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  1. forever lost

    forever lostHace 53 segundos

    Recognize the camera 📷 😎

  2. Kiia bath & body

    Kiia bath & bodyHace 8 minutos

    Where are the gloves 🤔

  3. Ella Walsh

    Ella WalshHace 9 minutos

    She’s great lmao!

  4. CuteKatMiaKat

    CuteKatMiaKatHace 12 minutos

    Make sure it's not dripping wet, because the bristles remind it of the mothers rough tongue so it should resemble the amount of water on the cats tongue

  5. Thomas C

    Thomas CHace 18 minutos

    That boi is inches from kicking over that coffee

  6. Darshan Patil

    Darshan PatilHace 18 minutos

    I was 13 years old when I knew I didn't need a hack to do that.

  7. hi there

    hi thereHace 19 minutos

    yeah dogs totally don’t have this thing called smell

  8. Emo Legend

    Emo LegendHace 20 minutos

    I really wanted them to get the last hair 😔

  9. Ander Smith

    Ander SmithHace 20 minutos

    My dog is broken, he likes the greens as much as the chicken if not more...

  10. KJ Draws

    KJ DrawsHace 20 minutos

    I mean this is your fault it died you took a wild rabbit and caged it up ??? Keep wild animals in the wild unless your sure it a domesticated animal whats next a deer??? Not trying to be rude but like why Edit spelling errors

  11. SpaceisCool

    SpaceisCoolHace 22 minutos

    Cool right? The science behind it is quite simple if you don't know it already its because Air has Mass.

  12. hello and goodbye

    hello and goodbyeHace 26 minutos

    Yes. It's satisfying to watch. Somehow people like this think they are discovering something new? Istg I know I wasn't the only one who paid attention in physics class.

  13. Mary H

    Mary HHace 30 minutos

    Mmm lots of plastic baggies are gonna be in the landfills 😒🙄

  14. Too_Funk_To_Drunktion

    Too_Funk_To_DrunktionHace 30 minutos

    He's the type of guy to try and sew his own parachute as he's falling from a plane

  15. Qwenz Chroniclez

    Qwenz ChroniclezHace 30 minutos

    Its the dye int the frosting

  16. Marki H

    Marki HHace 32 minutos

    🥺 him so tute😩!!!!

  17. Christopher Brown

    Christopher BrownHace 33 minutos

    Hmm... maybe you should bomb Gaza and the West Bank in case those birds shit on you

  18. Alohanani29

    Alohanani29Hace 38 minutos

    Soo cute

  19. Christine Holt

    Christine HoltHace 38 minutos

    RIP my bunny coal passed away

  20. gang swag

    gang swagHace 38 minutos

    Can’t you do that with a normal candle tho?

  21. Gradual High

    Gradual HighHace 39 minutos

    "the beauty of the afterlife" yes because death is beautiful.

  22. Alder Blanco

    Alder BlancoHace 40 minutos

    She forgot to take the beans out of the can

  23. Ryan Shields

    Ryan ShieldsHace 43 minutos

    Okay I will please stop yelling

  24. Jax Teller

    Jax TellerHace 43 minutos

    It makes them confused and gives them emotional distress because it's not their mother and they know it

  25. Gou-_-sweatYT Gou-_-sweatYT

    Gou-_-sweatYT Gou-_-sweatYTHace 44 minutos

    Electric candle 🕯️ no cap

  26. Jericho 2001

    Jericho 2001Hace 45 minutos

    The last time I try this. My thumb was hanging by a thread. And I have to go to emergency. With seventeen stitches. Also. My cat is a large tiger. Yeah...

  27. Blxckmqqd

    BlxckmqqdHace 47 minutos

    Shut up click bait your over thinking too much i can see the comments now their just punching the air

  28. Dababy

    DababyHace 49 minutos

    Y’all sleepin on lemon flavor icecream and paletas

  29. Sam Wilson

    Sam WilsonHace 51 un minuto

    Um, what?

  30. Colby Jones

    Colby JonesHace 51 un minuto

    I’m here this whole time I’ve been wearing rings on my finger. Well fuck me I’ve been doing it wrong


    MJ MERCADOHace 52 minutos

    Is anyone else vibing with the song or is it only me?

  32. Kali Martin

    Kali MartinHace 56 minutos

    My dad always text me on the phone it’s so annoying I told my dad to leave me alone

  33. Kaylee Aguilon

    Kaylee AguilonHace 56 minutos


  34. Dennis Tang

    Dennis TangHace 57 minutos

    What is that song

  35. Sweatered_Donut

    Sweatered_DonutHace 58 minutos

    Poor hunches. You should of had him inside. Idk if other people do this but I let my rabbit rome freely so they don't have a cage. They usually sleep on my bed next to me

  36. Gibby Is lame

    Gibby Is lameHace un hora

    he’s the kind of person that is wearing glasses and asks where his glasses are

  37. noneya

    noneyaHace un hora

    Awww muh gawd 😃

  38. Meg

    MegHace un hora

    Frog crochet is cute

  39. F.B.I

    F.B.IHace un hora

    Alas. Finally. Another good tiktok.

  40. Avani and billies Avocado

    Avani and billies AvocadoHace un hora

    I have the Doughnut one it’s not that good so

  41. PrussianBlue Phantom

    PrussianBlue PhantomHace un hora

    "Dumb bitch" And I just passed away 😂😂😂

  42. Roslyn :3

    Roslyn :3Hace un hora

    What is ESdos‘s version of Tiktok obsession with the “he’s the kind of guy”or “she’s the type of girl”comments

  43. Doggo In The Cosmos

    Doggo In The CosmosHace un hora

    Clear. I picked clear. I walked into the appointment and just said "Clear, bitch" so I could walk out early

  44. Caro Raven

    Caro RavenHace un hora

    I have no sister

  45. 9 year old user friendly

    9 year old user friendlyHace un hora

    It seems like the cat is going to brazil

  46. Monke

    MonkeHace un hora

    It’s fake

  47. Kìtã Shíñsûkê

    Kìtã ShíñsûkêHace un hora

    This hurt me physically✌🙂

  48. Hand over The beans

    Hand over The beansHace un hora

    Those cats get separated at just a few weeks older they ain't going to remember you guys are forgetting that cats don't have the intelligence that we do. Or I should say the intelligence that everyone except you do

  49. Faith Webb

    Faith WebbHace un hora

    Kruger has them

  50. Cherie St. John

    Cherie St. JohnHace un hora

    Soooooo cool

  51. Michelle De Leon

    Michelle De LeonHace un hora

    Don’t you ever wanna just 🔪👆

  52. przlo

    przloHace un hora

    Your cat is soo cute what kind of cat is it??

  53. Savannah Berrey

    Savannah BerreyHace un hora

    She was sprayed

  54. Tiana Hayes

    Tiana HayesHace un hora

    She already did have a home. You just stole her from her home, put her in a box and sent her to her death.

  55. Acey Lacey

    Acey LaceyHace un hora

    You didn’t took her in. You kidnapped her. Rabbits are fine in the wild. That’s like saying “ I took that child and gave it a home because she was just running around outside at the playground “

  56. Kelly Hern

    Kelly HernHace un hora


  57. Brenda Birkinshaw

    Brenda BirkinshawHace un hora

    Thats very nice

  58. Amos Manneh

    Amos MannehHace un hora

    Shack shack fresh every two days meat gets delivered to restaurant try it In your city

  59. John & Yasya

    John & YasyaHace un hora

    That meat looks so processed

  60. Hola_cookie

    Hola_cookieHace un hora

    Y’all are saying that it looked fine but a wild bunny/rabbit that would be fine on it’s own wouldn’t let anyone get close to them nor pick them up. That was probably a pet bunny: rabbit or a really friendly wild one

  61. Donte Santiago

    Donte SantiagoHace un hora

    Usually I don’t like cats but that ones kinda cute

  62. I_Am_Someone

    I_Am_SomeoneHace un hora

    Me while watching: "Cute and sad... but something doesnt add up here..." Me after looking at the comments: *"Yup, that was a wild rabbit that couldve still been living if some people didnt decide to 'take it in' "*

  63. Slick Assassin

    Slick AssassinHace un hora


  64. Robin Rettig

    Robin RettigHace un hora

    *"ThAt WaS hOrRiBlE"* suuuuure

  65. Julxvena

    JulxvenaHace un hora

    That was horrible plssss

  66. Mr Mediocre

    Mr MediocreHace un hora

    Me: I should watch a rooftopping video! Also me watching them:

  67. Sean Flenders

    Sean FlendersHace un hora

    Me, when I get a spider under a glass. “WHAT DO I DO WHAT DO I DO??!!”

  68. RaptureCalf

    RaptureCalfHace un hora

    He didn’t pretend to eat it, he just realized that it tasted like shit 😏

  69. B•L•U•E•B•E•R•R•Y

    B•L•U•E•B•E•R•R•YHace un hora

    The rabbits babies be like: hey where’s mom?

  70. Nelson Wilkins

    Nelson WilkinsHace un hora

    Do we need to see this shit? Thanks for stopping me from procastinating from showering now I gotta puke.

  71. The Anime Podcast

    The Anime PodcastHace un hora

    Why was I expecting the bentist to be like PWHH

  72. Lilly Violet

    Lilly VioletHace un hora

    Why did you trap her😔😔😔

  73. xSyntheticBlade

    xSyntheticBladeHace un hora

    Tiktok is cancer

  74. Loki Lover

    Loki LoverHace un hora

    Literally put wire down so it could not escape. It is a cross brees living in the wild it did not need a home. Unless there was evidence of it being a pet then leave it alone

  75. summer

    summerHace un hora

    and this is why you don’t keep bunnies in cages, thAnk you

  76. Alvodisco

    AlvodiscoHace un hora

    Love how he's not wearing gloves

  77. boi Dankatron _

    boi Dankatron _Hace un hora

    How tf is she going to access her dresser if she has the computer table blocking the dresser

  78. Evan Borkowski

    Evan BorkowskiHace un hora

    Stop that’s actually nasty

  79. Baby Girl!! Kia

    Baby Girl!! KiaHace un hora

    Not being racist White mom: Oh it's okay sweetie drink as many as u want black mom:Boy put it down before I make it come back up