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  1. ShaggyUltraDante ;V

    ShaggyUltraDante ;VHace 4 minutos

    Ta chido el video wey

  2. Sebastian Cardona

    Sebastian CardonaHace 19 minutos

    1:55 ninja

  3. Andrei Climaco

    Andrei ClimacoHace 25 minutos

    Saves kit: In the water cats are scare on the water right? ok atleast it has a Robot body

  4. Jaime Nakedhead

    Jaime NakedheadHace 25 minutos

    They are twins! Lexa and Orin are twins because they look the same!so they are not a couple!

  5. Jorhel Lopez

    Jorhel LopezHace un hora

    Emote favorite ninja style


    ZMAXEDOUTHace un hora

    Orin and Lexa are the best

  7. Diamante :v 2

    Diamante :v 2Hace 2 horas

    Kit kat xd

  8. Caro uwu

    Caro uwuHace 2 horas


  9. Brieplusmnm2u

    Brieplusmnm2uHace 2 horas


  10. Arthur Cesar THU

    Arthur Cesar THUHace 3 horas

    Loserfruit! Loserfruit! Loserfruit! Marshmello! Marshmello! Marshmello! Travis! Travis! Travis! Ninja! Ninja! Ninja! Lachlan! Lachlan! Lachlan!

  11. Steven 1986

    Steven 1986Hace 3 horas

    grefg do be vibin he do be vibin

  12. Katherine Ortiz Neyra

    Katherine Ortiz NeyraHace 4 horas


  13. Extreme gamer.

    Extreme gamer.Hace 4 horas

  14. manuel g

    manuel gHace 4 horas

    1:13 a lo que viniste :D

  15. Erica Brooks

    Erica BrooksHace 5 horas


  16. Mishi Post

    Mishi PostHace 5 horas

    La skin de Thegrefg va muy bien con el baile. 2:10

  17. NiteChicken

    NiteChickenHace 5 horas

    i really want kit and meowscales so bad (meows)

  18. magally asch

    magally aschHace 5 horas


  19. Heather Vennes

    Heather VennesHace 5 horas


  20. Hassan abodaif

    Hassan abodaifHace 5 horas

    Hassan abodaif

  21. Hassan abodaif

    Hassan abodaifHace 5 horas

    I nit this skins

  22. Hayden Petit

    Hayden PetitHace 6 horas

    Kit ami


    KING REDHOODHace 6 horas

    Im cat😼😼mioo😻immmmmmmm cat

  24. Abraham Lincoln

    Abraham LincolnHace 6 horas

    Scott and ninja

  25. Matias Canales

    Matias CanalesHace 6 horas

    my ears D:

  26. YaBoySquiddy

    YaBoySquiddyHace 6 horas

    Wow man I bet travis is head banging

  27. Olek Omasta

    Olek OmastaHace 7 horas

    My favorite is head banger, Rage and ninja style

  28. Jade Scheffer

    Jade SchefferHace 7 horas

    I’m a kitty kitty I’m a cat

  29. PWXR

    PWXRHace 7 horas


  30. Joanna Terlińska

    Joanna TerlińskaHace 7 horas

    Koty są najlepsze na świecie 58 milionów

  31. Moochi Sunner

    Moochi SunnerHace 7 horas

    In Orin's bio it refrenced Lexa as his twin

  32. Alex Moore

    Alex MooreHace 7 horas

    Bad vid you literally showed us icon series like 6 times

  33. MrTHICCcat

    MrTHICCcatHace 7 horas

    Who forgot about the crazy boy emote

  34. Santiago Valverde

    Santiago ValverdeHace 8 horas

    Loserfruit's one

  35. Santiago Valverde

    Santiago ValverdeHace 8 horas


  36. Mahamud Hossain

    Mahamud HossainHace 8 horas

    *Kit* video request 5163-3749-2616 creative map!