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Machine build, fabrication, repair, prototypes, tool build.
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Welding equipment borrowed from:
Spetselektroodi AS - Fronius TransSteel 2700, Optrel welding helmet, Hypertherm plasma cutter

  1. Robert Manley

    Robert ManleyHace 17 horas

    Very nice should go anywhere with no problem !!! You have come along way very nice work !!

  2. F Darren Lendvay

    F Darren LendvayHace 17 horas

    Great build series! Love it! Have you considered incorporating a ladder rack to your dump bed, same height as the cab, so you can haul long items comfortably? Something to think about... thank you for bring us along on your builds.

  3. rct2

    rct2Hace 18 horas

    That is awesome, well done you have made a nice little crawler/utv.

  4. Ironman Z

    Ironman ZHace 18 horas

    Задний диф тоже надо заварить! Ну и понижайки не хватает :)

  5. Pavlovic Bojan

    Pavlovic BojanHace 18 horas


  6. erik hall

    erik hallHace 18 horas

    Skill level is top notch! Even building tools to do things, but u have effectively built the heaviest single seater UTV there is! A whoping maybe 80hp nd the weight of 2-3 sxs , still awesome to have done it ALL personally, that's what this generation is missing bc everything is disposable and you don't have to work for it anymore!

  7. James Hewitt

    James HewittHace 19 horas

    Okay, that's enough fun, now get back to work. A Supreme build. congratulations.

  8. Сергей Володин

    Сергей ВолодинHace 19 horas


  9. aktyagys naiman

    aktyagys naimanHace 19 horas

    Ну емае. С такими инструментами нужно ракеты строить

  10. Tom Raider

    Tom RaiderHace 19 horas

    Fun and informative... Great work!

  11. 12gammagamma

    12gammagammaHace 19 horas

    7:34 friggin genius!

  12. Glen King

    Glen KingHace 19 horas

    I still don't see a log skidder attachment on the rear!

  13. José Antonio de Faria

    José Antonio de FariaHace 19 horas

    Parabéns, uma obra de arte de engenharia mecânica, executada por um mestre.

  14. scott isaacs

    scott isaacsHace 20 horas

    looks great, excellent job. Keep up the great work.

  15. MissAdventures Motorcycle Diary

    MissAdventures Motorcycle DiaryHace 20 horas

    So simple... but I'm on the side of the road half way up a mountain 😅

  16. Олександр Вовк

    Олександр ВовкHace 21 un hora


  17. SluSharkND

    SluSharkNDHace 21 un hora

    OUTSTANDING! Even more outstanding when we get to see you build in the shop we also got to watch you build. Best channel ever.

  18. Timóteo Meccanica & Tecnologia

    Timóteo Meccanica & TecnologiaHace 21 un hora

    For open diffs it went very good on slippery conditions

  19. Timóteo Meccanica & Tecnologia

    Timóteo Meccanica & TecnologiaHace 21 un hora

    I think you shall be mentally prepared to disassemble everything in order to paint it!

  20. Jördis

    JördisHace 22 horas

    Its working just great... Big thump!!!!!!!

  21. Timóteo Meccanica & Tecnologia

    Timóteo Meccanica & TecnologiaHace 22 horas

    Gearbox: a real mechanical nightmare!

  22. Travis Montesano

    Travis MontesanoHace 22 horas

    Total genius! What part of Russia are you in?

  23. Job38 Four

    Job38 FourHace 22 horas

    Guess you should've welding those gear box gears 20 episodes ago but hind sight is 20/20. This UTV appears to be slower geared then then my to high speeded Rhino, I didn't notice any issue with open diffs, maybe they are limited slip..... Did I read that right your going to build (power driven) trailer for this UTV, this I got see, they are the best trailer's to have if one can have/buy/build a (power driven) trailer.....

  24. J B

    J BHace 22 horas

    Extreme! Damn fine build. How well dose the tig welds hold upp without fiiller? Just orderd my first tig so that's why I'm wondering. Keep upp those great videos man. Cheers from Sweden.

  25. glen harrison

    glen harrisonHace 22 horas

    That's awesome mate,cool buggy. Cheers from New Zealand!

  26. wht240sxka

    wht240sxkaHace 22 horas

    Awesome donn! Thanks for the inspiration. Ive watched this build from the beginning. What paint were you thinking? Blue, silver, and black would get my vote. Keep up the great work, oh and love the tiny house by the pond. I’d like to see a video on that one day.

  27. Fabrizio Bernasconi

    Fabrizio BernasconiHace 22 horas

    Congratulations!!!!! Great satisfaction for the work you have done and great fun !!! One question ... do you plan to raise the suspension in the future? Because in some passages the structure seems too low with the risk of touching some large stone or getting stuck. Very good!!!!

  28. Deluks

    DeluksHace 22 horas

    Я понял, девок в кузове катать... =))

  29. Max The Monaroman

    Max The MonaromanHace 23 horas

    When you started that build I thought those BMW diffs were LSD. Great build, like all of them. What does it weigh?

  30. Gary Church-Smith

    Gary Church-SmithHace 23 horas

    I am amazed the at the builds, tear downs and rebuilds you take on and Master. Great Job and a fun watch. Great Work

  31. Marco Sinistro

    Marco SinistroHace 23 horas

    The best! 😀👋👌💪👍

  32. John Vroegryk

    John VroegrykHace 23 horas

    Hi Donn, it's obvious that your abilities have no limits. The UTV you build is like you, you just can't stop it. My sincere compliments my friend, FANTASTIC !

  33. Alan Hardacre

    Alan HardacreHace 23 horas

    Next week: Fenders!

  34. Александр Валиахметов

    Александр ВалиахметовHace 23 horas

    Какая грущоподьемность получилась?

  35. jean fouchet

    jean fouchetHace 23 horas

    The next time I shall come in your country (from France it's a big travel ! ), I ask you to do the same on the gearbox of my 205 Peugeot ;-)) Sorry bad joke !

  36. Ильнур Калин

    Ильнур КалинHace un día


  37. Jon McNabb

    Jon McNabbHace un día

    Donn, are you gonna install lockers on the front and rear diffs or just weld them shut? Lockers would be awesome and instructional. This vehicle is awesome! I am really looking forwards to the bodywork and paint scheme.

  38. Remalnik

    RemalnikHace un día


  39. wiowiguna smjtk

    wiowiguna smjtkHace un día

    How if you use a locker on it? anyway its good

  40. Marko Botz

    Marko BotzHace un día

    It took's a long time.....but you made it!!! Thumb's up👍👍kongratulation

  41. Wayne Crews

    Wayne CrewsHace un día

    That thing is amazing. To get a little more grip when one wheel breaks loose and you stop moving apply the brakes a bit to force the open differential to transfer power to the wheel with traction. It’s a trick to compensate for open diffs.

  42. Gus Brameloah

    Gus BrameloahHace un día

    Donny once again = outstanding. I am a tipple ASE master tech in the states and you have skills that i have seen seasoned tech not have! My hat off to you sir!👍

  43. Iqrar Khan

    Iqrar KhanHace un día

    You are beautiful chenel very good sir

  44. Reima Virtanen

    Reima VirtanenHace un día

    Ole ylpeä itsestäsi!

  45. Вадим Шепель

    Вадим ШепельHace un día

    Давай в більші гімна

  46. steyrman2

    steyrman2Hace un día

    Well done you have a great pair of hands on you to turn a vision into reality

  47. bezazieff narik

    bezazieff narikHace un día


  48. IzNoGuD Surfer

    IzNoGuD SurferHace un día

    Isn't dry sump lubrication necessary for such inclines and declines? If you now consider that an engine with an oil pan designed for transverse installation is now installed longitudinally, such angles can not be good for the oil suction from the oil pan.

  49. Sea Man

    Sea ManHace un día

    Непонятное чудо построил, молодец!!!

  50. koolkar55

    koolkar55Hace un día

    Must be your summer there Donny looked like a beautiful day when painting. Our winter here in OZ 4deg - 10deg C at night (brrrrrr Chilly) 25deg C during the day. Love ya work Mate. Billy J. Queensland, Australia

  51. Stuart McIntosh

    Stuart McIntoshHace un día

    It looks like it would make a good recovery vehicle, the Scottish ambulance service use them for remote areas and no helicopter access 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  52. Marc Friebe

    Marc FriebeHace un día

    This is really a great idea

  53. Если Нужно

    Если НужноHace un día


  54. Нурлыбек Ессен

    Нурлыбек ЕссенHace un día

    Its great

  55. Currie Country Living

    Currie Country LivingHace un día

    Enjoyed that. Great video

  56. Mike Projects

    Mike ProjectsHace un día

    Great Great Great work! Well done!

  57. Henning S.

    Henning S.Hace un día

    Very well built! You mentioned that you will modify the BMW differentials too, i think welding the rear differential will be good, but i think welding the front differential will make it hard to drive around corners

  58. Aldi K

    Aldi KHace un día

    Almost looks like Donn are another German engineer...

  59. Mika Bnt

    Mika BntHace un día

    You sir deserve more likes 👍 as many others I've enjoyed watching you building this machine, truly inspiring for the similar one I want to build for years now. I now understand the purpose of this rear shaft, great idea! Cheers

  60. Юрий Подболотов

    Юрий ПодболотовHace un día

    Напишу что нибудь чтоб думали што я чета написал

  61. Anton H

    Anton HHace un día

    Given the gearbox is designed for use on the road. Is the 1st gear not a bit to high? Or do the bigger wheels act to step down the gear ratio?

  62. Juha Tuomala

    Juha TuomalaHace un día

    You should hook trailer to these test drives.

  63. Juha Tuomala

    Juha TuomalaHace un día

    That cargo bed central weight is pretty high considering that there is not engine under it. I guess you will haul your tools in it and wood in trailer.

  64. Shane Thompson

    Shane ThompsonHace un día

    Awesome Machine.. It does really well in the mud..

  65. Juha Tuomala

    Juha TuomalaHace un día

    At 18:04 did the front right wheel spin too?

  66. Anubrata Chakraborty

    Anubrata ChakrabortyHace un día

    How Fast is she?

  67. Juha Tuomala

    Juha TuomalaHace un día

    Aaaah, proper speedhammering.

  68. Zoul Helmi

    Zoul HelmiHace un día

    Its so owsome bro..i love it

  69. Jean Bernier

    Jean BernierHace un día

    Génial, encore une belle réalisation !!! Un peu de carrosserie maintenant ?

  70. Ma Ta

    Ma TaHace un día

    Kle, su nimi peaks olema hoopis Tonn! :) Ja kui see ratastega trakats sul lõpuks täitsa valmis on, siis kohemaid korralikku mururobotit tegemaie! :) Sest et maailmas ei ole veel mitte ühtegi korralikku MuruRopsi (näe, kingin sulle nime ka, st trademark!) - kõik senised on üüberkallid, üübersaamatud ja üübertotaka disainiga jne, etc. Nii et: MuruRopsi ehitusel näeme, raisk! :) :)

  71. R G

    R GHace un día

    Did the oil-soaked differential gears cause any problems when welding?

  72. bigsid1984

    bigsid1984Hace un día

    When the track vehicle coming back?

  73. Ma Ta

    Ma TaHace un día

    Kõva kutt, massin funkab sajaga! :)

  74. rufftime1

    rufftime1Hace un día

    Well done. that's my kind of vehicle.

  75. Костя Локазюк

    Костя ЛоказюкHace un día


  76. NieJestemzPolskiPL

    NieJestemzPolskiPLHace un día

    This would benefit so much just from bigger tires.... Still, it works really well for what it is intended for.

  77. Павел Золотарев

    Павел ЗолотаревHace un día

    Мужик мало проварил, нужно было ещё полоской усилить..

  78. Александр Владимирович

    Александр ВладимировичHace un día

    Единственное мне непонятно по движку? У него веть переодическое голодания масла при таких наклона.

  79. Mike Remix

    Mike RemixHace un día

    8:13 When I do this I cover the bearings with leather gloves and I just weld a small bead between the teeth, that's more than enough and it prevents the bearings from being subjected to too high a temperature which has the consequence that they lose their hardness.

  80. Mike Remix

    Mike RemixHace un día

    5:41 Always put graphite grease on the thread, nothing else, I also put it on the vice thread and all threads subjected to high pressure