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  1. Poppy Berliana

    Poppy BerlianaHace 9 horas

    Dosa lu nipu orang sedunia

  2. Joni Heinrich

    Joni HeinrichHace 9 horas

    It's FAKE

  3. Tribulent

    TribulentHace 9 horas

    This dude is the type of person to drink a spicy drink and ask "Why is it so spicy?" *These comments need to go.*

  4. Halima Mulloeva

    Halima MulloevaHace 9 horas


  5. agustin rivas

    agustin rivasHace 9 horas

    Alguien sebe como se llama la cancion

  6. Justin Philpott

    Justin PhilpottHace 9 horas

    I’m killing my self now this world is sooooo stupid

  7. babyface

    babyfaceHace 9 horas

    He's the type of guy who can't figure out how to break a lightbulb but can easily break a concrete wall that would seem impressive but...

  8. Vanessa Sena

    Vanessa SenaHace 9 horas


  9. Maria Vences

    Maria VencesHace 9 horas

    This kinda dumb ...weird places yo put an outlet

  10. Rafael Henrique

    Rafael HenriqueHace 9 horas

    E eu procurando comentário de um brasileiro aqui kkkkkkkkk

  11. Rute Vitória

    Rute VitóriaHace 9 horas


  12. DBS Goolen Z

    DBS Goolen ZHace 9 horas

    felicidades encontraste un comentario en español :)

  13. send help

    send helpHace 9 horas

    Lmao the egg have two on the inside

  14. Clemente Torres

    Clemente TorresHace 9 horas


  15. Jc Diaz

    Jc DiazHace 9 horas

    Hehe we all know what's glowing on that toilet seat 👀🥲

  16. Ashley Jauregui

    Ashley JaureguiHace 9 horas

    Te atreves a usar mis hechizos Potter

  17. Rudi Meyer

    Rudi MeyerHace 9 horas

    So fake

  18. Rohmad E fendi

    Rohmad E fendiHace 9 horas

    Samsung anjir

  19. blackfoxblast redrose

    blackfoxblast redroseHace 9 horas

    Tf why is your phone on airplane mode my guy?

  20. JerBlox

    JerBloxHace 9 horas

    RIP to kids that tried this

  21. Mia Farias

    Mia FariasHace 9 horas


  22. o d

    o dHace 9 horas

    아니 똑같은 영상이 5번이나 뜨네 유튜브한테 돈 줬음 ?

  23. AnArsenalPlayer

    AnArsenalPlayerHace 9 horas

    He's the type of guy who will pull a door that says push

  24. Demi Gaming

    Demi GamingHace 9 horas

    Why didnt either of them change the top of the drink color?

  25. Mia Farias

    Mia FariasHace 9 horas

    Ke es lo

  26. Shifu Sage

    Shifu SageHace 9 horas

    Why his toilet so dirty?

  27. azr natalegawa

    azr natalegawaHace 9 horas

    Song please

  28. Rambo GM

    Rambo GMHace 9 horas

    gw indo sendiri

  29. Jack Ridenger

    Jack RidengerHace 9 horas

    That's Fake that's the tamato splat ball

  30. Ms. April

    Ms. AprilHace 9 horas

    He's the type of guy that still believes that the tooth fairy is real

  31. lovers laura 51

    lovers laura 51Hace 9 horas


  32. Khairul Lin

    Khairul LinHace 9 horas

    This doesn't even work

  33. Joel Mabrey

    Joel MabreyHace 9 horas

    He's the type of guy who would call the cops and tell them somebody stoled his cocaine!

  34. Zild_plays090

    Zild_plays090Hace 9 horas

    Not real cuz the carrot move

  35. Marelys Lantigua

    Marelys LantiguaHace 9 horas

    Bro that’s fake please if your reading this don’t do this you will waste Fanta,glue and your time

  36. Robin 123

    Robin 123Hace 9 horas

    Yellow Fanta?

  37. Alejandra Trujillo

    Alejandra TrujilloHace 9 horas

    That fake

  38. Call me waifu

    Call me waifuHace 9 horas

    He's the type of guy who drops a plate and tries to tape it all back together

  39. Supergodssa1 Wu

    Supergodssa1 WuHace 9 horas

    XD the comment section is hilarious XD lol 😂!


    PAU MORALESHace 9 horas


  41. Rute Vitória

    Rute VitóriaHace 9 horas


  42. Reaper2085 tingey

    Reaper2085 tingeyHace 9 horas

    Bro you could see the leaves change its fake

  43. karenina gonzales

    karenina gonzalesHace 9 horas


  44. Farraj1 Blo1

    Farraj1 Blo1Hace 9 horas

    Grabi yang pag ihi mo ah

  45. gracie

    gracieHace 9 horas

    hes the type of guy to study for a covid test

  46. send help

    send helpHace 9 horas

    You should've just drink the perfect pro fanta

  47. uta_kamgun 64

    uta_kamgun 64Hace 9 horas

    Ajg hoak

  48. พิมพ์ขวัญ ชิ้นปิ่นเกลียว

    พิมพ์ขวัญ ชิ้นปิ่นเกลียวHace 9 horas


  49. Lurden Sánchez

    Lurden SánchezHace 9 horas



    KRISHNA KUMAR GHace 9 horas

    He is a type of guy who use his rest room to take rest

  51. Butterfly_girl

    Butterfly_girlHace 9 horas

    He is the type of guy who puts a scale under his pillow to see how long he slept for

  52. Peg Music

    Peg MusicHace 9 horas


  53. Vaibhav

    VaibhavHace 9 horas

    He's the guy with Green Hair, that's it

  54. Izela Romero

    Izela RomeroHace 9 horas



    HINDI SONGSHace 9 horas


  56. Elle

    ElleHace 9 horas

    That a stress ball

  57. Hao Sama

    Hao SamaHace 9 horas

    I don’t read your comments anymore! Yall can stop now

  58. Wyatt Stachowiak

    Wyatt StachowiakHace 9 horas

    true or rubbish?

  59. PL - 01SA 933009 Dorset Drive PS

    PL - 01SA 933009 Dorset Drive PSHace 9 horas

    Wasted perfect good tomatoes who ever try this do not try this it’s fake

  60. Adrian Butler

    Adrian ButlerHace 9 horas

    Fake asf


    FREE FIRE SUPORTERHace 9 horas

    anybody see how the fanta change her colour it mens fake

  62. Mrs.Sheewolf !!!

    Mrs.Sheewolf !!!Hace 9 horas

    He’s the type of guy that doesn’t know how to fake a fake video

  63. Jamir McKinnie

    Jamir McKinnieHace 9 horas

    He's the type to bring 19 people to a movie rated 18+

  64. sanalyxツ

    sanalyxツHace 9 horas


  65. JimmieJamFan

    JimmieJamFanHace 9 horas

    This is the type of person to wash their hands after taking a shower

  66. Chris Cochems

    Chris CochemsHace 9 horas

    Mite want to clean that

  67. Toadzy

    ToadzyHace 9 horas


  68. Никита Редька

    Никита РедькаHace 9 horas


  69. Pubg Masterminds

    Pubg MastermindsHace 9 horas

    Notice that bottle is change 😂

  70. Jardanae Jarrett

    Jardanae JarrettHace 9 horas

    That can not be ture

  71. baby_ gemezz

    baby_ gemezzHace 9 horas

    Itu beneren kh

  72. Shawarma Monkey

    Shawarma MonkeyHace 9 horas

    This got a million likes

  73. Shortgoalchi

    ShortgoalchiHace 9 horas

    Bruh a whole bottle of juice wasted

  74. Satbir Singh

    Satbir SinghHace 9 horas

    fake hai vo to phele he nekal de fianta ye to spar kal vale slime hai 🤔

  75. Lurden Sánchez

    Lurden SánchezHace 9 horas


  76. Modrzew Europejski

    Modrzew EuropejskiHace 9 horas

    Nice lifehack and this guy is from Israel :)

  77. Pansexual  Panda

    Pansexual PandaHace 9 horas

    Its fake obviously and i kinda like how hws making fun of the hack so people no shit its fake

  78. Lola Galeano

    Lola GaleanoHace 9 horas

    Que mentira :v