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A Dog's Tale | SHIMANO
  1. Bruno

    BrunoHace 19 horas

    that's the kind of content that makes me opt for a brand, instead of another.

  2. ziasong

    ziasongHace 20 horas

    I used to ride with a pack of 5 orphaned stray puppies. Now just one survive the violence of other packs. He is as old as my daughter who just strides. Hope they have good years together ahead.

  3. Martin G

    Martin GHace un día

    Great story and video wow! Thanks for creating my memories every weekend with great products 💪🏻


    MOHAN LALHace un día

    I realy too much enjoyed your beautiful video and i have no more words for this extremly beautiful video where human & their lovely pets enjoyed for ride & raceing , its a big deal for both healthy life and this call real energy to usefully . thank you very much for shareing your tooo much beautiful video thanks a lot .

  5. Bobby Duncan

    Bobby DuncanHace un día

    That shit's all deep and shit.

  6. Nick Meyring

    Nick MeyringHace un día

    rather cheesy. but we’ll done

  7. Adriana Hasin

    Adriana HasinHace un día

    You girls are way better than me on the bike. Keep pushing girl!!

  8. 1 1

    1 1Hace un día

    that was beautiful

  9. Nordlicht_MTB

    Nordlicht_MTBHace un día

    Such a good video. Girls, you rock! So much truth in what you say. loved it!

  10. paul_ rides

    paul_ ridesHace un día

    Does she realy ride clicks on a dj?

  11. April Bankston

    April BankstonHace un día

    🤣Beautiful, funny,and fun!!😃

  12. Matko Talić

    Matko TalićHace 2 días

    My dog used to run for a half day without pause,but 2 years ago my bike broke. I really get to tears when I see him always ready for another run



    I can't imagine the amount of frame flex, when this girls pedal hard.. Kudos to modern Materials.

  14. 868686mauro

    868686mauroHace 2 días

    We don’t deserve dogs

  15. Toby Vive MTB

    Toby Vive MTBHace 2 días

    Running is their essence... We have to create the speed to dream of a small part of it,. That they feel.. The real freedom to fly by running,,, they reach it.. Together the patos grows. His joy your joy,. It is something incomparable and indescribable beauty ❤️🐕

  16. Justin Burgan

    Justin BurganHace 2 días

    Trail dog trail dog trail dog, squirrel squirrel squirrel squirrel

  17. Justin Burgan

    Justin BurganHace 2 días

    Amazing film friends!

  18. seppes

    seppesHace 2 días

    that was 9 minutes of fighting back tears and smiles at the same time. <3

  19. Siam Dark Welder TIG Welding

    Siam Dark Welder TIG WeldingHace 2 días

    The best friend who can die with you....royalty, Dog

  20. Benhur Asir

    Benhur AsirHace 3 días

    Imagy buying a bike and making up your mind, I'm not going let this make me healthy. LMAO.

  21. MatterIsNotSolid

    MatterIsNotSolidHace 3 días

    You know I think even though we bred dogs to want to be around humans, theres still a great life lesson to be learned in the type of bond we have with them.

  22. Gothwalker

    GothwalkerHace 3 días

    New item from shimano: dog gear set and dog brakes set

  23. Robert Lee

    Robert LeeHace 3 días

    My bike came factory with a KMC chain. Will I need a hyperglide+ chain take full advantage, or is there still benefits in just the slx cassette/derailure?

  24. Seppi Maier

    Seppi MaierHace 3 días

    Like our Tom!

  25. nolan m

    nolan mHace 3 días

    im a big boi on a stump jumper and i think im pretty good i ride blues to reds all the time i weight 235 and i always get wierd looks when im riding

  26. DKMphotography co uk

    DKMphotography co ukHace 3 días

    Got Ssoooo much time for this video from Shimano... You can be a MountainBiker or just a Dog Lover & LOVE this!! Great story, narration & film work!! (Also a prime example of 'Soft Sell Advertising' & 'Emotive Advertising')

  27. pedo jarenshaw

    pedo jarenshawHace 4 días

    🎵🎶Fat bottomed girls make the rockin' world go round! 🎶🎵

  28. Useless Pixels

    Useless PixelsHace 4 días

    The music, slow mo on dogs, the tale...Dam shimano, are you trying to make me cry ? Can't wait for my little Pô to be able to ride with me. Just can't wait. And that Slow mo on Emmy @7:06 was absolutely epic

  29. icun

    icunHace 4 días

    Yes i just upgrade my LTwoo A7 shifter with Shimano Deore SL-T6000 at student price. Only USD 26 😁. Rear Derailleur is still LTwoo A7🤭

  30. Colin Pett MOD Films and Photos

    Colin Pett MOD Films and PhotosHace 4 días

    So very impressed, love everything about this film, well done!

  31. xjbmx

    xjbmxHace 4 días

    Damn you Shimano. I thought I was a SRAM fan. Guess I'm switching brakes.

  32. Víctor deSande Robledo

    Víctor deSande RobledoHace 4 días

    I missed a greyhound leaving way behind the bike guy.

  33. Pierre De Bleser

    Pierre De BleserHace 4 días

    Nice video, but get back to making products. A struggle to get anything Shimano at a bike shop. It's starting be a big problem

  34. mistrong mechanic

    mistrong mechanicHace 4 días


  35. suomiman100

    suomiman100Hace 4 días


  36. pedrsverge

    pedrsvergeHace 5 días

    Go girls you go the both of you are beautiful in The Netherlands everybody cycles big or small you just GOOOO

  37. Derek pine

    Derek pineHace 5 días

    I've got my 11 month old border Aussie training for the trails. I think he's going to be a badass trail dog. We've taken him on a hike and plenty of leashles walks and rides in my neighborhood and one on a concrete bike path and he seems to do great. I'm excited to take on some mtb trails next time I go.

  38. Kelly Turney

    Kelly TurneyHace 5 días

    The slow mos of Levi really get me 😂😂😂

  39. Sushant Rauthan

    Sushant RauthanHace 5 días

    Thats elite filmmaking

  40. Sievert Schreiber

    Sievert SchreiberHace 5 días

    Thanks Laughing Squid, loved this recommendation!

  41. Patrick Chancey

    Patrick ChanceyHace 6 días


  42. Noel Castillo

    Noel CastilloHace 6 días

    Enjoyed every bit of this. Can't say the same for that log, bug and squirrel! Hahaha trail doggos <3

  43. dipu

    dipuHace 6 días

    If it was me and my dog we both would have ended up in the hospital 😂

  44. Teton Mei

    Teton MeiHace 6 días

    Why only downhill? Would love to see all bodies climbing some category 1

  45. Elite Harrington

    Elite HarringtonHace 6 días

    Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all 😘😘😘 amazing, inspirational, sobering, touching and definitely a tear jerker for me. THANKS LADIES 🤜🤛🏿

  46. Joel Marble

    Joel MarbleHace 6 días

    so jealous I can't ride with my pooch. He might be the worst trail dog there is. :( :( :( He runs directly in front of my bike and my shoulder doesn't agree with it

  47. Luiz Henrique Pereira

    Luiz Henrique PereiraHace 6 días

    What dog is that?

  48. Freerider

    FreeriderHace 6 días

    I had no idea Shimano also had silent freehubs now. Great to see more who offer this, because I've thought about it for years why they were just becoming more and more annoying(generally speaking, by any brand).

  49. TECH-NOW

    TECH-NOWHace 6 días

    I cryed with this vídeo 😖😭

  50. Jake Denny

    Jake DennyHace 6 días

    So I have a real question for anybody still on here. How are larger cyclists able to set up suspension? Depending on the bike brand and shock, most rear shocks have a limit of about 300-350psi. That puts anyone over 250lbs pretty close to limit (depending on the equipment of course). What solutions have people found? The answer I’ve heard is always “just run the shock soft and get it serviced often”

  51. Trail N Error

    Trail N ErrorHace 6 días

    I can see where James Stewart got his scrubbing inspiration from. These dog’s invented the technique.

  52. Xue Lor

    Xue LorHace 6 días

    Beautiful video. Dogs and cycling. Brilliant!

  53. grado

    gradoHace 6 días

    Leave the dogs alone, make friends to ride a bike or better yet, have children to instill in them your hobbies. _Hahahaha

  54. InSight Show

    InSight ShowHace 7 días

    what i want is a 12s superlight steel cassette, made from single piece of steel, with a 52t aluminium cog in silver colour, similar to sram eagle, but with shimano spacing and hyperglide plus for microspline. There is one from garbaruk that i ordered. hope it will be closely as good as shimano 12s cassette.

  55. Phill W.D

    Phill W.DHace 7 días

    can't even afford HG chain 🤭

  56. Micha s

    Micha sHace 7 días

    wanna like this 1000 times :D

  57. 2.0空白名

    2.0空白名Hace 7 días

    I can't afford that lol

  58. Richard P

    Richard PHace 7 días

    The only trail dog I ever had was a Yorkie that little girl was my dest friend for a long time. I miss her so much. I used to have to go slow on the decents so she could keep up but that's only fair. She used to go slow on the climbs so I could keep up. Seeing those little dogs giving their all and loving it reminds me of Jaymee my beloved trail dog and best friend.

  59. ruben reyne

    ruben reyneHace 7 días

    brilliant, lets keep cycling moving in this direction. There's no need for elitist bs in something so pure and enjoyable

  60. Dat Tepo

    Dat TepoHace 7 días

    I only got sad because of the comments this film was beautiful

  61. Jay Weiss

    Jay WeissHace 7 días

    Well done!!!

  62. Zen Yoon

    Zen YoonHace 7 días

    I cried watching this 🥲 such a beautiful story / video.


    RIDER MTBHace 7 días

    Hlo guys can I get my bike repair it needs a lot of repair would you like to help me please. I live in Italy,Parma,via combattenti 6

  64. Pelayo Couturier

    Pelayo CouturierHace 7 días

    this video is amazing!

  65. Aleksandr Borisov-Karnilov

    Aleksandr Borisov-KarnilovHace 7 días

    Nice video....

  66. Александр

    АлександрHace 7 días

    Why I cried?

  67. Michelle V.H

    Michelle V.HHace 7 días

    Esperemos que despues de todo lo que esta pasando, se pueda montar bici de una manera tranquila en Colombia

  68. Flinteezy

    FlinteezyHace 8 días

    Such a good video I need a dog now

  69. Barley Runner

    Barley RunnerHace 8 días


  70. Jose Castaneda-Romero

    Jose Castaneda-RomeroHace 8 días

    Oh man! This deserves an award. Beautiful, beautiful video. Thank you!

  71. Alan Stillwell

    Alan StillwellHace 8 días

    This made my day. Puppies scrubbing the jumps is the best

  72. m747 96

    m747 96Hace 8 días

    My trail girl is getting arthritis 😢

  73. Natur- verliebt

    Natur- verliebtHace 8 días

    Ich bin unendlich dankbar für dieses Video...bitte teilt es! So motivierend.

  74. gulf city nicholas danca

    gulf city nicholas dancaHace 8 días

    I'll stick to hg freehubs I can run what's is in stock for both of my bikes

  75. Atticus Manning

    Atticus ManningHace 8 días

    My new favorite video on ESdos

  76. Trepa Montañas MTB

    Trepa Montañas MTBHace 8 días

    Que bonito video

  77. 70xr7Cougar

    70xr7CougarHace 8 días

    Damn these jack russel's, crazy dogs :D Very nice video but sad to see the old one...comes a time when you have to say goodbye to them..amazing animals

  78. lexotic2421

    lexotic2421Hace 8 días

    You go girl 👍👍👍

  79. Jason Boulle

    Jason BoulleHace 8 días

    The scrub at 7:12 is unreal.. 🤣

  80. ridgebackdk

    ridgebackdkHace 9 días

    catharine ..one of the most down to earth genuine lovely people out there ... and now a mom and still kicking ass....