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  1. doliio volay

    doliio volayHace 3 horas

    Aguero goal💪

  2. sr team / said

    sr team / saidHace 3 horas


  3. Michael Feast

    Michael FeastHace 12 horas

    Yesssss. Get in there. Love conquers all.....even Football

  4. Le Monke

    Le MonkeHace 12 horas

    boris does it better than md

  5. dzh dzh

    dzh dzhHace 22 horas

    I would like to see China in the world cup someday. They invested a lot in football ,it's just shame that there are no talented Chinese players like Fan. Japan and Korea produce much more quality players who plays in some great European clubs.

  6. Levi bLancO

    Levi bLancOHace un día

    Legends say G Jesus Will nEver be onside again😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😆

  7. gioyu comi

    gioyu comiHace un día

    Aguero forever in our hearts . Thanks for the magical moments......the story goes on 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  8. Tasty

    TastyHace un día

    What an atmosphere.

  9. مهدي العتيبي

    مهدي العتيبيHace un día

    انا عراقي ليش ما داخل كارفور صديق علا رقم هوا لعب جيد

  10. Sports1903

    Sports1903Hace un día

    crystanbul (istanbul)

  11. Dok D

    Dok DHace un día

    Thank you, Palace. Massive respect to you lot 👍🏻

  12. serdy ximi

    serdy ximiHace un día

    Aguero shootingnya masih kenceng bet anjir biasanya pemain habis cidera lama jadi ngampas ini malah tetep gacor 🔥

  13. pmay222

    pmay222Hace 2 días

    very few if any of these lads get through to the 1st team.... its an incredibly high standard to achieve....

  14. yuitr loing

    yuitr loingHace 2 días

    I think everyone would be happy to see Aguero lift the CL this season despite how you feel about City.

  15. Shelley Hamilton-Smith

    Shelley Hamilton-SmithHace 2 días

    Come on you palace.

  16. Penny Shen

    Penny ShenHace 2 días


  17. Paul Banks

    Paul BanksHace 2 días


  18. random293

    random293Hace 2 días

    had to come back on the 7th anniversary

  19. SIMO MIZ

    SIMO MIZHace 2 días


  20. nijuo joing

    nijuo joingHace 2 días

    I think everyone would be happy to see Aguero lift the CL this season despite how you feel about City.

  21. Nicholas Lim

    Nicholas LimHace 2 días

    Hard to find such a humble player nowadays..a Legend here in Asia.


    KETAN KUMARHace 3 días

    Kun is the king

  23. Leandro Lima

    Leandro LimaHace 3 días

    Aprendeu com o Luan kkkk

  24. misolou fout

    misolou foutHace 3 días

    Aguero shootingnya masih kenceng bet anjir biasanya pemain habis cidera lama jadi ngampas ini malah tetep gacor 🔥

  25. Ali Altokmaji / علي التكمچي

    Ali Altokmaji / علي التكمچيHace 3 días

    البنتييييييك 😂💔 دحومي ٩٩٩ 👍🏻

  26. hotshot

    hotshotHace 3 días

    A Barca fan here These rumors of Aguero joining Barca is actually making me quite excited. Aguero is still a world class player, no doubt about it, he can shoot the ball very well and could've finished all those chances we missed this season. His ball distribution and ball holding capability is also very good. I think that he can certainly be a hit signing for Barca and he can turn his career around by changing clubs because he still has atleast 2-3 years of top level football still left in him.

  27. pmay222

    pmay222Hace 3 días

    pittifull palace struggling mid table every manager for 21/22 please .... they are the everton of london... dull

  28. Renaldo Matadeen

    Renaldo MatadeenHace 3 días

    City still won't win UCL

  29. MarkFenix117

    MarkFenix117Hace 3 días

    Name the main stand after zaha when he retires.

  30. dutoiu hour

    dutoiu hourHace 3 días

    Aguaro should not leave us

  31. ivana gimenez

    ivana gimenezHace 3 días

    Kun Agüero papa!

  32. H. Gary

    H. GaryHace 3 días

    Wow it's nice to see how sports can go beyond politics and races.

  33. Saya setuju,

    Saya setuju,Hace 3 días

    Last few weeks before Our Aguero gone 😓 its pretty damn sad

  34. john honai

    john honaiHace 3 días

    Every Man City game is incomplete without a(coupleof) Sterling miss(es).

  35. Levine Akampa

    Levine AkampaHace 3 días

    yo these strikers are all eager to get goals. guardiola should play them at PSG. also whats that wicked pass from mendy

  36. aymen a16

    aymen a16Hace 3 días


  37. Nasma Juma

    Nasma JumaHace 3 días

  38. Rizq Akhmad Fauzi

    Rizq Akhmad FauziHace 3 días

    Tumben baru tau comment cewek 😅

  39. TechTube

    TechTubeHace 3 días

    Aguero welcome to Barcelona 😍😍😍


    ANAK RANTAU MSCHace 3 días

    Salpok sama komentator nya.

  41. Ginesh Nair Matthew

    Ginesh Nair MatthewHace 3 días

    Jersy strikes #ManchesterCity

  42. jeandiai tonyyeyo

    jeandiai tonyyeyoHace 3 días

    I’m worried he would leave his the last of The aguero , balotelli , dzeko , Silva , Barry , kompany. Era . It’s always nice to have his class around . Happy to see him scoring again.

  43. kris zou

    kris zouHace 3 días

    Tears ran down her face, my kun😭

  44. dolimi jotoo

    dolimi jotooHace 3 días

    Welcome to comeback to battle fields KUN cheerful! Waiting for Champions 🏆.

  45. John Pearson

    John PearsonHace 3 días

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  46. Trevor Bett

    Trevor BettHace 3 días

    Like the female comentation make more of it

  47. Levi Heichou

    Levi HeichouHace 4 días

    Gabriel Yeah-Zeus

  48. LN KJV only

    LN KJV onlyHace 4 días

    Mark 8:36 King James Version 36 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?


    PRABHAT VERMAHace 4 días

    When man City loss I am happy 🤣😂☺️🤣

  50. Orapeleng Motsumi

    Orapeleng MotsumiHace 4 días

    Finally aguero scored it's been a long time damn I love this guy⚽️🔥👑

  51. jahed

    jahedHace 4 días

    Change the commentator quickly ! I can't take this girl seriously 💁🏾‍♂️💁🏾‍♂️

  52. anna alex

    anna alexHace 4 días

    oh man city are shithole

  53. feuer willen

    feuer willenHace 4 días

    i thought that time when china has a player like him will be the rising of chinese football. but it is actually the last legendary moment before chinese football going down. God bless him. grand general fan

  54. Junior Crespo

    Junior CrespoHace 4 días

    Grande Sergio 👏👏👏

  55. Ela J

    Ela JHace 4 días

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  56. Griff HD

    Griff HDHace 4 días

    I don’t support any English teams so I’m not sure if anyone’s linked with aguero but if another prem team to jump to sign him when city let him go there missing a huge trick

  57. Paul Hourigan

    Paul HouriganHace 4 días

    I would rather listen to paint dry than this commentator

  58. Rice and beans

    Rice and beansHace 4 días



    F4X CAPITALHace 4 días

    I hope i dont spoil anything but lets give obrein that first team contract.

  60. laskin riubn

    laskin riubnHace 4 días

    Aguero forever in our hearts . Thanks for the magical moments......the story goes on 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  61. TTFC Eagles

    TTFC EaglesHace 4 días

    jack o brien sign him up permenently asap

  62. Ultimatundo

    UltimatundoHace 4 días

    U18 and U23s both doing brilliantly. Let’s hope we see some of these players progress through to the first team.

  63. Muhammad Nihal

    Muhammad NihalHace 4 días

    Aguero poli

  64. PielesBlancasDeBSAS

    PielesBlancasDeBSASHace 4 días

  65. Farhan Nazri

    Farhan NazriHace 4 días

    Manchester City the best club... Crystal noob man city win EPL 💙

  66. Crit Hit

    Crit HitHace 4 días

  67. Shrekspeare Studios

    Shrekspeare StudiosHace 4 días

    So cringe when woman comentates

  68. Steve Baron

    Steve BaronHace 4 días

    couldnt deal with listening to the commentators voice every game


    JVK WORLDHace 4 días

    Agueroo .....😍😩

  70. Jamie

    JamieHace 4 días

    Why can't commentators pronounce names properly like Gabriel yasoos cmon

  71. Alz 17

    Alz 17Hace 4 días

    Crystal palace are shit

  72. Shabbar Bukhari

    Shabbar BukhariHace 4 días

    It's (hay)sus not jayzus!!!

  73. Carlos Fandango

    Carlos FandangoHace 4 días

    I watch women's football every year to see if it has improved to a watchable level yet. I'll be back next year

  74. M

    MHace 4 días

    Agüero is a big player for the small club

  75. Lauren Anderson

    Lauren AndersonHace 4 días

    I guess fight racism means no white players allowed

  76. Kelvin P

    Kelvin PHace 4 días

    Commentary is just awful

  77. Yinka Oreoluwa

    Yinka OreoluwaHace 4 días

    I love the commentator, you can tell she has passion for the game

  78. Kyuin Choi

    Kyuin ChoiHace 4 días


  79. Prakit Thapa

    Prakit ThapaHace 4 días

    Jesus and sterling depend on cross near the bar😂😂

  80. Prakit Thapa

    Prakit ThapaHace 4 días

    Jesus and sterling can't score like Aguero