Toy Resin GK Statue Collection
Toy Resin GK Statue Collection
Toy Resin GK Statue Collection

  1. Mark Kookie

    Mark KookieHace 2 horas

    This looks insanely real technology has come a long way. Pretty soon there's going to be those Android females like on Stargate.. Replicators as if I remember?

  2. Chetan Singh

    Chetan SinghHace 2 horas

    I love her as human and actor. ❤️

  3. funny work

    funny workHace 2 horas

    😂 that kiss told everything 👄

  4. Zeek

    ZeekHace 2 horas

    I’ve had sex with my twice

  5. OnenessEd

    OnenessEdHace 2 horas

    I want the bottom part aswell

  6. James Nugget

    James NuggetHace 3 horas


  7. Daniel Jackson

    Daniel JacksonHace 3 horas

    They grow up so fast 😢

  8. JUsT An OtaKU

    JUsT An OtaKUHace 4 horas

    Zoro is my favourite character in one piece😊

  9. Ned Talamoa

    Ned TalamoaHace 4 horas

    Hot damn, Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) is so fine, gorgeous, & hot!

  10. Navin Navin

    Navin NavinHace 4 horas

    Nice bro

  11. Briyani is Nice

    Briyani is NiceHace 4 horas

    Can the bust mouth open? - Asking for a friend

  12. Red Barce

    Red BarceHace 4 horas

    Can I do a request? Can you display Unicorn Gundam?

  13. Red Barce

    Red BarceHace 4 horas

    Can I do a request? Can you display Unicorn Gundam?

  14. Kenneth Diaz

    Kenneth DiazHace 4 horas

    Why she's look like Karen? Lol

  15. Mouzi Emo

    Mouzi EmoHace 4 horas

    I guess I'm not the only one with dirty mind here after all.

  16. AWW_ YEA81

    AWW_ YEA81Hace 5 horas

    Five minutes hmmmmmm


    XERXES : THE GOD KINGHace 5 horas

    Day 1 : Wonder Woman graceful statue Day 2 : Body pillow

  18. Aster The Wanderer

    Aster The WandererHace 5 horas

    I know is naruto

  19. Angelz HvH

    Angelz HvHHace 5 horas

    Are you freaking kidding me ?

  20. Dano the Deckbuilder

    Dano the DeckbuilderHace 5 horas

    The creepy shit he no doubt does with her

  21. Angelz HvH

    Angelz HvHHace 5 horas

    We can't ignore the fact that he started with liner pen and those line is clean no dots like when you slow down it will have dots which means he smooth all the way

  22. juan piña

    juan piñaHace 5 horas

    $ ?

  23. นิรุต ใจซื่อ

    นิรุต ใจซื่อHace 5 horas


  24. Francisco Jose

    Francisco JoseHace 5 horas

    nossa que legal eu nunca tinha visto um presente assim.

  25. Edward Newgate

    Edward NewgateHace 5 horas

    Nami so cute 🌸

  26. Edward Newgate

    Edward NewgateHace 5 horas

    Bende bu figürlerden istiyomm ama param yoğğğ 🥺🤧

  27. Edward Newgate

    Edward NewgateHace 5 horas


  28. The Wall Cometh

    The Wall ComethHace 5 horas

    Gal Gadot is a Zionist. I'll never watch her movies again.

  29. MiniGE7129

    MiniGE7129Hace 5 horas

    Quiero uno

  30. Francini Leite

    Francini LeiteHace 5 horas


  31. Redpill Specs

    Redpill SpecsHace 5 horas

    The face would get a bit....sticky tbh

  32. craig cas

    craig casHace 5 horas

    like the movies but not that much.

  33. wufuren

    wufurenHace 6 horas


  34. ごはんごはん

    ごはんごはんHace 6 horas


  35. shadow

    shadowHace 6 horas

    Can I get other half of the body. For research purposes.

  36. Shviansh Sharma

    Shviansh SharmaHace 6 horas

    It's cost is atleast 6000$ minimum

  37. Antonio Garcia

    Antonio GarciaHace 6 horas

    Estoy seguro que también pensaste lo mismo que yo 😏

  38. Edward Newgate

    Edward NewgateHace 6 horas

    Corasonn... 🥀😭🥺🤧

  39. 鳥烏ープ

    鳥烏ープHace 6 horas


  40. Nekopo1

    Nekopo1Hace 6 horas

    Anime name?

  41. madelyn hallarces

    madelyn hallarcesHace 6 horas


  42. wilson Lizarazu

    wilson LizarazuHace 6 horas

    Estamos de acuerdo de que le padre de luffy prefiere a sabo antes que a luffy

  43. Aušra Kinienė

    Aušra KinienėHace 6 horas

    The things I thought of..

  44. A

    AHace 6 horas

    Goku beats him

  45. Steve's Collectibles

    Steve's CollectiblesHace 6 horas

    Definitely go with deluxe if you can!

  46. Nekopo1

    Nekopo1Hace 6 horas

    Anime name?



    Goku le gana 😎👌👌

  48. Peanzooo Bakaaa

    Peanzooo BakaaaHace 6 horas

    What shinobu doing there

  49. S c r a p

    S c r a pHace 7 horas


  50. S c r a p

    S c r a pHace 7 horas

    That is a long drawing they make it 4x speed pr 3x speed

  51. dog lover

    dog loverHace 7 horas

    dood or doodet this is asome you are talented so keep up the work

  52. purple guy

    purple guyHace 7 horas

    What's?? That????

  53. yb playing

    yb playingHace 7 horas

    No puede ser bro 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱🔥🔥

  54. Warden Dango

    Warden DangoHace 7 horas

    so she has a hole under her? noted.

  55. Adam Aly

    Adam AlyHace 8 horas


  56. Adam Aly

    Adam AlyHace 8 horas


  57. cliff krahenbill

    cliff krahenbillHace 8 horas

    I remember my one from toys R us back in the day 😎 grown up me think 🤩

  58. Adam Aly

    Adam AlyHace 8 horas


  59. Alan Shoesmith

    Alan ShoesmithHace 8 horas

    Did you know she's a " JEW "

  60. Hunting Horn Main

    Hunting Horn MainHace 8 horas

    Bleach better then naruto in my opinion

  61. Joselyn Ramirez

    Joselyn RamirezHace 8 horas

    Yo bien pndja diciendo que le falto colocar el otro brazo XD Mi memoria no funciona bien a esta hora ._.

  62. kermit da frog

    kermit da frogHace 8 horas

    Shanks is definitely luffys main mentor

  63. JojoSmacks

    JojoSmacksHace 8 horas

    Deluxe define more my style

  64. Guadalupe Montesinos

    Guadalupe MontesinosHace 8 horas

    Quisiera uno pero soy pobre mejor ago uno de plastilina XD


    SHERLYN DELGADOHace 8 horas


  66. Afendi Yahya

    Afendi YahyaHace 8 horas


  67. Sebastian Saona

    Sebastian SaonaHace 8 horas

    Not the bust i needed but alright

  68. Kitty Cat

    Kitty CatHace 8 horas

    Is nobody gonna talk about how simple it looks yet it takes like 5 hours just draw the outline.

  69. A Boy and his Dog

    A Boy and his DogHace 8 horas

    That is Pretty Bad Ass!! Do they offer other Comic Superhero Busts? The likeness is UNBELIEVABLE! High Quality workmanship. It probably costs a small fortune.

  70. Roc Mortis

    Roc MortisHace 8 horas

    Where can I buy this?

  71. 牛乳伯爵

    牛乳伯爵Hace 9 horas


  72. Francisco Rodríguez

    Francisco RodríguezHace 9 horas

    Dibujos legendarios,😍

  73. supergotenx3111

    supergotenx3111Hace 9 horas

    Todos perdieron su so risa menos goku :,)

  74. Joseph De Guzman

    Joseph De GuzmanHace 9 horas

    Life size bust a nut

  75. 고은빈

    고은빈Hace 9 horas


  76. Monkey D. Luffy

    Monkey D. LuffyHace 9 horas

    Uauuu! Que da horaaaa!

  77. Radha Krishan

    Radha KrishanHace 9 horas

    Picture quality not good