Wood Stuff ASMR
Wood Stuff ASMR
Wood Stuff ASMR


Woodworking, custom projects, tools, machines, experiments and more!

  1. Фёдор Михайлович

    Фёдор МихайловичHace 4 horas

    What was that? 😲

  2. Chuck Whitson

    Chuck WhitsonHace 5 horas

    I think its a little low on compression

  3. Chuck Whitson

    Chuck WhitsonHace 5 horas

    Groovy till your brothers 4yr old comes to visit, some small Dowell or other support inside wouldn't have been a bad thing

  4. Chuck Whitson

    Chuck WhitsonHace 5 horas

    Nice drop glad you got the bar out

  5. Chuck Whitson

    Chuck WhitsonHace 5 horas

    The blue ruined it

  6. Chuck Whitson

    Chuck WhitsonHace 5 horas

    Im a 20+ yr climber. Good work

  7. Graeme Sharp

    Graeme SharpHace 5 horas

    The juice loosener


    GODO COME UN RICCIOHace 5 horas


  9. Daniel Fouard Libertarian on overdrive

    Daniel Fouard Libertarian on overdriveHace 5 horas

    I don't think anyone has the slightest clue as to how sharp that blade is. That thing is sooo much sharper than a razor. The time and steady handed skills involved are beyond belief. Simply Amazing and GOD bless all!

  10. ドクロベー

    ドクロベーHace 5 horas


  11. ドクロベー

    ドクロベーHace 5 horas


  12. David Milton

    David MiltonHace 5 horas

    This video should be named video editing skills. That wood work ain't nothing special

  13. Tony C

    Tony CHace 5 horas

    So what's your point?

  14. Adamos Antonio

    Adamos AntonioHace 5 horas

    What amazing? Looser

  15. Chris V

    Chris VHace 6 horas

    Who broke the all the freakin clamps and came up with this

  16. Xo Xo

    Xo XoHace 6 horas

    Good skills now you have to PLANT two


    MADNESSHace 6 horas

    Next time on how it's made: A Jenga set

  18. r p

    r pHace 6 horas

    The cutting was precise, amazing indeed.

  19. Sean Johnisee

    Sean JohniseeHace 6 horas

    So flimsy I scared

  20. Marisamy Samynathan

    Marisamy SamynathanHace 6 horas

    Please don't cut trees there is no oxygen and no living beings

  21. ger tis

    ger tisHace 6 horas

    Great tip 😃👍

  22. Gagandeep Sharma

    Gagandeep SharmaHace 7 horas


  23. 翔太

    翔太Hace 7 horas

    it's Japanese katsuobushi!

  24. Randy Herringshaw

    Randy HerringshawHace 7 horas

    Now that is a mallet!!!!


    BARAN RADOHace 7 horas

    Where do the water come from😳

  26. Asveest Channels

    Asveest ChannelsHace 7 horas

    Ese árbol ha vivido ahí por más de 200 años seguramente, para que ... Bah, a quien le importa

  27. Truth Finder

    Truth FinderHace 7 horas

    That's brilliant!

  28. CR7

    CR7Hace 8 horas

    It just felt me like my heart is broken

  29. Lucas Huss

    Lucas HussHace 8 horas

    In a world of OSHA violations

  30. Anthony Hutchins

    Anthony HutchinsHace 8 horas


  31. Josh S.

    Josh S.Hace 8 horas

    Very nice 👍🏻

  32. Travis Brown

    Travis BrownHace 8 horas

    The outer mark is unnecessary. You only need to mark the line on the inside of the acute angle.

  33. Risen Snake

    Risen SnakeHace 8 horas

    Nothing is stronger then the power a of a 2x4

  34. Hello I'm Groot

    Hello I'm GrootHace 8 horas

    Why can I still see regular wood and nails in bottom should of did whole edge and not just top part

  35. Yusran Abubakar

    Yusran AbubakarHace 8 horas

    Nice 👍

  36. Alex Kolle

    Alex KolleHace 8 horas

    The makita will go fast but only has one use. The milwaukee will speed it up but wont torque up very well. The dewalt will take it's time but always get the job done

  37. A jay Born Facts

    A jay Born FactsHace 8 horas

    Bhagwaan se pray krta hu a ped katne wala mrr jaaye kese bhi

  38. Nawaz Sharif

    Nawaz SharifHace 9 horas

    Only dislike 👎

  39. Jay F

    Jay FHace 9 horas

    Nice drop

  40. Chaudhary Vivek

    Chaudhary VivekHace 9 horas

    And there goes those 100 years

  41. Great Tesoros

    Great TesorosHace 9 horas

    We need a gofund me to get that dud recording on a point and shoot a smart phone.

  42. Mohammad shadab

    Mohammad shadabHace 9 horas


  43. Donald Painter

    Donald PainterHace 9 horas

    A true lumberjack doesn't need the backhoe I've cut trees this size it's not easy and I had to cheat also with a cable and come along but I have a friend that only needs his saw and wedges to make it go any way he wants it

  44. Konner

    KonnerHace 9 horas

    If only other videos had this music

  45. Mireya Leon

    Mireya LeonHace 9 horas

    Así es peligroso!!! 🥺🥺 👋🇲🇽

  46. syllogism.

    syllogism.Hace 9 horas

    Why did you did it man

  47. RedEcks3

    RedEcks3Hace 9 horas

    Tight and right.

  48. john smith

    john smithHace 10 horas

    I'm going to remember this. 👍😄

  49. Jeremy was a bullfrog

    Jeremy was a bullfrogHace 10 horas

    What was the point of marking it on both sides 🤔

  50. Palovxontora

    PalovxontoraHace 10 horas

    Made in Russia

  51. Hellraiser9935

    Hellraiser9935Hace 10 horas

    That’s slick as 💯💯

  52. john

    johnHace 10 horas

    No más madera

  53. Liza ________

    Liza ________Hace 10 horas

    Работяги захарили 😠

  54. Rob 44

    Rob 44Hace 10 horas

    Carpenters I'd this better in any way to nailing it in?

  55. Kedar Deshpande

    Kedar DeshpandeHace 10 horas

    Feeling very bad to see cutting of tree 😣

  56. gaijininja

    gaijininjaHace 10 horas

    One inch of timber holding up that beam, and anything you plan on sitting on top of it? Doesn’t seem like a smart idea. But then, it’s only one beam, and no context as to what it’s final job is.

  57. James Saunders

    James SaundersHace 10 horas

    Can you do it with a chisel?

  58. Yebel Andrade

    Yebel AndradeHace 10 horas


  59. 一休宗純

    一休宗純Hace 11 horas

    ほー! 面白い積み方するな! 箱に入れる意味が分からんけど

  60. Evgeny Schaimuhamedov

    Evgeny SchaimuhamedovHace 11 horas

    Тиктокеры пинсионера работать заставили😀

  61. Big John Stud

    Big John StudHace 11 horas

    If you’re doing all that for a woman you may be pussy whipped.

  62. hellmanns hellmanns

    hellmanns hellmannsHace 11 horas

    Fro di osso

  63. Chuppa Chups

    Chuppa ChupsHace 11 horas

    Snow tempest I'm gonna end this man whole career

  64. Rudi CooL

    Rudi CooLHace 12 horas


  65. Вадим Васильев

    Вадим ВасильевHace 12 horas

    И нахуя это нужно?

  66. klife67

    klife67Hace 12 horas

    Just what the world needs... Another amazing "tree carpenter" to rid us of our problem of trees.... NOT....

  67. Horlon

    HorlonHace 12 horas

    Отпилить можно было акуратнее и пилить меньше пришлось бы

  68. sandra beatriz aguero silot

    sandra beatriz aguero silotHace 12 horas


  69. DereGot

    DereGotHace 12 horas

    Доктор дью приди порядок наведи

  70. てつてつ

    てつてつHace 12 horas


  71. Oasis

    OasisHace 13 horas


  72. Miles Weber

    Miles WeberHace 13 horas

    Wow! What amazing woodworking skills.

  73. Barry Davis

    Barry DavisHace 13 horas

    Look mom I make a poo poo

  74. Twenty-5 minute to late.

    Twenty-5 minute to late.Hace 13 horas


  75. Grayson Basinski

    Grayson BasinskiHace 14 horas

    I wear glasses.....

  76. Jose Antonio Otero fernandez

    Jose Antonio Otero fernandezHace 15 horas


  77. حسين ابن ادلب

    حسين ابن ادلبHace 15 horas

    أحب لون للعيون على قلبي

  78. Cameron Goeb

    Cameron GoebHace 15 horas

    They brock fisecs

  79. Joshua Jarrett

    Joshua JarrettHace 15 horas