Boston Dynamics
Boston Dynamics
Boston Dynamics

Our mission is to build the most advanced robots on Earth, with remarkable mobility, agility, dexterity and speed.
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Introducing Stretch

Introducing Stretch

Hace 15 días

Meet Spot Enterprise
Spot's Got an Arm!

Spot's Got an Arm!

Hace 2 meses

Do You Love Me?

Do You Love Me?

Hace 3 meses

With you, Spot can

With you, Spot can

Hace 9 meses

More Parkour Atlas

More Parkour Atlas

Hace un año

Spot Launch

Spot Launch

Hace un año

Mush, Spot, Mush!

Mush, Spot, Mush!

Hace un año

UpTown Spot

UpTown Spot

Hace 2 años

Parkour Atlas

Parkour Atlas

Hace 2 años

Getting some air, Atlas?
Testing Robustness

Testing Robustness

Hace 3 años

What's new, Atlas?

What's new, Atlas?

Hace 3 años

The New Spot

The New Spot

Hace 3 años

Introducing Handle

Introducing Handle

Hace 4 años



Hace 5 años

Introducing WildCat
Atlas Update

Atlas Update

Hace 7 años

Petman Tests Camo

Petman Tests Camo

Hace 8 años

  1. Cr4zy D8z3

    Cr4zy D8z3Hace 15 horas

    Goodbye goodbye work goodbye

  2. ArtificialButter

    ArtificialButterHace 15 horas

    Spot can also piss beer

  3. Valentin Finance

    Valentin FinanceHace 16 horas

    They're comming to take your jobs xD

  4. Dinh Le

    Dinh LeHace 16 horas

    Robots: do you love me? Human: yes I do Your Majesty.

  5. Maino Mulla

    Maino MullaHace 16 horas



    STUDIO RONINHace 17 horas

    I love you Boston Dynamics. 55555555

  7. Pluviophile

    PluviophileHace 17 horas

    Do they understand "Good boy!"?

  8. Abhay bhaiya

    Abhay bhaiyaHace 17 horas


  9. Rey Pascual

    Rey PascualHace 17 horas

    When communist China highlighted their generic robots a scary doomsday music was played and gave me goosebumps.

  10. pida siouy

    pida siouyHace 18 horas

    "Uh...hey Paul? Jeff Bezos is on line 1, he wants to know if we have anything to show that'll destroy a union movement? Should I upload that thing?"

  11. Peepee Poopoo

    Peepee PoopooHace 18 horas

    This isn’t goin to end well...

  12. Joe Dirt

    Joe DirtHace 19 horas

    Great, even robots dance better than me.

  13. Kyle Banner

    Kyle BannerHace 19 horas

    Get pissed on

  14. Kyle Banner

    Kyle BannerHace 19 horas

    Get pissed on

  15. Kyle Banner

    Kyle BannerHace 19 horas

    Get pissed on

  16. Kyle Banner

    Kyle BannerHace 19 horas

    Get pissed on

  17. Amachetay Cybo

    Amachetay CyboHace 19 horas

    antigravity always existed u create gravity lol

  18. Hi! It’s me

    Hi! It’s meHace 19 horas

    The arm looks like a snake, with the black dot as the eye

  19. Terralel Productions

    Terralel ProductionsHace 19 horas

    Is this cgi?

  20. محمد محمد

    محمد محمدHace 19 horas


  21. Davy Erni

    Davy ErniHace 20 horas

    autonomous you said ??? then why is it scanning the pictures with the blue tape surrounding it ??? because it would get lost if it didn't . just like everyone else .

  22. Sohel Ahmed

    Sohel AhmedHace 20 horas


  23. Charles Christianson

    Charles ChristiansonHace 20 horas


  24. Tuan Pham

    Tuan PhamHace 20 horas


  25. Kevin Regan

    Kevin ReganHace 21 un hora

    Usually hate robots will make an acception or these ones 😂😂

  26. Jack Kirby

    Jack KirbyHace 22 horas

    It looks like something straight out of Portal 2

  27. I.N.E :3

    I.N.E :3Hace 22 horas

    Ok, so my brain is having some real hard time processing that this is not CGI :( Especially with the non human-like robots (I don`t know the models, sorry)

  28. Salamander

    SalamanderHace 23 horas

    It's so smooth here but I bet for the guy filming the whole room sounds like 'WHHRRRR VRRR VBBB WRR"

  29. All The Kids Are Right

    All The Kids Are RightHace 23 horas

    The robots are coming for us the end.

  30. Hunter Dunshie

    Hunter DunshieHace 23 horas

    An insanely amazing feat of science and engineering. Too bad it's wasted on suppressing minorities now

  31. Haha Mohamed

    Haha MohamedHace 23 horas

    this dog would be good at pissing beer

  32. Mr. Round

    Mr. RoundHace 23 horas


  33. 藤福

    藤福Hace 23 horas


  34. Jc Kirby

    Jc KirbyHace un día


  35. I do things specific

    I do things specificHace un día

    Imagine a spot holding the camera

  36. I do things specific

    I do things specificHace un día

    This is amazing and terrifying if you think about it

  37. Farah Hussain

    Farah HussainHace un día

    ها ١ه١ه١لل

  38. Marc A

    Marc AHace un día

    Omnissiah should definitely love this

  39. mosenex YT

    mosenex YTHace un día

    considering this is a robot... this is insanely impressive

  40. Kobolds & Krossbows

    Kobolds & KrossbowsHace un día

    Can’t wait for someone to make a video about Spot peeing beer. Oh wait

  41. JOKER GAMING 2.0

    JOKER GAMING 2.0Hace un día

    I want to see Boston dynamics react to Michael reeves piss bot video knowing Boston dynamics they’re going to probably sue him for doing that to their advanced robot lol

  42. Liste ning

    Liste ningHace un día

    Omg! They’re sooo cute, and they’re actually dancing!!! I think it’s going to be great when they’re enforcing our laws. We’ll just be dancing in the streets and stuff.

  43. Alan López Cornejo

    Alan López CornejoHace un día

    mmm, i don't know Rick...

  44. Occidendum

    OccidendumHace un día

    POV: you came from Michael Reeves

  45. Marlin May

    Marlin MayHace un día

    "Do you love me?" You'd better say "yes," or else.

  46. Ethan Glueck

    Ethan GlueckHace un día

    ha, get pissed on

  47. pezjme

    pezjmeHace un día

    You idiots. You created the first gen Droideka.

  48. Royal FroYo

    Royal FroYoHace un día

    it would be funny if they made it do a backflip

  49. MysteryTurkey

    MysteryTurkeyHace un día

    who's here from michael reeves?

  50. reaz mohmed

    reaz mohmedHace un día

    So spot is no better than a very agile/mobile $10000+ drone? What happens when something immediate and actionable is required? Wouldn't it be better to have the technician down there in the 1st place instead of waking them up in the middle of the night to "go get the drone"? I can see a bean counter buying this, with hopes of increasing productivity, but then eventually having to also hire someone else (human) to actually do something actionable, while all in all, the only one that would make any money is Boston Dynamics (as they could have just not purchased spot and kept a technician on site for every shift).

  51. Alex DelGuercio

    Alex DelGuercioHace un día

    Hi! Welcome to Chili’s!

  52. Ripa Beepa

    Ripa BeepaHace un día

    the amount of joy this video brings me is immeasurable

  53. Robert Prewitt

    Robert PrewittHace un día

    But can it grab me a drink from the fridge? take out the trash? tell me the weather? make a sandwhich? or give me a handjob? These are the questions robotic engineers should be asking.

  54. TheUnsocialIntrovert

    TheUnsocialIntrovertHace un día

    Amazon be like: Imma fuq this robot.

  55. Victor Ortiz Jr.

    Victor Ortiz Jr.Hace un día

    those robots dance a way better than me!

  56. Olivia Sisk

    Olivia SiskHace un día

    Get it I guesssss

  57. mosenex YT

    mosenex YTHace un día

    It also looks like a head I love it

  58. Laptop Gaming

    Laptop GamingHace un día

    “Today, the dance floor... tomorrow, the world!” -Robots, probably

  59. Tyrant Gaming

    Tyrant GamingHace un día

    Why did everyone comment in the last day when this came out on december of 2020

  60. charles embrey

    charles embreyHace un día

    Do I love you? No I don't. How about finding a cure cancer.

  61. jan flis

    jan flisHace un día

    If this was 2010, I cant imagine what it is now (2021).

  62. systemsave- SAVE /InstalacjaOpracowanieATYLLA

    systemsave- SAVE /InstalacjaOpracowanieATYLLAHace un día

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  63. oh no it a scary

    oh no it a scaryHace un día

    SO COOL!

  64. DIMI_

    DIMI_Hace un día

    O M G

  65. Stephen Dutra

    Stephen DutraHace un día

    I got to tell you the truth at our moves smooth like really smooth

  66. Washington Hoax

    Washington HoaxHace un día

    Of course the Plant could refit ALL the gauges with Digital Telemetry that have advanced parameter readings (plus history). OK - maybe 1 Spot to watchdog the gaps like (is it plugged in?).

  67. Don-Noppadon

    Don-NoppadonHace un día


  68. Martin Von WunderGass

    Martin Von WunderGassHace un día

    Why go to Mars? Just send the robots.

  69. Prince Z

    Prince ZHace un día

    Poor robot dog... stip abusing them😢

  70. BobEvans

    BobEvansHace un día

    This is one of the most beautiful and amazing things I've ever seen.

  71. karma s

    karma sHace un día

    theyll be grabbing your kids for bidens parties

  72. Ahmad Showkat

    Ahmad ShowkatHace un día


  73. Ivan Ivanov

    Ivan IvanovHace un día

    0:05 I like how in the pursuit of replacing warehouse workers, they even thought about damaging my packages

  74. sieron BMX sieron

    sieron BMX sieronHace un día

    its Fake

  75. TheMiniRobot

    TheMiniRobotHace un día

    With you, Spot can piss beer

  76. jianyu77

    jianyu77Hace un día

    This video is so weird, for a 30 million views video, there's not a single comment near the top that has more than 1000 likes

  77. SpeedCoder2000

    SpeedCoder2000Hace un día

    are you using neural networks to controlling the robot (cnn yolo)? and/or using genetic algorithm ?


    ANIL KOLIHace un día

    N t

  79. Cloney_Boi

    Cloney_BoiHace un día

    If we can do this we can make a titan