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COPPA COMPLIANCE - There are NO ABCs, sing alongs, child education content or ANY kids only content on Level UP. All content here is rated E for everyone, my content is for people of all ages to enjoy.

Hi! Nice to meet you guys, I'm Nelly :3 I'm an independent animator here on Level UP.
I'm the creator of several animation series like MarioCraft, Goomba Revolution, Mushroom Kingdom Mayhem and more.

I upload every Saturday, so don't forget to subscribe so you won't miss the latest video!

Here's a Q\u0026A!

Q: Nelly, are you always gonna stay independent?
A: Yes! Level UP will always have videos animated exclusively by myself (Except for the occasional collab with HLG and others).

Q: Why don't you have an upload schedule for your series'?
A: Animating my big series' like MarioCraft or Goomba revolution takes a very long time, about 3-4 times as long as a normal video would take. So there's no real way to predict a schedule for 'em.

Thanks for stopping by :) see ya next Saturday!

  1. Gisele rosa Antunez neyra

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  2. Son-Nicholas-sama

    Son-Nicholas-samaHace 13 horas

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    Glendell ThompsonHace 13 horas

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    Glendell ThompsonHace 13 horas

    Mario vs mini bob-omb

  5. StoMoComedoPro

    StoMoComedoProHace 13 horas

    Have you uploaded the goomba revolution episode 2 yet?

  6. andre farfan calderon

    andre farfan calderonHace 14 horas

    entonces cada sabado lanzan un video a las 10 de la mañana ¿no?

  7. Debi Seely

    Debi SeelyHace 14 horas

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  8. Michael Appleseed

    Michael AppleseedHace 14 horas

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    Cheems the doggoHace 14 horas

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    Dark WebHace 14 horas

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    GlitchyHace 14 horas

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    TwinPostersHace 14 horas

    Team Level Up maybe you should make your videos into levels in mario make 2

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    Ga HenHace 14 horas

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    Ga HenHace 14 horas

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  18. Christopher Neff

    Christopher NeffHace 14 horas

    So long gay bowser

  19. Francis Kit

    Francis KitHace 14 horas

    Its so cute how a mini bob omb is playing on the nentindo switch

  20. Christopher Neff

    Christopher NeffHace 14 horas


  21. Asya Kolesnikova

    Asya KolesnikovaHace 14 horas

    This must be not good oh it’s the Bomb boss

  22. Asya Kolesnikova

    Asya KolesnikovaHace 14 horas

    OMG! There are a lot of bombs in Mario game

  23. Jairo G

    Jairo GHace 14 horas

    Try to do a video on bob OMB buddies and Mr I

  24. Master Creeper

    Master CreeperHace 15 horas

    What is the title of this song?

  25. The Minecraft Gang

    The Minecraft GangHace 15 horas

    I never though Bob-ombs could be so cute

  26. Andrew Reeser

    Andrew ReeserHace 15 horas

    0:44 I love the switch-omb

  27. Esteban Orozco

    Esteban OrozcoHace 15 horas

    I thought the Mini Bo-Omb playing on his switch was so funny LMAFO

  28. Kingnewcomer

    KingnewcomerHace 15 horas

    I loved how all the Mini Bomb Troopers formed to not make a Giant Bomb Trooper, but even got differently colored ones that resemble a smaller one, that's clever! ^^

  29. Matthew Kious

    Matthew KiousHace 15 horas

    7h ago

  30. Left Lane Cruiser Band

    Left Lane Cruiser BandHace 15 horas

    Your videos are the best!

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    Nether IllagerHace 15 horas

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    Left Lane Cruiser BandHace 15 horas

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    Stick AnimationHace 15 horas

    It would be cool if you made an actual Mario game

  34. Issam Oubbad

    Issam OubbadHace 15 horas

    For the 2# duoduo cant fly dont have wings

  35. Aslan Demir

    Aslan DemirHace 15 horas


  36. Lylum Gaming

    Lylum GamingHace 15 horas

    If you aren't making your own game, at least keep to the game you are perceiving. > Bomb pushing a spike. Spikes can't be pushed. > Sabotaged Doors. Sure... > No lore. Why was Mario in this Maze?

  37. Drew

    DrewHace 15 horas

    I love the music it's so relaxing

  38. Ali OYUNDA Dünyanın en iyi kanalı

    Ali OYUNDA Dünyanın en iyi kanalıHace 15 horas

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    Odin JensenHace 16 horas

    1:44 waluigi was squished by wario

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    Nerdy KnightHace 16 horas

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    cynthia edithHace 16 horas

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    Odin JensenHace 16 horas

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  55. Денис Ленів

    Денис ЛенівHace 17 horas

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    Kenneth Peterson Jr.Hace 17 horas

    I was driving myself insaine trying to figure out the song and i remembered near the end . mario world 2 yoshi's island cave music

  57. Electric Saturn

    Electric SaturnHace 17 horas

    Skip to 0:44 and the bobomb at the top has a Nintendo Switch XD

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    Christopher MossHace 17 horas

    Bowser smile looks like Bakon.

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    Travis NewberryHace 17 horas

    Mario needed a win after losing the giant goomba level.

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    THErubyWOLF gamingHace 17 horas

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    William FallsHace 19 horas

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