Udinese 1-2 Juventus | Ronaldo Scores Double in Comeback Win! | Serie A TIM

Two goals in the second half from CR7 secured a vital 3 points for Juventus | Serie A TIM
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  1. Sk Akash

    Sk AkashHace 2 horas

    Gurudev ❤️🙏

  2. Sanam SHERPA

    Sanam SHERPAHace 3 horas

    C.ronaldo❣️love from nepal🇳🇵

  3. Namrood_18

    Namrood_18Hace 3 horas

    ممكن دعمكم بسبسكرايب 😭😭😭

  4. günstig

    günstigHace 5 horas

    0:23 Малина - младший брат Руслана Малиновского. 😅😅😅

  5. heisenberg TM

    heisenberg TMHace 6 horas

    Juve don't deserve cr7 🐐

  6. AAAH!!! Channel - Hariyadi

    AAAH!!! Channel - HariyadiHace 7 horas

    gak heran sih, ronaldo memang punya mental juara!

  7. Gauudi

    GauudiHace 7 horas

    The last header by CR was superb!!

  8. ahmed Darwish

    ahmed DarwishHace 7 horas

    C.R man ... impressive as always

  9. Suaudin

    SuaudinHace 8 horas


  10. Eneh Belluchi

    Eneh BelluchiHace 8 horas

    What's so amazing about this game it's just another Juventus win nothing much .no skills no creative passes he just tapping and u are wow

  11. king seven

    king sevenHace 8 horas

    Ronaldo real

  12. Sinan Çetinkaya

    Sinan ÇetinkayaHace 9 horas

    esdos.info/gone/v-deo/mLOokox8xamXhaY.html Game Of Thrones sevenler Arya Stark

  13. nelan Gaming

    nelan GamingHace 9 horas

    nelan gaming passing through

  14. Bimo Wira

    Bimo WiraHace 10 horas


  15. s s

    s sHace 11 horas

    cr7 the goat

  16. nijuo joing

    nijuo joingHace 12 horas

    മലയാളീസ് ഉണ്ടോ Cr7 fans 😍💗

  17. Merta Nadi

    Merta NadiHace 12 horas

    King do

  18. Akhmad Mustopa

    Akhmad MustopaHace 13 horas

    Awokawok Udin

  19. هشام عباس محسن

    هشام عباس محسنHace 14 horas


  20. matas otkis

    matas otkisHace 14 horas

    kakoj pas

  21. nijuo joing

    nijuo joingHace 12 horas

    Abis maen di lebak bulus ronaldo pulangnya ke pamulang

  22. Berret Berson

    Berret BersonHace 14 horas

    Best player of the world (for me)

  23. Rio Riot

    Rio RiotHace 15 horas


  24. numan sabuj

    numan sabujHace 16 horas

    Awesome CR7 😍

  25. gossipzz informationzz

    gossipzz informationzzHace 16 horas


  26. jaheim mclean

    jaheim mcleanHace 17 horas

    Cr7 the greatest ever

  27. Ezequiel Brilhante

    Ezequiel BrilhanteHace 17 horas

    Cristiano Ronaldo, the best!

  28. Fery Irawan

    Fery IrawanHace 17 horas


  29. Daby boiii

    Daby boiiiHace 17 horas

    Fun Fact: you have watched this highlight more than once

  30. AQ

    AQHace 18 horas

    العرب موجودين،؟

  31. Ray 69

    Ray 69Hace 18 horas


  32. Ray 69

    Ray 69Hace 18 horas

    Messi 🐐

  33. Mahdi Qasemi

    Mahdi QasemiHace 18 horas


  34. Unknown Unknown

    Unknown UnknownHace 19 horas


  35. Hanandito Delavega

    Hanandito DelavegaHace 19 horas

    Abis maen di lebak bulus ronaldo pulangnya ke pamulang

  36. Ibrahima Baldekobah

    Ibrahima BaldekobahHace 20 horas

    Super Ronaldo

  37. wan

    wanHace 20 horas

    Both of Ronaldo and Fernandes like to taking a penalty, they are portuguese, I'm happy to see CR7 come back to Man Utd and playing alongside Fernandes.

  38. SanDeep Hang Rai

    SanDeep Hang RaiHace 21 un hora

    Rocket ronaldo 💪💪💪

  39. Yheferson Flores

    Yheferson FloresHace 21 un hora

    de penal

  40. Moza Sumedang

    Moza SumedangHace 21 un hora

    Aksi Ronaldo yg terhebat

  41. Dipesh Kunwar

    Dipesh KunwarHace 21 un hora

    Still trending

  42. Rusly Acmad

    Rusly AcmadHace 21 un hora

    Tua Tua keladi

  43. Handoko Tole

    Handoko ToleHace 21 un hora

    pirlo blum pnts mltih juve, Allegri suruh mltih juve lgi...

  44. Yash Tomar

    Yash TomarHace 22 horas

    What happened ronaldo happened

  45. Abang 90an

    Abang 90anHace 23 horas

    Abang ronaldo

  46. Tar biyah

    Tar biyahHace 23 horas

    Comeback ia real 🔥🔥

  47. Karma Lundup Lama

    Karma Lundup LamaHace 23 horas

    Ronaldo leave the juventus..... Their is all selfish player.... They cann't passed to you the ball for goal..... Look in Real Madrid team every player passed to you for goal.... Look match when you in Real Madrid Team....

  48. Hames Ortiz

    Hames OrtizHace un día


  49. Taufiq Majid Taufiq

    Taufiq Majid TaufiqHace un día

    Ngga perlu juara Juventus,yg penting CR7 top skor Nya dipertahankan.

  50. Sloopy Clooka

    Sloopy ClookaHace un día

    Best player

  51. Isaac Chaleka

    Isaac ChalekaHace un día

    I'm a Messi fan but I'm here for Ronaldo's signature celebration lol dissapointed he didn't do in this one.

  52. Samuele Cerutti

    Samuele CeruttiHace un día

    juventus is the best

  53. Rahman Raza 7

    Rahman Raza 7Hace un día

    Ronaldo is the beast. Forza Juve

  54. Muhammad Akhdan

    Muhammad AkhdanHace un día


  55. Min Kang

    Min KangHace un día

    Number one that so many dramatic games in the world. ...

  56. Handi46 Borneo

    Handi46 BorneoHace un día


  57. AngelkissDj

    AngelkissDjHace un día

    Ronaldo must stay next year n we should hire Zidane and get rid of Pirlo and get new defenders...

  58. Madridista_Till_Die💗

    Madridista_Till_Die💗Hace un día


  59. edcvgftyu tgbhuji

    edcvgftyu tgbhujiHace un día

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  60. guntur Cornelis

    guntur CornelisHace un día

    Cristiano goat

  61. guntur Cornelis

    guntur CornelisHace un día


  62. InfoProperty SeluruhIndonesia

    InfoProperty SeluruhIndonesiaHace un día


  63. Muhamad farid paturrohman

    Muhamad farid paturrohmanHace un día

    No tranding no cr

  64. shani yan

    shani yanHace un día

    Watching Ronaldo do that just gave me goose bumps, best to ever play! Always saving his teams!! 🐐

  65. Sonny S Wicaksono

    Sonny S WicaksonoHace un día



    MEHMET KEYAŞHace un día


  67. Ap Leobard

    Ap LeobardHace un día

    Pirlo is too dangerous he can bring juventus and any other team in serie c in 2 years..


    BEST VIDEOS FOR ALLHace un día

    Ronaldo sekarang dah jadi kuda tua. Dah tak relevan

  69. shani yan

    shani yanHace un día


  70. Viral Trending

    Viral TrendingHace un día


  71. Kulub Sampeu

    Kulub SampeuHace un día

    Njirr Udinese


    FENERİMHace un día


  73. Md Toha

    Md TohaHace un día

    I'm happy to see CR7 scores, but would be happier to see the result as "Udinese 3-2 Juventus | Ronaldo Scores Double". Juventus needs to learn to respect Ronaldo.

  74. Joko Susilo

    Joko SusiloHace un día

    pirlo suka gonta ganti pemain utama itu yang bikin juve jeblok. sbb pemain berpengalaman jarang di satukan...lihat inter milan selalu pemain atas yang di utamakan

  75. Joko Susilo

    Joko SusiloHace un día

    jika ingin menang lawan ac milan juve harus pakek pemain ini cr7.morata.dybala chiesa.RAMSEY/ATHUR.kulusevki alexandro.de light.demiral.danilo buffon....pemain utama juventus harus ini....

  76. Fahmi Alhusaini

    Fahmi AlhusainiHace 21 un hora

    Susah klo pelatih kocak ga bakal ngerti

  77. Hello TechnoG

    Hello TechnoGHace un día

    what a goal , CR7 🔥

  78. Daily- Football News

    Daily- Football NewsHace un día


  79. David Knight

    David KnightHace un día

    Simply the best,what a career this man has had.

  80. Alpha Lyoid

    Alpha LyoidHace un día

    Udin sedunia

  81. Leonidas

    LeonidasHace un día

    He's still got it? Did the man ever lose it? 31goals and 5 assists in 33 games last season and now 26 goals and 3 assists in 27 games. People treat Ronaldo like a slot machine. When it doesn't payout like it used to they instantly assume the machine is not working. Until games like these where you hit the double 7.

  82. Tiago Moisés da Silva

    Tiago Moisés da SilvaHace un día



    BAGAS FAQHace un día

    From strongest become weak... poor juve

  84. Qais Khan

    Qais KhanHace un día


  85. Flemes

    FlemesHace un día

    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ SUMMON THE TRAILER ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

  86. Pedro Martins João

    Pedro Martins JoãoHace un día

    Ah ganda Ronaldo. Se eu fosse gaja mandava-te uma beijoca. Como não sou vai um ganda Abraço de Portugal ❗ ❗ . Este segundo golo pelo buraco da agulha ouaaaauuuuhh !

  87. Pedro Martins João

    Pedro Martins JoãoHace un día

    Ronaldo: Portuguese? Messi Argentinian? NOP! Not of this World. Both. eh eh eh. 🔭 ... maybe 👽🛸 ... from another galaxy and planet 🪐🌌

  88. RuddBoSS raps

    RuddBoSS rapsHace un día


  89. Inayat Hussain

    Inayat HussainHace un día

    💪🏻 CR7 ❤️

  90. Zed Hipnotis

    Zed HipnotisHace un día

    Negara Udinesia

  91. Baobab

    BaobabHace un día


  92. Mohamed Gamal

    Mohamed GamalHace un día

    CR7 ❤️❤️

  93. Sam Wick

    Sam WickHace un día

    Juvuntes needs alegri

  94. Ali Faruk Tırabzon

    Ali Faruk TırabzonHace un día

    Merih Demiral ❤️🇹🇷

  95. Joao baptista taimo Chuva

    Joao baptista taimo ChuvaHace un día

    Eu gosto do juve

  96. Arya Suhartanto

    Arya SuhartantoHace un día


  97. Aji Buddi

    Aji BuddiHace un día


  98. Leviathan Louye

    Leviathan LouyeHace un día

    Legend in modern football era

  99. Kasulabada Mamatha

    Kasulabada MamathaHace un día

    Please leave juventes🙏 go to real Madrid

  100. Oh Nifah

    Oh NifahHace un día

    suami akohhh 🥰

  101. Inti Wolfgang

    Inti WolfgangHace un día


  102. Ahmet Bekir Ekici

    Ahmet Bekir EkiciHace un día

    ©️®️7️⃣ come to 💛💙🌿🇹🇷1️⃣9️⃣0️⃣7️⃣

  103. Virus wanita

    Virus wanitaHace un día