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Loma vs Lopez: Weigh-In

    madan cinta ALLAH MUHAMMAD IBU AYAH KELUARGAHace 10 horas


  2. sonney boy magana

    sonney boy maganaHace 10 horas

    bumilib ako kay cotto "sportmanship" grabe naluha tuloy ako.

  3. VloggerDAW

    VloggerDAWHace 10 horas

    This is the fright that whole world knows Manny Pacquiao Win 100%

  4. re,

    re,Hace 10 horas

    He is strong

  5. Che Remy Ndikum

    Che Remy NdikumHace 10 horas

    Honestly bud cannot beat Spence. Spence too strong & accurate for Bud.

  6. Alex Lopez

    Alex LopezHace 10 horas

    Oscar daňo y perdio esta mega fight corriendo como una guinea ya estaba muerto en los ultmos rounds si se paraba lo noqueban.

  7. Sibs Channel

    Sibs ChannelHace 10 horas

    Casimero will destroy inoue.

  8. shin e

    shin eHace 10 horas

    naoya is god❗️

  9. Michael Richards

    Michael RichardsHace 10 horas

    I'm so tired of seeing all these masked zombies VIRTUE SIGNALING. You're all mentally ill and can't prove the most basic element of your delusions.

  10. KayWalkZ

    KayWalkZHace 10 horas

    You don't wanna miss this!!

  11. hi t

    hi tHace 11 horas

    Cherry picking,monster but afraid to fight casimero

  12. naj tondo

    naj tondoHace 11 horas

    japanes turtol ,,nyahaha

  13. Elnar Najar

    Elnar NajarHace 11 horas

    Napaiyak ako sa kanta at pati sa video lalo na sa kung pano ka tumulong kuya manny.. Salamat sa Diyos dahil hulog ka ng langit para sa bayang pinas..😭😭

  14. G1Main

    G1MainHace 11 horas

    Come on Inoue! Maderphucker!!

  15. bareknuckles2u

    bareknuckles2uHace 11 horas

    116-112 is about right...119-109 is cracktown!

  16. Eze quiel

    Eze quielHace 11 horas

    Douchebag,Lopez send your ass back to UKRAIN ajjajajajajaj SICK DOPE

  17. Ricky D' Monk

    Ricky D' MonkHace 11 horas

    bobo nung ref

  18. ka troops

    ka troopsHace 11 horas

    i really hate this result .. damn .. horn just won lol

  19. Cesar Mercado

    Cesar MercadoHace 11 horas

    Pinches jueces pende?? Cómo le pueden dar el gane a un chang? Córrelon por eso nadie lo quiere a este Chan??

  20. Neftali Rios Garcia

    Neftali Rios GarciaHace 11 horas

    24:30 A huevo! a huevo! That's what we the Mexican say when we make something great haha I'm proud of Juanma Márquez he's a honorable mexican fighter.

  21. Abraham gabriel Mondragon coss

    Abraham gabriel Mondragon cossHace 11 horas

    Pobre paquiao pensé que lo había matado 😥😢


    TEAM COMABRASHace 11 horas

    I cant wait Casimero vs year possible...good fight

  23. ジャンキー大山

    ジャンキー大山Hace 11 horas


  24. ジャンキー大山

    ジャンキー大山Hace 11 horas


  25. Giftson Domai

    Giftson DomaiHace 12 horas

    Manny just is a funny and humble guy. And someone very excellent in his career. I thinks he has some amazing qualities

  26. Vincent Paul Distor

    Vincent Paul DistorHace 12 horas

    Only casimero will beat naoya

  27. M Moore

    M MooreHace 12 horas

    Another top ranked hyped up joke

  28. bareknuckles2u

    bareknuckles2uHace 12 horas

    So, they are implying Godzilla in this ad! Hilarious. I have seen a lot of his fights. Looking forward to seeing him in some big events here in North America.

  29. BJ - MIC

    BJ - MICHace 12 horas

    Naoya is not a Monster. His a japanese turtle😂😂😂

  30. もののひと

    もののひとHace 12 horas

    Is Godzilla coming to Las Vegas?

  31. zorro 84

    zorro 84Hace 12 horas

    Australia should be strip from all sport events

  32. Zachary Mitchell

    Zachary MitchellHace 12 horas

    If you can’t figure this out by now.. you’re wrong. He is the champ and the point is nuts. It’s over. I’m tired of trying

  33. Guipouy

    GuipouyHace 12 horas

    I wanted Inoue to have an easy fight against somebody like Duke Micah with no experience against high-level opponents. He probably would have been able to fight comfortably like Casimero and get a quick win. Why did he select Moloney, who poses the risk of an injury?

  34. D. sano

    D. sanoHace 13 horas

    An egotistical narcissist Dad.

  35. Jayson William

    Jayson WilliamHace 13 horas

    A true fight for UNDISPUTED unlike that farce between Teofimo Lopez and Lomachenko....

  36. Level Sports

    Level SportsHace 13 horas

    Inoue VS Casimero who wins?

  37. Margarito Juarez

    Margarito JuarezHace 13 horas

    K le pongan un buen peleador a paquiado

  38. Ricky Zenith

    Ricky ZenithHace 13 horas

    Speed bags aren’t made out of balloons lol

  39. David

    DavidHace 13 horas

    One of my favorite boxers of all time. What a beast!

  40. Zippitty22

    Zippitty22Hace 13 horas

    I usually don't like any Mexican fighters. Ever. For obvious reasons. But this seems to put America before Mexico, and God before anything else. He commands my respect at least, not that it matters, but I really like the guy.

  41. makochan

    makochanHace 13 horas

    Here comes all the haters

  42. Arranpaul Romero

    Arranpaul RomeroHace 13 horas

    Japanese turtle arrived... 🐢🐢🐢🐢

  43. Camila's Dad

    Camila's DadHace 13 horas

    The *Monster* just in time for Halloween 🎃

  44. Ruseltwuu8q Aniñon

    Ruseltwuu8q AniñonHace 13 horas

    Go inoue💪from philippines🇵🇭

  45. 俺参上!

    俺参上!Hace 14 horas


  46. itsme jdc

    itsme jdcHace 14 horas

    loma is over rated he can only do that on a straighline target but when a boxer know how to use angles and counter him he will be nobody like lopez did

  47. Jose Cajigal

    Jose CajigalHace 14 horas

    That punching bag cant punch back though

  48. Ged Instructor

    Ged InstructorHace 14 horas

    Manny is a bum how do you lose to a school teacher?..... Not worthy to be in the hall of fame....Manny is a KULOT

  49. Vantum Noir

    Vantum NoirHace 14 horas

    Sugar Ray mother look like Ali no cap

  50. Liam Verzosa

    Liam VerzosaHace 14 horas

    Casimero will eat him alive

  51. MOGUMOGU - Food Entertainment

    MOGUMOGU - Food EntertainmentHace 14 horas

    Finally the Monster is coming!! がんばれ井上尚弥!!!🥊🇯🇵

  52. Ganicus

    GanicusHace 14 horas

    The boy face, in the minute 3:14😃

  53. whoo datt

    whoo dattHace 14 horas

    You can see why teofimo and his dad have a strained relationship his did is a overconfident asshole

  54. Reef Specialty Aquariums

    Reef Specialty AquariumsHace 14 horas

    So opponent gives you a low blow ..... which is illegal. You can’t continue... you lose the fight? Shouldn’t it be a no contest?

  55. Yardchester Nook

    Yardchester NookHace 15 horas

    Now, a bunch of bums will be fed to him ( monster ) Inoue . The real monster in that specific weight class is : Guillermo ( El Chacal ) Rigondeaux.

  56. Edgar Beltran

    Edgar BeltranHace 15 horas

    I hate how people say “he’s too old he has to retire” like shut up cuz you’re literally trying to bring someone down and it’s their choice if they wanna retire like shut up

  57. Matt alvarez

    Matt alvarezHace 15 horas

    Imagine getting two serious injury headbutt from dirty tactics is no respect and at the same time it is obviously a dirty tactics to drain the strength of Manny Pacman 🤦‍♂️

  58. NoLimit 247

    NoLimit 247Hace 15 horas

    Oscar valdez needs to start fighting bigger names...

  59. Bruno Coelho

    Bruno CoelhoHace 15 horas

    Well, fella, you won't...

  60. Conrad T

    Conrad THace 15 horas

    Who is Moloney? Never heard. Why didn't he fight Casimero?

  61. Mark Davis

    Mark DavisHace 15 horas

    Come on Top Wank, why make this fight on the same day as Tank n Leo...

  62. ロシアンルーレット

    ロシアンルーレットHace 16 horas


  63. joshua martinez

    joshua martinezHace 16 horas

    Duck season has officially started 🤣

  64. Jo Galing tv.

    Jo Galing tv.Hace 16 horas

    Turtle out????

  65. Daizo Abiner

    Daizo AbinerHace 16 horas

    it's is a good fightir Manny Pacquiao

  66. Goerge Bent

    Goerge BentHace 16 horas

    slow down remember loma

  67. Mario Jose Novoa Escobar

    Mario Jose Novoa EscobarHace 16 horas

    Tremendos Boxeadores cuando abran otros iguales o mejores

  68. Pasquale Trito

    Pasquale TritoHace 16 horas

    Gervonta Davis destroyed ........Teofimo...SantaCruz.... Lomanchenko and all the rest of boxer

  69. John Howard

    John HowardHace 16 horas

    One of my favourite fights in boxing history just classic

  70. Ugiro Puma

    Ugiro PumaHace 16 horas


  71. Nadz Entertainment

    Nadz EntertainmentHace 16 horas

    Casimero: welcome back, ninja turtle

  72. Malik Bills

    Malik BillsHace 16 horas

    Manny got distracted with those (•)(•)

  73. Naje Crmona

    Naje CrmonaHace 16 horas

    Prime donaire vs Naoya who will win?

  74. ColorBlindBoxing

    ColorBlindBoxingHace 17 horas

    This kid is special.

  75. Adam Fears

    Adam FearsHace 17 horas

    Speed bag - made in Mexico

  76. 9Master_Mind3

    9Master_Mind3Hace 17 horas

    So this is the fight that’s going against tank vs Leo ? 😂😂😂😂

  77. Hozze C.

    Hozze C.Hace 17 horas

    It should be the day of pre-Hispanic heritage, not Hispanic VIVA MEXICO..

  78. chili pepper

    chili pepperHace 17 horas

    After the bell for round one, "That's a Pacquiao round the way I see it" .....Why?. Just to play it safe?.

  79. Andy Track

    Andy TrackHace 17 horas

    The most beautiful fighter i have seen is Loma. Hope he comes back from Lopez

  80. トム1世

    トム1世Hace 18 horas