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King Dogs
King Dogs

In this channel, there are the strongest, biggest, bravest, most dangerous, muscular, most aggressive, smartest, most disciplined and warrior dogs in the world.

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  1. Fia Pia

    Fia PiaHace 23 minutos

    give him pats

  2. Willie Bravo

    Willie BravoHace 23 minutos

    Looks like a female if u put it into full screen but idk. But fr my brother owns a dog like this. Beautiful dogs

  3. Emma Beney

    Emma BeneyHace 27 minutos

    *pat pat

  4. Landon the God mode

    Landon the God modeHace 29 minutos

    uh im his fog now

  5. today's a good day

    today's a good dayHace 30 minutos

    I'dd definitely go about my business, dog will click on your no threat as soon as you stop acting sus

  6. LED ZEPPELIN 1968

    LED ZEPPELIN 1968Hace 30 minutos

    A prayer

  7. icy

    icyHace 30 minutos

    Hug him

  8. F U

    F UHace 31 un minuto

    I would pet it

  9. -Mehmet VÉVØ.

    -Mehmet VÉVØ.Hace 32 minutos

    - Her bir yiğidin bir duruşu vardır.


    C MEEKER GOHace 34 minutos

    "Did anyone say mud bath"!

  11. TBN

    TBNHace 34 minutos

    Do you even lift ?

  12. Marcus James

    Marcus JamesHace 35 minutos


  13. silentwhisper742

    silentwhisper742Hace 35 minutos

    Another genius. Hatsoff!

  14. Miah M

    Miah MHace 35 minutos

    I wouldn’t be scared, i have a red nose pitbull myself and they are some of the sweetest dogs out there ❤️

  15. Ines Naglic

    Ines NaglicHace 36 minutos

    Play death 😳

  16. matty tat

    matty tatHace 36 minutos

    i interestingly enough have a horrible phobia of dogs, its very real but i don't remember what's its called, if i say him running at me i'd pass out right there. but he's a cutie overall.

  17. Deku M i d orya

    Deku M i d oryaHace 36 minutos

    I would run from my homeless life

  18. JOE OR GUS

    JOE OR GUSHace 39 minutos

    The Cuddle Monster

  19. Mohammed Zaman

    Mohammed ZamanHace 39 minutos

    Lucifer I would love to have a dog like this Can’t get mad dogs these days

  20. CaptainPanda14

    CaptainPanda14Hace 40 minutos

    Name it “AHHHHHH” because most people already know his name without asking

  21. wolfkouk zatochi

    wolfkouk zatochiHace 43 minutos


  22. Chuck Bryant

    Chuck BryantHace 44 minutos

    Besides the obvious concerns about the owner. The striped shirt guy failed. I bet next time he’ll be ready.

  23. Soundwave Superior

    Soundwave SuperiorHace 46 minutos

    Idk if like steam him and we'd become best friends or something

  24. Chris Busso

    Chris BussoHace 46 minutos

    Give him my protein shake...

  25. Royko Farm

    Royko FarmHace 47 minutos

    The walk involved offroading.

  26. broski

    broskiHace 48 minutos

    Awww.. all three are super cute monsters, killers. I'm sure they will rip off many hands and legs in their time. 😍😍😍😍😍

  27. Karis McCoy

    Karis McCoyHace 50 minutos

    That dog just looks like a slightly bigger and different colored version of my dog. I would pet it.

  28. Drake Film Studios

    Drake Film StudiosHace 51 un minuto

    AaaAaaAH she made me flinch jeez

  29. ミンジェシー

    ミンジェシーHace 52 minutos

    This one is cute because he is calm and friendly. A completely mad wild one sprinted towards me without collar /owner/leash for a hundred metres and i just froze up hoping i didnt die

  30. Estyy Kachi

    Estyy KachiHace 52 minutos

    I will take benjohnson.

  31. Lincoln Andres

    Lincoln AndresHace 55 minutos

    id show no fear

  32. AmoresVault

    AmoresVaultHace 59 minutos

    I would name it "ufinnadie"

  33. RAMBEAST gamer

    RAMBEAST gamerHace 59 minutos

    Back away very very slowly and stand tall

  34. Quantavius Poole

    Quantavius PooleHace 59 minutos

    Killer is his name

  35. CarbonEdge

    CarbonEdgeHace un hora

    Lil buddy

  36. Trucker Jack

    Trucker JackHace un hora

    Idk but I would love to put it's owner on that same leash for a few weeks.. Maybe then they'll realize how fucked up it is..

  37. Ken Hibbard

    Ken HibbardHace un hora


  38. idratherbflyingthesaucer #62

    idratherbflyingthesaucer #62Hace un hora

    Crap in my hand and hold it out to him. He will stop I promise, even dogs aren't down with peoples sh*t these days

  39. sjenkins91812

    sjenkins91812Hace un hora

    Huh... the old saying, "As happy as a husky in a mud puddle," I guess.

  40. TalentedCEO

    TalentedCEOHace un hora

    Not even gonna lie thats a cool lookin dog

  41. Andre Cash

    Andre CashHace un hora

    I’m really ready to risk it all and pet him😂🥺

  42. Steven Dowens

    Steven DowensHace un hora

    He likes to play in the mud with them. This happens daily. One might say he thinks he’s part of the pack. Or at least wants to be.

  43. Little Red

    Little RedHace un hora

    The fact people are laughing and filming they won't be laughing when he gets out 😕

  44. Micheal Tasciotti

    Micheal TasciottiHace un hora

    "I would pet him and love him and call him George."

  45. Sheila Mackliet

    Sheila MacklietHace un hora

    They saw a cat on the other side of the bog.

  46. rigo quintino

    rigo quintinoHace un hora

    Lol it looks like an animated scene from a movie or a video game

  47. Lanai Corbin

    Lanai CorbinHace un hora

    Run wtf all these ppl saying “give him a treat” and Shit I WOULD RUNN FOR MY MOTHER FUCKING LIFE and ion run

  48. M M

    M MHace un hora


  49. CoolSkeleton92

    CoolSkeleton92Hace un hora

    *activate doggo voice*

  50. DFunk07

    DFunk07Hace un hora

    They’re all cute 🐕🐕🐕♥️♥️♥️

  51. lavender graveyard

    lavender graveyardHace un hora

    aww their so cute id pet him and call them the best boy

  52. Omar Salas

    Omar SalasHace un hora


  53. O h

    O hHace un hora

    “Does your dog jump up on people?” “Oh you mean Tony Ferguson? Nah, however he has a sick ankle pick game though, so I’d watch out if I were you.”

  54. Lydia Washington

    Lydia WashingtonHace un hora


  55. O-mega Supreme

    O-mega SupremeHace un hora


  56. Sherry Janes

    Sherry JanesHace un hora

    It looks like his dogs took him for a walk.

  57. haider ali channel

    haider ali channelHace un hora

    I will hug him


    FK COMPSHDHace un hora

    🙏 pray!!

  59. Anna the black

    Anna the blackHace un hora

    🤦‍♀️ Poor wolf mama... surrounded by stupidity.

  60. John Barton

    John BartonHace un hora

    I would give him all my love and affection

  61. Sora Bibi

    Sora BibiHace un hora

    I would name it thunder

  62. Mad Hawk

    Mad HawkHace un hora

    Something got the dogs attention and that muddy guy didn't let go of the leash !!

  63. B.I.G

    B.I.GHace un hora

    If that dog was mine, dog would name me

  64. Sean Lin

    Sean LinHace un hora

    At first I thought it was a clip from a video game or something.

  65. Kareem Ezzat

    Kareem EzzatHace un hora

    Wow I think the camera didn't survive

  66. cirque du kyoki

    cirque du kyokiHace un hora

    Their name shall me fn:youth mn:an ln:eyes

  67. Louise Davies

    Louise DaviesHace un hora

    More than likely been very cruely mistreated to make him so defensive and aggressive. Sad.!!

  68. Iain Wyse

    Iain WyseHace un hora

    Gilbert "Shut the fuck up with that barking Gilbert,I'm trying to watch eastenders"

  69. supreme skull

    supreme skullHace un hora

    First of all dont go closer she is doing job no shit she gonna act like that

  70. Emanuel Johnson

    Emanuel JohnsonHace un hora

    Don't run he don't bite

  71. Brandon Williams

    Brandon WilliamsHace un hora


  72. Emanuel Johnson

    Emanuel JohnsonHace un hora


  73. Veronica Bibiana

    Veronica BibianaHace un hora

    Ala gente q le gusta ver sufrir a los animales, es sicopata, no suban esos videos.

  74. Christian Lapitan

    Christian LapitanHace un hora

    Big Dog: it’s all your fault marty! You said he would let go! Marty the dog: oh sorry I didn’t know that he was still there!?

  75. tor lap

    tor lapHace un hora

    Pets lots of pets

  76. Darrien Scott

    Darrien ScottHace un hora

    Imma go out on a limb and say that them mini bears dragged his frail ass through some mud.

  77. e

    eHace un hora

    I would not look him in the eye and try to earn his trust. I have a pit of my own and his guys looks adorable af

  78. NDRS G

    NDRS GHace un hora

    The dogs saw a cat

  79. GiveMeFood

    GiveMeFoodHace un hora

    My instant reaction to this dog.....I got very scared. I can imagine myself slowly backing away because I don't have the bravery to run....

  80. debbie k

    debbie kHace un hora

    I would give doggy a hug. Doggie looks like a sweetie & would give kisses.