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    Sage • 56 years ago • editedHace un hora

    Hello everybody this is YOUR daily dose of internet

  2. Max Group

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  3. spaceace

    spaceaceHace 2 horas

    thank u for giving me quality content that is exactly what was promised (: cute cat outta 10 (that's very high dont u know!)

  4. Annie Pillows

    Annie PillowsHace 2 horas

    Just let the cat sleep

  5. Amir NF

    Amir NFHace 2 horas

    *human breathing sounds*

  6. Donna P

    Donna PHace 2 horas

    Beans???? That is so funny!

  7. Spirit Draws

    Spirit DrawsHace 2 horas

    :O omg

  8. Mark Valles

    Mark VallesHace 3 horas

    Whenever our cats do that push the blanket thing, my girl and I call that "making bread" because it looks like kneading dough

  9. mewmew mewmew

    mewmew mewmewHace 3 horas

    Mr Kitty funtimes isn't open right now sir 😺 Stop touching my toes beans before I turn into a black hole and rid this earth of your ass 😸

  10. Memelord Catwoof Dogmeow

    Memelord Catwoof DogmeowHace 3 horas

    He got a kitty cold 😔. Hope he feels better soon.

  11. Mohammeda Abuduru

    Mohammeda AbuduruHace 3 horas

    Cat was glitched he just needed a little reset

  12. Black Panther

    Black PantherHace 3 horas


  13. Angel Hxze

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  14. CNL5

    CNL5Hace 4 horas

    I would sacrifice 3 hours of sneezes, coughs, itchy eyes, coughs, clogged nose, poofy eyes just to pet this cat for 2 minutes.

  15. Luke Salazar

    Luke SalazarHace 4 horas

    Also Jeffery Epstein didn't kill himself

  16. theone2be33

    theone2be33Hace 4 horas

    He don't like dusty old blankets

  17. Tommy Aiello

    Tommy AielloHace 5 horas

    Title checks out. Move along.

  18. Bob

    BobHace 6 horas

    yes, the captions helped me understand what was going on.... **SOUND OF HANDS RUBBING ON CAT FUR** **CAT PURRING** **CAT SNEEZES** **SNEEZES AGAIN** **HUMAN BREATHING SOUNDS** Thank you so much. That was very enjoyable.

  19. Janice Broom

    Janice BroomHace 6 horas

    Where are the beans? I am confused

  20. zukodude487987

    zukodude487987Hace 6 horas

    No clickbait.

  21. hey adora

    hey adoraHace 6 horas

    I literally thought the title said: “catra enjoys aggressive face scrubs, then sneezes”

  22. Not_Anythingdog X

    Not_Anythingdog XHace 6 horas

    Captions have exceeded my moral understandings

  23. NighttyeWolfuoria .-

    NighttyeWolfuoria .-Hace 6 horas

    To this day, he politely declines to leave

  24. Last Girl

    Last GirlHace 6 horas

    the purring 🥺

  25. Chillout nate

    Chillout nateHace 7 horas

    Sometimes u just gotta turn it off and turn it back on again

  26. Soup Campbell

    Soup CampbellHace 7 horas

    That’s is what happened. I am pleased with the accuracy

  27. How'about No

    How'about NoHace 7 horas

    For once no clickbait

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  29. Sophia's Shook

    Sophia's ShookHace 8 horas

    Idk why but I really love the accurate titles

  30. ghost gacha

    ghost gachaHace 8 horas

    He said "Whats plan B?"

  31. George Daughety

    George DaughetyHace 8 horas

    cats have poor eyesight up close. thats what their whiskers are for, to see whats close to them

  32. Random Guy

    Random GuyHace 8 horas

    Why people dislikes this you got what you came for

  33. Young Flamer

    Young FlamerHace 8 horas

    That's like when you follow an NPC and he starts waiting for you all of a sudden when you're just few steps in front of him.

  34. Michael Vazquez Jr

    Michael Vazquez JrHace 9 horas

    Human: dares to disturb the cat in his slumber Cat: MAI Human: understandable have a nice nap in the fort of floof

  35. Astroboy

    AstroboyHace 9 horas

    Crazy how cats like being under the blankets too...I had one years ago that would climb to my top bunk to nuzzle her way under the blanket to sleep right beside me. Every night.

  36. Bruh Moment

    Bruh MomentHace 9 horas

    Bless you

  37. Sierra Marie

    Sierra MarieHace 10 horas

    That was a ✨crisp✨ sneeze

  38. Amaza Toad

    Amaza ToadHace 10 horas

    It's like one of them glitches where you do an action too fast and it doesn't register. So you gotta redo it

  39. myxal l

    myxal lHace 10 horas

    Me when somebody wants to wake me up:

  40. Summer :p

    Summer :pHace 10 horas

    1 mil views?

  41. Que Aiko

    Que AikoHace 10 horas

    And this, this is content

  42. will

    willHace 10 horas

    I didn’t feel like I needed this but I do now

  43. Corn flaek

    Corn flaekHace 11 horas

    Thanks ESdos recommendation

  44. peperek

    peperekHace 11 horas

    bruh he just made 15k$ by this, life is unfair.

  45. anon ymous

    anon ymousHace 11 horas

    Covid detected! Run for your life hooman

  46. mkay_ here

    mkay_ hereHace 11 horas

    Demonstration of why.....When you typed password...but you feared that one letter could be mistaken..backspace and retype.

  47. anonymizzle

    anonymizzleHace 12 horas

    Leave him alone. People are annoying. The poor cat is just trying to sleep.

  48. Cypher五毛usuh

    Cypher五毛usuhHace 12 horas

    Sometimes cat just got laggy. My cat did this with her food. Sometimes meowing for few hours despite having mountain full of food. I just have to manually reassign their AI by fake-pour the food in front of them.

  49. Faahim 7632

    Faahim 7632Hace 12 horas

    Pokemon company : we need a new idea some employee : sir what about this Pokemon company : ABSOLOUTLY BRILLIANT YOU ARE PROMOTED WHATS YOUR NAME? employee : my name is Polite cat nice to meet you human

  50. Pro QBr

    Pro QBrHace 13 horas

    the only cute cat video to exist

  51. sipos0

    sipos0Hace 13 horas

    "Keep your hands off of my beans!" Good kitty, being so cute and polite about it :)

  52. DRAgonOstRacK TM

    DRAgonOstRacK TMHace 13 horas

    Only if humans were this smart

  53. Fluffy the neko

    Fluffy the nekoHace 13 horas

    Video delivers

  54. Shanell Steffen

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  55. Carson's Gaming Videos

    Carson's Gaming VideosHace 14 horas

    Cat: sneezes Owner of the cat: I gotta give this to my friend to see

  56. :3

    :3Hace 14 horas

    how can i super like a video

  57. CalibratedRex

    CalibratedRexHace 14 horas

    Human: TOE BEANS!!! :D Cat: "Yeahhh, Yeahhh.. if you could not touch my toes and let me sleep? That'd be greaaat."

  58. C Kyung

    C KyungHace 14 horas

    Can a hooman politely decline having their cat walk on their bladder while they're still laying in bed? No.

  59. Gantoo

    GantooHace 14 horas

    Awwww ❤️😊 Also, best use of captations i've seen! :D

  60. *•DarkDragon•*

    *•DarkDragon•*Hace 14 horas

    This is a great video of a Cat politely asks to be put under blanket, then sneezes.

  61. BrickBall GGFTC

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  62. Tomas Dahuabe

    Tomas DahuabeHace 15 horas

    People who disliked don't know how to read titles

  63. L J D UK

    L J D UKHace 15 horas

    Why are you annoying your cat when it’s sleeping, 😖

  64. xPolar Playz

    xPolar PlayzHace 15 horas

    cute loaf

  65. DeusXDebauchery

    DeusXDebaucheryHace 15 horas

    Cat sneezes TWICE. Clickbait. Reported.

  66. Dooctor2928 Marius Grama

    Dooctor2928 Marius GramaHace 15 horas

    I fucking died

  67. NoodleMan Things

    NoodleMan ThingsHace 16 horas

    Mmm cat video's, they're always good

  68. Gridz

    GridzHace 16 horas

    & we’ve got people purposely sneezing & coughing on people to spread corona 🤷‍♂️

  69. Gigi Muse

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  70. Lucie_Gacha_lul_ UwU

    Lucie_Gacha_lul_ UwUHace 16 horas

    thanks, now i have more reasons to ask my mom for a cat

  71. Squid Girl

    Squid GirlHace 16 horas

    The least clickbait title on ESdos. All content delivered.

  72. Xenith

    XenithHace 17 horas

    people who disliked sneezed and accidently hit the dislike button

  73. Unknown_BG

    Unknown_BGHace 17 horas

    Hooman: *moves blanket* Cat: *FUCK YOU* Hooman: Understandable, have a great day.

  74. Filia Dei

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  75. Courtney Buzash

    Courtney BuzashHace 18 horas

    That sneeze gave me jump scare vibes

  76. Lola Hennrich

    Lola HennrichHace 18 horas

    This is me right after I'm sick and my sinuses are full and my mom massages them to empty them and I'm just like sneeze sneeze sneeze afterwards

  77. Bhavya Doshi

    Bhavya DoshiHace 19 horas

    Soft kitty warm kitty little ball of furr

  78. Treemotan

    TreemotanHace 19 horas

    Mine does something similar, except she squints at you and gives you the evil eye while doing this little trill/quirrel noise.

  79. amelia m

    amelia mHace 19 horas


  80. LOLBIT -v-

    LOLBIT -v-Hace 19 horas

    *M* æ Sorry my lord