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Kalahari tent tortoises
Mara North Conservancy
The Big Cats

The Big Cats

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Leopard Under The car
Just a lion cub

Just a lion cub

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Zebra stallions fight
On safari in Botswana
  1. José Neres

    José NeresHace 20 horas

    O animal mais perigoso que tem que tem essa tal de hiena

  2. José Neres

    José NeresHace 21 un hora

    Salvamento essa tela

  3. N.D. Singh

    N.D. SinghHace 21 un hora

    So many years of beautiful growing.. croc had it for a meal in few seconds... Sad.

  4. Bootsie Badazz

    Bootsie BadazzHace 21 un hora

    Now that's between a crock and a hyena place...rock..hard place🤔😅

  5. Stephen Duquette

    Stephen DuquetteHace 21 un hora

    These wild animals have learned to ignore the cameramen as if they weren't there .

  6. John Doe

    John DoeHace 21 un hora

    Did you put the Plumbus into the Schlerm Rick? 🎡🎡🎡🎡🎡🎡🎡🎡🎡🎡🎡🎡🎡 420 comments ha

  7. L Rees

    L ReesHace 22 horas

    I hate it when that happens lol

  8. Evan Schneider

    Evan SchneiderHace 22 horas

    Everybody gangsta until their branch snaps

  9. Crystal Clarity

    Crystal ClarityHace 22 horas

    Those people are dumb and mean!!!

  10. Tracy Tracy

    Tracy TracyHace 22 horas

    It's a cape hunting dog, I saw them in a book when I was a kid and wanted one so bad! I guess it wouldn't make very good pets though, LOL

  11. lazycat

    lazycatHace 22 horas

    I bet he got up and walked off like he planned it that way.

  12. KURO nora

    KURO noraHace 22 horas

    この死に方だけは したくないかも・・・

  13. Ja Ra

    Ja RaHace 22 horas

    I don't want too see this!



    ATTENTION: The FULL video isn't shown here - The croc does NOT kill the cheetah - The cheetah overpowers that JUNIOR croc and carries it out of the water in it's mouth and eats the croc - The FULL video is on Facebook

  15. GLENN L

    GLENN LHace 23 horas

    Are you Libs actually wearing a mask 😷 in the middle of the jungle.

  16. Tracy Marsh

    Tracy MarshHace 23 horas

    I literally wish you were the dead pc of meat on the ground their eating. Hahaha.

  17. Алексей Павлов

    Алексей ПавловHace 23 horas

    Гиеновидная собака.вроде так.Гугыл транслейт в помощь

  18. grau de status

    grau de statusHace un día

    Leopardo Jovem, queria ver se fosse um adulto

  19. Bear Chucky

    Bear ChuckyHace un día

    Elephants: passing through

  20. Christopher Wallace

    Christopher WallaceHace un día

    RUN FORREST RUN........

  21. Sebastijan Veselji

    Sebastijan VeseljiHace un día

    This would be considered a sucker punch in the human world. Argue that point to a croc😂

  22. Sebastijan Veselji

    Sebastijan VeseljiHace un día

    That cackle is just creepy as shit

  23. JIB23

    JIB23Hace un día

    Thats how people treat life like their untouchable and this life is a joke

  24. ST Aram

    ST AramHace un día


  25. Maria De lima

    Maria De limaHace un día

    Até no meio dos animais se encontra homem covarde 😢

  26. aaron short

    aaron shortHace un día

    I see a couple of Darwin award winners in the soon future

  27. Roberto Arancibia

    Roberto ArancibiaHace un día

    F por lagartin😭

  28. 廣瀬吉彦

    廣瀬吉彦Hace un día


  29. Jay Walker

    Jay WalkerHace un día

    The real king of the jungle 🤣

  30. Sean Wright

    Sean WrightHace un día


  31. Dieufranc Merilien

    Dieufranc MerilienHace un día


  32. 희망고문

    희망고문Hace un día

    사자 최고

  33. Silk748atgmail

    Silk748atgmailHace un día

    I wonder how a komodo dragon would fare against a large cat like a black panther or a lion would he have a chance?

  34. Hailee Hexem

    Hailee HexemHace un día

    not a bad fall

  35. Mukhtar Mohammed

    Mukhtar MohammedHace un día

    They eat other animals alive, very savage

  36. Арман Нуржанов

    Арман НуржановHace un día

    Брат за брата👍

  37. Lap Ngo

    Lap NgoHace un día

    Hình ảnh dep

  38. Арман Нуржанов

    Арман НуржановHace un día


  39. Арман Нуржанов

    Арман НуржановHace un día


  40. Арман Нуржанов

    Арман НуржановHace un día


  41. Арман Нуржанов

    Арман НуржановHace un día


  42. Rosalina Vargas

    Rosalina VargasHace un día

    Soy beterinaria y cotrolo animales salbajes y esa es una chita

  43. sharuk98

    sharuk98Hace un día

    Buffalo's should face it.

  44. Aesthetic God

    Aesthetic GodHace un día

    Legend says they are still struggling to get rid of the lion.

  45. Erik Mendoza

    Erik MendozaHace un día

    They say the sea is cold but the sea contains the hottest blood of all...

  46. jinger jar

    jinger jarHace un día

    Why oh why are there hyenas? Ugly nasty mean spirited

  47. Mary lou Herrera

    Mary lou HerreraHace un día

    if you had a choice, a decision has been made.

  48. Mary lou Herrera

    Mary lou HerreraHace un día

    Choose this day.

  49. sharuk98

    sharuk98Hace un día

    Why these guys are taking their lives at risk.

  50. kimberly brooks

    kimberly brooksHace un día

    I guess he figured it's best to stay still, lol

  51. Patricia Hill

    Patricia HillHace un día

    Pretty boy 🐆

  52. Ken D

    Ken DHace un día

    So what this is telling me is that if the lions get pissed them people on the ground is screwed. U don’t say lmao

  53. Tk So.Philly

    Tk So.PhillyHace un día

    Reminds me of life in the mafia.

  54. Stuck in Florida

    Stuck in FloridaHace un día

    Giraffe 🦒

  55. Faheem Bhutto

    Faheem BhuttoHace un día

    Masha Allah

  56. Tiger ist stärker Tiger ist der König

    Tiger ist stärker Tiger ist der KönigHace un día


  57. IAmLegend391

    IAmLegend391Hace un día

    I wonder what she did they are talking alot In lion

  58. Vijay Kiran

    Vijay KiranHace un día

    Wild dogs

  59. Nihal Singh

    Nihal SinghHace un día

    Dabang to Dabang

  60. A D

    A DHace un día

    Aa sher muje mar

  61. andrada

    andradaHace un día


  62. Seth Rotta

    Seth RottaHace un día

    Indian wild poo

  63. Doris Leite Ribeiro

    Doris Leite RibeiroHace un día

    Esse macho aprontou com as 2 esposas.... kkkkkkkkkkk

  64. Younas Mirza

    Younas MirzaHace un día

    Wrong caption mate! 👎

  65. Kürşat

    KürşatHace un día


  66. Juba Mqondi

    Juba MqondiHace un día

    That one is the youngest and couldn't keep the pace. Soon he/she will be there.

  67. Minecraft Um Mundo Quadrarado

    Minecraft Um Mundo QuadraradoHace un día

    Lions And Crocodiles Compete For Carcasses Left Close Or In The River

  68. Shanan Covacevich

    Shanan CovacevichHace un día

    Never gets a day to walk an live in natural freedom,how it was put here to live a life in the wild feel the grass under its feet,any animal like that no matter what should be in the wild....but there caged an sent mental,,at the hands of some mental money bags,as a trophy to show his mates...if he loved that animal it would break his heart to read it's signs that say I just want to be freed an live my animal's's so sad how cruel humans are... Everytime I see stuff like this a part of me dies to for that animal.. how I could kill to save them all

  69. sharuk98

    sharuk98Hace un día

    Why lion not killing one of it.

  70. ゆう

    ゆうHace un día


  71. عطالله رضوان

    عطالله رضوانHace un día

    سبحانك يا رب

  72. Bhavnesh Patel

    Bhavnesh PatelHace un día

    🐘 હાથી મેરે સાથી.

  73. Linda Moore

    Linda MooreHace un día

    Awwwww the kitty wanted to play......then eat u

  74. Melissa Matthews

    Melissa MatthewsHace un día

    Poor lion he hot hurt bad ?

  75. El 21

    El 21Hace un día

    My baby

  76. Jose Luiz

    Jose LuizHace un día

    Um predador sempre vai ser um predador ! por mais domesticado que seja : um gato vai ser sempre um gato , mas um leão sempre será um leão e nunca um gato !!

  77. Melissa Matthews

    Melissa MatthewsHace un día

    Yes this is beyond beautiful 😍 but wondering why all the fish be under its belly ??

  78. blackhawktim12

    blackhawktim12Hace un día

    Elephants like "KING, YEA RIGHT, GET THE HELL OUT MY WAY"!!!