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    He missed crazycraft!

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    It happened to me once to, that one of my favourite ESdosr moved on to Fortnite a little, which gave me pain and now I kept on watching his friend's content because he kept on making Minecraft content, like a serie which made me go more interested in. that German MC YT that created Fortnite and Minecraft content at the same time is Arazuhl, he forgot to continue a saga, which his journey back to Modkiste world. Idk the Generations of that one Saga from that one YT's friend, but I can say I mostly like his Saga. Even Germans and Austreas has gotten into them. And his name is Chaosflo44 There was also a Project called: Varo Varo was a amazing Project to MC German ESdosrs and sadly the creator got tired of it and decided to discontinue... and I was excited for Varo 5 Varo is a project where popular German Minecraft ESdosrs battle against each other, every MC YT person has a partner which must lead themselves into the last people standing. If the last 2 (1) people (person) standing, means that their team won. A German MC YT made some Songs about Varo, and he is also in Varo and his name is LucasDerRapper. Damn... These good ol' memories... some German MC YT made a series on YT... And people has gotten interests in it... I miss these old times... Even the Trio... the AraFloOderSo Trio by Arazuhl, Chaosflo44 and LarsOderSo... DanTDM got me also interests into Minecraft mods too and I really wanted to play Minecraft, that's how I started with the console edition first (XBox One). It was good old times with MC YT...

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    wait... river is also a biome, when i made a world i chose world type single biome and there was river aswell as frozen river

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    Thank u for the video

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    The thumbnail happened to me once

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    Dude is it on spawn course how will I find some of the seeds

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    I was like wait what about dream us he not important anymore and than he said dream was the best :P Nice

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    *Just a weird basement where they keep kids or something*

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    bill wurtz would be proud

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    so you need to be a programer who is more powerfull then god thats inpossabell

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    The nostalgia man the nostalgia

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    3:59 Ooohh... I could just put that on repeat for an hour everyday before I go to bed. Would never be tired for school again!

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    When did goats come out? Or am I just an idiot?

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    The Dan lab gave me more memories of the old MC ESdosrs I liked Like Arazhul It gives me memories of good ol' Minecraft times.

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    I tried my own seed and I spawned in a ravine

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    jerome was so fucking funny

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    Is there a mob spawner for girlfriends⁉️

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    minecraft is a jojo reference

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    I like how redstone came to Minecraft before hunger

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    you sure dream did a 100 minecraft manhunts?

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    who remembers the x box 360 tutorial world

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    Physics in this video: Adios

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    4:31 Ay bro chill, I still have PTSD from that video...

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    End is sky dimension

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    I get struck by lightning every time

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    You forgot something........ Hermitcraft Season 1

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    The gods will take among us but they will keep minecraft for me:)

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    My 1.16 bedrock on ps4 still spawns carved pumpkins near villages in spruce tiagas.

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    Is Minecraft Bedrock?

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    deadlox is clickbait now

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    I think they were also starting to play among us because among us came in 2018

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    On the 2b2t world seed there's a naturally spawning snow golem.

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    2021 is today

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    i remember the nether reactor

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    trying to use vicks modern warfare mod MY LAPTOP IS GONNA CATCH ON FIRE

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    On some seeds a mushroom island biome can spawn conjoined with land (which isn't supposed to be possible) and can even be right at spawn. There's also an amazing seed on bedrock where an outpost spawns within the edge of a village.

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    Hey but I got a world with exacly the same biomes once on xbox 360 adition. I think it is rare but not impossible or that world is part of the iluminarty

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    you forgot mekanism, but nice video.

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    For Part 2: Ssundee lucky block arena Ethoslab world

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    July 7 2010 I was born

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    Here's a glitch so old (around 1.2 or so) 95% of people didn't even know was a glitch until it was patched in 1.14 "Furnaces when mined will drop stored xp"

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    I my self have found a repeating seed that nobody else knows avout in Java

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    Minecraft is old

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    2011 I was a baby

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    lmao i found a cave with like 9 emeralds visible


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    Why is there Terraria music in a MINECRAFT VIDEO?!?!?

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    I wasn't even born in 2010


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    Hol up I just realized that this pic I were dream did one of manhunts 6:59

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    My childhood in one video... wow

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    Played Pocket Edition from 2011-2013, then with 1,7,10. i swtiched to Computer in 2014. Good times indeed

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    just a phenomenal youtube video

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    the minecart one was so nostalgic

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    Can we stand on lava? No Why? The lava is a deadly laser

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    Minecraft D best😌


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    2:12 He has a wooden axe (world edit) so that thing isn't natural

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    "There's even mushrooms" Mushrooms: *Am I a joke to you?*

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    I found a fully functioning end portal about 10 years ago.

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    Duc k it, just use the single biome option in world generation

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    2:38 a place where its oppisite day and villagers go vibe

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    This makes me feel like the whole joke constructions have been “originally copied” from someone who really worked hard on them while everyone really did liked it

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    10:31 true...

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    Dream: These are rookie numbers

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