupe from hxh Yes I know the 3rd song is literally the same thing

  93. Flavio Carvalho

    Flavio CarvalhoHace 2 días

    27:18 sounds like smash bros

  94. Olivier Toublanc

    Olivier ToublancHace 2 días

    Is it me or Lacrimosa is the spider theme in HunterxHunter 2011?

  95. 오예슬

    오예슬Hace 2 días


  96. MindofMellow

    MindofMellowHace 2 días

    9:55 when Phantom Troop kicks in lmao

  97. Jeresano

    JeresanoHace 2 días

    *Just not a villain that's a so called hero at 1899*

  98. Miguel Sanchez

    Miguel SanchezHace 2 días

    when you claim the entire congo as your house

  99. Katherine Mercado

    Katherine MercadoHace 2 días

    don't touch me, i'm a villain from the 19th century

  100. Juri g

    Juri gHace 2 días

    Rome and Juliet of Prokofies is from 20cetury 1938. XIX centuri is 1801-1901.

  101. Ana Célia Silvestre Ribeiro

    Ana Célia Silvestre RibeiroHace 2 días

    I will pour the cereal after the milk MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  102. Gauthier Ruberti

    Gauthier RubertiHace 2 días

    this is exactly what I've been waiting for all these years!

  103. Muriel Valdez

    Muriel ValdezHace 2 días

    This stars to play: *Dio vibing in the background*

  104. CatHoodieGirl 411

    CatHoodieGirl 411Hace 20 horas

    😂😂😂😂 Most definitely.

  105. Kim Chu

    Kim ChuHace 2 días

    idk how Swan Lake would make anyone feel like a villain from any century

  106. Forrest Rous

    Forrest RousHace 2 días

    Russian music is the epitome of classical music... Haunting yet beautiful

  107. yepTv

    yepTvHace 2 días

    star wars theme 20:07

  108. MonkeysMustDie777

    MonkeysMustDie777Hace 2 días

    Danse Macabre was the sountrack used for the Faust sequence in the movie _Tombstone_