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  1. Tuan Susan TV

    Tuan Susan TVHace 14 días

    Messi played so great today !!!

  2. Life Style

    Life StyleHace 12 días

    @Javel Holt pessi 😂

  3. FuckyougoogleIhateyou

    FuckyougoogleIhateyouHace 13 días

    Why didn't you show the missed penalty?

  4. Javel Holt

    Javel HoltHace 13 días

    Messis is the best foot baller in the world

  5. Arefin Al Risan

    Arefin Al RisanHace 11 días

    মেছিমাছি‌👎‌নেইমার আসল

  6. hanletherman martinez peña

    hanletherman martinez peñaHace 11 días


  7. hanletherman martinez peña

    hanletherman martinez peñaHace 11 días


  8. Dejan Andjus

    Dejan AndjusHace 11 días

    Sergi Roberto idiot lose titltle.Barca must give victory Atletico,because Real mafia closed every 4 last round.Sevilla over in Bilbao deal.Real - Sevilla deal.Bilbao(need money) - Real deal.Because,Barca 31 Cup Spain and Atleti 11 champion.Real 0/2021.

  9. Arcverson

    ArcversonHace 11 días

    2:54 I miss Messi when he was dribbling 4 or 5 guys on one time!

  10. Nelson Mayo

    Nelson MayoHace 11 días

    Messi the goat 🐐

  11. Crushal 45

    Crushal 45Hace 12 días

    Messi is just a football angel send from heaven this guy makes football playing looks effortless he's a real gem🔥

  12. hải dư

    hải dưHace 12 días

    Tao bắt xỉu hết hiệp 1 tưởng ngon. Haizz

  13. Thanh Van

    Thanh VanHace 12 días

    Kênh như db .. chả ai dk là phải

  14. Sanilla Matt

    Sanilla MattHace 12 días

    His absolutely dangerous with his style of freekicks

  15. Jose Luque Aragon

    Jose Luque AragonHace 12 días


  16. Anaheim

    AnaheimHace 12 días

    putalonian luckers

  17. iam a good boy

    iam a good boyHace 12 días

    Who took the penalty?

  18. iam a good boy

    iam a good boyHace 11 días

    @Akhi Akter i know

  19. Akhi Akter

    Akhi AkterHace 11 días

    @iam a good boy and then scored game breaking free kick lol

  20. iam a good boy

    iam a good boyHace 11 días

    @Akhi Akter what a surprise 😁

  21. Akhi Akter

    Akhi AkterHace 12 días

    Messi and failed

  22. Teboho Mokoena

    Teboho MokoenaHace 13 días

    Dest hasn't give us what we are expecting

  23. Gerigeri Bambang

    Gerigeri BambangHace 13 días

    Messi luar biasa

  24. Jorge Van

    Jorge VanHace 13 días

    Valencia farmers team 🤣

  25. Aadarsh Varma

    Aadarsh VarmaHace 13 días


  26. yolo yolo

    yolo yoloHace 13 días

    Only the free-kick was good except that the whole game of Barca was awful and all the goals , Valencia deserved the win

  27. Suniel Maharjan

    Suniel MaharjanHace 13 días

    Barca need to change in forward line. Need some new talent. They push the ball but they can't put the ball behind the net.

  28. Rahell Hamarash

    Rahell HamarashHace 13 días

    Griezmann still sucks

  29. Tewodros Cherenet

    Tewodros CherenetHace 13 días

    Why is Jordi Alba looking for Messi, serrounded by 7 players, instead of using the clean shot he has @ 3:19 ?...Jordi, it's normal to score for a winger !!!!

  30. Rabiul Islam

    Rabiul IslamHace 13 días

    After many days today again saw massi's free kick goal...

  31. Roshni M

    Roshni MHace 12 días


  32. Rabiul Islam

    Rabiul IslamHace 13 días

    Barcelona miss many goals in this match....

  33. Acoustic Dip

    Acoustic DipHace 13 días

    messi is not playing like messi i didn't saw this messi the messi i saw was unstoppable but this messi is very different with no willingness to win anything and all barca teammates young teammates are not good 👍

  34. стёпа Татьяна

    стёпа ТатьянаHace 13 días

    А я из России

  35. Quang Đào văn

    Quang Đào vănHace 13 días

    I love you. I from Việt Nam!

  36. Danesh Ruth

    Danesh RuthHace 13 días

    Barcelona were average in the first half. But they improved after the break. There are more to be done for the title challenge 🔥

  37. Tangkass

    TangkassHace 13 días

    Lenglet poke

  38. bang gala

    bang galaHace 13 días



    САКИТ САМЕДОВHace 13 días


  40. Samuel Nsafoah Manu

    Samuel Nsafoah ManuHace 13 días

    Funny how Messi's missed penalty was cut to the rebound 😄

  41. Ife Ayans

    Ife AyansHace 13 días

    my thoughts exactly haha.

  42. Rajesh Jessi

    Rajesh JessiHace 13 días

    This channel just hiding messi's penalty miss n showing only one side are you football fan or messi fan

  43. Abhishek KR

    Abhishek KRHace 13 días

    Valencia 2nd goal and Messi 2nd goal was awesome

  44. KrATos Wish

    KrATos WishHace 13 días

    di jong

  45. Anil Tmg

    Anil TmgHace 13 días

    Messi don`t like penalty goal he want to like free goal

  46. Oscargov

    OscargovHace 13 días

    Mal resumen no se ve el penal

  47. roseboro eliana

    roseboro elianaHace 13 días

    quá đỉnh của chất luọng

  48. Trongquy Duong

    Trongquy DuongHace 13 días

    Hàng thủ barca đá chán thật... trong lịch sử hàng thủ barca chưa bao giờ kém đến vậy...

  49. ronny

    ronnyHace 13 días


  50. Saptrishi G

    Saptrishi GHace 13 días

    Yes I am a Barcelona fan , but the second goal of Villarreal scored by Soler was 🔥

  51. shivam tiwari

    shivam tiwariHace 13 días


  52. md ayan

    md ayanHace 13 días

    Villarreal? 🤣

  53. roniieee M

    roniieee MHace 13 días

    Messi free kick and Valencia last goal were amazing 🔥

  54. Nick world

    Nick worldHace 13 días

    Leo the 🐐

  55. Lý Kevin

    Lý KevinHace 13 días

    Pen thì tạch chỉ thích làm việc khó hơn đúng la Messi

  56. Tài Nguyễn

    Tài NguyễnHace 13 días

    tội M10 gồng bao năm qua. ước gì Barca có đc 1 Ruben Dias. BLd ném cả đống tiền đem về toàn gì đâu.thả tay

  57. Woodson Adrien

    Woodson AdrienHace 13 días

    Love yoo m10

  58. hongha nguyen

    hongha nguyenHace 13 días

    Messi great.. Love you M10 from Vietnam

  59. chris Scott

    chris ScottHace 13 días


  60. Anup Sunar

    Anup SunarHace 13 días

    Leo the best😎❣

  61. Anup Sunar

    Anup SunarHace 13 días

    Leo the best😎❣

  62. Truong Tranxuan

    Truong TranxuanHace 13 días

    K hiểu sao có thằng số 15 đá thế cũng chơi dc cho bacerlona

  63. nabiah rahma sari

    nabiah rahma sariHace 13 días

    Top skor laliga di tahun ini king leo messi

  64. Luom Pham

    Luom PhamHace 13 días

    Messi vẫn còn thiên biến vạn hoá hơn Ronaldo, Ro giờ chỉ còn mạnh ở khả năng bậc nhảy đánh đầu thôi, Si thì chỉ có tốc độ là giảm súc chứ mọi phẩm chất ngày xưa vẫn còn nguyên vẹn

  65. Abdul Rash

    Abdul RashHace 13 días

    Everyone is scared of messi They all are fouling him He is the king👑👑

  66. Gaurav Thakur

    Gaurav ThakurHace 13 días

    Why does barca always stumble after in 2nd half? 🥺 Messi finally returns to free kicks. Phew, a long wait

  67. Life Style

    Life StyleHace 13 días

    Gaurav pessi🤣🤣🤣🤣

  68. Vivaan Singh

    Vivaan SinghHace 13 días

    What do you mean ? He scored a free-kick 3 games ago... He has scored 6 free kicks in 2021

  69. Shubham Nihalani

    Shubham NihalaniHace 13 días

    the second goal from Valencia was a banger

  70. Кызырбек Ажиматов

    Кызырбек АжиматовHace 13 días

    Красавчик месси

  71. Khun Oo

    Khun OoHace 13 días

    Three things to tell here, firstly i dont know why Araujo instead of Mingweza. Altgough the ball possession is on them, Barca missed manny goals why?, Messi seemed no effort for panelty n Pedri missed obiviously like previous games. Clearly, there is no longer VAR for Barcelona no fouls whenever they are fouled, so sad n terrible. What is wrong with refrees to Barcelona in Spain. In this match, fisrt goal by Valencia must not be given a goal because it was clearly shows that they grabbed Barca goal keeper, he cannot run and jump to the ball. But no VAR. It is terrible! Overall conbrations Barca! Keep it up for the remained match. I believe you win the trophy

  72. Pedro Collins

    Pedro CollinsHace 13 días

    So u mention araujo for mingueza was a mistake which I thought minqueza should have played for injured old slow pique and then u never asked the question why Roberto came on the field cause right now he is pointless

  73. Sr. Thompson

    Sr. ThompsonHace 13 días

    odio al gordo q sale diciendo "odias los anuncios de reproducion automatica como este verdá"

  74. Subrata Baskey

    Subrata BaskeyHace 13 días


  75. Sơn Tùng Lương

    Sơn Tùng LươngHace 13 días


  76. Senang Berbagi

    Senang BerbagiHace 13 días

    smile from captain 10

  77. Luis Sambrano

    Luis SambranoHace 13 días

    Impresionante lo de mesi ojala se le dé con la selección argentina

  78. Nqoe the Dr_Hair Nyathi

    Nqoe the Dr_Hair NyathiHace 13 días

    Ter stegen 🤦🏼‍♂️


    PK2 FREESTYLERSHace 13 días


  80. HUJAMBO Korodani

    HUJAMBO KorodaniHace 13 días

    bravo au Barça

  81. Mas ayu Adam

    Mas ayu AdamHace 13 días

    Koeman cannot rotate his players... Coz.. First team are so strong....! 💪💪💪❤️❤️❤️

  82. Sofii CalA

    Sofii CalAHace 11 días

    Contra el granada no teníamos de otra el equipo estaba CANSADO una lástima 😭

  83. Ibragim Weliullow

    Ibragim WeliullowHace 13 días

    If he was truly concerned about the future of the Free World, he wouldn't be making such inflammatory remarks.

  84. Mas ayu Adam

    Mas ayu AdamHace 13 días

    🦁BOTH... 🦁

  85. Rich Man

    Rich ManHace 13 días

    Are they too strong or they don't hve replacements

  86. Thành Kido

    Thành KidoHace 13 días

    Việt Nam 🇻🇳.

  87. Okeke Samuel

    Okeke SamuelHace 13 días

    Pls how can I double like this video?

  88. NO Yes

    NO YesHace 13 días

    Create 2 account

  89. maz suam

    maz suamHace 13 días


  90. Prince Bwalya

    Prince BwalyaHace 13 días

    Lionel Messi

  91. Bomin willy

    Bomin willyHace 13 días

    Barca players on first half be like actors all over the field

  92. endrosaputra Buahsegar234

    endrosaputra Buahsegar234Hace 13 días

    Persaingan juara masih terbuka lebar dan menarik sampai akhir,,,bravo barca

  93. EID4N YT

    EID4N YTHace 13 días

    que golazo al angulo de messi por deos

  94. Lam Tangon

    Lam TangonHace 13 días

    Quá đỉnh Messi ơi

  95. Viktor Wallaby

    Viktor WallabyHace 13 días

    Por dios que amargura estos relatores...

  96. Harun Or Rashid

    Harun Or RashidHace 13 días

    Because they has a talented Messi....!!!

  97. Mohammed Abdelrahman

    Mohammed AbdelrahmanHace 13 días


  98. VDeoJunkie

    VDeoJunkieHace 13 días

    6:00 why did Clement Lenglet fall down? who push him? a ghost?

  99. Akhi Akter

    Akhi AkterHace 12 días

    He tried to do acting

  100. Tahsin Nabin

    Tahsin NabinHace 13 días

    If Barca Won The Laliga Messi Should Win The Ballon D’Or

  101. OM OM

    OM OMHace 13 días

    Messi is love you king of king boss King 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

  102. Bilal Kurdish.berlin

    Bilal Kurdish.berlinHace 13 días

    My best Leo messi 💪🐐🐐❤

  103. Master Kirby

    Master KirbyHace 12 días

    @Shakira Nyambura *No*

  104. Bilal Kurdish.berlin

    Bilal Kurdish.berlinHace 13 días

    @Shakira Nyambura no

  105. Shakira Nyambura

    Shakira NyamburaHace 13 días

    My best Ronaldo

  106. Mr. Joe Pizo

    Mr. Joe PizoHace 13 días

    First team like this so strong... Last week many subs player play that why we lose...

  107. Hilfi Channel

    Hilfi ChannelHace 13 días

    Yes last week too many sub player, especialy roberto

  108. Karenni News

    Karenni NewsHace 13 días

    Agree Coach make mistakes cannot take it back anymore way important 3 points i always want to see Dest play RB and Araujo

  109. rafiki kiki

    rafiki kikiHace 13 días

    Atas kemenangan dari valencia satu langkah menuju juara el barja semangat ayooooooookkk

  110. Jack Haryadi

    Jack HaryadiHace 13 días

    Aamiin smoga bisaa...

  111. Mohamed Ali

    Mohamed AliHace 13 días

    Messi is alltime number1

  112. Hh Gg

    Hh GgHace 13 días

    لوني وزير السياحة يهووؤه

  113. Mufunwa Mudau

    Mufunwa MudauHace 13 días

    Leo the 👑

  114. Thomas Mensah

    Thomas MensahHace 13 días

    Joli coup franc

  115. Ben Haney

    Ben HaneyHace 13 días

    Did Messi take the pen? No more pens for him...

  116. david gonzalez

    david gonzalezHace 13 días

    Dios no te suelta la mano Messi bendiciones !!!!!!!!

  117. Ben Haney

    Ben HaneyHace 14 días

    Messis so skilled, he can just eventually move to being more of a regista and play till he’s 50... If he wanted to...

  118. Master Kirby

    Master KirbyHace 12 días

    @Life Style *Penaldo* 🤣🤣🤣

  119. Life Style

    Life StyleHace 13 días

    @Ben Haney pessi😂🤣🤣

  120. Life Style

    Life StyleHace 13 días


  121. Afdal Adi Putra

    Afdal Adi PutraHace 13 días

    Owh yeah you right

  122. Mas ayu Adam

    Mas ayu AdamHace 13 días

    Yess.. He will plah until 50... Luv messi most.. 😘❤️❤️❤️

  123. SINYO ETE

    SINYO ETEHace 14 días

    mesi hebat luar biasa top skor laliga

  124. Kelvin reyes

    Kelvin reyesHace 14 días

    The free kick goals were long coming


    MDWALID WALIDHace 13 días

    Yes,but it Was tremendous

  126. Khong Sisoulath

    Khong SisoulathHace 14 días


  127. Ben Haney

    Ben HaneyHace 14 días

    Messis had a very slow year... only 28 goals...

  128. Alex Wellbad

    Alex WellbadHace 13 días

    36 in all competitions

  129. Ben Haney

    Ben HaneyHace 14 días

    La Ligas gotten exciting...

  130. dayumbro

    dayumbroHace 13 días

    My man is arguing with his demons here lmao

  131. rivanza m

    rivanza mHace 13 días

    Dude you're talking to yourself?

  132. Ben Haney

    Ben HaneyHace 14 días

    What? 2 total points separation amongst the big 3?

  133. Rakat Inside

    Rakat InsideHace 14 días


  134. Adrian Pilares

    Adrian PilaresHace 14 días

    Yo solo rezo porque el barca le gané al Atlético y haga campeón de liga al real Madrid 💪🏽💪🏽🔥🤍🤍🤍

  135. To ReĐa

    To ReĐaHace 14 días

    *FT | Valencia 2-3 FC Barcelona* Messi (57') ⚽️ Griezmann (63') ⚽️ Messi (69') ⚽️ [Leo 👑🔝]

  136. Akhdan Adriansyah

    Akhdan AdriansyahHace 14 días

    Good luck

  137. Lulus 2020

    Lulus 2020Hace 14 días