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  1. Kole Kellerman

    Kole KellermanHace 10 horas

    I would have shot all three of those monkeys

  2. fallen562

    fallen562Hace 10 horas

    Bro! Get gun and empty the clip on them next time they come in your store. Problem solved

  3. gisann ramharack

    gisann ramharackHace 10 horas

    What's the description of these teens....where r their parents..?... They need a good dam beating to catch their sense.

  4. Mango Trinh

    Mango TrinhHace 10 horas

    American need more parenting and discipline harder to their kids

  5. Ronaldo Andrade

    Ronaldo AndradeHace 10 horas

    Hopefully the store owner buys a gun and shows them whats up

  6. Andrew Nevarez

    Andrew NevarezHace 10 horas

    T E E N S

  7. Zynze5151 Nycraile

    Zynze5151 NycraileHace 10 horas

    BLM attacks

  8. Tony R

    Tony RHace 10 horas

    Innocent joggers.

  9. Jonjacobjinglehiemerscmit Sc

    Jonjacobjinglehiemerscmit ScHace 10 horas

    Must be all that white supremacy msnbc says is out there

  10. 三八弟Mr.

    三八弟Mr.Hace 10 horas


  11. Chuck Ruckus

    Chuck RuckusHace 10 horas

    Tough breaks

  12. T. Roberson Bey

    T. Roberson BeyHace 10 horas

    Trapped by adult greed and corruption

  13. Fh hf

    Fh hfHace 10 horas

    I just can believe it, and then when something happens to they the first thing their family would they were good kids, they harm no buddy. The owner should have a bat next to him next time and score a home run, I bet you they Will never do it again.


    JOEY BENRAHace 10 horas

    BLACK LIVES MATTER ???? Not on my book 😡

  15. Jose Gomez

    Jose GomezHace 10 horas

    Where’s Benjamin Crump advocating for the store owner??

  16. Cozart 2813

    Cozart 2813Hace 10 horas

    Project rats deserve the boot

  17. LOONZY

    LOONZYHace 10 horas

    Bro I swear if they are doing that just punch them.

  18. Trump Won

    Trump WonHace 10 horas

    Lol they came back for a third time and police still was not there. Arm yourselves folks, you are the only one who can defend yourself.

  19. Henry W.

    Henry W.Hace 10 horas

    Criminals are criminals. Please stop emphasizing they are teenagers!


    JOEY BENRAHace 10 horas

    KEEP ON VOTING 🗳 “Democrat” 😡 …. I don’t feel bad for you at all !!!!

  21. Patrick Hunter

    Patrick HunterHace 10 horas

    How fun would it be to beat the perps to death?


    DELHI WALAHace 10 horas

    Welcome to america

  23. Brenda C

    Brenda CHace 10 horas

    This is where BLM should step up to help.


    VICENTE ROSARIOHace 10 horas

    They blondies

  25. Marcus Medina

    Marcus MedinaHace 10 horas

    Her ratchet brothers will be coming by soon be careful brother

  26. Dahomie Bolton

    Dahomie BoltonHace 10 horas

    "I'm a master in click pow" js

  27. Dan Triune

    Dan TriuneHace 10 horas

    Lockem up

  28. Alan Scott

    Alan ScottHace 10 horas

    Well..thank god democrat politicians dont prosecute criminals!!! otherwise,there might be MORE of this!!! STOP CHARGEING CRIMES!!!!

  29. Sinister Eleven

    Sinister ElevenHace 10 horas

    And if these criminals get hurt or killed.

  30. Nora Rodgers

    Nora RodgersHace 10 horas

    I hope they get real time for those racist teens and their parents.

  31. Loretta Williams

    Loretta WilliamsHace 10 horas

    I would have done the same thing. Bless her!

  32. carl fisher

    carl fisherHace 10 horas

    Seeing things like this more and more. They have become empowered by liberal mentality to believe that they are entitled to do whatever they want because of the color of their skin.

  33. Freddy Cook Jr.

    Freddy Cook Jr.Hace 10 horas

    hi im mark browwn that was some great content lol

  34. Anthony Coleman

    Anthony ColemanHace 10 horas

    I heard that after intercourse,many of "those people's" females immediately pass gas and eat pork rinds.

  35. bom plongs

    bom plongsHace 10 horas


  36. michael Eighttimez

    michael EighttimezHace 10 horas

    Cops should give that guy the big pepper spray that the goon squad uses as a sorry were defunded protect your self present

  37. Sharon Lee

    Sharon LeeHace 10 horas

    Increase funding for police! Give them bonuses!

  38. squanto

    squantoHace 10 horas

    Stay off the road.

  39. DDT

    DDTHace 10 horas

    The 🌎 doesn't owe these ppl anything 🤔

  40. hankgs

    hankgsHace 10 horas

    even if the Police know who they are, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN to them, especially since they are under 18- They know and the cops know it, so what's the point.... IT"S STUPID CALIFORNIA LAWS that YOU VOTED FOR.

  41. Ethan O

    Ethan OHace 10 horas

    Act ghetto when someone tries to stop you from stealing. The clerk should have pepper spray if he don’t have a gun.

  42. Nora Rodgers

    Nora RodgersHace 10 horas

    Where are there parents

  43. AngelicHellSpawn Yang

    AngelicHellSpawn YangHace 10 horas

    Lmao start shooting

  44. Luis Hetzler

    Luis HetzlerHace 10 horas

    Store Owner protect yourself tasers are legal. Black lives Matter 😸 Black Sabbath Matters 🤘

  45. November Sky

    November SkyHace 10 horas

    so sad RIP woman : (

  46. Deacon St John rocks

    Deacon St John rocksHace 10 horas

    Mostly peaceful BLM members! Nothing to see here. Don't bother catching them if u r gonna release them back on the streets next/same day.

  47. MrTweetyhack

    MrTweetyhackHace 10 horas

    Shoot them. nobody will miss them

  48. Lapis Lazuli

    Lapis LazuliHace 10 horas


  49. Teatua Lasi

    Teatua LasiHace 10 horas


  50. someoneone99nine

    someoneone99nineHace 10 horas

    FFS what kind of upbringing is this ? They need to be punished. One day they will mess with the wrong person, and nobody will have any sympathy for them.

  51. vanessa parker

    vanessa parkerHace 10 horas

    SMH; We have to do better.

  52. AllCreaturesCount

    AllCreaturesCountHace 10 horas

    Look at those entitled, privileged BLMr's

  53. Emily Alternative

    Emily AlternativeHace 10 horas

    Well for starters it’s not a vaccine....

  54. MonkeyKing

    MonkeyKingHace 10 horas


  55. computermech

    computermechHace 10 horas

    If they got retaliation then these folks would go on the streets rioting and chanting B L M

  56. Gloria Ojogwu

    Gloria OjogwuHace 10 horas

    Maddening! Just Disgusting! Parents where are you? Running Rampant. Foolish!?

  57. Theodor5150

    Theodor5150Hace 10 horas

    he should put a gps device in some of the stuff they steal and find em slippin

  58. Jannon Jackson

    Jannon JacksonHace 10 horas

    Just install a buzz in door jeez

  59. Loam Slice

    Loam SliceHace 10 horas

    12 gauge

  60. Eric Matthews

    Eric MatthewsHace 10 horas

    Before you know it they all will be standing front of a judge crying their eyes out, pretending to be innocent little girls ,but it's not going to work being that it's recorded.

  61. Jesus Urena

    Jesus UrenaHace 10 horas

    The thing is that day don’t work for nothing in the world so day don’t know what it is to work hard for what you have and let someone else take it this needs to stop

  62. jason hawk

    jason hawkHace 10 horas

    Get a big dog,put it behind the counter, act a fool let loose the dog, no fools no dogs, it's a private business, your good to go

  63. M PIussant

    M PIussantHace 10 horas

    That's one helluva a police department you got

  64. Triplet Daddy

    Triplet DaddyHace 10 horas

    Man! at that point you grab your bat and swing away! Swing Away Merrill Swing Away 😎🤣😂👽🛸 Or hire that old security guard from the Atlanta mall. (He uses a Taser and not afraid)🤯⚡⚡

  65. computermech

    computermechHace 10 horas

    I can understand why people chant racial slurs after seeing what these people do all the time. The small business trying to make a living.

  66. RL

    RLHace 10 horas

    The robber looks like a cop. Why are people attacking Asians?

  67. Muddy Sludge

    Muddy SludgeHace 10 horas

    They'll keep coming back until they 're old enough to buy something.

  68. F D

    F DHace 10 horas

    Skin melanin also known as being closer to god and showing empathy, nick cannon 🤔

  69. Scott Lecompte

    Scott LecompteHace 10 horas

    I remember when the Travon Martin thing happened Obama and all the other high power people said that could be my son boy I guess their son's and daughter's or fine citizen of this country.

  70. de screwface

    de screwfaceHace 10 horas

    I know who it is! It'a Booshwaka and Shanaynae!

  71. Alex Homer

    Alex HomerHace 10 horas

    Hey guess what, yOUR world is on fire.

  72. Jesuit 7

    Jesuit 7Hace 10 horas

    They couldn't ask their parents for money(unemployment/stimulus checks)❓

  73. Peter Mcdougall

    Peter McdougallHace 10 horas

    F' ng degenerate scum bags

  74. Lizzy Garrett

    Lizzy GarrettHace 10 horas

    Omg that kind of criminal again, should never release that harmful animal.

  75. Austin Davidson

    Austin DavidsonHace 10 horas

    These are the females of these folks....geezus!!

  76. David Lohnes

    David LohnesHace 10 horas

    Stupid to take life so easily