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  1. Cup

    CupHace 25 segundos

    Gotta respect the man. We’ve been catering to females for to many centuries to not be recognized as kings. RISE MY KINGS.

  2. Beautiful Queen

    Beautiful QueenHace 9 minutos

    She’s beautiful

  3. N N

    N NHace 19 minutos

    Poor child. Raised by idiot tiktokers.

  4. Jorge Ayala

    Jorge AyalaHace 19 minutos

    NO BRO, you are lucky having a beautiful girl and to be a dad , god bless

  5. Molly Morris

    Molly MorrisHace 30 minutos

    “Dont offer me my own pizza” 😂

  6. Yvette Cecil

    Yvette CecilHace 34 minutos

    😳... 🤭... FIRST 👏🏽OF 👏🏽ALL👏🏽 WWHHHYYYYY would you buy food for YOURSELF and not even think to get her food... SECONDLY... 🤣🤣🤣 LOL yall cute. But always get her something for now on... for real.

  7. Beth Goulden

    Beth GouldenHace 37 minutos

    Me tho

  8. Beelzebub 666

    Beelzebub 666Hace 42 minutos

    Shouldve bought a pizza for each of them whether she said she wanted one or not end of story.

  9. Lisha

    LishaHace 42 minutos

    You should've just gotten her something anyway, she's pregnant.....she'll eat!!

  10. A M

    A MHace 47 minutos

    You’re lucky she carry your baby. 😜 In this day in age, who has the time to get pregnant.

  11. OtakuGames

    OtakuGamesHace 52 minutos

    As a fellow man I feel uncomfortable hearing "you're lucky you're pregnant"

  12. Kat kat

    Kat katHace 54 minutos

    All I saw was tongue...

  13. liriettrod

    liriettrodHace 57 minutos

    "You're lucky you're pregnant" So what We give him The Husband of the year Award .... Smh

  14. RASH

    RASHHace un hora

    one could just share and if they’re hungry later then they have the option to get more food 😂. this is a double standard thing but why do we humans in general act this way sometimes. imo, sharing food with a partner is the best thing to look forward to. it’s fun, saves money, prevents overeating. i’m not speaking for anyone this is just from my experience 😅 BUT DONT MESS WIT DA PREGO WOMEN CRAVINGS THATS SMTHN TO MAD AB 😡

  15. Kurren Tamer

    Kurren TamerHace un hora

    This is mad shady

  16. katie c

    katie cHace un hora

    I smell 👃 I smell 👃 sniff 👃 sniff👃 STAGED

  17. RebelRoyaleX

    RebelRoyaleXHace un hora

    I mean she tried share even though he said she was lucky she was pregnant. What would you do, beat the shit out of her 😂

  18. Maul

    MaulHace un hora

    He sounds like he’s a edgy 28 year old with a perm

  19. KU4EVER100

    KU4EVER100Hace un hora

    People who stick out their whole tongue just to put food in their mouth just cappin

  20. LoLo 89

    LoLo 89Hace un hora

    Annoying couple 🤯

  21. Isiah Murphy

    Isiah MurphyHace un hora


  22. Cosplay Clown

    Cosplay ClownHace un hora

    Honestly he’s being a bit weird, it’s a pizza you can buy another one- she looked so confused when he said he’d never share his good

  23. Prism Quartz

    Prism QuartzHace 2 horas

    Nothing like threatening her that she's lucky she's pregnant (and being filmed) 💔

  24. Angelie Villaver

    Angelie VillaverHace 2 horas

    So lucky

  25. BISF2P

    BISF2PHace 2 horas

    That was soo Cringy and Weird!

  26. Adam Batchelor

    Adam BatchelorHace 2 horas

    You're lucky she's pregnant, she's going through enormous body changes which will effect her for her whole life and not to mention the unmatched pain of child birth. So yeah she can have your pizza, be grateful

  27. Phylly San Antonio

    Phylly San AntonioHace 2 horas

    She better watch it. She is going to gain an extra 45 lbs and not lose it. Take one piece and give it back to him!!!!!

  28. Zenzu

    ZenzuHace 2 horas

    Wow y’all took him saying “you’re lucky your pregnant” waaaay too seriously. Y’all don’t ever say “you’re lucky I fw you” to a friend when they do something dumb? Like it doesn’t mean you’re gonna assault them or something wtf

  29. The Dexter

    The DexterHace 2 horas

    He's the kind of guy who would tell the child that he adopted, that you're lucky that you're not orphan.

  30. Michelle Lickiss

    Michelle LickissHace 2 horas

    You lucky?? My husband and I share all the time…..

  31. Araceli Huerta

    Araceli HuertaHace 2 horas

    Wath the fuck antho

  32. squirmythedawg11

    squirmythedawg11Hace 2 horas

    Signs of a controlling husband. "Your lucky you are" and "I'd never let you take my food like that" that don't sit right with me. Hmm

  33. MommyMayo

    MommyMayoHace 3 horas

    The fact you knew you were going to your pregnant girlfriend and didn’t get her her own food says it all. & then he’s like oh you’re lucky you’re pregnant & gives attitude when she offers him some. Yuck.

  34. Alana Glaser

    Alana GlaserHace 3 horas

    That has got to be the most annoying man I've ever hearc

  35. Muz muz

    Muz muzHace 3 horas

    Is it too late for her to send him to a school so he can learn some manners? Sir did you miss out on the lectures of basics of being a human?

  36. kawaii neha

    kawaii nehaHace 3 horas

    My husband would give me his food pregnate or not lol

  37. 30 -0

    30 -0Hace 3 horas

    I don’t share wit ugly ppl

  38. Emma W

    Emma WHace 3 horas

    Hes literally denying the food if he's gonna complain take the food she offers you

  39. mason prospero

    mason prosperoHace 3 horas

    Idiots every where 😂😂🤣🤣👏🤦

  40. mason prospero

    mason prosperoHace 3 horas

    Guys you do know this was a joke right ? They make heaps of videos like this and ones showing how much he actually loves her 😂🙄

  41. Jesus

    JesusHace 3 horas

    Wrong choice of words.

  42. seoreh

    seorehHace 4 horas

    He’s lucky she doesn’t leave him. I would say bye loser.. anyone who has a pregnant wife or gf and is mad because she’s eating what he considers his food is a first rate narcissist.

  43. ThePeacefulBuddah 234

    ThePeacefulBuddah 234Hace 4 horas

    She didn't want all of it, and offered the food back to him, and he said no, then continues to say she's lucky... I don't understand

  44. kk mclean

    kk mcleanHace 4 horas

    Bell y are you doing Anthony like that . I'm a big fan of Anthony 🌺🌺🌺

  45. carochan86

    carochan86Hace 4 horas

    That guy does not need to eat a whole box of pizza ..

  46. Leoric Dabs

    Leoric DabsHace 4 horas

    This tik tok crap is really annoying

  47. Mike Hockertz

    Mike HockertzHace 4 horas

    Just buy another pizza if you’re gonna fucking complain

  48. Sarah Noel

    Sarah NoelHace 4 horas

    Goes booth ways buddy... I wana see what she does if you take her food

  49. MooMama

    MooMamaHace 5 horas

    He's an a$$.

  50. Stephanie S

    Stephanie SHace 5 horas

    But why not just buy her a pizza of her own when you got the food? That looks like Pieology pizza. Couldn't be more than $10.

  51. Drenna Baleena

    Drenna BaleenaHace 5 horas

    I’m sure this was supposed to come off really funny and light hearted but I just get weird vibes from him repeating how “lucky” she is to be pregnant. This one ain’t it.

  52. Harley Quinn

    Harley QuinnHace 5 horas

    "Joe doesn't share food (unless you're pregnant with my baby)" 😏😆

  53. Enough

    EnoughHace 5 horas

    Unless you're heavily physically active or of course pregnant, best to not eat an entire personal pizza. They should be sharing that shit, regardless.

  54. Lynxsies

    LynxsiesHace 5 horas


  55. Blah Blah

    Blah BlahHace 5 horas

    Bro why the fuck did you get yourself a pizza knowing your girl is gonna be with you? Besides she prego as well. Dude your Lucky she didn't smash ya face with that pie.

  56. Lynxsies

    LynxsiesHace 5 horas

    Guys. Guys. I need to confess. This is the fucking internet, and you can't say anything without people screaming "OMFG? SUS????? RED SUS??" I'm making a joke out of this because how downright pathetic this comment section is. She doesn't get fucking beat. Yes every girl says she's not hungry then decide to steal your food. Annoying? Sometimes, cute? I guess. The way she talks to him, for me is obvious he treating her right, she ain't doing different for the fucking camera. "You lucky you're pregnant" he didn't mean it like oh I'd beat you if you weren't. He didn't mean it like "You're lucky I MADE YOU pregnant" no, you guys are fucking overreacting once again and it's both outright deplorable and immature. Fuck sakes. I've seen abusive relationships, nearly all my friends come from one. She is not getting abused

  57. KssN27

    KssN27Hace 5 horas

    Big yikes

  58. Charity Simmons

    Charity SimmonsHace 5 horas

    “Don’t offer me my own pizza” 😂

  59. Arion Floyd

    Arion FloydHace 5 horas

    I swear it’s like no one in these comments ever jokes around with their partners or has a sense of humor.

  60. Frackity Frack

    Frackity FrackHace 5 horas

    Thank god I wasn't the only one who thought this man had some "issues"

  61. LuzTv

    LuzTvHace 6 horas

    Problem is to eat pizza with mayonnaise

  62. Trula krv

    Trula krvHace 6 horas

    Him saying you're lucky you're pregnant even tho probably a joke sounds so stupid. As for her, get your own stuff. I hate when people do that.

  63. Kelly Long

    Kelly LongHace 6 horas

    Hate when ppl say baby too much. It cheapens it


    BTS FOREVERHace 6 horas

    I entered the comments just to see the attacks on this guy. I trully agree with the comments tho

  65. Oh Dot Honey

    Oh Dot HoneyHace 6 horas

    Is someone gonna let him know that pizzas aren't going extinct and there's an infinite amount left at the store if he wants another one?!?

  66. K It

    K ItHace 6 horas

    Is that Schlotsky’s? On Wednesdays it’s buy one pizza get one free ✌️

  67. Stephanie Foster

    Stephanie FosterHace 6 horas

    Bro pregnancy and hunger is NO JOKE. Hunger cramps hurt and with me once I feel the hunger I have to get something to eat or else puking comes into play 😅😅 It's not like we can eat that whole pizza atleast I can't I'ma half a meal eater now. I can't have a full meal anymore. 🙄🙄🙅🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️

  68. Azul

    AzulHace 6 horas


  69. Yogesh

    YogeshHace 6 horas

    Poor guy was trying to make a scripted video and got lectured in comments for being a bad husband.

  70. Kailey White

    Kailey WhiteHace 6 horas

    She didn't even take his food though it seems, she was totally down to share. 😂 What kind of nonsense

  71. Jesse Klopfenstein

    Jesse KlopfensteinHace 6 horas

    It's food it's meant to be shared.

  72. agirlhasnoname

    agirlhasnonameHace 6 horas

    Don’t call her lucky homie YOU are the lucky one because she‘s nice enough to ask if you want a piece. 💁‍♀️

  73. Hot Commodity

    Hot CommodityHace 7 horas

    He seems like such an asshole lol you can't share a whole pizza?

  74. Anu

    AnuHace 7 horas

    Y'all need to chill. The dude is just joking. The woman in the video ain't pressed about it. She knows her hubby is just messing around. Y'all need to stop taking everything personally and seriously.

  75. Beard Man

    Beard ManHace 7 horas

    Man these comments showing people are misandrists

  76. Katie LB

    Katie LBHace 7 horas

    Everyone talking about the guy and I'm here like girl buy your own food 😭

  77. AnGeL

    AnGeLHace 7 horas

    Young lady in the video if you read theses comments PLEASE START signing up for child support with this kinds is attitude he's bound to constantly tell you you're lucky he paid the bills your lucky he bought diapers ect when that's what real men want to do is support their family you need a MAN not a little b*tch boy

  78. Cristian Albornoz

    Cristian AlbornozHace 7 horas

    What an idiot... u cant respect ur own pregnan wife? U cant share food with her? Surrender ur man card on ur way out, ur expeled . Go live with outside with the other dogs who cant share the food betwen them aswell

  79. AnGeL

    AnGeLHace 7 horas

    AND what did he buy for her to eat? Was she supposed to sit there and watch him eat knowing damn well she's pregnant boy BYE he's "lucky I didn't see or hear that sh*t" men wtf man where are your manners & morals

  80. Ash Marie

    Ash MarieHace 7 horas

    “The sharing or feeding of food is a small but monumental sign of the intimacy of your relationship”