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  1. Kingsley P

    Kingsley PHace un minuto

    I don't get this...

  2. Speedy Gonzales

    Speedy GonzalesHace un minuto

    Wtf is "Bruv"

  3. J&KTRIPLE _G_

    J&KTRIPLE _G_Hace 3 minutos



    BABY KIDHace 3 minutos

    Waste of my time video

  5. JxkeBxh

    JxkeBxhHace 3 minutos

    I don’t want a mansion, I want a house like this which has an interesting design and makes me feel at home.

  6. Olivia C

    Olivia CHace 4 minutos

    Am I the only one who can't stand apple+chocolate? It makes me wanna🤢

  7. Stephen Duggan

    Stephen DugganHace 5 minutos

    What kids film is that song from its driving me mad 😠

  8. Alexandria Soto

    Alexandria SotoHace 5 minutos


  9. Diego Leunar

    Diego LeunarHace 5 minutos

    That Drawing is shit

  10. laila lia

    laila liaHace 6 minutos


  11. ジャクソン

    ジャクソンHace 7 minutos

    Bruh those were earwigs too..

  12. Drxpn-

    Drxpn-Hace 7 minutos

    It's not just u dumbos

  13. Yashika Khatri

    Yashika KhatriHace 9 minutos

    I'm pretty sure he just recorded the video inside another house because there is no way this house has eight floors, it's just way to small to be realistic

  14. Boinks

    BoinksHace 10 minutos

    I thought it was chicken at first

  15. Kill on Respawn ent.

    Kill on Respawn ent.Hace 11 minutos

    What the fuck did he say

  16. lauw- schaap

    lauw- schaapHace 11 minutos

    i find energy drink cringe af

  17. kailynn Downing

    kailynn DowningHace 11 minutos

    Peel peel peel please🤍🤍🤍🤍

  18. good man

    good manHace 12 minutos

    I didn't even listen to the story I love art 😏

  19. Dave Rios

    Dave RiosHace 12 minutos

    A month later one was pregnant.

  20. Salli Muhammed Resulullah

    Salli Muhammed ResulullahHace 15 minutos

    One of the songs he was playing: Chalino Sánchez - Alma Enamorada (Soul In Love) legit every mexican today knows this song. It's like the mexican equivalent to Careless Whisper Edit: play this song and your mexican friends will smile

  21. VEY_

    VEY_Hace 17 minutos

    Damm that dog is much better dancing partner than any woman ive seen good on you pal

  22. Skwrl Doi

    Skwrl DoiHace 18 minutos

    What’re those markers I need those

  23. Dieselboy420

    Dieselboy420Hace 22 minutos

    Stupid ass story


    LIL DOLLAR KING VHace 23 minutos

    I think I know why it would take 2 hours it's because your ass is recording with 1 hand and doing work with the other

  25. Mari Karimi

    Mari KarimiHace 26 minutos

    I am kriing

  26. James Brown

    James BrownHace 26 minutos

    Love the 🎧 Song

  27. AJ LifeSolutions

    AJ LifeSolutionsHace 28 minutos

    Oh dear. Hoarder at such a young age too..

  28. Christopher Drohan

    Christopher DrohanHace 28 minutos

    Wait. Don't take it out of the pool yet. I have to get a tik tak. Mellon's

  29. Stephen Duggan

    Stephen DugganHace 30 minutos

    And then what happened ??? I hate when people don't show the full thing

  30. Gunes Solyali

    Gunes SolyaliHace 32 minutos

    I think it has 8 floors

  31. Matthias Kalweit

    Matthias KalweitHace 34 minutos

    But why u have a camera...

  32. Daniel Torres

    Daniel TorresHace 35 minutos

    Who ever didnt.know this is stupid

  33. c w a y

    c w a yHace 35 minutos

    Is that a chicken nuggie

  34. Richard Head

    Richard HeadHace 36 minutos

    I’ll take shit that never happened for 200

  35. Punch Line

    Punch LineHace 36 minutos

    When your house is so big your dad doesn't even need to go to the store to disappear for twelve years 😂

  36. memes doggo

    memes doggoHace 38 minutos

    80 kgs and i drink 8 bottles everyday my wieght is still growing i will suggest hyou take a pill called L-argenine for weight loss it helps

  37. Hoosker Doos

    Hoosker DoosHace 39 minutos

    Return the bicycles sir, return to monke

  38. Amer oo

    Amer ooHace 40 minutos

    I realy want to see this war

  39. Léila Guillaume

    Léila GuillaumeHace 41 un minuto

    No english french yes

  40. Estelle Badenhorst

    Estelle BadenhorstHace 43 minutos


  41. Léila Guillaume

    Léila GuillaumeHace 43 minutos


  42. Lazlikes memes

    Lazlikes memesHace 46 minutos

    Pizza weights more than me

  43. Patrik Nano

    Patrik NanoHace 46 minutos

    Ps4 sounds at the back and the unwanted asmr got me

  44. Sasuke Uchiha

    Sasuke UchihaHace 47 minutos

    Love that chalino sanchez was playing for a couple secs

  45. Jacob Kurian Thuruthel

    Jacob Kurian ThuruthelHace 47 minutos

    Good roomates


    KAMAZONHace 54 minutos

    Tha chalino 🔥

  47. Nuggie • Playzzz

    Nuggie • PlayzzzHace 55 minutos

    Ma'am, Ma'am, this is a kid app- c-can you not draw th-that?-

  48. jay lolo

    jay loloHace 55 minutos


  49. Emo grapes

    Emo grapesHace 59 minutos

    I wonder how much i will hit my head on the ceiling of that house

  50. luis gonsalez

    luis gonsalezHace un hora

    You need a new blade

  51. Chad Jeremiah

    Chad JeremiahHace un hora

    Must be so annoying to live in that house

  52. schuletrip

    schuletripHace un hora

    Why would you keep old manky cans!! Silly teens

  53. Link The Fox

    Link The FoxHace un hora

    Dont do bath salts kids

  54. Deromolk

    DeromolkHace un hora

    Wie heißen diese Stifte?

  55. das_me _sean

    das_me _seanHace un hora

    Fine dining in a nutshell

  56. stevepd1

    stevepd1Hace un hora

    What's an "infermercial" and should I infer it's different than an "infomercial"???

  57. Aries Hipolito

    Aries HipolitoHace un hora

    So buying a rock is something now ha so you trash

  58. Itz Steven

    Itz StevenHace un hora

    Fennec fox is actually one of my fav animal there so cute ❤️❤️❤️

  59. Oliwia Bialkowska

    Oliwia BialkowskaHace un hora

    Why are you breaking the rock that your "buddy" przed for-

  60. Rodney Rodeo

    Rodney RodeoHace un hora

    How is he a good boy if he's over here killing. Perry the platypus

  61. Zac Tellier

    Zac TellierHace un hora

    And on today's episode of shit that never happened!..

  62. Zig_playZ

    Zig_playZHace un hora

    ohhh i feel the italian vine...

  63. Mark

    MarkHace un hora

    Why put color blue pubic hair there?

  64. zAdosin27

    zAdosin27Hace un hora


  65. Mr. HappyPineapple

    Mr. HappyPineappleHace un hora

    *sees baby deer in the pool* *takes out phone* *starts recording* And thats without the huge probability of it being fake and they just put the deer there.

  66. Jabril

    JabrilHace un hora

    Jojo’s reference

  67. Ger -

    Ger -Hace un hora

    Maybe if you didn’t waste time recording everything you’d get shit done

  68. L R

    L RHace un hora

    But why do you add hear? It’s f*cked

  69. Afiq H

    Afiq HHace un hora

    Lame. Scripted. Acted.ended.

  70. Taylor Jamison

    Taylor JamisonHace un hora

    Why would you have cans everywhere

  71. Emaad Alam Khan

    Emaad Alam KhanHace un hora

    How is did real

  72. Antoine De La Forest

    Antoine De La ForestHace un hora

    Tik tok voice is cancer

  73. Simon H

    Simon HHace un hora

    Raz wins the internet this week

  74. Alec M

    Alec MHace un hora

    Damn, hopefully that's not a reoccurring dream. Once would be enough lol

  75. Kiran

    KiranHace un hora

    "lets make smallest Pizza" Uses enough ingredients to feed Italy

  76. Andre Diaz

    Andre DiazHace un hora

    full on cap

  77. yowtaf

    yowtafHace un hora

    the ps4 music in the back at the start

  78. Zeyad Abdel Baset

    Zeyad Abdel BasetHace un hora

    The PlayStation 4 sound in the back makes this better for some reason

  79. Irene Bento

    Irene BentoHace un hora

    Deff not a home for seniors lol