Olympus Great Danes
Olympus Great Danes
Olympus Great Danes

Zeus, Apollo \u0026 mum
Three sentences to describe us: Crazy dog mom. Great Dane breeder. Professional napper.

  1. Rizzen444

    Rizzen444Hace 5 horas

    True that...

  2. PinupZombie 22

    PinupZombie 22Hace 7 horas

    They don’t really lick your face like most dogs haha great Danes just typically put their mouth on yours!

  3. Foreverchanger

    ForeverchangerHace 9 horas

    You done broke his heart. How could you break his heart? 😅

  4. JayGod Up

    JayGod UpHace 10 horas

    Just got my Great Dane HE'S EVERYTHING ❤️🤙🏾

  5. Jason Harbinger

    Jason HarbingerHace 14 horas

    That was ..... man pretty people can do anything and not be cringy lol

  6. Jules

    JulesHace 15 horas

    That’s so ugly

  7. Anime Simper

    Anime SimperHace 23 horas

    8 MONTHS!??? 😱 so big...how time flies for your dogs...

  8. MC CG

    MC CGHace un día

    she needs to get rid of that dog and get a man..... I pity her...

  9. yusrakhman Fitri

    yusrakhman FitriHace un día

    I love your eyes ,I wana see closer...😂

  10. yusrakhman Fitri

    yusrakhman FitriHace un día

    Scoooo bidu bidu.....😂🤣

  11. Phil The GUT Heath

    Phil The GUT HeathHace un día

    You got those gym clothes to make tik toks?

  12. Toiletman GamingHD

    Toiletman GamingHDHace un día

    oh shit Tik tok is ruining youtube

  13. Rutvi Kawa

    Rutvi KawaHace un día

    Awww so cute

  14. Karin Liane

    Karin LianeHace un día

    I am going to meet Friend from FBI , to discuss. Security. Matter's ! 🦩

  15. miguel angel ramirez

    miguel angel ramirezHace un día

    Vaya hasta que no haces una de tus bromas pesadas 🧐

  16. Isah Yuyux

    Isah YuyuxHace un día

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  17. Bex YT

    Bex YTHace un día

    Zeus's jummy 🤩

  18. Bex YT

    Bex YTHace un día

    Apollo is very pretty and funny dog 😋

  19. Lya Z.

    Lya Z.Hace un día

    I would not do that this dog is a giant.