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  1. Alex Wintermantel

    Alex WintermantelHace 6 horas

    Lol what do these vets do to these dogs 😂

  2. Eyahir Ramirez

    Eyahir RamirezHace 6 horas

    pu ta pu ta pu ta

  3. Linda Sadinmaa

    Linda SadinmaaHace 6 horas

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  4. mboiko

    mboikoHace 6 horas

    A few of these owners were definitely being their dogs.

  5. Mario Aveline

    Mario AvelineHace 6 horas

    Super chien très affectueux avec toute la famille, intelligent.belle race

  6. Tony Kruy

    Tony KruyHace 7 horas

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  7. Tony Kruy

    Tony KruyHace 7 horas

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  8. M&S أبو سعيد

    M&S أبو سعيدHace 7 horas

    كلبؤ يشم الفضلتو يعو لا يقعد ويبسؤ الانسؤ

  9. Lisa Fitzpatrick

    Lisa FitzpatrickHace 7 horas

    Why do people think it's funny to record there dogs anxiety and how scared they are instead of comforting them!!!!

  10. Хельга Т.

    Хельга Т.Hace 7 horas


  11. Da'Michael Tolliver

    Da'Michael TolliverHace 8 horas

    Aaawwww soooo cuite 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  12. Tonya Gonzalez

    Tonya GonzalezHace 8 horas

    That spotted dog is too lazy to stand up to eat very cute and spoiled. Love to see a dog really enjoying television! Funny stuff!

  13. Хельга Т.

    Хельга Т.Hace 8 horas


  14. Maria Wilding

    Maria WildingHace 8 horas

    That car reaching for its baby from the person was just so adorable

  15. ludovic gauthier

    ludovic gauthierHace 8 horas

    quel caractère de chien ! !

  16. Zofia Czrsny

    Zofia CzrsnyHace 8 horas


  17. Nana Nana

    Nana NanaHace 8 horas


  18. craig79792000

    craig79792000Hace 8 horas

    Is it just me or are most of these people better looking than average? Very few fatties or nerds, not judging fatties or nerds as I am both. Makes me think it is more of an ego driven "look at me" thing.

  19. Johnny Bermúdez

    Johnny BermúdezHace 8 horas

    Jajajaja jajajaja pero que Buenos son los videos

  20. Хельга Т.

    Хельга Т.Hace 8 horas


  21. Abhi Kandolkar

    Abhi KandolkarHace 8 horas

    It gives smile on my face thnx

  22. Tamara Lundberg

    Tamara LundbergHace 8 horas

    The man in video&person tossing the kittens should b charged with felony animal cruelty!

  23. Slobo Barovic

    Slobo BarovicHace 9 horas

    Kil the rats

  24. JimBaked

    JimBakedHace 9 horas

    6:34 The dog in the back standing on the fence like a cat, yep those are huskies for ya

  25. Sharon Duval

    Sharon DuvalHace 9 horas

    Animals are wonderful. They deserve respect. I love all animals.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  26. Edward Hawley

    Edward HawleyHace 9 horas

    while it's funny to watch your dogs reaction to his reflection, you can break his hostile reaction by getting down in the mirror with your dog. He will recognize you and soon realize he is seeing himself instead of a rival in his house.

  27. Alina le goff

    Alina le goffHace 9 horas

    Hihihihi je suis pliee drire

  28. R.GAMING

    R.GAMINGHace 9 horas

    I had a dog called Bobby and he was my best friend he was my family and he had to be put to sleep as he had a lump on his right side that was causing him to have bad fits and the vet said that they would only get worse and I swear the pain that went through my heart when I took him into the room was so bad he looked me in the eyes them big brown eyes of his and it was like he was telling me it was ok and I swear I broke down and it killed me he just laid there with his head resting against my chest and when he passed it looked like he was sleeping against my chest and I cried for hours that day I couldn't stop that was now 5 years ago and I still miss him he is my good boy he was my brother he was there when no one else was he was there when I was sad and sick and he always knew how to comfort me I miss you Bobby hope heaven is treating you well I'll see you one day boy and we can finally be brothers again me and you against the world like before ❤

  29. Pokemon Pikachu

    Pokemon PikachuHace 9 horas

    The first one was too cute and loyal

  30. Kwstas argos

    Kwstas argosHace 9 horas

    Ψυχές μού όμορφες

  31. Chetan Padiyar

    Chetan PadiyarHace 9 horas

    0:41 which breed is that??

  32. David Kang

    David KangHace 10 horas

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  33. John Nwako

    John NwakoHace 10 horas

  34. Ilyssa Hagood

    Ilyssa HagoodHace 10 horas

    1:54 😂

  35. John's Pass Kiosk

    John's Pass KioskHace 10 horas

    you dont hit a dog with a slipper. that should be removed and maybe hit the master with the slipper

  36. Tina Northcutt

    Tina NorthcuttHace 10 horas

    the first one omg LOL

  37. Curtis Gordon

    Curtis GordonHace 10 horas

    I loved it when the man placed a pillow under the dogs head

  38. g

    gHace 10 horas


  39. Sue O'Connor

    Sue O'ConnorHace 10 horas

    Absolutely brilliant

  40. Марина Ларенко

    Марина ЛаренкоHace 10 horas

    Можно сойти с ума!! Такая милота!!!!

  41. poppykok5

    poppykok5Hace 10 horas

    I always (literally) get a tremendous amount of PURE JOY watching animals & their humans who obviously love each other so much...To me it's a beautiful & heartwarming thing to see... *: )*

  42. Марина Ларенко

    Марина ЛаренкоHace 10 horas

    Чем больше узнаю животных,людей не люблю!!

  43. Марина Ларенко

    Марина ЛаренкоHace 10 horas

    Мой бог!!¡Какие они хорошие!!!

  44. Марина Ларенко

    Марина ЛаренкоHace 10 horas

    Душа болит!!

  45. jaesm !

    jaesm !Hace 10 horas

    can anyone plz tell me what breed is that on 0:26 ?

  46. Alpha Wølf Flare

    Alpha Wølf FlareHace 10 horas

    I saw Meeka the Husky, I’m a huge fan of her. Where did you find that clip of her?

  47. dok nox

    dok noxHace 10 horas

    Laugh like a drain huh? Who the f wrote this title?🤦‍♂️

  48. ali imran

    ali imranHace 11 horas

    Tiny dog so cute only one dog butter in house

  49. Michael Weaver

    Michael WeaverHace 11 horas

    that dog going into the pool to "rescue" the child is simply amazing. well done pooch (and the child is ok, so that great!).

  50. Anne Le gloan

    Anne Le gloanHace 11 horas

    Pauvres toutous, bien sûr qu'il y a de quoi être traumatisé d'aller c/o le véto, aux soi-disant "maîtres" de voir un comportementaliste animalier, pour y remédier 😬🤯😤☄🌋

  51. SuFYaN GaMeR

    SuFYaN GaMeRHace 11 horas

    Dog love owner more then himself ❤️

  52. Stray Tarnish

    Stray TarnishHace 11 horas

    Makes you wonder how many of those folks are vegetarian

  53. B Whitham

    B WhithamHace 11 horas

    Great video except for the animal shown licking a man’s stomach and the animal shown licking the man’s back.

  54. ZY Choo

    ZY ChooHace 11 horas

    I haven't tried this but i suspect my cat will like it too....

  55. Dhruv Naik

    Dhruv NaikHace 11 horas

    3:25 the dog telling his story............there was a girl who stolen my heart but then she broke my heart.i want new gf human

  56. فیروزه ناصری

    فیروزه ناصریHace 11 horas


  57. Tramp

    TrampHace 11 horas

    They show love without strings attached. My cockatiel just said " good morning, are you ok, come kiss me." My two cats slept on my tummy all night.

  58. Aliyah Alexander

    Aliyah AlexanderHace 12 horas

    5:19 it was funny but sad😂😂

  59. Romeo Zabala

    Romeo ZabalaHace 12 horas

    How rude the persons that put dislike

  60. Pam White

    Pam WhiteHace 12 horas

    0:44 the dog was already dead😤😔

  61. Mayn 90's

    Mayn 90'sHace 12 horas

    Yeah keep letting that puppy German Shepherd act that way. You'll have a greeeat dog :P Seriously some of these dogs need way more training and care than what the owners are putting out.

  62. Mayn 90's

    Mayn 90'sHace 12 horas

    You really shouldn't mess with a dogs food. Imagine if someone had a string on your hamburger just yanking it away. Lol kinda funny, but at the same time it isn't

  63. Ru’Shaun Prioleau

    Ru’Shaun PrioleauHace 12 horas

    First of all that my old town recorder

  64. kefinator nator

    kefinator natorHace 12 horas

    PLZ someone at 4:23 what is that dogs race!!1 i just falled in love lol

  65. deborah chinn

    deborah chinnHace 13 horas

    This must be before veterinarian appointment check ins were conducted “car side!”

  66. owen conley

    owen conleyHace 13 horas

    i started to tear up in the first few seconds for some reason


    SOCKS DOGHace 13 horas

    Cute😍❤️😂 from japan

  68. Hello World

    Hello WorldHace 14 horas

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  69. jassie dei

    jassie deiHace 14 horas

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