Dylan Ayres
Dylan Ayres
Dylan Ayres

Hi Im Dylan Ayres. You may know me from my Tik Tok Dylandoestiktok1. I make longer form videos on this youtube channel and share my life along with it.


    THE DON LUCKHace 15 horas

    I want you to do get a woman in Margate again thousand 4 0 100,000 what a bears on it and make a big big big big big

  2. Aley

    AleyHace 15 horas

    Dont worry i live in Texas even if i wanted to i could never do this

  3. Bryan ???

    Bryan ???Hace 16 horas

    Heat the metal on the car first maybe??

  4. Lad of the Damned

    Lad of the DamnedHace 16 horas

    Locked away forever

  5. Villa Karaitiana

    Villa KaraitianaHace 16 horas

    U didnt wait long engough

  6. nikolas moran

    nikolas moranHace 16 horas

    Le falto ponerle al hueco agua caliente para que ablande el metal o aluminio o de lo que esta echo es carro

  7. Tarangga Athallah

    Tarangga AthallahHace 16 horas

    you dont even let it dry, this kid needs neuron ASAP


    PALM POKKOHace 16 horas

    Different company materials are different.

  9. iam Arunjay

    iam ArunjayHace 16 horas

    You have to wait

  10. destroyer4115454

    destroyer4115454Hace 16 horas

    It's my understanding that Mountain House and MRE's are not even close to the same thing. Mountain House usually tastes pretty good when prepared correctly. MRE's, to my understanding, not so much...

  11. ᴄʜɪʙɪ-ᴄʜᴀɴ

    ᴄʜɪʙɪ-ᴄʜᴀɴHace 16 horas

    Imagine he managed to go to the ocean and go to a different country-

  12. Matt

    MattHace 16 horas

    Brain: Your free trial has expired Him: ... why doesn’t it work???

  13. peee jaay

    peee jaayHace 16 horas

    Learn about patience

  14. Annabella Stark

    Annabella StarkHace 16 horas

    It looks like Ramen noodles

  15. skyke aiko

    skyke aikoHace 16 horas

    You have to let it cool... you really don’t have higher brain function

  16. Terrie Dabest

    Terrie DabestHace 16 horas

    Let it dry first before you pull

  17. Aileen Lamadrid

    Aileen LamadridHace 16 horas

    There or said you can breathe their things so scary when people to open the door ok we hope to have that one but we didn't do that

  18. Terra Estrahl

    Terra EstrahlHace 16 horas

    I learned from the very first video they put out, that every five minute crafts/life hack video is a complete waste of time. I actually pity those who truly think they're learning something by watching those videos

  19. Lava Miner1234

    Lava Miner1234Hace 16 horas


  20. F.B.I

    F.B.IHace 16 horas

    Sorry to say but if somebody like this apply to us, we would disapprove instantly

  21. Diy Crafts Moment

    Diy Crafts MomentHace 16 horas


  22. Miss hottie

    Miss hottieHace 16 horas

    U need more than one entrance you could get stuck down there

  23. Diy Crafts Moment

    Diy Crafts MomentHace 16 horas


  24. Nicole gaming

    Nicole gamingHace 16 horas

    Did you let it dry first before you pull?

  25. E.G.G

    E.G.GHace 16 horas

    I want a storm shelter too cause i can sleep peacely there

  26. บุญประสิทธิ์ ญาณวัฒน์

    บุญประสิทธิ์ ญาณวัฒน์Hace 16 horas

    I think he dump

  27. Latisha Campbell

    Latisha CampbellHace 16 horas

    He ain't doing it right or it might have worked

  28. Asher R

    Asher RHace 16 horas

    Then that means the title is a complete lie

  29. Chad Cole

    Chad ColeHace 16 horas

    This dude sounding like Walter Jr.

  30. JooNo

    JooNoHace 16 horas

    rip your backs

  31. Roshan Noordally

    Roshan NoordallyHace 16 horas


  32. удалено навсегда

    удалено навсегдаHace 16 horas

    Man you just been needed more glue sticks

  33. xMortalz

    xMortalzHace 16 horas

    So let’s recap. You put a dent in your car, because you thought you could undo it. Didn’t work so you put ANOTHER dent in your car to try again, and it also didn’t work. And all of this was because of something you saw online. Also, even if you had gotten the dents out, you would have gained nothing since YOU put them there with a mini wrecking ball and a bat. Actually you would have gained something. Some hot glue stuck on your car.

  34. Pongkun Chaiyapeark

    Pongkun ChaiyapearkHace 16 horas

    Never trust 5 minutes craft

  35. B-McG

    B-McGHace 16 horas

    What a dummy.

  36. Love Life

    Love LifeHace 16 horas

    You don't let them dry making your video not effective

  37. Dytrix Gaming

    Dytrix GamingHace 16 horas

    Hot glue should dry before pulling it back

  38. Alan Box

    Alan BoxHace 16 horas


  39. Adam Wigley

    Adam WigleyHace 16 horas

    The layout and atmosphere of this video suspiciously reminds me of something else 🧐🤔

  40. Steve Meister

    Steve MeisterHace 16 horas

    Dude still pulling the glue sticks while they’re still hot. If they are stringing like that, they are not dry enough. Obviously they work, why would another video proving they do not be enough evidence?


    SLEEPYMISOHace 16 horas

    My anxiety could never

  42. CubicPrism

    CubicPrismHace 16 horas

    You need to wait till it dry......

  43. aquaking. VN

    aquaking. VNHace 16 horas

    This is why we shouldn't trust 5 minutes craft

  44. JayDontPlay RN

    JayDontPlay RNHace 16 horas

    I think it needs to dry before you pull thats why it wasnt working

  45. Lonzoo ramirez

    Lonzoo ramirezHace 16 horas

    Be a little bit smarter next time and let it melt

  46. Tony Gwapss

    Tony GwapssHace 16 horas

    U put not enough glue sticks and u pull like a girl

  47. Glaxiiッ

    GlaxiiッHace 16 horas

    When she said you pull out a lot I dont think she meant it like this.

  48. Gmxuni

    GmxuniHace 16 horas

    Use better hot glue, those what u bought are moving like dildos when u handle them 😂😂😂

  49. Deanthony Richardson

    Deanthony RichardsonHace 16 horas

    Drop it off a building see how high it bounce first thing I thought

  50. Apollo John Fernandez

    Apollo John FernandezHace 16 horas

    Mm yes, dung beetles doing their thing

  51. Rainiel Montañez

    Rainiel MontañezHace 16 horas

    Bae, you need to cool it down 😂

  52. Job Finder

    Job FinderHace 16 horas

    I believe the key is speed. Don’t gradually pull. Yank that B****

  53. GlitchWard

    GlitchWardHace 16 horas

    Or you can use hot water and a plunger

  54. Arctic Eamon

    Arctic EamonHace 16 horas

    Maybe you should let it cool down first

  55. Jonathan Wasmer

    Jonathan WasmerHace 16 horas

    You fool you needed to melt it more to where it's a big melting mess and then stick it on to the car and then melts more on to the sticks that are on the car and then let it set for a little bit to drie

  56. Jeremy Deutch

    Jeremy DeutchHace 17 horas

    Pregnant mom: Drinking won't hurt the baby The baby :

  57. Kwilium

    KwiliumHace 17 horas

    This guy doesn’t know what he’s doing

  58. PenguinTek 25

    PenguinTek 25Hace 17 horas

    Use boiling water and a plunger

  59. Addie Brice

    Addie BriceHace 17 horas

    Your brother was worried you were not breathing. He sweet to check on you. 🥺🙏💞

  60. buckyy

    buckyyHace 17 horas

    you can also pour boiling water over the dent then use a plunger but i guess that method works too

  61. Bilhelm Bilhelm

    Bilhelm BilhelmHace 17 horas

    I wonder who else has done this

  62. Kklag 99

    Kklag 99Hace 17 horas

    Top 10 anime backstories

  63. Cassie Smart

    Cassie SmartHace 17 horas

    Smh. Build it to specs. And make everything filed and sealed.

  64. abid

    abidHace 17 horas

    Let it cool and u buy also some patience

  65. Christian Gonzalez

    Christian GonzalezHace 17 horas

    Bro let it dry then pull on it

  66. Staboii

    StaboiiHace 17 horas

    How u not have nightmares

  67. Jacks9000 Gamer

    Jacks9000 GamerHace 17 horas

    Forbidden rispptreet

  68. John Lewis

    John LewisHace 17 horas

    If I had that I’d furnish it

  69. Yoyo陳思榕

    Yoyo陳思榕Hace 17 horas

    Don’t please

  70. Tarun kumar

    Tarun kumarHace 17 horas

    Cut this with a chainsaw

  71. Bluebell Swirl

    Bluebell SwirlHace 17 horas

    Tiktoks are even filling up on yt trending now. Can we please keep this crap outta yt-

  72. Acacia Howard

    Acacia HowardHace 17 horas

    Your rubber band ball if it does not fit try a flamthroer

  73. randomman423

    randomman423Hace 17 horas

    Hey let's each send this dude a bag of those balls so he can fill the whole thing up... I was a bit disappointed to be honest...

  74. Yoyo陳思榕

    Yoyo陳思榕Hace 17 horas

    you need a break

  75. will brown

    will brownHace 17 horas

    Fill it up with water then jump in it

  76. 狼牙

    狼牙Hace 17 horas

    small and angular dents requires alot more force to pull aswell

  77. Calista Suryanto

    Calista SuryantoHace 17 horas

    Bro let it dry-

  78. I'm Aaron

    I'm AaronHace 17 horas

    It works for for those who have common sense.

  79. DMFT

    DMFTHace 17 horas

    At least I know this kid won’t survive zombie apocalypse. What a relief.