Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata

Videos from my property maintenance business.

  1. M C

    M CHace 14 horas

    Christ, that chain looked bullshit hard to fit. Congratulations on not losing your freaking mind.

  2. Minx-

    Minx-Hace 14 horas

    Please do more trucks

  3. Richie Annarelli

    Richie AnnarelliHace 14 horas

    They so many other brand of track skid steers what's your reasons for choosing the Tackeuki

  4. Andrew Nielsen

    Andrew NielsenHace 14 horas

    You have quite a fleet now. Need another operator to help. Good to see Levi still OK.

  5. dcrispano

    dcrispanoHace 14 horas

    You buy alot of equipment. I'm glad business is so good!

  6. Jarred Mckeown

    Jarred MckeownHace 14 horas

    Hey man, I'm a fellow Waverunner enthusiast from New Zealand and I've got a wr500. just wanted to find out where you get the parts for the ones you've got in the video here, thanks

  7. Iron *Fe*

    Iron *Fe*Hace 14 horas

    19:51 That's nice of you to extend his yard. lol Ever consider investing in a concrete crusher? Could have used that concrete to make a stone walkway around the new patio or fill in the driveway.

  8. Jim Morwood

    Jim MorwoodHace 14 horas

    Why can’t you use some of that broke up shale for fill or drive ways

  9. Matt Collins

    Matt CollinsHace 14 horas

    Picture quality is amazing.

  10. Big mike

    Big mikeHace 14 horas

    You are such an idiot when it comes to maintaining your equipment..and you are wonder you have to have a you tube channel bro pay for your parts...lmao

  11. I'm Nafta

    I'm NaftaHace 14 horas

    I would like to see lt 12 hauled by ram

  12. theshyguitarist

    theshyguitaristHace 14 horas

    Hey Andrew...I was rootin for you the entire time. 🤣🤣

  13. Live. Vibe. Lasers.

    Live. Vibe. Lasers.Hace 15 horas

    so the song at 17:20 is Hectorino Martinez - Future..but I'm looking for and EDM song with a very similar bassline with the lyrics "if you want it.." or similar over it. any ideas internets?

  14. 925-Hustle!

    925-Hustle!Hace 15 horas

    Your the definition of hardwork

  15. Joe Diaz

    Joe DiazHace 15 horas

    Andrew making money moves I like it

  16. Manus Kenny

    Manus KennyHace 15 horas

    Is there going to be a video on the lathe ?

  17. Alyssa D

    Alyssa DHace 15 horas

    Enjoyed watching and really love the music! But Shazam won't pick it up, can you reveal your soundtrack for this video? 😁

  18. Dru Lessman

    Dru LessmanHace 15 horas

    That's a nice dodge dumper truck I could see andrew in one like it

  19. Adamant Adam

    Adamant AdamHace 15 horas

    You must be making good money those are very nice machines.

  20. Charlie Bailey

    Charlie BaileyHace 15 horas

    Do you have the drive on one stick or is it on both?

  21. Western Aussie Farmer

    Western Aussie FarmerHace 15 horas

    You should do an equipment tour or a property tour or something.

  22. Bede Meredith

    Bede MeredithHace 15 horas

    in 10 years the new owner will be like, hey we need to clean up some "old concrete", nice sustainable business model :)

  23. Stuart Woodward

    Stuart WoodwardHace 15 horas

    You have to watch out that a contractor doesn’t underbid you unwittingly for the same job, having you in mind as the person that they know can do the job. In another industry by boss was on the phone with a potential customer who asked him to lower the bid. He refused and 10 minutes later he got a phone call from the winner of the bid saying “Hey, I have a project for you which is right up your street!”... for the same project. The offer wasn’t worth it for him so he turned it down. The winning bidder was pleading with him to take it because, “You are the only guy around here who can do this job!!”

  24. zug zug

    zug zugHace 15 horas

    you know you are getting your moneys worth out of a truck when their is waves in the bed

  25. Zippy TheChicken

    Zippy TheChickenHace 15 horas

    looks like you had a nice day

  26. Tanner Newton

    Tanner NewtonHace 15 horas


  27. Charlie Carter

    Charlie CarterHace 15 horas

    The ‘ole back~pitched slab. (The condition you pointed out about the slab sloping toward the house.) A common but avoidable occurrence. I noticed two things: The house has a basement and The slab was cracked badly about 1/2 of the width away from the house, and parallel to the back wall. The typical issue is when they excavated for the basement to build or form and pour the walls and then back-filled the exterior they didn’t compact the back-fill and then immediately or soon thereafter, poured the flat-work. The back-filled area then settled and the slab dropped. The location of the crack away from the house appeared to be about the right distance to which they would probably have over-dug to install the foundation. That, along with: it appeared the slab beyond the crack seemed more flat and not back pitched, add a bit of support to the ‘under-compacted back filled area’ theory. However, there are several things that can lead to back pitched slab and my thought is only one of them. I could well be wrong.

  28. Piazzawoodworks

    PiazzawoodworksHace 15 horas

    Epic to see these bad boys

  29. Paul Beezum

    Paul BeezumHace 15 horas

    That woul make a big snow man, all that snow. I like your videos been I've been watching for 2 years, never missed one. Australia.

  30. capebretonengineer 101

    capebretonengineer 101Hace 16 horas

    Backhoe attachment? Six way blade?

  31. Adil Satar Altaii

    Adil Satar AltaiiHace 16 horas

    Hi from Iraq

  32. Run Gordon

    Run GordonHace 16 horas

    Is it bad if I say "i'm sick and tired of snow videos' P.S i'm from Australia... :)

  33. Chad DeSantis

    Chad DeSantisHace 16 horas

    Put a coat a paint on that and it'll look like it was just painted.

  34. jimmymckay73

    jimmymckay73Hace 16 horas

    Brought to you by Hold My Beer Motorsports.

  35. Tanner Newton

    Tanner NewtonHace 16 horas

    "A little paint, and it will look like its just painted", I'm stealing that one haha

  36. John Peters

    John PetersHace 16 horas

    I really like the attention to detail you give every job. Leaving a site clean, neat and organized looking is really good for future business. Good job.

  37. jimmymckay73

    jimmymckay73Hace 16 horas

    Seeing Levi in the video makes me happy and sad at the same time . Time goes by so fast .

  38. Argus Burebistus

    Argus BurebistusHace 16 horas

    Coooool new toys 🤩 ever there is one problem ,dont you get tired of open Cabins take dirt and fylth and dust and God nows what crap you may inhale ????? Not mention in summer time ,no AC !!!!

  39. Paul Luna

    Paul LunaHace 16 horas

    Anybody else hear Navi in the background at 41:55?? 😃

  40. Justin Johnson

    Justin JohnsonHace 16 horas

    You need to make some fork extensions, they are really helpful for stuff like that and would make for a good video too. 👍

  41. Alex DeTrempe

    Alex DeTrempeHace 16 horas

    New company logo looks good

  42. NotAsItSeemsToBe

    NotAsItSeemsToBeHace 16 horas

    shut the machine off before trying to add or remove attachments, you're fighting hydraulic pressure

  43. John Gibbons

    John GibbonsHace 16 horas

    Andrew please contact Heath @ Red Poppy Ranch He's having a devil of a time with his skid steer and I know you can help him. Between your channel and his I binge on both of you!!!

  44. juan garcia

    juan garciaHace 16 horas


  45. Joe Dena

    Joe DenaHace 16 horas

    @17:10 i really started to vibe

  46. EvilBaron

    EvilBaronHace 16 horas

    You wont recycle Concrete??? You Polluters (Environmentally Pig).

  47. salvagedrover

    salvagedroverHace 16 horas

    3:46 Before going ANY further after this next comment, for some reason I began laughing hysterically...

  48. Projects in the Shed

    Projects in the ShedHace 16 horas

    Your buddy is a damn fine operator! A pleasure to watch!

  49. Dustin Meier

    Dustin MeierHace 16 horas

    Do you have a video somewhere of how to load a broken skidsteer on a trailer without using another machine? As in, dies not run so no hydraulics to make it move. I need a loader, but don't have the $40k+ to buy a functioning one... But I have wrenches and a hammer.

  50. ToughAncientSpark

    ToughAncientSparkHace 16 horas

    @35:13 Is that a future project in the back by the container? (lathe)

  51. ToughAncientSpark

    ToughAncientSparkHace 17 horas

    Can't believe that they built that patio above the foundation line. Think of all that water over all those years leeching through the brick siding. , can't be good.

  52. chris jimenez

    chris jimenezHace 17 horas

    Levi is getting old 😢

  53. Nathan Bishop Rebuild Anything

    Nathan Bishop Rebuild AnythingHace 17 horas

    Got top post more often so these people can stop watching my channel

  54. Robert Rotondi

    Robert RotondiHace 17 horas

    Hi Andrew my name is Bobby and I'm used to be in the construction business but I saw one of your videos where you fixed the screen on a cell phone well I got a new one and it just broke and I called the where I bought it and they said it can't be fixed I think they just want you to buy a new phone give me your Insight on this matter thank you

  55. Everett Lawson

    Everett LawsonHace 17 horas

    I was watching him load that first dump truck with concrete thinking "Damn! DOT in his state must be non-existent".

  56. abissinia by

    abissinia byHace 17 horas

    Зделайте субтитры русские пожалуйста

  57. Todd Friley

    Todd FrileyHace 17 horas

    Question, wouldn’t the hydraulic connections be easier to put together if the machine was turned off and no pressure?

  58. Charley Sosa

    Charley SosaHace 17 horas

    Shifting your international 10wheeler, you can do both shift with the clutch or without,,that is called floating your gears, it takes time to learn the motor wheel speed and transmission ratios,,, when you shift the transmission with the clutch that's called double clutching,, start in third low gear, running rpm to around thirteen rpm engage clutch shift clutch into neutral engage clutch again and shift into 4gear do this until you reach the speed you want to drive the truck,, higher speeds did the same thing until you reach high gear,, shifting down do the shifting in reverse fashion

  59. Markus Riippa

    Markus RiippaHace 17 horas

    why not.. man u got it all =)

  60. Bidzina Mosiashvili

    Bidzina MosiashviliHace 17 horas

    Andrew, you’re a inspiration for all of us!

  61. George Enriquez

    George EnriquezHace 17 horas

    Nice buy Andrew. Looking forward to seeing more content on those Takeuchi’s. They seem to be solid machines

  62. Albert Long

    Albert LongHace 17 horas

    Neighbor hates u and cement pile beside his house. Spoils scenery.

  63. Death Wish

    Death WishHace 17 horas

    That last attachment makes some great fire starting material, you could also use it to drill a hole in a stump to burn it out if u wanted.

  64. Sue Anderson

    Sue AndersonHace 17 horas

    Do you ever get guys not paying you Andrew?

  65. 12lbchevelle

    12lbchevelleHace 17 horas

    Excellent drone flying around 6:00

  66. 12lbchevelle

    12lbchevelleHace 17 horas

    The youtube gold comes every time one of these breaks and you get to fix it. I almost like seeing a machine fail lol cause it means a creative fix is coming.

  67. Momma Malamute

    Momma MalamuteHace 17 horas

    Levi, my dude!

  68. Santiago Cardenas

    Santiago CardenasHace 17 horas

    I love watching andrews videos. You can learn alot from him.

  69. 00UncommonSense00

    00UncommonSense00Hace 17 horas

    That quick disconnect clamp is friggin magic. I struggle with those things all the time. Brilliant tool!

  70. Warren Cook

    Warren CookHace 17 horas

  71. Hugh Danaher

    Hugh DanaherHace 17 horas

    Start a school. Teach people how to use and abuse heavy equipment.

  72. pierre wellington

    pierre wellingtonHace 17 horas

    You should have taken the cement to a gravel pit so it could have been recycled not buried

  73. Chad Perreault

    Chad PerreaultHace 17 horas

    Wonder why Andrew is prefers all of his machines to be an open cab vs enclosed. The only advantage I see is price. But I personally would prefer to be warm, dry, better protected, comfortable and significantly reduced noise levels

  74. Kirk Palmer

    Kirk PalmerHace 17 horas

    Don't leave your dump truck unattended with Camarata around. He'll have it stacked to the moon when you get back.

  75. trevor harrison

    trevor harrisonHace 17 horas

    The most irresponsible and dangerous loading of a dump truck I have ever seen. Super sloppy

  76. Mark Guy

    Mark GuyHace 17 horas

    Time to build that monster garage.

  77. David Null

    David NullHace 17 horas

    Hey Andrew, do you need a diesel medium-duty plow truck for the fall? Low mileage. It's a decent size truck for plowing, a lot sturdier than any pickup. Look at the photos. The auction is Wednesday, it probably will sell for around the price of a used diesel pickup truck. And it's not too far from you. Where else are you going to find a used truck with 6,000 miles?? 2003 Stewart & Stevenson M1078A1 LMTV 4x4 Cargo Truck ITEM NUMBER4601723 LOCATION Mount Holly, New Jersey, United States. 08060 AUCTION DATE Apr 14, 08:55 AM - 09:00 AM PDT MILEAGE6,019 Miles VINA-T021121EFGN 4x4, Cat 6 Cylinder Turbo Diesel Engine, Exhaust Brake, Automatic Transmission, Central Tire Inflation System, 395/85R20 Tires, Fold-Down Bed Sides, Stake Sides, Tailgate, Hard Top, Heater, 22,770 lb. GVWR

  78. Kevin G

    Kevin GHace 17 horas

    Mini Bulldozers

  79. Samuel Colt

    Samuel ColtHace 17 horas

    The shed is like new!

  80. Albert Long

    Albert LongHace 18 horas

    Hey Andrew, thought u bought one for your wife.🍁🍁🍁🇨🇦