WARNING LIVE FEEDING!! African bullfrog vs. Hornet.

African bullfrog vs. Hornet.
Afrikansk bullfrog vs Hornet.


  1. MineMAKiplier

    MineMAKiplierHace 33 minutos

    Every time that frog shriveled up I had a really bad feeling that the hornet was still alive and stinging the frig from the inside but it probably wasn’t

  2. Jennifer Gazzo

    Jennifer GazzoHace 41 un minuto

    I come for the music

  3. User Admin

    User AdminHace un hora

    Хорошо пошло !

  4. Dj Hemp2o

    Dj Hemp2oHace 2 horas

    I love how the frog's chest pumping is going at the same pace as the beat

  5. Klimble

    KlimbleHace 3 horas

    Es Julio feeding time

  6. Arthur LERCH

    Arthur LERCHHace 6 horas

    Je trouve horrible d'enfermer des animaux pour qu'ils s'entretus

  7. Manuel ENGLISH and ITALIAN forever

    Manuel ENGLISH and ITALIAN foreverHace 7 horas

    I love your frog


    MAD GRUMPYMANHace 8 horas

    You would think the sting of that Hornet would kill that little frog?

  9. Paolo Escarro

    Paolo EscarroHace 8 horas

    Its feels like zuma !

  10. 송이야옹단_MILYA[밀야단]Munchkin Cat

    송이야옹단_MILYA[밀야단]Munchkin CatHace 10 horas

    괜찮은건가요? 말벌이 깨물지 않나요?

  11. Ben Thomason

    Ben ThomasonHace 10 horas

    At least it was over faster than for the huntsman spider.

  12. Joel Lopez

    Joel LopezHace 11 horas

    P H R O G

  13. Сергей Пинигин

    Сергей ПинигинHace 18 horas

    Живот не болит? :-) :-) :-)

  14. Northern Fabrication LLC

    Northern Fabrication LLCHace 19 horas

    that's a small bullfrog

  15. Frogs and Toads

    Frogs and ToadsHace 9 horas

    Go on his newest videos and see how big it is now

  16. Luca Antonelli

    Luca AntonelliHace 19 horas

    Clearly on keto diet

  17. cyb3rgh0st z3r0

    cyb3rgh0st z3r0Hace 20 horas

    This song totally fits him and his "personality" lol 😆

  18. Mitchell Parker

    Mitchell ParkerHace 20 horas

    1:07 what Quint saw in Jaws at his law moment

  19. Ericc O

    Ericc OHace 22 horas

    Get over here

  20. Jim Park

    Jim ParkHace un día

    That's me when I eat ghost pepper chili wings

  21. Harry Parotestis

    Harry ParotestisHace un día

    I need to know the name of this piece of music and where it came from!

  22. Skywalker

    SkywalkerHace un día

    That hornet has to be stinging the frog from inside his stomach. Right?

  23. Gary Des-Etages

    Gary Des-EtagesHace un día

    I saw one of these with the frog and a spider which proceeded to rip the spider apart leg by leg, I thought it was disgusting and although I do not like spiders I almost felt like crying for the bleedin' thing, it felt like I was watching the torture of the creature and these videos strike me as some kind of torture by proxy. I just wanted to make that comment and truly wonder what kind of sadistic pleasure someone gets in setting these situations up and what kind of pleasure viewers get from this.

  24. Sivri Kulaklar

    Sivri KulaklarHace un día

    Thank god ım not a frog

  25. Anon Ymous

    Anon YmousHace un día

    The only thing more abhorrent to these bugs than this music is the announcement “One in-flight meal will be served.”

  26. Anon Ymous

    Anon YmousHace un día

    Kermit: “Why don’t you join me for dinner this evening!”

  27. Tyson Garrett

    Tyson GarrettHace un día

    Frog is just one big stomach!

  28. Brian Weir

    Brian WeirHace un día

    Frog says "sting this..." *GULP*

  29. Fred Fungus

    Fred FungusHace un día

    I bet that hornet was stinging that frogs gissards.

  30. spikyend senpai

    spikyend senpaiHace un día

    The straight face he gave at the end had me rolling 💪🤣💪🤣

  31. Badu Joyo

    Badu JoyoHace un día

    Hermit : ok it's lunch time .... Bumblebee : looks like I'm stranded on the wrong planet😭😭

  32. DakotaTheGamingHusky

    DakotaTheGamingHuskyHace un día

    This bullfrog ain’t NO punk. Lol

  33. Pierre Van Dyk

    Pierre Van DykHace un día

    Heheee, brilliant idea. Crunchy and no chillie....

  34. David B

    David BHace un día

    My biggest fear is that I wake up in some sort of plastic box, and that music starts playing.....

  35. P. Cux

    P. CuxHace un día

    "oh bb you are so tight!" "I know" **gulp**

  36. Acm075

    Acm075Hace un día

    That frog name is Debo 😂😂

  37. Kev Kev

    Kev KevHace un día

    Imagine listening to the background music knowing that you’re going to be eaten alive by a frog in a few minutes lmfaoo

  38. JustRyder 2

    JustRyder 2Hace un día

    Thare no fate more bad then being eaten alive by a big frog

  39. Anonymous Sources

    Anonymous SourcesHace un día

    Pretty good chance that hornet stung the frog once inside. Not sure if it will kill the frog, but gotta hurt.

  40. Myagooshki

    MyagooshkiHace un día

    Dude how is this frog so good at this

  41. Nienartowicz Janusz

    Nienartowicz JanuszHace 2 días

    Jak ten yebany hornet dziabnie żabola w przełyk albo żołądek, to nie wiem czy ten wytrzyma.

  42. Al M

    Al MHace 2 días

    He's got that face like when you do a bit of sick in your mouth.

  43. Gohibniu Goh

    Gohibniu GohHace 2 días

    was that a drone? didnt see a stinger

  44. Roman Everett

    Roman EverettHace 2 días

    The music be having 🤣 trippen out

  45. Kian FP

    Kian FPHace 2 días

    The frog after eating the thing be like : well that was easy, thx for the food btw 😂

  46. RT Ralph

    RT RalphHace 2 días

    Kermit got so strong that he took too much steroids

  47. J Polar

    J PolarHace 2 días

    Just a little bit too much pepper on those last two swallows. 😲😲 I guess he got stung by the stinger.

  48. Jamie Mitchell

    Jamie MitchellHace 2 días

    I’m addicted to your videos please do another one soon 😂

  49. Lionel Kayenne

    Lionel KayenneHace 2 días

    Who owns this frog??

  50. Lionel Kayenne

    Lionel KayenneHace 2 días

    This song, really

  51. Serkan Ister

    Serkan IsterHace 2 días

    Stupid frog

  52. Levi Schuurmans

    Levi SchuurmansHace 2 días

    Maybe a stupid question but does the stinger do nothing to the dear ol' frog.

  53. Annie Ratajkowski

    Annie RatajkowskiHace 2 días

    Odio los sapos y no se por qué estoy a todo ver este tipo de vídeos. Iugh

  54. juan morales

    juan moralesHace 2 días

    Doloroso y sabroso a la vez!!!

  55. Brian Gates

    Brian GatesHace 2 días


  56. o BLXSS3D o

    o BLXSS3D oHace 2 días

    Hornet: what’s going on here? Bullfrog: we both know what’s going on here 😏 Hornet: I’ll just stay up here(flys around) Bullfrog:(grabs hornet by the leg with sticky tongue 👅) Hornet: aahhhh(screams) help Bullfrog: Get in mah belly! Human: have you seen the hornet? Bullfrog: I haven’t sorry 😋

  57. Chess Expert Chaney

    Chess Expert ChaneyHace 2 días

    Was that a murder Hornet?

  58. Cain Ra

    Cain RaHace 2 días

    It looks so happy

  59. landon pelchat

    landon pelchatHace 3 días

    Frog funny

  60. One World

    One WorldHace 3 días

    Friend of mine on schoolbus was sitting behind an open window...... he yawned and a wasp flew straight into window and into his throat, stinging away. That was 1973-ish (yes, there were buses, schools, trucks, cars then......even had electricity) and I still cringe at the thought. Luckily the US Naval Academy Hospital was mere minutes away...... I guess frogs don't get time with their mothers to learn what TO eat and what NOT to eat.

  61. Дима Весёлкин

    Дима ВесёлкинHace 3 días

    Он его жалит что ли в животе😂

  62. Shiboline M'Ress

    Shiboline M'RessHace 3 días

    How the HECK does that frog not get stung?? Oh wait, looks like he did. Must be immune if he survived that! 🤔

  63. Marcel Zeiger

    Marcel ZeigerHace 3 días

    Einfach reingepfiffen der kleine

  64. haider ail shah ail shah

    haider ail shah ail shahHace 3 días

    Nice bhai g 😂😂🤣

  65. JULIO JC Junior

    JULIO JC JuniorHace 3 días


  66. Merton Aloyisius

    Merton AloyisiusHace 3 días

    If you watch the frog's throat, he's actually keeping good rhythm to the music! 😮

  67. Keith Bowden

    Keith BowdenHace 3 días

    I am surprised the frog can't still get stung..

  68. Relaxamento Agradável

    Relaxamento AgradávelHace 3 días

    for you who are reading this comment I wish you a lot of health and success on your path always always

  69. Atomis

    AtomisHace 4 días

    In an alternate universe the hornet eats the frog whole.

  70. Ofinfinitejest

    OfinfinitejestHace 4 días

    His reactions show he got nailed at least a couple times, maybe more, but probably the venom does not do major harm.

  71. DR NO

    DR NOHace 4 días

    Feed it a velvet ant. I bet it won't eat it or keep it down anyway.

  72. Se La

    Se LaHace 4 días

    I need this

  73. Junior Mendoza

    Junior MendozaHace 4 días

    No wayy! if u look closely it got stung a couple of times, but still its incredible, the amphibian has a stomach of iron or some shitt!!

  74. Dondragmer

    DondragmerHace 4 días

    Poor hornet didn't get a chance to deploy its sting. Not even from the inside. I love how frogs depress their eyeballs to help push their meals down their throats.

  75. Ducky Tree

    Ducky TreeHace 4 días

    can the hornet still sting from the inside?

  76. Q_Camper S

    Q_Camper SHace 4 días

    Very good frog👏👏👏

  77. Ramon Hormaycht

    Ramon HormaychtHace 4 días

    Stupid creature... why is it spicey?

  78. Sandi Sanderson

    Sandi SandersonHace 4 días

    That frog is so fanged cool! I hate bugs of any kind, but I have to say, after what he did to that poor spider........well, she barely had a leg to stand on., Sorry, I just had to. Lmao! I have to get myself one of these guys. Thanks for sharing ❤️🤣

  79. Jospeh Penn

    Jospeh PennHace 4 días

    Honert:hun whats going...what whats going on? Oh god ITS THE MUSIC, THE MUSIC WHEN MY BROTHER DIED Frog: man..wonder what ill eat for lunch today

  80. Drew Statham

    Drew StathamHace 4 días

    0:24 my guy turned around like a deadly game of hide and seek

  81. Ricardo edwardo

    Ricardo edwardoHace 4 días

    🐸 looks stoned! Munchies!

  82. Chris of STARS

    Chris of STARSHace 4 días

    The music makes it like 72% less horrific

  83. Neptunes Net

    Neptunes NetHace 4 días

    I’m gonna fill my home with these thick good bois because they eat all the nasties! Good froggy!

  84. HyperZ

    HyperZHace 4 días

    Hornet: breaths Frog: imma bout to end this whole mans career

  85. Garrett Wolfe

    Garrett WolfeHace 5 días

    Wow he consumed him

  86. Kyle McMillan

    Kyle McMillanHace 5 días

    Now imagine if that frog was the size of a car.. it'd be doing that to humans, nightmarish stuff

  87. David Curry Films

    David Curry FilmsHace 5 días

    Jalapeno sky cigar.

  88. سفر الرشيد

    سفر الرشيدHace 5 días

    الدبورة انثى والضفدع ذكر

  89. De todo un poco

    De todo un pocoHace 5 días

    El sapo :sin miedo al exito

  90. Quincy K.

    Quincy K.Hace 5 días

    Do they ever get stung in the process?


    LARCHANGE1Hace 5 días

    Elle est pas belle la vie ??

  92. Colin Connolly

    Colin ConnollyHace 5 días

    I wonder if that hornet could’ve done any damage to that frog if it had the change.

  93. Maxime Ozenne

    Maxime OzenneHace 5 días

    1:21 that smile

  94. Sinful Boredom

    Sinful BoredomHace 5 días

    I hope he didn’t get stung 🥺

  95. Dayalan Rishna

    Dayalan RishnaHace 5 días

    Ezzy, clean sheet. In 10 sec nockout. African bull frog is a god class hero. He is Saitama's pet frog.

  96. Rizky Ananda

    Rizky AnandaHace 5 días

    It just took a few seconds

  97. J.E Ruvy

    J.E RuvyHace 5 días

    Froggy says: Hmmm Yum yum! Hornet says: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol😆

  98. DafuqGaming CCP #1432

    DafuqGaming CCP #1432Hace 5 días

    Imagine you getting brutally eaten alive and the last thing you hear is: 🎉✨📯🥁🎺🎺😊

  99. nalii74

    nalii74Hace 2 horas


  100. James Mckinnon

    James MckinnonHace 5 días

    1:43 hiccups from that spicy fly 😂😂

  101. Anandu Vishnu

    Anandu VishnuHace 5 días

    I'm damn sure that this guy will not heart my comment

  102. Randy Jimenez

    Randy JimenezHace 5 días

    That hornet had no chance