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Drone Fishing for Sharks
We Caught a SEA MONSTER!!
  1. Jesse Dupuy

    Jesse DupuyHace 51 un minuto

    Why kill something so big a beautiful

  2. Shaft DeLaRun

    Shaft DeLaRunHace 55 minutos

    It's comestible? Can eat them?

  3. Vic W

    Vic WHace 57 minutos

    omg! i remember going to Venice beach in like 2011 and seeing these and freaking tf out, i had no idea what they were... they were EVERYWHERE in the water!

  4. John Patrick Bautista

    John Patrick BautistaHace 57 minutos

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  5. Syahla mutiara Azzahra

    Syahla mutiara AzzahraHace 58 minutos


  6. raja sakha

    raja sakhaHace un hora

    I love you josh

  7. John Ray

    John RayHace un hora

    Thank you for showing the back of some guy and a shaky view of the boats deck. Why did you even post this PoS?

  8. Logan

    LoganHace un hora

    Thats a baby fish compared to the ones i have caught

  9. Dian Hermawan

    Dian HermawanHace un hora

    What for Dinner... ? A roasting duck honey.

  10. Vr mashed moment's tz

    Vr mashed moment's tzHace un hora


  11. Raphael Ribeiro

    Raphael RibeiroHace un hora

    Já peguei muito Tatuí para usar de isca na pescaria 🎣 😃😃😃

  12. Subhendu Murmu

    Subhendu MurmuHace un hora

    Looks like VFX fish

  13. Jonas Plett

    Jonas PlettHace un hora

    I wonder how sharp it is ngl

  14. Meaculpa Mishegas

    Meaculpa MishegasHace un hora

    He is like Tiger Woods with a net; you can tell because of the hang time after the release. Waiting for reality to catch up is always a good indicator. The yank on the rope shows the expertise and finesse

  15. 최대니

    최대니Hace un hora

    I like that it isnt a tiktok video

  16. Hyper Faultic

    Hyper FaulticHace 2 horas

    Come back to Cali!!

  17. arn club

    arn clubHace 2 horas

    they are hunting for this gators to become food??

  18. Αναστάσιος Γαλουτζης

    Αναστάσιος ΓαλουτζηςHace 2 horas

    What is this

  19. IG RAJ

    IG RAJHace 2 horas

    Sand crabs😆😂

  20. Жора Интересующийся

    Жора ИнтересующийсяHace 2 horas

    Вот это рыбалка.

  21. Bryan Rawls

    Bryan RawlsHace 2 horas

    Why not show the fish? should call it, big rod bend, is it snagged, who knows? Still fun trying regardless, hell, whatever it was you know?

  22. F B I

    F B IHace 2 horas

    Look at them go. So cute

  23. Blake morris

    Blake morrisHace 2 horas

    My mom was Mike’s baby sitter when he lived I’d ptbo

  24. 森に住むリス

    森に住むリスHace 2 horas


  25. MrSyaidi

    MrSyaidiHace 2 horas

    Owhh i want eat that fish.

  26. Cactus Creek Outdoors

    Cactus Creek OutdoorsHace 2 horas


  27. TyronE TIAN

    TyronE TIANHace 2 horas

    Hey! That‘s a baby! Get your hands off him! LOL

  28. Dank Cupcakes

    Dank CupcakesHace 2 horas

    If the ocean isn’t bad enough as it is

  29. AFZAL CR7

    AFZAL CR7Hace 2 horas

    Any malaaales here

  30. 凹凸

    凹凸Hace 2 horas

    you would've baited a human that loves watermelon

  31. Amy Traeger

    Amy TraegerHace 2 horas

    Are these in Australia I’ve never seen them before at all

  32. Carolina Bass Hunter

    Carolina Bass HunterHace 3 horas

    What an awesome looking fish!

  33. Koo Yuk U Jenny

    Koo Yuk U JennyHace 3 horas

    Good job fish

  34. AshtonPlayz

    AshtonPlayzHace 3 horas

    Those arent fleas

  35. Logan Predeek

    Logan PredeekHace 3 horas

    Where’s my fish bowl

  36. Mike

    MikeHace 3 horas

    I'd love to one day come across to the states from the uk and try this style of fishing at that same location it looks amazing 😮😆👍

  37. The Custom Channel

    The Custom ChannelHace 3 horas

    Wow thats insane I've never seen one as a baby and just think that thing will grow like 400 or more pounds

  38. F0urTw3nt33

    F0urTw3nt33Hace 3 horas

    That is actually the coolest thing I've ever seen. Always wondered what they might look like.

  39. 2pointsdropped

    2pointsdroppedHace 3 horas

    It's a boat not a bridge

  40. Player YT

    Player YTHace 3 horas

    ayo wtf

  41. Mark Zuelch

    Mark ZuelchHace 3 horas

    Years ago, a huge Great White was hauled in off the ocean in Long Beach, California and was moved around from place to place on a double axle trailer. I used to have a photograph of the shark, but it's hard to say if I still do. I f it was estimated to weigh 2,000lbs. I would not have argued with it! Fascinating stuff guys, Amazing!!☮

  42. cälanguinhø _

    cälanguinhø _Hace 3 horas

    Wooow baby's crab so cute 😃

  43. monakw

    monakwHace 3 horas

    Looks like the Keys. Goliath Grouper are protected here.

  44. Alvien A

    Alvien AHace 3 horas

    Poor fish.. :-(

  45. noorpiah channel's

    noorpiah channel'sHace 3 horas

    Good job guys..

  46. Thegooob95

    Thegooob95Hace 3 horas

    So this is what birds pick at the sand for

  47. omar meas

    omar measHace 4 horas


  48. Сергей Стоянович

    Сергей СтояновичHace 4 horas


  49. Mr. greens boat tanks and aluminium welding

    Mr. greens boat tanks and aluminium weldingHace 4 horas

    They do that in Australia too. Keeps check on stocked fish

  50. Khokon Vai

    Khokon VaiHace 4 horas


  51. Golfing with Gary Russell II

    Golfing with Gary Russell IIHace 4 horas

    I got a glimpse of its shape and color. It looked like a big red fish. A keeper hanging around bridge pilings.

  52. Jamarkus Hawkins

    Jamarkus HawkinsHace 4 horas

    Are they fleas

  53. Fuzz Fuzz

    Fuzz FuzzHace 4 horas

    new American delicacies???

  54. 이도윤

    이도윤Hace 4 horas


  55. Big farm guy

    Big farm guyHace 4 horas

    You gonna keep it?

  56. Joseph Michael

    Joseph MichaelHace 4 horas

    Yeah, to the swimming pool it is

  57. Bruce Geange

    Bruce GeangeHace 4 horas

    Leave the poor bloody thing alone

  58. Biju KK

    Biju KKHace 4 horas



    AKA SAVAGEHace 4 horas

    Thats sick

  60. osmosis 01

    osmosis 01Hace 5 horas

    Man it would be cool to see somebody Line fishing for the Goliath Grouper and use a winch mounted to the bow of the boat to bring it in! "We're going to need a bigger boat"'

  61. AshAllDay

    AshAllDayHace 5 horas

    So beautiful 🐟💙

  62. Walter Linsenbigler

    Walter LinsenbiglerHace 5 horas

    All the people freakin out is great! Stay home! More beach for us!

  63. Bomez Gomez

    Bomez GomezHace 5 horas

    That guy is poor threejust kidding

  64. Zachary Crane

    Zachary CraneHace 5 horas

    Sand crabs

  65. Kevin C

    Kevin CHace 5 horas

    Now we know what happened to Mr Krabs family.

  66. Leviathan's Breath

    Leviathan's BreathHace 5 horas

    He fukkin *SMOL*

  67. MJC

    MJCHace 5 horas

    Probably a Grouper.

  68. DynaGuy 209

    DynaGuy 209Hace 5 horas

    Don’t show the Asians this. There won’t be any left.

  69. Ricardo Gabriel

    Ricardo GabrielHace 5 horas

    Meu deus 😲

  70. Lorraine McClin-Olriedge

    Lorraine McClin-OlriedgeHace 5 horas

    I come on your video just to hear that laugh of yours

  71. Mimi&Angel Aguirre

    Mimi&Angel AguirreHace 5 horas

    Last time I went to the beach I felt lil rocks. Now ik what it is

  72. JohnMac

    JohnMacHace 5 horas

    i didn't realize that grouper fishing was so much of a team sport! That looks like so much fun!

  73. Galen Burns

    Galen BurnsHace 6 horas

    Goliath Grooper

  74. Darker Turn2.0

    Darker Turn2.0Hace 6 horas

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  75. Ras_KrysTafari

    Ras_KrysTafariHace 6 horas

    Matching colors! Such style very shine much wow

  76. CURTIS P

    CURTIS PHace 6 horas

    I want a baby sailfish

  77. Karter Parrish

    Karter ParrishHace 6 horas

    That has to be fake

  78. Julio Coronado

    Julio CoronadoHace 6 horas

    It’s just so weird how I see ppl in this vid wear masks.....

  79. pathfinder270

    pathfinder270Hace 6 horas

    Hope the jackwagon let it go, without hurting it

  80. Ricky Jones

    Ricky JonesHace 6 horas

    F*** girls. I never want to lose a shark again 🤣