Track loader repairs

Working on a 1960's Caterpillar 955h crawler loader:
0:00 bring in garage
1:29 New top roller
4:57 Remove exhaust elbow
14:13 new seat
22:05 Install new exhaust elbow
23:45 Demonstrate bad starter
25:20 Install muffler
27:18 remove starter to get rebuilt
31:46 Demonstrate roller not turning
33:11 Engine oil change
35:35 digging in shale
45:41 Make exhaust gasket
49:10 more digging, also using a Ex100 excavator, Cat 950 wheel loader, and Takeuchi TL12 compact track loader
Ebay roller listing: (the winning bidder refused to pay)


  1. bea kittelscherz

    bea kittelscherzHace 20 minutos

    This mans wrench is bigger than yours ... lmao . Love to watch this channel. Learn from the best, stay away from the rest :-)

  2. Gene

    GeneHace un hora

    Hackie hack hack!

  3. Bruce MacGlynn

    Bruce MacGlynnHace 7 horas

    Some guy with Bones N' Sleeves put a gag reel of your greatest bloopers, or just bloopers anyway and I loved it. If you ever feel like do that I would be sure to share. Hilarious.

  4. Deplorable Irish

    Deplorable IrishHace 8 horas

    Gud tip for siezed bolts is to get them red as close to where their threaded in then pour cold water on them. Water should boil thru the thread cleaning it out.

  5. Rusty Axle

    Rusty AxleHace 13 horas

    Great video always like to see folks doing some wrenching,you want to get some gold pans and test to see if there is gold in that shale ,it’s a perfect place 👍👍

  6. Diesel Ramcharger

    Diesel RamchargerHace 14 horas

    When you heat a bolt. YOU GOTTA LET IT COOL! Its in a hole. it gets hot, it expands. the hole forces it to get longer not fatter. when bolt cools it shrinks. it is now longer and skinnier than it was before. rinse repeat once or twice. cool it with air or penetrating oil like pb blaster. THEN you loosen it up. itll come right out...or itll break. lol

  7. Diesel Ramcharger

    Diesel RamchargerHace 14 horas

    Dude youve got to get yourself a crimp on hose clamp set. For fixing air lines, ac hoses etc. super low profile. entire set with crimpers is like 25 bucks. Do It! That bulky mess on your air hose is dog poop. Crimp on clamp. heat shrink it or slide a piece of hose over it and voila no scratch on them perdy tractors. lmao.

  8. Kazam Cafo

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  9. Robert Lishman

    Robert LishmanHace 17 horas

    Always tap or clean a hole by hand, never with a special drill meant for this.

  10. G M

    G MHace 20 horas

    15,200 for the roller.... someone actually bid that high!! So the 15,100 bidder got it? you should start selling all kinds of goofy stuff and signing it. the world is full of suckers.

  11. wirenut003

    wirenut003Hace 23 horas

    A little ruff on the equipment are you now

  12. Akotski1338

    Akotski1338Hace 23 horas

    33:55 so glad to see you wearing eye protection while changing that oil. Just a few days ago I was changing oil as well and it splashed right in my eye. I was lucky not to get blinded or something by that. Learned my lesson for sure

  13. Akotski1338

    Akotski1338Hace un día

    When this video came out I watched and the that same day I found an old abandoned cat that was way bigger than that one and it had the same exhaust setup which was pretty cool.

  14. Akotski1338

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    I watched this video at a hotel tv because I was on vacation but I’m going to watch it again on my phone because I liked the video so much

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    What a hack that guy is xD so glad to never run in to him or to have anything to do with him or his "company"

  16. Eliot Heasman

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    Andrew you have shown me a nice trick with the spanner thanks very much

  17. MEMeOp

    MEMeOpHace un día

    i don't know was there a gasket between turbo flange and exhaust manifold ? maybe could have been little quieter because you added the silencer. I saw little smoke come out there that's why i wondered.

  18. NewbFixer

    NewbFixerHace un día

    When the vehicles got lined up at the end it reminded me of construction simulator :) Great video as ever!

  19. Robin Frazier

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  22. alan clarke clarke

    alan clarke clarkeHace un día

    Andy you should have put some wood preserver on the seat backs that climate you have they will rot in a few months clad to help great vids by the way me in u.k.

  23. George Enriquez

    George EnriquezHace un día

    “Alright...look at that!” - Andrew

  24. John W

    John WHace un día

    What is the heavy ticking noise when you load the motor? Is it an age thing or is everything just fine?

  25. Joanne F

    Joanne FHace un día

    I really appreciate that paper towel in the wrench trick. I’m going to buy an AC mug or a t-shirt just for that!

  26. basic186

    basic186Hace 2 días

    As far as the rocks go--------- i'd put one at the top of your driveway and install a tall parking lot lamp and the same on the Sharp curve

  27. marko antonyo

    marko antonyoHace 2 días

    E muito bom assistir seus videos aqui no Brasil nao tem os equipamentos que tem ai abraço tudo de bom se cuida!

  28. alfa LOZANO

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  30. Rigid Review

    Rigid ReviewHace 2 días

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  31. Nick Shades

    Nick ShadesHace 2 días

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  32. Bagheera Tube

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    @EPICRANDOMGUY 02 nah, it just people bidding, they didn't want to pay that


    EPICRANDOMGUY 02Hace un día

    Just looked on eBay, it sold for $15000 🤯

  34. Bagheera Tube

    Bagheera TubeHace 2 días

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  35. Andjuju 64

    Andjuju 64Hace 2 días

    How does an oil change make the roller work?

  36. Thomas Leonard

    Thomas LeonardHace 2 días

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  37. highwatercircutrider

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  40. online game south

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    You have a valid point.

  41. Andrew Camarata

    Andrew CamarataHace 3 días

    The trick is to not use that thing. Other wise its going to break.



    That exhaust housing on that turbo is a strange design. I'm not familiar with dozens or whether that's a common design or not. It's like a press fit buts it's too loose to be a press fit. So what actually seals it. Does it only seal once it gets hot and then it locks in place permanently??

  43. Elwin_T Justice

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    I don't know what it is about Andrew's videos, but I can sit and watch hours of his footage! As always, great content....

  44. Wes K

    Wes KHace 3 días

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  45. tenagestr

    tenagestrHace 3 días

    That hand crane in the shop is awesome! I really want one that will move like that in my barn

  46. Andrew Camarata

    Andrew CamarataHace 3 días

    Yes, I use it often. There is a video on here of building it.

  47. Team Desmarchais

    Team DesmarchaisHace 3 días

    "I guess I should of cleaned those leaves out" as the whole loader is on fire lol

  48. Captain Over-Tighten

    Captain Over-TightenHace 4 días

    Always enjoy your work and videos. I'm sure you have an angle die grinder. Pop a conditioning disk on that baby and all the nooks and crannies will be easier to reach. Who hasn't nearly torched their dozer with a spring leaf fire? Was wondering if a 6” extension would have been better than cutting the hood? Thanks for all your work

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  50. Life with Lilah Marie

    Life with Lilah MarieHace 4 días

    Always a good video, little torch and welder tune is always good,keep em coming, I just started a channel with my daughter, but hoping she'll take it over when shes older

  51. Tom Overholt

    Tom OverholtHace 4 días

    Just a note, you should always heat around the bolt and keep the bolt as cool as possible, you want the steel that the bolt is screwed into to expand and the bolt to stay strong. Just an observation not a criticism.

  52. Dane Hansen

    Dane HansenHace 4 días

    “Is that gonna go out or is that a problem”

  53. Tommy Ess

    Tommy EssHace 4 días

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  54. Jim Morwood

    Jim MorwoodHace 4 días

    Why can’t you use some of that broke up shale for fill or drive ways

  55. Big mike

    Big mikeHace 4 días

    You are such an idiot when it comes to maintaining your equipment..and you are wonder you have to have a you tube channel bro pay for your parts...lmao

  56. Duncan Aitken

    Duncan AitkenHace 4 días

    Andrew, have you noticed the crack on the lower right loader arm? See one of your previous videos (timestamped) for location details:

  57. rkalle66

    rkalle66Hace 5 días

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  58. kctyphoon

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  59. Kurt McCarthy

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  60. Hans kristian Knudsen

    Hans kristian KnudsenHace 5 días

    Nice video Andrew it is interesting to see when you do this fixing up videos. Like see things come to life again :P Keep up the good work. Greatings from Sweden.

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  63. Carl Sutton

    Carl SuttonHace 5 días

    The last starter replacement required a skid steer to pull it out. This shows off finesse.

  64. Ian Barnes

    Ian BarnesHace 5 días

    The tracks on the 955 are on the wrong way around, Andrew. The pin bushings on each link should be leading, i.e. towards the front idler. Nice to see the old girl getting a bit of attention.

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  67. Break The Warrior

    Break The WarriorHace 5 días

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  68. Break The Warrior

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  76. Andrew Camarata

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    Hi Andrew, I noticed while watching your video that you run this machine with a very flat bucket, actually it’s about where the bucket leveler kicks out. You should dump the bucket forward so you can almost see the teeth from your seat. This has a tendency to push the bucket down as you move forward, as well as putting pressure on the tracks. When the bucket is flat or partly closed the forward motion tries to lift the tracks which gives you less traction and easily lets the tracks spin. Like a rubber tired loader if you put pressure on the front tires while closing the bucket you won’t have tire spin and you can usually fill the bucket. You do nice work and you make good videos. All the best Bill W.