Dp Guru {Durga Prasad patel}
Dp Guru {Durga Prasad patel}
Dp Guru {Durga Prasad patel}

amazing machinery video
amazing video and spring
amazing video

amazing video

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amazing video 645

amazing video 645

Hace un día

amazing video 645

amazing video 645

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amazing video 644

amazing video 644

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amazing video 643

amazing video 643

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amazing video 642

amazing video 642

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amazing video 641

amazing video 641

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amazing video 640

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amazing video 638

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amazing video 639

amazing video 639

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  1. Aren

    ArenHace 20 horas

    what's the name of the song?

  2. Scott Malan

    Scott MalanHace 20 horas

    I like that song. Anyone know the artist?

  3. Ryan Ryan

    Ryan RyanHace 20 horas

    I has no idea how many nails are in each box

  4. BlueJynx91

    BlueJynx91Hace 20 horas

    I always wondered how a plumbus was made.

  5. Jon Jones

    Jon JonesHace 20 horas

    Made in China. Fuck that. I'll stick with a hammer thanks.

  6. Marco Santos

    Marco SantosHace 21 un hora

    That is just stupid...

  7. Javed Khan

    Javed KhanHace 21 un hora

    Very dangerous machine no need to hand 🖐 like this sometimes miss happening happen. By the way take care

  8. LubNeejTiamTshiab Chanel

    LubNeejTiamTshiab ChanelHace 21 un hora


  9. CSRGamer

    CSRGamerHace 21 un hora

    Big up momoland

  10. Rocketman Gaming

    Rocketman GamingHace 21 un hora

    How many of use want one just for the sake of it 🤷🏻‍♂️😂

  11. dominic williamson

    dominic williamsonHace 21 un hora

    Ahh ...fuck that

  12. Muvida Adnan

    Muvida AdnanHace 21 un hora

    😭😭 my hand

  13. G.P Reads

    G.P ReadsHace 21 un hora

    Every Video is a basic ass machine used daily around the world nothing Amazing or Interesting about them. The operators heads are literally elsewhere while using it

  14. uncivilcanine60

    uncivilcanine60Hace 21 un hora

    For anyone who says this isnt the auto axe from fo3. Leave🗿👉🚪

  15. Kuba Szafron

    Kuba SzafronHace 21 un hora

    Ile papieru marnują! Gdzie są ekolodzy kurwa!

  16. Comic Luigi

    Comic LuigiHace 21 un hora

    After all these years...

  17. Sgt. Stitches

    Sgt. StitchesHace 21 un hora

    "glass art amazing video" literally just a guy wasting glass and ruining his floors

  18. Sai Aditya Reddy Junoothula

    Sai Aditya Reddy JunoothulaHace 21 un hora

    Now play this 15000 times to get the authentic sweatshop experience.

  19. Gideon Bell

    Gideon BellHace 21 un hora

    I can run a cutter but I currently run a digital press

  20. That Guy

    That GuyHace 21 un hora


  21. That Guy

    That GuyHace 22 horas


  22. athos

    athosHace 22 horas

    E la vamos nos

  23. Andy Scott

    Andy ScottHace 22 horas

    Thank you for reminding me how very cool Right Said Fred were!

  24. mofoshizknack

    mofoshizknackHace 22 horas

    Mother's have the hardest jobs in the world

  25. aree phengphoon

    aree phengphoonHace 22 horas


  26. Brian Kepner

    Brian KepnerHace 22 horas

    These videos always make me wonder why it's so amazing I guess if you never ever work with your hands and don't understand how things are made it might be amazing

  27. Joni Hors

    Joni HorsHace 22 horas

    Мне нужен такой. !!!!!!У меня скоро днюхаааа!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Diego Pineda

    Diego PinedaHace 22 horas

    Just be glad it's not called "most satisfying jobs"

  29. Manny rtc

    Manny rtcHace 22 horas

    Great stuff

  30. Putut eko Kerto diharjo 017

    Putut eko Kerto diharjo 017Hace 22 horas

    Bearing ukuran berapa itu 🤔

  31. Danny THE Dog

    Danny THE DogHace 22 horas

    Could you pass my CnC mill's mounting top trough as well? The mills doesn't do it. 1370×650mm ..😁

  32. Looking hot

    Looking hotHace 22 horas

    Be amazing weapon on war if make a big size

  33. Wiewior13247

    Wiewior13247Hace 22 horas

    Dp guru

  34. Михаил Р

    Михаил РHace 22 horas

    Ты дурак?

  35. Lenient BigCat

    Lenient BigCatHace 22 horas

    Why its giving me feel of iron man

  36. Radiant Shadow

    Radiant ShadowHace 22 horas

    What is that, a suppository measuring device?

  37. Melissa Gregoire

    Melissa GregoireHace 22 horas

    Man, who designs these machines? I am so impressed! You ARE my hero ! 💓❣💓❣

  38. M.square Msquare

    M.square MsquareHace 22 horas

    How to cut your hands successfully 😂

  39. Jsns Dudh

    Jsns DudhHace 23 horas

    🤐🤐🤐😃😯Ashov the baggar wow

  40. Voor Naam

    Voor NaamHace 23 horas

    Why amazing? You know nithong about steel? No, you know nithong, don't you?

  41. Gufo_ Flores

    Gufo_ FloresHace 23 horas

    Están rellenas de arena😂, a dónde tengo que ir para reclamar mi pedazo de playa china ?

  42. Cam Alex

    Cam AlexHace 23 horas


  43. puk182

    puk182Hace 23 horas


  44. Melissa Gregoire

    Melissa GregoireHace 23 horas

    Certainly a step above scraping seeds out with my hand 😫😖😳😖

  45. Évan Audet

    Évan AudetHace 23 horas

    Wow such an “amazing video”🤢

  46. 『DOD』Skyrum

    『DOD』SkyrumHace 23 horas

    No one ever ‘them’ ima make a huge ass bowl that’s made of metal and it weighs 100 pounds

  47. Luis Reyes

    Luis ReyesHace 23 horas

    Should do a video putting the measurements on the screen before starting the cuts

  48. RBKathletics

    RBKathleticsHace 23 horas

    😂 hilarious

  49. Melissa Gregoire

    Melissa GregoireHace 23 horas

    Total fan of creativity in Labor. Can't top these guys 💣💥❣

  50. Clovi Cornt

    Clovi CorntHace 23 horas

    Вся боль в этом видео

  51. Mortal16

    Mortal16Hace 23 horas

    This video makes me want to seize the means of production and bring about a revolution

  52. Jasper Cosare

    Jasper CosareHace 23 horas

    you could at leat use a gloves

  53. L'Aura Pinkfeather

    L'Aura PinkfeatherHace 23 horas

    I could hear my dad say " stick ur finger right there" 😂

  54. Jason Vaughn

    Jason VaughnHace 23 horas

    Good knives D2 tool steel

  55. Saym Madobi

    Saym MadobiHace 23 horas

    Hello how can I get this machine?

  56. 何柏淇

    何柏淇Hace 23 horas


  57. freddyfazbear2

    freddyfazbear2Hace un día

    Sweatshops be like

  58. Usa Sriboonrat

    Usa SriboonratHace un día

    WTF ?

  59. Ceberus132

    Ceberus132Hace un día

    What a waste of paper / wood

  60. R33C3

    R33C3Hace un día

    I don't need one but I want one.

  61. Daniel Cortez

    Daniel CortezHace un día

    Глаза видимо в этом цехе никому не нужны

  62. KrAzzY

    KrAzzYHace un día

    How many of you liked that cutting sound 😅

  63. Krisztiàn Somogyi

    Krisztiàn SomogyiHace un día

    Music name ? Pls

  64. Tomáš Franců

    Tomáš FrancůHace un día

    Rocket League cyberpunk 2077

  65. Kid goku

    Kid gokuHace un día

    She makes 35 cents a day

  66. Epsicron

    EpsicronHace un día

    "Do you want a lathe or a plasma cutter?" *"Yes"*

  67. NxTLfe Nei

    NxTLfe NeiHace un día

    That just looks like getting cancer with extra steps

  68. dyasious

    dyasiousHace un día

    I'm working in a print shop and my friend cut his 3 fingers off with this machine 😌

  69. Luke Lamers

    Luke LamersHace un día

    Bro someone needs to make a beat out of that

  70. Mʀ Zᴀғғ

    Mʀ ZᴀғғHace un día

    Song title

  71. Ja Rule

    Ja RuleHace un día

    Fckn nonsensical bs. Go back to tiktok.

  72. Richard S.

    Richard S.Hace un día

    I'll take 200 feet of that chain !!!! But I'll probably need a tractor trailer to haul it home....ha ha 😂.!!

  73. ana velazquez

    ana velazquezHace un día

    Me sorprende trabajando con chanclas y sin guantes mínimo

  74. Halil b.

    Halil b.Hace un día

    it is not possible to work with gloves.

  75. Epsicron

    EpsicronHace un día

    Alright I wanna see a killer one of *those* things in a horror movie, fuck chainsaw look at that

  76. Parallel Paradox

    Parallel ParadoxHace un día

    Tiktok is like pigs poop 💩 Which also don't decompose 🥴

  77. Арслан Аксянов

    Арслан АксяновHace un día

    А потом а как положить это в тарелку хрен его знает ? Поднимеш херак