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  1. Gabriella Griffin

    Gabriella GriffinHace 14 horas

    0:28 vor.today

  2. Donna Morris

    Donna MorrisHace 15 horas

    0:12 vot.today

  3. budi susanto

    budi susantoHace 18 horas


  4. AI Young

    AI YoungHace 22 horas


  5. ZeroGravity Drone-Photography

    ZeroGravity Drone-PhotographyHace un día

    You need a jack hammer to shovel that much dirt.....WTF🤣🤣🤣

  6. Wendy Turner

    Wendy TurnerHace un día

    Please send me the name of the gadget and where I can find it. Thanks

  7. Wendy Turner

    Wendy TurnerHace un día

    What’s the name of the gadget and where can I buy one?



    How does armature rotates without stator

  9. Y !

    Y !Hace un día

    Imagine getting your hand crushed by that-

  10. The U.S.Constitution Is The New Jesus Christ

    The U.S.Constitution Is The New Jesus ChristHace un día

    That woman with long hair and that crank could’ve been viral

  11. Annabel Rodgers

    Annabel RodgersHace un día

    0:37 vou.today

  12. SocietyEnder666

    SocietyEnder666Hace un día

    The first could be used for an industrial soundtrack.

  13. Yøki & Yokø

    Yøki & YokøHace un día

    In what type of CAVE do u live?

  14. turtlespankin

    turtlespankinHace un día

    Yes finally a huge melon baller!

  15. Rodger Hall

    Rodger HallHace un día

    Clickbait wanker. No thumbnail

  16. Rahul Langal

    Rahul LangalHace un día

    Isse jcb ko gande pani me nilana kahte hai

  17. Abdul Hamid Ansari

    Abdul Hamid AnsariHace un día

    Ye jingping hai kya

  18. ស្រស់ សេង

    ស្រស់ សេងHace un día


  19. ស្រស់ សេង

    ស្រស់ សេងHace un día


  20. ស្រស់ សេង

    ស្រស់ សេងHace 2 días


  21. ស្រស់ សេង

    ស្រស់ សេងHace 2 días


  22. Road King

    Road KingHace 2 días

    How the f k dose he get the correct separation from hole to hole ...wow

  23. ikin sodikin

    ikin sodikinHace 2 días

    Y 😜😭👍🤞🏬🏟🏟🏩🏩🌐🗺🌐🏝🏝

  24. Robert Kustos

    Robert KustosHace 2 días

    That knife shaped thing cutting , brilliant technology . Must buy one when they hit the shelves .


    RAZMAN BIN RAJIK LEA 128Hace 2 días

    Its not amazing technology.. its just stupid people using technology and destroyed it

  26. orlando astorga

    orlando astorgaHace 2 días

    Whats wrong with you uploading spam content all the time

  27. James S

    James SHace 2 días

    Amazing technology that's only existed since the 1920's!

  28. Joe Bourke

    Joe BourkeHace 2 días

    Is there a video of the truck, start to finish?

  29. Ben Hart

    Ben HartHace 3 días

    Nice respirators very advance much wow. 👏

  30. Max Spies

    Max SpiesHace 3 días

    Please stop giving me these videos youtube

  31. Riyanto Buiil

    Riyanto BuiilHace 3 días


  32. Zhalel Amikhanov

    Zhalel AmikhanovHace 3 días

    Китаицы разрушает все лучшие саздает все хуеаое

  33. forsitac

    forsitacHace 3 días

    Heavy pools full of rust which are looking like they are directly out of 1950's : ESdosr: Oh look modern engineering

  34. Mark Hutchinson

    Mark HutchinsonHace 3 días

    Chinese steel is weak and not worth using.

  35. Shaman Credible

    Shaman CredibleHace 3 días

    Go home GI

  36. La enferma

    La enfermaHace 3 días


  37. Tracy D

    Tracy DHace 3 días

    The titles of these videos are just fucking stupid