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All Time Low - Monsters
AJR - Way Less Sad

AJR - Way Less Sad

Hace 7 días

  1. Amie Adams

    Amie AdamsHace un hora

    Of course this is his appearance so expected

  2. Mortfores Rejerja

    Mortfores RejerjaHace un hora

    Evidence that he sought a pardon other than sourcing newspaper stories with no evidence?

  3. Sarahxo

    SarahxoHace un hora

    His storyline is the best part of FATWS.

  4. Logan Tingley

    Logan TingleyHace un hora

    karl malone dont do twitter but he does 12 year olds 😂😂

  5. Braden Spence

    Braden SpenceHace un hora

    I hope Biden does great in office we will see

  6. dorothy masombwe

    dorothy masombweHace un hora

    He sounds exactly like stimmy Joe.

  7. Vicky Charles

    Vicky CharlesHace un hora

    aw man, kinda waited for stark

  8. Braden Spence

    Braden SpenceHace un hora

    Everyone talking about how good bernie is and I would agree WE AMERICA NEED TO GO GREEN no more Fossil fuels but did he win? He talking bad on trump but who won?

  9. Aldwyck

    AldwyckHace un hora

    Unfortunately, Biff only serves one term. It's all downhill from there.

  10. Faith Cooper

    Faith CooperHace un hora

    Dude...I thought I was about to get a million dollar rant from 50 cent but instead he calmly shared his 2 cents...Talk about penny for your thoughts

  11. Braden Spence

    Braden SpenceHace un hora

    Trump isn’t trying to divide our country up based on the color of our skin he is keeping people from doing illegal things like crossing the border to benefit themselves and make the US government pay for there American dream.

  12. Deplorable Canadian

    Deplorable CanadianHace un hora

    Uncle fester is looking pretty festered.

  13. josie parsons

    josie parsonsHace un hora

    Hunters had a hard life? Ya, it's really tough trying to live on $50,000/ month

  14. smitty

    smittyHace un hora

    olivia 👀👀

  15. J L

    J LHace un hora

    Cocaine’s a hell of a drug

  16. Arthur He

    Arthur HeHace un hora

    wait he's biologically star lord

  17. Big Legends

    Big LegendsHace un hora


  18. Kelly

    KellyHace un hora

    The little brother was holding up four fingers so, technically he’s still right!

  19. Paul Michel

    Paul MichelHace un hora

    I call Mitch the undead and jawless Pillsbury Doughboy.

  20. Mitschnel

    MitschnelHace un hora

    Name any country.... Americans: AFRICA !

  21. Brooklyn Reis

    Brooklyn ReisHace un hora

    Miss Piggy is an icon I love her

  22. Thomas Zizzo

    Thomas ZizzoHace un hora

    everything kanye says here is powerfully heartfelt, even poetic. but jimmy kinda slayed him at the end there

  23. ana caroline

    ana carolineHace un hora

    Nessa é perfeita 😔✋

  24. PlaYCaL

    PlaYCaLHace un hora

    my dad was jimmy buffetts drinkin buddy

  25. Topper Harley

    Topper HarleyHace un hora

    0:26 That weather girl is 🔥🔥🔥

  26. tom weber

    tom weberHace un hora

    I feel sorry for jimmy Kimmel. It was not funny. How low can you go for a buck and participate in a coverup...

  27. Jase Balasubramani

    Jase BalasubramaniHace un hora

    The homely join jekely spill because hope steadily rhyme over a bright art. damp, dreary hyacinth

  28. Natalie Marie

    Natalie MarieHace un hora

    okay i get that message and josh have something going on. and jaden and josh are best friends. but they would be such a visually appealing couple

  29. Mark

    MarkHace un hora

    I wondered if maybe it was Martha. (You never know.)

  30. Rivera Harper

    Rivera HarperHace un hora

    You're The Incredible Hulk. One of The most Amazing superhero ever and you're giving that black panther signs...? No wonder they made a soyboy Hulk of him...

  31. Vincent H.

    Vincent H.Hace un hora

    Quick Poll Guys. Who do you think is the bigger scumbag? A)Hunter Biden B) The braindead twitter cultists who actually watched this u ironically I'm gonna go with B personally

  32. Zach Nix

    Zach NixHace un hora

    Thin mints are overrated

  33. DeoVolente

    DeoVolenteHace un hora


  34. Bash Ful

    Bash FulHace un hora

    People defending Hunter in these comments are complete hypocrites. There is no way they would say anything about bravery if this was Don Jr. Biden committed numerous crimes that if wasn't for his name, he would have ended up in prison. If liberals didn't have double standards, they would have no standards at all.

  35. Richard harper

    Richard harperHace un hora

    Shimmy Shimmel!!!!!!!

  36. Blueiy

    BlueiyHace un hora

    I read the title as "What's the *strangest* thing you ever done?"

  37. Marky Sharky

    Marky SharkyHace un hora

    This whole song gives me chills

  38. Romeo Alpha

    Romeo AlphaHace un hora

    Marvel fans can be really toxic and annoying tbh or I would say comic book movie fans.

  39. Arturo Castaneda

    Arturo CastanedaHace un hora

    Sick that they had to bring on this person. Not because he’s a crack addict but because he’s never apologized about it. He literally has no shame

  40. Nicole Westley

    Nicole WestleyHace un hora

    She take me there every time. I would love to see her perform live. Jazmine’s vocals are out of this world.

  41. Romeo Alpha

    Romeo AlphaHace un hora

    John Walker did nothing wrong.

  42. G T

    G THace un hora

    Hard life 80k a month lol

  43. Lavendera k

    Lavendera kHace un hora

    Khloe looks AMAZING😍

  44. Dwarka Phuke

    Dwarka PhukeHace un hora

    Why can't i see anything?

  45. Shon David

    Shon DavidHace un hora

    Imagine if this was don jr...

  46. Paul Michel

    Paul MichelHace un hora

    It's sick an actual news network (if you can call them that) will let him blather on and on about a bullshit claim. Somebody needs to do what Melania did to him and say, "Donald, you lost. Get over it. I'm seek of hearing about how you were screwwed. Speaking of that, since you've been so preoccupied with the election, I'm now sleeping with the tennis pro."

  47. Kmerc452

    Kmerc452Hace un hora

    The last dude was pretty tight

  48. Austin Lay

    Austin LayHace un hora

    Yall really think this is real and not acting, are you really that naiive?

  49. bram ott

    bram ottHace un hora

    Aah back when trump wasnt a president yet. Good times

  50. payton kelly

    payton kellyHace un hora

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  51. Nickey J

    Nickey JHace un hora

    effortless talent. we knew this years ago tho.

  52. Kris Gibbs

    Kris GibbsHace un hora

    such a queen

  53. Mason Turner

    Mason TurnerHace un hora

    ESdos recommending me this 1 week before 420 as a friendly reminder

  54. bento8

    bento8Hace un hora

    Oh look at those at 3:22

  55. jayant prabhune

    jayant prabhuneHace un hora

    We are having really scary surge in cases and this is time for everyone to raise above petty interests

  56. Christopher Hussey

    Christopher HusseyHace un hora

    This is surreal. May God help this country.

  57. Alyssa Koch

    Alyssa KochHace un hora

    These 2 are going to go so far!!! It’s so refreshing to see that they both take music so seriously 🖤

  58. jayant prabhune

    jayant prabhuneHace un hora

    Hi all. There is a serious crisis in India. According to news reports the entity manufacturing covid vaccine Serum institute of India is facing shortage of raw material from USA and Europe as they have imposed sanctions on export due to which manufacturing is affected, it is double whammy as they are being sued for not honoring export commitment by Astrazenaca . Hopefully some sense prevail

  59. payton kelly

    payton kellyHace 2 horas

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  60. soloseraphim Heartsong

    soloseraphim HeartsongHace 2 horas

    I live in GA. We never had restrictions. They were more suggestions.

  61. shelly logan

    shelly loganHace 2 horas

    But George, jetting Megan across the pond for a baby shower?

  62. Sinister1986

    Sinister1986Hace 2 horas

    And just like that kimmel going to hell. I'm not arguing religions but kimmel is going to hel.

  63. Jonny Gertmunger

    Jonny GertmungerHace 2 horas

    what a dirty evil figure

  64. Chaddy G.

    Chaddy G.Hace 2 horas

    In the most recent episode, he is growing on me.

  65. cokesquirrel

    cokesquirrelHace 2 horas

    She was also a backup singer for Bette Midler and bob Dylan

  66. Elle Renee

    Elle ReneeHace 2 horas

    Addison Rae thought hers was going to be like this... this is a masterpiece, Addison go back to tiktok

  67. givemedepussie pliss

    givemedepussie plissHace 2 horas

    Jesus. You should really ask someone before you pull a stunt like this.

  68. Brad V. MI

    Brad V. MIHace 2 horas

    Hey Jimmy buy me a boat I'll wait it out here in Michigan!

  69. Travis

    TravisHace 2 horas

    More than 50% downvotes... Thank God people arent completely blind.

  70. Craig Browne

    Craig BrowneHace 2 horas

    Alabama anybody?

  71. Jakob Ringstad Aasmo

    Jakob Ringstad AasmoHace 2 horas

    Dude I literally flinched when I saw the Statue of Liberty start moving

  72. Fahrenheit man

    Fahrenheit manHace 2 horas

    "There are scary people everywhere". *Riz ahmed*

  73. Reece Neely

    Reece NeelyHace 2 horas

    Where is jimmy like mrbeast jimmy

  74. Mitch Mcleod

    Mitch McleodHace 2 horas

    So fake. American TV is trash

  75. S P Y D A M A N

    S P Y D A M A NHace 2 horas

    Been following this guy for two years did not know he was on the show four years ago🤣🤣🤣🤣

  76. Det Dat

    Det DatHace 2 horas

    No wonder they want Trump

  77. Adolescent Punk In Training

    Adolescent Punk In TrainingHace 2 horas

    Where do I sign up to curate weed? I will be very rigorous


    FOREIGN LENAHace 2 horas

    he said tate mc cray😂

  79. Jared Henricksen

    Jared HenricksenHace 2 horas

    I promise we’re not all this stupid

  80. Casey Case

    Casey CaseHace 2 horas

    These comments are brutal. Easy boys and girls, nobody died. 🤔🤔🤔