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We Had Catnip All Wrong
  1. happy face

    happy faceHace 23 horas

    Plastic bag is the best simply because you don't increase plastic by buying trash bags.

  2. Mary Han

    Mary HanHace 23 horas

    Saw the video title and immediately sighed in relief Like finally, I need to know!

  3. J K

    J KHace 23 horas

    Sometimes the rhythm in this video seemed really awkward, like halting. Dunno if it was the recording or the editing or what .. Anyone else notice?

  4. mutantmaster1

    mutantmaster1Hace 23 horas

    Why do I see two drunk scientists injecting venom into snakes and hi-fiving each other?

  5. Steven Le

    Steven LeHace 23 horas

    They need to ingest their own toxins to eat too.

  6. Thomas Mary

    Thomas MaryHace 23 horas

    Hello everyone, I was able to eliminate my HSV 2 with the help of Dr Osade on youtube with his natural herbs.

  7. Peter Geraghty

    Peter GeraghtyHace 23 horas

    Hi Hank. The application of the Coriolis effect to toilets flushing is not, as you call it, "bunk." It exists, it's an effect and it is still there. You can say that there are many other factors such as the shape of the basin and the way the water from the tank flows into the bowl that are much stronger in the toilet bowl than the Coriolis effect. But it's irresponsible to tell your viewers that it's 'bunk." You are teaching kids who might be watching this (I hope not,) that it's OK to just toss out information that you, Hank, don't like. What kind of science is that?.

  8. Franco Franco

    Franco FrancoHace 23 horas

    I hate myself for saying this and I’m not sure if this is just me but the host aren’t as good as others reading her script. With Olivia, Mike, Hank, Stefan and other hosts, I can easily play the video and put my phone in my pocket and still get the ideas that the video wants me to learn. It’s like the hosts are having a conversation with me and not reciting a script or whatever. Her way of reading leaves out like a word or two at the end of the sentence so it’s hard to understand when the last sentence ends and where the new sentence begins without putting my eyes on the screen. I mostly listen to scishow while doing other stuff and I know she’s new. This is in no way to say she’s not good enough to be a host but to let her know there’s an audience member (me) who enjoys learning through conversations, it’s not farfetched to assume someone else feel this way since I am not a one in a million type, even if I am there’s got to be at least five others who feel this way since there’s 6 million subscribers here... I really really hope she improves.

  9. Prax Zimmerman

    Prax ZimmermanHace 23 horas

    The haphazard bitting on that key is making me uncomfortable

  10. SuperSecretSquirell

    SuperSecretSquirellHace 23 horas

    Maybe I do want to punch myself in the face. Don't kink-shame me.

  11. Thomas Mary

    Thomas MaryHace 23 horas

    Hello everyone, I was able to eliminate my HSV 2 with the help of Dr Osade on youtube with his natural herbs.

  12. M.Keenan

    M.KeenanHace 23 horas

    Welll, it dies

  13. Marcos Mora

    Marcos MoraHace 23 horas

    No one: SciShow: what if a viper bites itself?

  14. Grimace

    GrimaceHace 23 horas

    2:52 that animation was cute

  15. Guardian Beast

    Guardian BeastHace 23 horas

    For anyone thinking that snakes are ruthless efficient killing machines, they're not. They make mistakes all the time. I think I might have the world's most embarrassing snake. My nonvenomous northern pine snake has bitten himself often enough that I've lost count over the past 10 years. No other snake I've worked with has been so accident prone... or so stubborn. I have had to intervene to get him to let go of him self repeatedly to prevent his ophidiophageous instincts from kicking in and leaving me with a literal oroborus. He just gets so excited when it's food time that he often overshoots his target only to latch onto his own tail or side. It's hard to keep track of your butt when you are a very long snake with a very tiny head.

  16. Jacob O'Neill

    Jacob O'NeillHace un día

    Very good discussion! Seems to me a cotton bag probably could be reused thousands of times. Another factor for me is I want us to divest from oil entirely.

  17. Eron Chiang

    Eron ChiangHace un día

    flouride is known to be one of those universally safe things humans sue in toothpaste and etc, but recently ive found a lot of articles and stuff saying how there is iq damage and how its not good for you. I've been really curious and was hoping you guys could do a video on it demystifying it.

  18. Kionala

    KionalaHace un día

    you didnt talk about oppaset gendered identical twins but thats ok no one is perfect.


    DNNSBRKRHace un día

    is it possible that there actually was attempted interbreeding but with the big difference in DNA, it was incompatible?

  20. Kshitij Sahu

    Kshitij SahuHace un día

    I will study for exams 5mins later Excellent question

  21. BlankTom

    BlankTomHace un día

    and i am a snake head eating the head on the opposite side.

  22. Jace White

    Jace WhiteHace un día

    So what if you inject yourself with the blood of the snake that bite you?

  23. Neshomeh

    NeshomehHace un día

    Follow-up study: What, if anything, do the plants get out of it?

  24. Ahmad morid

    Ahmad moridHace un día

    One of my nostrils is always clogged

  25. Robin Hahn

    Robin HahnHace un día

    I like the idea of a venomous snake biting itself, getting embarrassed, and like. Hiding the bite from all its snake friends to avoid getting made fun of.

  26. Areya Lloyd

    Areya LloydHace un día

    What would YY be

  27. mysticx0

    mysticx0Hace un día

    best sci show host!!

  28. John Foerch

    John FoerchHace un día

    2:42 Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow! (deeper cut)

  29. Tessa T

    Tessa THace un día

    In the English novel by Thomas Hardy, "Return of the Native," characters living on the fictional Egdon Heath treat a person bitten by an adder by rubbing the wound with fat from adders extracted by frying the cut-up snakes in a pan over a fire. When I first read this, I thought that it was completely impossible that this could have any efficacy whatsoever and that rubbing anything on a snake bite would only aggravate the effects of the bite by pushing the venom deeper into the victim's tissues. I wonder if the fat of the adders contains any of these anti-venomous binding proteins? Perhaps there is something in these ancient remedies after all?

  30. uncleanunicorn

    uncleanunicornHace un día

    There are ground squirrels preyed on by rattlesnakes that evolve resistance in an ongoing evolutionary arms race. Might be worth investigating.

  31. Evendur13

    Evendur13Hace un día

    I ate a banana after watching this.... it felt special

  32. Ex0tic Lettuce

    Ex0tic LettuceHace un día

    My right 😡

  33. The Random Guy and Co

    The Random Guy and CoHace un día

    Reversing the Polarity is a Doctor Who meme. 😅🤣

  34. Aramati Paz

    Aramati PazHace un día

    It's funny listen to this while playing Rimworld.

  35. AMGroblin

    AMGroblinHace un día

    i think those balls of light are just cool guys coming to hang

  36. Shar McD

    Shar McDHace un día

    Are those native beaded earrings bc those are so pretty

  37. Blood Sweat And Tears Forever learning

    Blood Sweat And Tears Forever learningHace un día

    What happens when they take an organ out what takes it's place

  38. Areya Lloyd

    Areya LloydHace un día

    How and when did we decide on how the time works around the world from the length of years to the time of the hour! I am truly curious!!!

  39. Keith Hargraves

    Keith HargravesHace un día

    Holy crap! She's 😍😍😍😍😍

  40. Thunderus Night

    Thunderus NightHace un día

    I'VE NEVER BEEN THIS EARLY! I'm usually 8 months to 2 years late

  41. mike bar

    mike barHace un día

    🤭 Fool's Gold 🤫

  42. David Levine

    David LevineHace un día

    Smart guy - buncha cool info about wolves & dire wolves. Also smart guy - "the LOBria tar pits" ... It's pronounced "La BRAYa"... clearly smart guy is heavy on STEM education but not so much on the language arts... Then again this is SciShow, not LangShow... 🤔 Love the channel either way. 👍

  43. Adrian Rodriguez

    Adrian RodriguezHace un día


  44. Arlene Katz

    Arlene KatzHace un día

    Perfectly wonderful. Cant wait to get back to AMNH Hall of Planet Earth. All the cycles, plate tectonics and our stromatolites pumping out oxygen. Thank you!

  45. Areya Lloyd

    Areya LloydHace un día

    The snakes key doesnt work on its own venom because the locks broken!!!

  46. Cyrus Khalvati

    Cyrus KhalvatiHace un día

    Ive seen a snake kill itself with its own venom. Theres multiple videos. Lol.

  47. Katmy6 6

    Katmy6 6Hace un día

    Antihistamine gives me this i don't know why, and i feel like my leg is getting pulled just as im falling asleep. It feels like that demon pulling people's legs in horror movies

  48. Uta

    UtaHace un día

    I won't sleep ever again thanks

  49. gery sumual

    gery sumualHace un día

    This kind of science feels lame and counterproductive. I think the aim of science is to enlighten problems and address their remedies, not to drown us back into the default, unbearable, chaos state of reality.

  50. Khajitxi

    KhajitxiHace un día

    There any particular reason why bringing back the “single” use plastic bag the next time you go shopping isn’t considered as an option?

  51. CortiSol Invictus

    CortiSol InvictusHace un día

    What's a dhole?

  52. Gabe Erhardt

    Gabe ErhardtHace un día

    I would love to see a video on “what is happening when trees are grafted together”

  53. Charlie The Freak Of Nature

    Charlie The Freak Of NatureHace un día

    Kinda surprised wannacry wasn't on here, but I don't know much about viruses.

  54. 75IFFY

    75IFFYHace un día

    Dr Who, not star trek

  55. John Webb

    John WebbHace un día

    They got the Dire Wolf DNA wrong. And probably more than a little wrong.

  56. SimpleE Modern

    SimpleE ModernHace un día

    interesting video, hard to watch, her voice is harsh and unpleasant to hear as a viewer. Sounds like she's striving to pronounce every letter in every word.

  57. Erectar Denara

    Erectar DenaraHace un día

    A quick point about rabbits : It is very true that carrots aren't part of a rabbit's main diet, but they still like it as an occasionnal treat and comfort helper. See, rabbits (like all rodents) have permanently growing incisors, thus they need to use them constantly to prevent them from overgrowing. Carrots can help because... Well, they're hard when raw, so a rabbit munching on a carrot can be beneficial in maintaining it's tooth health. But as stated in this video : they're an OCCASIONNAL treat, give too much carrots to a rabbit and he'll end up sick.

  58. neomp5

    neomp5Hace un día

    i think you mixed up star trek and doctor who there

  59. Miss. Danni Tiger

    Miss. Danni TigerHace un día


  60. Leftatalbuquerque

    LeftatalbuquerqueHace un día

    Rose - you are a joy. Your full name inspires interesting mental images as well.

  61. Tristen Arctician

    Tristen ArcticianHace un día

    No, mexican child soul awanswer test questions

  62. Scottei

    ScotteiHace un día

    *If you've had chicken pox, then the shingles virus is already inside of you.*

  63. Elizabeth Shaw

    Elizabeth ShawHace un día

    Oh so helium 4 is like Donkey Kong!

  64. Dr Seuss

    Dr SeussHace un día

    When times are made though to buy up everything with a countries paper, sometimes one gender will forget a pill and have a baby, to guarantee 32-60 percent of ones paycheck, and then they'll look for number two, and have a side income and make another human feel sorry for themselves, and if they have another child, they'll repeat the process, they'll afford whatever addiction they have and make another child feel sorry for them and they'll steal from their mates, and generic memory and nurture over nature will be passed down, and if they get number two, some move on to having a third non agricultural child for almost a six figure income, of stealing a family over and over for money, and next thing you know someone overpopulated you

  65. Guy Simpson

    Guy SimpsonHace un día

    and there was me thinking that "reverse the polarity" was a classic Doctor Who quote....Eg "Day of the Doctor"

  66. omer dassa

    omer dassaHace un día

    They are not flies and they are also not fairies, Hank. The fair folk tricked you.

  67. General JellyRoll

    General JellyRollHace un día

    Are platypuses immune to their own venom?

  68. capbarker

    capbarkerHace un día

    The way I find it easy to think of is that evolution takes the path of least resistance. It takes the best immediate option but can’t take a detour. Just like how water flows downward only as long as it can. If you pour a glass, the water will flow out into the glass and stay there. Even though the floor would be a lower place for it to settle, it would have to detour up over the edge of the glass to make it there, which it can’t

  69. Luist Triolet

    Luist TrioletHace un día

    I thought they were immune to their own venoms.

  70. I'm right you're wrong

    I'm right you're wrongHace un día

    Still not sure what the purpose was though,....

  71. DudeSwedish

    DudeSwedishHace un día

    These are the kind of questions that I have nightmares about before figuring them out! :'D

  72. LittleCaesar81

    LittleCaesar81Hace un día

    Wondering why this technology is not used to combat cancer!

  73. Olivia Sophia

    Olivia SophiaHace un día

    Thank you so much Drihenyenonojolu on ESdos by getting my herpes cured with your herbal treatment♥️...

  74. bumhaskins

    bumhaskinsHace un día

    Listen to this at 0.5 speed.

  75. MidNiteR32

    MidNiteR32Hace un día

    People say my voice sounds different on the phone than in person. I know this to be true for some other people. Anyone else?

  76. kingpest 13

    kingpest 13Hace un día

    If someone is sniping your bike lock with bolt cutters you bought the wrong bike lock.

  77. SAmaryllis

    SAmaryllisHace un día

    Hmm so for the venomous snakes that can't survive their own does that work when they eat their prey, which presumably they have injected with the venom? I guess they must degrade or break down over a short period of time, or they have special stomach/digestive resistance, otherwise I would expect venomous snakes without self-defense accommodations to just die...

  78. Vasantha Maddela

    Vasantha MaddelaHace un día


  79. Naeem

    NaeemHace un día

    ok , im even more confused now

  80. Ariel Fernandez

    Ariel FernandezHace un día

    as a parent of two snakes who have, on several occasions, bitten themselves instead of the dead rat right in front of their nose and proceeded to bite and constrict themselves because they thought the (dead) rat was fighting back... I can see where being immune to your own venom can be beneficial!! I love my snakes but they are so, so dumb sometimes.