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I'm Alex, that girl with the cars and I hunt down the world's coolest cars!

Agent: WME -

New Audi RS E-Tron GT!
The New Ferrari Roma!


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  1. Kavinraj N

    Kavinraj NHace 19 horas

    Ever visited india. . We look garbage comparing ur lifestyle

  2. Malte D

    Malte DHace 19 horas

    I like this channel hahaha

  3. sumit7713

    sumit7713Hace 19 horas

    Oh my god wow 🤩

  4. The Dencker

    The DenckerHace 19 horas

    This is probably the most ugly car Ferrari have ever made period.

  5. Amruddin Faizi

    Amruddin FaiziHace 20 horas

    Hi I love your show and can you please make one episode about armor luxury cars ?

  6. vysakh p viswanath

    vysakh p viswanathHace 20 horas

    Just here bcos of Hanz Zimmer

  7. TV Láo

    TV LáoHace 20 horas

    Hot girl

  8. Chris Gomes

    Chris GomesHace 20 horas

    I actually robbed this car ..... In GTA 5 😂😂 , its speed is around 160 - 165 miles per hour in GTA , much slower than real life

  9. Marco Estefan Quiacosan

    Marco Estefan QuiacosanHace 20 horas

    I hope you could read my message in your facebook account Supercar Blondie. Much love, more power! 🙏🏼🇵🇭

  10. Min Thu

    Min ThuHace 20 horas


  11. Juan Playas

    Juan PlayasHace 20 horas

    simply fantastic

  12. RapidRrobert

    RapidRrobertHace 20 horas

    Touch screen is a terrible idea for a boat, has the designer ever been in one at speed?

  13. Hamza MASOUD

    Hamza MASOUDHace 21 un hora


  14. Alex Gram

    Alex GramHace 21 un hora

    a cable in front and gasoline as fuel - but very nice car.

  15. Bhuvanesh Mani

    Bhuvanesh ManiHace 21 un hora

    The speed of the Speedtail is 403

  16. Robert K Brooks

    Robert K BrooksHace 21 un hora

    Now that is some cool Jonny Quest Boat.

  17. JayrseyshoreGardner

    JayrseyshoreGardnerHace 21 un hora

    Definitely American muscle

  18. Mak Abdennabi

    Mak AbdennabiHace 21 un hora

    Love your videos! but i am surprised that you never saw an sd card in a car-my 2018 Q7 has two readers, and most German cars usually have those….

  19. Vipul Vanondiya

    Vipul VanondiyaHace 21 un hora

    Please give me one car

  20. Tracer X

    Tracer XHace 21 un hora

    I would never find myself in this car even in a million years

  21. Sajim Sulaiman

    Sajim SulaimanHace 21 un hora

    Before Corona......

  22. Sajim Sulaiman

    Sajim SulaimanHace 21 un hora

    If you are in a hurry to go somewhere...... You can't Skip the intro.......

  23. Sudantha Victoria

    Sudantha VictoriaHace 21 un hora

    Spoiler warning!!!

  24. Murtaza Ali

    Murtaza AliHace 21 un hora

    Good car

  25. Nagendra Chinnu

    Nagendra ChinnuHace 21 un hora

    Looking that sound wowww it's crazy.... ❤️😍

  26. 18WJ1A03H8 Shivaji

    18WJ1A03H8 ShivajiHace 21 un hora

    One person missing Paul Walker 😔😔😔🤕🤕🤕❤️❤️❤️❤️

  27. Valentine Jeremiah

    Valentine JeremiahHace 21 un hora

    Spoiler alert

  28. WatchNLearn

    WatchNLearnHace 21 un hora

    This car looks like something from halo lol bc of its color

  29. Sievert Körber

    Sievert KörberHace 22 horas

    nur 230 km/h was da los

  30. ozoro

    ozoroHace 22 horas

    me : ... wheres the door handle bburh

  31. FOMA777

    FOMA777Hace 22 horas


  32. Nzm Yousuf

    Nzm YousufHace 22 horas

    Honestly Its not eye catchy … more creative mind is required to turn heads

  33. panjualede

    panjualedeHace 22 horas

    so beautiful, you, it shows you stop that vegan diet, great

  34. stachowiak70

    stachowiak70Hace 22 horas

    While you are here in LA. You gotta check out "IN and Out Burgers". And in the San Fernando Valley. ""Cupid hot dogs". In Northridge.

  35. Catapults & Bodybuilding Since 2000

    Catapults & Bodybuilding Since 2000Hace 22 horas


  36. هاشم علي

    هاشم عليHace 22 horas

    الوردا البيط

  37. هاشم علي

    هاشم عليHace 22 horas

    الوردا البيط

  38. Simmy Sekhon

    Simmy SekhonHace 22 horas

    Nice 👍🏻

  39. Akash Lahare

    Akash LahareHace 22 horas

    There are lots of finance bachelor's and I'm also in first year of MBA(finance) yeah!! 😍😍👊

  40. J K

    J KHace 22 horas


  41. Akash Lahare

    Akash LahareHace 22 horas


  42. Jordi Prats Valero

    Jordi Prats ValeroHace 23 horas

    Corvette C8 with a stolen body design from Gilsun Park @ Porsche. Meh.

  43. Wyndy Lyrics And More

    Wyndy Lyrics And MoreHace 23 horas

    Hi supercarblondie😍😍I'm a silent viewer from Philippines!hope you notice me!!


    LORDZEDDHace 23 horas

    Mitja you did that right there dude!!!!

  45. G T

    G THace 23 horas

    But don't forget this is car will be not ready until 2022!!! And that time TESLA will be very far ahead. May be if price will be right BMW can compete with TESLA.

  46. exclusive edits

    exclusive editsHace 23 horas

    I drive this car in gta5 😁😆😆😆

  47. Shalu Begum

    Shalu BegumHace 23 horas

    Can you tell us who is better Lamborghini or Bugatti

  48. FOMA777

    FOMA777Hace 23 horas

    I would marry you, honestly !!!

  49. FOMA777

    FOMA777Hace 23 horas

    Sympathetic ,,, I'm already your guest +++

  50. FOMA777

    FOMA777Hace 23 horas

    Great channel, wonderful girl Keep it up +++

  51. GAMAS Vlog

    GAMAS VlogHace 23 horas

    Thank you sir

  52. Engin Balli

    Engin BalliHace 23 horas


  53. Engin Balli

    Engin BalliHace 23 horas

    Absolut crazy cars Beautiful

  54. Lorraine Briggs

    Lorraine BriggsHace 23 horas

    *ONLY 18+* ➡️ MEETME.BABY ESdos: This is fine Someone: Says "heck" ESdos: BE GONE

  55. Sumaira Irfan

    Sumaira IrfanHace 23 horas

    I have Whatsap you has the message visible

  56. Engin Balli

    Engin BalliHace 23 horas

    Süpercar Blondi supa hübsch and Amazing Cars

  57. Bodrengiz

    BodrengizHace 23 horas

    Golden for exterior…Maroon for interior

  58. Jel

    JelHace 23 horas

    Well done Alex, it looks great. Yellow paint, green instead of black with the (Audi) beige interior, keep the Aussie connection.

  59. Frederick - How The Two Minds Work

    Frederick - How The Two Minds WorkHace un día

    Love it BUT --- my 20 year old ford cost me only $500 dollars, and will still be going when I'm not.

  60. Kenton Engel

    Kenton EngelHace un día

    It blows my mind that Porsche wasted a test drive on you - seriously. It’s shocking how little you know, or cared to research.

  61. Muhammad Abdur-Rehman Kiyani

    Muhammad Abdur-Rehman KiyaniHace un día

    Is that a soupwa?

  62. maserati power

    maserati powerHace un día


  63. Sanjida Ahmed

    Sanjida AhmedHace un día

    Indian culture is very bad. I am American rich men I said India is very bad city in the world. I have many many many more supercar of my office. Ok it is some 2 or 6 lax of car. So you can check my cars

  64. Ravi Tejjj

    Ravi TejjjHace un día

    One in the world n owned by ronaldoo🥱

  65. kaswrp

    kaswrpHace un día

    Me causally waiting for next week to get a Bugatti Chiron for $3,700,000 and they’re all in my investment on crypto...

  66. Usman Haliru

    Usman HaliruHace un día

    I like it

  67. Pankaj Bansal

    Pankaj BansalHace un día


  68. Juvenile Delinquet

    Juvenile DelinquetHace un día

    Sitting in Mercedes Maybach Pullman in Tea-Shirt, Jeans & Jogers is "Blasphemy" Lots & Loads of Lolz......!!!

  69. Raz Shrestha

    Raz ShresthaHace un día

    Most women she showed in the video is all already rich women of 🇦🇪 UAE ! What the heck ?

  70. A.S. Bhullar

    A.S. BhullarHace un día

    Supercar browni 😂😂👌

  71. Data planet

    Data planetHace un día

    Desi girls should stay desi, Her California accent is making everybody cringe.

  72. Ekin Elçi

    Ekin ElçiHace un día

    That one downside for you is one upside for me. I like how it’s not screaming “I’m special” but has all the power. Nice vid as always.

  73. Jun Garcia

    Jun GarciaHace un día

    Wow nice car

  74. هاشم علي

    هاشم عليHace un día

    الوردا البيط

  75. isnadi isnadi

    isnadi isnadiHace un día

    Louar biasa skali Kendaraan super mewah & segalanya.!