Meanwhile in the Garage
Meanwhile in the Garage
Meanwhile in the Garage

Hello, friends,

Welcome to Meanwhile in the Garage.

There are a lot of channels on ESdos where people just copy existing things from others.
My goal is to create unique machines and devices.
On this channel you can see many interesting DIY projects.
I will regularly share my future projects with you.

About me:

I have 15 years of experience working with metal, I worked in the development department of new machines, worked on CNC machines, worked on milling, lathe and many other metalworking machines.
Concurrently, I had experience with video, and even made my own feature film.
One day I decided to combine my skills, I opened my Workshop at home and the result was my ESdos channel:
Meanwhile In the Garage

For business proposals, you can contact me through my E-mail

  1. T D

    T DHace 20 horas

    i like your video because you had a candy ...

  2. NOAH Interior

    NOAH InteriorHace 20 horas

    Amazing 👏

  3. Didar Eginbaev

    Didar EginbaevHace 20 horas

    А нельзя было его отлить чтобы цельный был?

  4. استاذ اللغة العربية ردام العزاوي

    استاذ اللغة العربية ردام العزاويHace 20 horas

    مبدع فنان

  5. Vicente Jiménez

    Vicente JiménezHace 20 horas

    Es una chingoneria de primer nibel

  6. Carlos Alberto Azevedo

    Carlos Alberto AzevedoHace 20 horas

    Very good, Carlos From Brazil I want one

  7. David T

    David THace 20 horas

    Looks like a hybrid of the Carver One and the Pulse Autocycle. Good job.

  8. just like this

    just like thisHace 20 horas

    This is the most and longest vlog i ever watch. But i appreciated the content. Congratulations to you sir. Get a Patent for your hard workmanship. Correct me if im wrong... You build this for a Month?

  9. nono to gambling

    nono to gamblingHace 20 horas

    maybe you should put a two wheel in front or at the back

  10. William Pessoa

    William PessoaHace 20 horas

    Seu projeto ficou espetacular! Quero deixar meus parabéns à você. Show Show Show!

  11. Lisa felger

    Lisa felgerHace 20 horas

    Мовсар брат ас ма алар-нет слов одни эмоции....просто шикарно то что ты сделал.красавчик. Дал аьтто бойл щюшин. Твой верный брат Джеки Чан😄 в общем понимаешь о кем речь))

  12. Long Vì

    Long VìHace 20 horas

    Xe máy thiết kế ban đầu đi đc hai người vậy mà giờ ông làm chỉ đi đc 1 người không ăn thua

  13. Evandro Caboclo do Mato

    Evandro Caboclo do MatoHace 20 horas

    .muito legal Mas .... se num acontecimento por exemplo uma fechada não der tempo de acionar as Rodinhas??? Parabéns, Bela imvencion 👍🤠

  14. Vânia Tertuliano

    Vânia TertulianoHace 20 horas

    Muito inteligente esse cara 👏👏👏


    KARL MAX LABANONHace 20 horas

    Awesome design, the best Ive seen so far. But would it be better using own legs for support? Id like to suggest a wider body and foot part is open, and the foot rest would be like a maxi scooter, that eay it would be more safe in traffic.

  16. MrChesare111

    MrChesare111Hace 21 un hora

    I noticed the pride on your face as you felt satisfied with this great work. My name is Cesar. I live in Mexico. I don't know you but I am proud of you. I feel obliged to subscribe to your channel because I will surely find more interesting and surprising things...!!!

  17. Kamel E. Belkacem

    Kamel E. BelkacemHace 21 un hora

    I agree that's great skills, but have a question, did u used steel bars? Isn't this a huge overweight for a 50cc engine, correct me if am wrong about the engine capacity, and also how much extra weight the new chassis gave

  18. Historias de youtube

    Historias de youtubeHace 21 un hora

    ya solo queda pasar la itv

  19. yusan sf

    yusan sfHace 21 un hora

    Mantap. Kreativitas tanpa batas.

  20. Лазелное Лузьё

    Лазелное ЛузьёHace 21 un hora

    До вертолёта совсем недалеко)) Да и вообще впечатление такое, будто мастер всю жизнь делал летательные аппараты, а тут просто до скутера добрался.

  21. Adilton Santos

    Adilton SantosHace 21 un hora

    Ficou top

  22. Simião Oliveira

    Simião OliveiraHace 21 un hora

    Não tem estabilidade,como que vai parar e depois acionar as rodas auxiliares?

  23. Sri Retnani14

    Sri Retnani14Hace 21 un hora

    Ide kereeeennnn

  24. Mayaz Al Makhzum

    Mayaz Al MakhzumHace 21 un hora

    When he was trying to bend the lever I was thinking he is going to break it, and then it happened 🤣🤣

  25. Aguilera

    AguileraHace 21 un hora

    Maybe the gravity center is too high bro

  26. Gargie396

    Gargie396Hace 21 un hora

    this looks like that gay dutch car top gear reviewed when the show first started.

  27. Rodny Exil

    Rodny ExilHace 21 un hora

    Felitacion c'est genial

  28. Melissa Eaves

    Melissa EavesHace 21 un hora


  29. Rodny Exil

    Rodny ExilHace 21 un hora

    Felicitaciones muy lindo

  30. Rodny Exil

    Rodny ExilHace 21 un hora

    Felitasyon zanmi bel gagay

  31. Alan alves

    Alan alvesHace 21 un hora

    Top demais 🇧🇷

  32. 藤井八雲

    藤井八雲Hace 21 un hora


  33. Didar Eginbaev

    Didar EginbaevHace 21 un hora

    Хорошо когда руки из правильного места растут!!! У меня бы вместо шлейф машины самогонный аппарат получился бы)))



    Roda kecil.. Yg kiri kanan.. Sebagai penyanggah.. Agak kurang praktis..dan terlihat.. Kurang..pas..tapi.. Aki cukup acungkan jempol 3x. Atas kreatifnya..👍👌😊

  35. Clécio Costa

    Clécio CostaHace 21 un hora

    falta colocar um cento de equilíbrio pois se passar um caminhão do lado rápido vai balançar muito, com tendência que a moto tombe fácil, e percebi que ela balança muito, com ajustes certo vai ficar mais top... we need to put a cent of balance because if a truck passes on the fast side it will swing a lot, with a tendency for the bike to tip easily, and I realized that it swings a lot, with the right adjustments it will get more top ...

  36. RH

    RHHace 21 un hora

    I would suggest improve the safety of exiting the vehicle when it is flipped. Also if the support side wheels powerful enough to stand the flipped vehicle back to stand would be nice.

  37. AliAli AliAli

    AliAli AliAliHace 21 un hora

    هههههههه هههههههههههههههههههه

  38. connect tvlog

    connect tvlogHace 21 un hora

    Nice bike bro

  39. Walter J.A. Mucchiut F.

    Walter J.A. Mucchiut F.Hace 21 un hora

    Creatividad, inteligencia, conocimientos, habilidad, herramientas y materiales, y una disciplina de trabajo en contexto, generaron este exponente de lo que es capaz el ser humano cuando se lo propone. Cuál es su origen? Congratulations!

  40. Douglas Carvalho

    Douglas CarvalhoHace 21 un hora

    Porcaria..... Imagina o peso disso? Sem estabilidade nas curvas?

  41. hawaiian bbq

    hawaiian bbqHace 21 un hora

    i'm wondering how long did it take time to finish it? it really amazing job

  42. Raúl Sahuquillo

    Raúl SahuquilloHace 21 un hora

    ¡ Increíble , es genial ! 👍👍👍

  43. vermelho

    vermelhoHace 21 un hora

    Amazing, congratulations!

  44. Yusif Kerimli

    Yusif KerimliHace 21 un hora


  45. Alfonso Acosta

    Alfonso AcostaHace 22 horas

    🛵👍si podrias colocar una rueda más adelante tendrias mayor estabilidad.

  46. Marcio S.

    Marcio S.Hace 22 horas

    You are one of the most ingenious men on you tube. Congratulations! Marcio. Brazil.

  47. NUE N

    NUE NHace 22 horas

    Wow! Amazing creation. Please test it in the rain.

  48. Eletrônica curioso

    Eletrônica curiosoHace 22 horas

    ridiculo! acabou a criatividade foi? kkkkkkkk

  49. wayne hale

    wayne haleHace 22 horas

    I take things apart to build other things and never completely finish them just keep starting a new project lol

  50. Paul Hodgson

    Paul HodgsonHace 22 horas

    Guy should be on the A team!!!! What a feat of engineering!!! Great watch 😊

  51. Jimmy Wilson

    Jimmy WilsonHace 22 horas

    What do fat broads and scooters have in common Both are fun to ride until a friend sees you

  52. Jimmy Wilson

    Jimmy WilsonHace 22 horas

    Hardly what Gary Numan had in mind when he recorded Cars

  53. Gaston Badillos

    Gaston BadillosHace 22 horas


  54. jefferson conceição

    jefferson conceiçãoHace 22 horas

    Muito legal esse protótipo! Esse maquinário são de última geração, deu a impressão que o veículo ficou passado em relação a potência da moto ,talvez colocando um peneu mas largo como de um carro e um motor com maior cilindrada responderia melhor ou tenta fazer com o material mas leve ,mas mesmo assim ficou muito bom parabéns

  55. Kalle Jodelbauer

    Kalle JodelbauerHace 22 horas

    Its a nice Workshop and Scooter.But you never can drive it legaly on Streets. Its a driving Coffin or Deathtrap.The Vehicle is now useless and worthless.

  56. wayne hale

    wayne haleHace 22 horas

    Can u make it fly next lol

  57. nomayor1

    nomayor1Hace 22 horas

    When filling in the insurance form: "Has your scooter been modified in any way?", "Eeerrr"...


    SIDHMED ELMILIANIHace 22 horas

    انت مبدع ولديك صبر كبير ،

  59. Nestor Herencia

    Nestor HerenciaHace 22 horas

    Maestro !!!! 👏👏

  60. Kria Sukarno

    Kria SukarnoHace 22 horas

    Yess very good !!?

  61. Fmfkfk Dmfmfkc

    Fmfkfk DmfmfkcHace 22 horas

    السلام عليك ورحمت اللة حط متصورات عليمي واليسار وكبر العجلات الخلفية وخلهن سابتات BLEZ TNKEO

  62. Didar Eginbaev

    Didar EginbaevHace 22 horas

    Нет ничего дороже здоровья! Тебе бы помощника в таких проектах! А так пресс зачётный получился!!!

  63. Ali Samlali

    Ali SamlaliHace 22 horas

    تحياتي لكم

  64. Kang Lee

    Kang LeeHace 22 horas

    By doing this ,how much of extra weight does it add up ?

  65. NBA Faizan e Mustafa

    NBA Faizan e MustafaHace 22 horas

    Its Islamic chanel

  66. はぐれメタボ零式【綜合自宅警備保障】戸締役

    はぐれメタボ零式【綜合自宅警備保障】戸締役Hace 22 horas


  67. motassem salah

    motassem salahHace 22 horas

    Amazing 🤗! My congratulations for this great invention👍

  68. rubens castamann

    rubens castamannHace 22 horas

    Very good! CloMot (Closed Moto)

  69. JotaReis

    JotaReisHace 22 horas

    1:10:22 Só esqueceu de fazer um freio de mão.

  70. لست وحيدآ

    لست وحيدآHace 22 horas

    انت👈رجل🧔مبدع جدا🤩🤩

  71. Sami Si

    Sami SiHace 22 horas


  72. christoph Max

    christoph MaxHace 22 horas

    How long u finish this work?? Amazing

  73. Adrian Mutya

    Adrian MutyaHace 22 horas

    You are so genius.

  74. 1 2

    1 2Hace 22 horas

    A company put out a much more refined version of this same concept over 10 years ago.

  75. halil karakaş

    halil karakaşHace 23 horas

    Bu arkadaşlar Türkmü ???.

  76. Ngô Phương

    Ngô PhươngHace 23 horas

    You are very skill full; You have let me broaden my horizons. I admire and thank you very much.

  77. Wolfgang Kovac

    Wolfgang KovacHace 23 horas

    I didn't realize this was that long when I clicked, still no regret, cool project.

  78. Daniel Mayorga

    Daniel MayorgaHace 23 horas

    This guy is a genius.!! all what it takes is imagination, the right tools and materials to work with. Can some one bring him a ham and cheese sandwich ?

  79. Jamila lazni

    Jamila lazniHace 23 horas

    Bon courage

  80. Landre Mediwan

    Landre MediwanHace 23 horas

    1:06:31, "this is not bagus"...... Kok ada bahasa indonesia nya ya.....