We Had Catnip All Wrong

Why do cats love catnip so much? Researchers have found a possible evolutionary answer to this adorable feline phenomenon!
Hosted by: Rose Bear Don't Walk
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  1. insAneTunA

    insAneTunAHace 2 horas

    So basically you are telling us story that you don't have the final answer for as to how and why, and yet you consider that as news?

  2. Leon Black

    Leon BlackHace 2 horas

    I don't understand why there HAS to be a reason for the feline response to catnip. Why do us humans respond to so many substances the way we do? No reason, no benefit, we just do, it's probably the same with cats and catnip or silvervine

  3. Ben Stanfill

    Ben StanfillHace 3 horas

    My cat gets wired with catnip. Runs around scratches, bites, it's terrible. We avoid catnip if we can.

  4. Sentauri

    SentauriHace 3 horas

    So this is all still a theory, yet the video title presents it as fact. :/ I hate people claiming to be scientists these days. No integrity.

  5. Chris Kearsley

    Chris KearsleyHace 5 horas

    Well, if you also smell like catnip makes good hunting scent cover. Considering how musky lions can smell, probably helps a lot.

  6. john booker

    john bookerHace 5 horas

    cliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick bait. entire video for "we have do to more research" i hate what youtube has turned into.

  7. ErmirMusic

    ErmirMusicHace 6 horas

    “...more research needs to be done....” Really?? Does it?

  8. Blitzkrieg Bryce

    Blitzkrieg BryceHace 6 horas

    Lemurs do the same with millipedes, I wonder how many other species get high for the sake of insect repellent.

  9. Ash Kitt

    Ash KittHace 7 horas

    Legalize Nip

  10. aisha shisha

    aisha shishaHace 11 horas

    I feel like if cats were smart enough to roll around in plants to ward infestations off, they’d occasionally roll around in rosemary. But no, so..

  11. aisha shisha

    aisha shishaHace 11 horas

    Why do they scream for food they won’t eat? Maybe because they have tastebuds and they don’t wanna eat the same garbage every day? Get that cat some real life chicken, or cod. Occasionally.

  12. Axe Guy

    Axe GuyHace 12 horas

    Hi, my name is Mister Whiskers Fuzzbeef and I have a catnip problem. I've been catnip-free for thirty days now...

  13. stefon wefon

    stefon wefonHace 12 horas

    so not only did she come to say we have it all wrong. . . . but also they have no idea what it is either. . and still looking

  14. Stephen Jacks

    Stephen JacksHace 13 horas

    Have read that Catnip induces a sexual response. Note kittens not yet sexually mature usually ignore catnip.

  15. Kenos Entity

    Kenos EntityHace 13 horas

    yeah I thought so.

  16. opisex

    opisexHace 15 horas

    it's a good theory... but why do cats act weird then? the rolling around in it I get.. but why the change?

  17. raig s

    raig sHace 15 horas

    I feel bad for the control group who got all the mosquitoes :/

  18. Jake Lambuth

    Jake LambuthHace 16 horas

    Japanese Researchers basically came up with a way to get paid to play with cats and I can't fault them for that. Meowvelous.

  19. Kyle W.

    Kyle W.Hace 17 horas

    My cats eat it

  20. CC

    CCHace 18 horas

    I never give my cats catnip or silvervine. It’s a gateway drug.

  21. rdizzy C

    rdizzy CHace 19 horas

    Still no mention of different responses for different metabolic pathways of inhaling or smelling catnip and ingesting catnip and having it broken down in the stomach and intestines. As cats have an upper effect when smelling, but more of a downer effect from eating it.

  22. Esteban We don’t need no stinking badges

    Esteban We don’t need no stinking badgesHace 19 horas

    All the little kitties were singing this song there’s a skeeter 🦟 on my peter knock it off there’s a dozen on my cousin can’t you hear them a buzzing.🤔

  23. Kay Bee

    Kay BeeHace 20 horas

    Pretty sure cats just like getting high

  24. Eric Staples

    Eric StaplesHace 21 un hora

    So humans are drugging their cats without their consent?

  25. animegame100

    animegame100Hace 21 un hora

    "what cannabol does to humans" lol

  26. Jay c

    Jay cHace 21 un hora

    So the cats that didn't roll around in catnip a thousand years ago probably died of mosquito born illness and the cats that got pleasure from it lived

  27. Cyndi Bergloff

    Cyndi BergloffHace 22 horas

    Me watching this video: "please be Rose, please be Rose, please be Rose" *ROSE APPEARS IN SCREEN* ME: "YES I'M SHOWING A CAT VIDEO IN CLASS!!" My students love seeing your videos in class!

  28. Annihilator X

    Annihilator XHace 22 horas

    Sitting here getting my cat high on catnip while I indulge in some humannip ;P

  29. John Grabowski

    John GrabowskiHace 23 horas

    I like her PacMan earrings.

  30. Ice cream for breakfast

    Ice cream for breakfastHace un día

    2:22 she should have meow meow land

  31. Branddun Casara

    Branddun CasaraHace un día

    Capuchin monkeys do something similar with citrus plants... They chew them up and rub them all over their body in order to ward off mosquitos

  32. Meriem cab

    Meriem cabHace un día

    Hopefully the studies are going to be fun for the cats too

  33. Jim Euritt

    Jim EurittHace un día

    It's great as a mosquito repellant, digestive aid and helps you sleep.

  34. 1GodOnlyOne

    1GodOnlyOneHace un día

    It didn't evolve -- it was designed.

  35. hdezn26

    hdezn26Hace un día

    3:10 Cats are everywhere , even in your DNA. Mos Quito' Repellant, interesting . . . Meow. SPOILER TO VIDEO BELOW! Catnip , and silver vine , must get. Repel Mos Quito' I must. (just imagine this wrote by some cat out there.)

  36. crimsonraen

    crimsonraenHace un día

    Huh, this is neat! :)

  37. MrMcCharityMan

    MrMcCharityManHace un día

    Of course they were Japanese researchers!

  38. NeverMetTheGuy

    NeverMetTheGuyHace un día

    Puppydogs are cooler.

  39. nakrat11

    nakrat11Hace un día

    Two phenomena that have nothing to do with one another. There are millions of chemicals in nature, one or another is bound to make you feel good while having nothing to do with "evolving" along with you so you can compete for food or reproduce. That same chemical probably does other things, like repelling mosquitoes.

  40. Derpy The Legend

    Derpy The LegendHace un día

    This proves nothing 😅

  41. Pete Johnson

    Pete JohnsonHace un día

    Japanese love cats too much. True story.

  42. sebastian stewart

    sebastian stewartHace un día

    I love how people have mispelt cat mint over the last 200 years. It's cat mint as it's a mint.

  43. Sindarin721

    Sindarin721Hace un día

    Now do "Spankies" on cats!

  44. connor vaughn

    connor vaughnHace un día

    Alright... so... Cats are basically doing the human equivalent of huffing insect repellent, but if the insect repellent was harmless.

  45. Benthedaddy

    BenthedaddyHace un día

    No one else picturing a cat in a box of mosquitoes 🦟 🐈 📦

  46. Graham Smith

    Graham SmithHace un día

    Dream up the purrfect experiment...

  47. Tanya

    TanyaHace un día

    Please tell me about liquid metal robot please please please

  48. reeyees50

    reeyees50Hace un día

    catnip= cat marijuanas

  49. yoursoultasteslikebacon

    yoursoultasteslikebaconHace un día

    The cat in the thumbnail looks like me after a month long bender.

  50. Stitches

    StitchesHace un día

    Acacia rats are better than cats. As are dogs and squirrels.

  51. Walter Sobchak

    Walter SobchakHace un día


  52. Thomas Busse

    Thomas BusseHace un día


  53. Jordan McEvoy

    Jordan McEvoyHace un día

    My cat pees on me while im gaming to get my attention. Or when he crys to go outside. Then i let him outside and he still crys then runs off like a crackhead. He crys when his bowl isnt over filled. Ughhhh needy. Stands on my phone when im laying in bed as well. Ugggggh

  54. Jessi Neilsen Carreño

    Jessi Neilsen CarreñoHace un día

    My cats do not give a poop about catnip haha

  55. Sven Stevenson

    Sven StevensonHace un día

    Curious if similarly to mosquitos, if that compound is equally repulsive to fleas.

  56. Jamie Lancaster

    Jamie LancasterHace un día

    I’m not buying it about the mosquitoes.

  57. Sanguine

    SanguineHace un día

    Really?... all questions answered, great conclusion...

  58. Eugene Minton

    Eugene MintonHace un día

    wonder if they could turn this into an insect repellent for people, just with the warning that cats might find you delicious if you use it...LOL... well as a cuddle buddy.

  59. SavageKingTexas _

    SavageKingTexas _Hace un día

    What if we put catnip in the Colorado grass?

  60. Mitch Johnson

    Mitch JohnsonHace un día

    Odd that apparently no other branch of animals would have this behavior.

  61. MasterWasp74

    MasterWasp74Hace un día

    Correlation is not causation. Evolution doesn't work like that.

  62. StormyPeak

    StormyPeakHace un día

    I had a cat that lived 21 year. When my cat was around 19 years old, and having some tummy troubles, I was told, by my vet, that cat nip could help her. So, daily, I gave her a good pinch of cat nip to eat...and it did help keep her food from coming back up. Her name was Ashley, and she passed away in 2005. So I do know there is some real medical benefits to catnip.

  63. Helena Ferrari Federico

    Helena Ferrari FedericoHace un día

    My cat actually had a very strange response to catnip. He got extremely agitated and nervous. He seemed terrified of everything and basically run up the walls for a few seconds. I wonder what was up with that

  64. Arien

    ArienHace 6 horas

    bad trip

  65. enlathestrange

    enlathestrangeHace un día

    I’d be interested if fleas also avoided cats who have the chemical transferred too 🤔

  66. Christopher Bedford

    Christopher BedfordHace un día

    All the way up to the point where 'mosquitoes landed on the cats with nepwhatsitsolactol less that on cats without it' Ummm. Yes but since when have mosquitoes *EVER* bothered cats?

  67. Chik Nuggets「тм」

    Chik Nuggets「тм」Hace un día

    1.25x playback speed, thank me later.

  68. Lord Canti

    Lord CantiHace un día

    we aint figured out plants yet but we totally know how the universe was created yep mhmm

  69. klynn Harris

    klynn HarrisHace 2 días

    So it isn't a reaction like how opiates affect humans dopamine system and brings on pleasant euphoria and separate benefit if pain relief (or tge other way around)......NO.... the cats had to "evolve" to desire this chemical to ward of biting insects. It can't be that this chemical just has a reaction--just because. Humans can eat chocolate but it will kill dogs and cats. Different chemicals affect different species differently. Doesn't mean any evolution for a purpose has to be involved. What does the 2nd instance of the chemical that causes the mosquito repellant have to do with the 1st reaction of "goofy" cat behavior in cats? So what they are saying is for some apparent "reason" over inestimable amts of time, most of the cats that were not exposed to the mosquito repellant chemical died (even though cats don't die from regular mosquito bites anymore than humans) so that only the cats that desired the cat nip etc plants "evolved" to enjoy being bitten "less" by biting insects....Right..... Try to make it way to complicated. Some chemicals react in one species this way & another that. Not that hard to fathom. But if it was a done thru a grant I guess they had to come up with an "acceptable" scientific ( complex) answer!!

  70. Ababmer Vid

    Ababmer VidHace 2 días

    Just like global warming - it was all wrong.

  71. Blade Runner6997

    Blade Runner6997Hace 2 días

    Right, so Silver Vine is a mosquito repellent and the possibility exists that cats expose themselves to it to repel mosquitos. I do not believe this is the reason, however. I would bet a lot of money on cats loving Silver Vine just as much if it actually attracted more mosquitos to them. It's obvious they love Silver Vine and Catnip and it makes them feel good. I would look in the other direction for a reason. For instance, both plants may have acquired the chemical/s to attract cats for the simple reason that the cats will help survival, moving spores across greater distances will give a better chance that they will thrive in their environments. Cheers

  72. Scorpio

    ScorpioHace 2 días

    This useless video explained nothing...

  73. Izlarik

    IzlarikHace 2 días

    What a misleading title.

  74. Cay Enigma

    Cay EnigmaHace 2 días


  75. Thomas Todd

    Thomas ToddHace 2 días

    So DIY bugspray?

  76. nimrodery

    nimroderyHace 2 días

    Cat genes: C A T T A C A

  77. James Kelmenson

    James KelmensonHace 2 días

    What a nothing video. Only takeaway is maybe catnip keeps bugs awat

  78. I Try

    I TryHace 2 días

    How do i apply for the job to play with 🐱🐈‍⬛ all day?

  79. K A Layne

    K A LayneHace 2 días

    I have two cats, one loves catnip, the other is repulsed by it. Guess it's the Brussel sprout issue us humans have, a genetic disposition to either loving them, or hating them.

  80. Theo the Derg

    Theo the DergHace 2 días

    Also, wouldn't the reward center activation have an excellent impact in mating prospects, like a really good cologne? A cat who rolls around in catnip would smell like catnip to other cats, and would thus attract other cats to the "catnip" all over them, so if they were looking for a mate...

  81. Sunny Skye

    Sunny SkyeHace 2 días

    Come on we don’t need a study to clearly see catnip is cat pot. 420, kitty. 👍🏻

  82. De Ath Met Al Hell

    De Ath Met Al HellHace 2 días

    this is like the shittiest most uninformative video i have ever seen

  83. Brandon Neifert

    Brandon NeifertHace 2 días

    So, how does this evolve again? Like, I get that we find a correlation between Catnip and Mosquito repellant. But, how does it evolve? That's the part of evolutionary biology that they can't figure out. More than likely, the traits were chosen by God, as the chance of such a gene mutation happening naturally, and then only being found in cats, is so astronomically high that it might as well be impossible. You might get one instance of it ever occurring throughout all of history, if it's by chance. Instead, we try to explain an entire world where things like this, and much more wondrous, have happened. And even if there are a few other species that do this, it's nearly impossible to account it to evolution. There'd have to be millions of years worth of cats rolling in catnip prior to this happening, and then one of them magically develops a reaction to it. And then all the cats want to mate with that particular cat, with that particular genetic marker. It just starts to break down, really. For the marker to even occur, why do the genes decide to evolve in such a way? It can only be intelligence that gives them the trait. For it to evolve, it evolved because of the need. And that's why it's hard for me to believe in science apart from the Living God. Like, scientists are reversing cause and effect. They're like, "The cat evolved this," without questioning how the gene would develop naturally by chance. Or really any of it for that matter. It's impossible, unless something intelligent is dictating how these traits get passed on. Like isn't it putting the cart before the horse, to say that the thing evolved simply because of the need? That they evolved that way because it's a mosquito repellent? Well, how do the genes know it's a mosquito repellant, and then decide to manifest to help the cats? And really, we have billions of other species with even more unique and specific mutations. It's almost impossible to believe in evolution, without first believing in an Intelligence. And I happen to know that intelligence is named Jesus. Also, why don't we ask why humans developed the biological response to Opium or Marijuana? Like, this whole thing falls apart again. It gets answered when you account that God created the Earth, and wanted there to be medicine.

  84. CG Account

    CG AccountHace 2 días

    Unfortunately scientists studying animals often end up dissecting them. Or worse

  85. MeekoSoup

    MeekoSoupHace 2 días

    Ugh, thanks for my stupid thumbnails for little to no payoff

  86. michelle grinder

    michelle grinderHace 2 días

    the smell of bleach makes cats nuttier than catnip

  87. Reinier Vens

    Reinier VensHace 2 días

    The reasoning applied by these researchers to cats doesn't seem to make much sense if you try to apply it to humans. Is there any reason to believe there's some kind of secondary advantage which would justify our evolved response to cocaine? Opium? Cannabis? Sounds absolutely ludicrous to even suggest it.

  88. Sunsaver FromNHH

    Sunsaver FromNHHHace 2 días

    If we are to infer "evolution" or natural selection pressures created this response, then i sirrussly doubt that it's from mosquito repelling effects alone. Sure, they carry malaria and other diseases. But if this is such a strong, dopamine response; then either the drug evolved by social pressure of controlling cat slaves, or worshiping cats/breeding cats (like the ancient Egyptians did), or maybe the birdmen of Gobeckli Tepe used giant cats as slaves, millions of years ago: or else the plants and some chemical or chemical combination between them which they have in common or common effect in the biological chemistry of the cat, must be a powerful cure for parasites (or maybe the behavior induced by the naturally evolved "drug" resulted in better success in getting laid by cute, female, kitty cats. Either way: i think it's import to study the potential, medical benefits of these two plants (far beyond the simple start of "mosquito repellant")- and hopefully before the idiots that be make these plants go extinct (or "illegal", or toxic, gmo, etc.).

  89. Es Gee

    Es GeeHace 2 días

    what i took from this is that...marajuana may protect against mosquitos. That's the working hypothesis anyways.

  90. J Mc

    J McHace 2 días

    My cat reacts much less to catnip than she reacts to other minty and similar smells (she LOVES Vicks Vapor Rub). And I just checked and nepetalectol is only found in catnip. I am not sure if it is only this stuff that makes cats go gaga

  91. underwearskids

    underwearskidsHace 2 días

    Okay, but this doesn't explain why she chose to dress like a ninja.

  92. Tijan

    TijanHace 2 días

    Cat weed

  93. Jeigh Neither

    Jeigh NeitherHace 2 días

    I love how she points out that the hypothesis is in it's early stages & that it requires scientific method over time, for us to be truly confident of it's assertions. Meanwhile the title of this video declares definitely "We had it all wrong about Catnip". 🤦‍♀️

  94. The Nerd King!

    The Nerd King!Hace 2 días

    My aunts cat usually rolls the nip into a blunt and passes it around to the other cats!😺

  95. Gary R

    Gary RHace 2 días

    I don't think that's how evolution works. What we are talking about here has all sorts of weird implications when we talk about something like this with humans with things like sunscreen, OFF, and even condoms and what your telling us evolution itself could do to things like this that protect us in the future. Does marijuana protect us from something and thats why it gets us high? Maybe we can come up with a new theory about alcoholism while were at it...

  96. Stingray

    StingrayHace 2 días

    First video of yours I have watched. Anyone tell you sound like Sarah Silverman ?

  97. micheal cameron

    micheal cameronHace 2 días

    Love the earrings!

  98. Surplus King

    Surplus KingHace 2 días

    this would be similar with cannabis-human relation.

  99. Peter Conway

    Peter ConwayHace 2 días

    It's nice to know cats aren't harmed by catnip, as humans are by alcohol. I've observed, though, that some cats become lovie-dovie, but other cats become mean, enhancing the apparent similarity.

  100. Angus Uchiha

    Angus UchihaHace 2 días

    ah the Japanese and cats. name a meowr iconic dio. i'll let meowself out.

  101. Peter Conway

    Peter ConwayHace 2 días

    An insect-repellant with nepetalactol would have the dual benefit of repelling mosquitoes and attracting lovable cats.